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Program List For McGrath Feis - 2017, MAY BE REVISED!!!

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NumCompetitorSchoolReelLight JigSlip JigTreble JigHornpipeTreble Reel SpecTraditional SetChampionshipIrish Baking4 Hand Ceili8 Hand CeiliSpecial NeedsIrish Arts
101Abdrashitova, MayaScoil Rince Ni DubhthaighR302LJ202SJ301TJ202         
102Adams, AbbyBoyle School of Irish Dance, VA       608     
104Airhart, EllingtonBaffa AcademyR2LJ102           
105Albeik, AlinaO'Neill-James School of Irish DancingR203LJ203           
106Alden, LeahAn Cor Rud School of Irish DanceR306A SJ306ATJ406AH306A        
107allan, gracieBroesler School of Irish Dance       510     
108Allen, SashaTeelin School of Irish Dance       606     
109Altman, SkylarBaffa AcademyR305LJ305SJ305B          
110Amberman, ChloeHurley School of Irish DanceR406B SJ406TJ406BH406TR202       
111Andersen, AlyssaTrionoide Academy of Irish Dance       604     
112Arndt, TessBaffa AcademyR306A SJ306BTJ306BH306B        
113Arnold, AnnaliseBell School of Irish Dance       505     
114Arterberry, ChloeKelly Gallagher Irish Dance, N. CarolinaR308LJ308SJ408TJ408H308    C3   
115Asbell, TaylorSouthern Academy     TR303TS511509     
116Ashley, MeredithBoyle School of Irish Dance, VAR410A SJ410ATJ410H410A        
118Atkinson, BridgetBoyle School of Irish Dance, VA  SJ410A          
119Atkinson, JuliaBoyle School of Irish Dance, VAR306ALJ306SJ306BTJ306AH306A        
120Augusti, EmmaMcGrath AcademyR3LJ102           
121Augusti, LibbyMcGrath AcademyR4LJ103A           
122Austin, BerithMcGrath Academy       512     
123Avendt, GabrielleHurley School of Irish Dance       506     
124Baber, SonjaScoil Rince Ni DubhthaighR304LJ304SJ304TJ304H304        
125Baffa, RebekahBaffa Academy       502     
126Baffa, RichardBaffa Academy       504     
127Bahel, CassidyTeelin School of Irish Dance       506     
129Baker, EllyCulkin School of Traditional Irish Dance       609     
130Ball, JocelynTeelin School of Irish DanceR405 SJ405TJ405H405        
131Ball, MeganTeelin School of Irish DanceR408 SJ408TJ408H408        
132Ballenger, GloriaHunt School, MarylandR102LJ102SJ102          
133Bamberger, EmilyO'Connor School of Irish Dance, BaltimorR309 SJ309TJ309H309 TS505      
134Barnes, IsabelleCumascaigh School of Irish Dance       504     
135Barnet, AlexandraHunt School of Irish DancingR404 SJ404TJ404H404 TS502      
137Baxter, TehyaDoherty Petri School       612     
138Beach, SamanthaO'Neill-James School of Irish Dancing    H410A        
139Bechamps, ClaudineArmstrong Irish Dance AcademyR306A SJ306B H306B        
140Beebe, AmberCumascaigh School of Irish DanceR408   H408 TS504      
141Beil, RachelBurke, Ohio       510     
143Bellamy, KateO'Neill-James School of Irish DancingR407 SJ407TJ407H407        
144BENASSA, BOBBIBoyle School of Irish Dance, VAR410ALJ309SJ410BTJ310H310        
145Bennett, BryanBroesler School of Irish DanceR408  TJ408H408        
146Bennett, KylieAn Cor Rud School of Irish DanceR406B SJ406TJ406BH406TR202      810A
147Bennett, MeghanBroesler School of Irish DanceR102LJ102           
148Bergan, KiraO'Connor School of Irish Dance, BaltimorR406B  TJ406AH306A        
150Billera, JuliaO'Neill-James School of Irish DancingR410B SJ410ATJ410H310        
151Bills, EmilyMcGrath Academy     TR303 507     
153Bizic, Amelia Southern AcademyR4            
154Blaszak, Bridget AnneMuggivan School of Irish DanceR304 SJ404TJ404H204 TS502      
155Blood, ErinMcGrath AcademyR310 SJ410ATJ410H310        
156Bodin, ShannonTeelin School of Irish Dance       510     
157Boeldt, AveryTrinity Academy of Irish Dance       604     
158Bohl, SamanthaCoyle School of Irish Dance, USA       507     
159Bollhorst, EmilyHurley School of Irish Dance       605     
161Borresen Coward, JulianaTeelin School of Irish DanceR403  TJ403H403 TS502      
162Bosserman, KyaMuggivan School of Irish Dance   TJ409H409    C4   
163Botros, MaryArmstrong Irish Dance AcademyR306A SJ306ATJ306BH306A        
164Bowman, HaileyO'Neill-James School of Irish DancingR309LJ309SJ309TJ309H309 TS505  C3   
165Boyle, KatieTeelin School of Irish Dance  SJ407TJ407H407        
168Bradley, AbigailBell School of Irish Dance       607     
169Bradley, AliceCulkin School of Traditional Irish DanceR304LJ304SJ304TJ404H304 TS502      
170Branco, OliviaDowds Irish Dance AcademyR403 SJ403TJ403H403 TS502      
171Brauer, BrockMuggivan School of Irish Dance       510     
173Breitenbucher, GabriellaMcGrath AcademyR305LJ305SJ405   TS503     810A
174Brenner, EmilyMcGrath Academy       508     
175Brent, AmeliaMaple Academy of Irish Dance       507     
176Breslin, IsabelleRhythm of Ireland       603 C4C8  
177Bresson, CarolineTeelin School of Irish DanceR407 SJ307TJ307H407TR202TS504      
178Brickley, BridgetMaple Academy of Irish DanceR406B            
179Brickley, MaireadMaple Academy of Irish Dance       508     
180Brickley, ShannonMaple Academy of Irish DanceR405 SJ305BTJ405H405        
181Bright, Fallon Bell School of Irish DanceR405 SJ405TJ305AH305        
182Brinker, JonathanTeelin School of Irish Dance       603B     
183Brinker, NaomiTeelin School of Irish Dance       508     
184Briskey, MadelineMcGrath AcademyR303BLJ303ASJ203TJ203H203        
185Briskey, MeghanMcGrath AcademyR407 SJ407TJ407H407        
186Brogan, KarynRhythm of Ireland       609 C4C8  
188Brosan, MadelynSouthern Academy       507     
189Brosan, Mary BethSouthern Academy       512     
190Brosan, MeganSouthern Academy       509     
191Brosnan, PatrickO'Connor School of Irish Dance, BaltimorR308LJ308 TJ308H308 TS504      
192Brow, LindsayTeelin School of Irish Dance       510     
193Brown, AudreyMcGrath Academy       608     
194Brown, Emma McQuadeLismore Academy of Irish Dance R404 SJ404TJ404H404 TS502     810A
195Brown, GraceRhythm of IrelandR308 SJ308TJ308H308 TS504  C3C7  
198Budowski, KatherineHunt School, Maryland       503     
199Bugg, OliviaHurley School of Irish Dance       608     
200Bullock, Morgan ElizabethBaffa Academy       610     
201Burke, BridgidO'Connor School of Irish Dance, BaltimorA3 A12A42A52 TS513  C9   
202Butler, RylieBell School of Irish DanceR307 SJ407TJ307H407        
204Buttignol, MaggieBell School of Irish DanceR406A SJ406TJ406BH406        
205Cabral, AnnelieseSouthern Academy      TS508601     
206Cabral, AvaSouthern Academy       508     
207Cabral, Isabel An Cor Rud School of Irish DanceR204LJ204SJ204TJ204         
208Cabral, MadeleineSouthern Academy       605     
209Caden, BonnieCulkin School of Traditional Irish Dance      TS510507     
210Cain, CharlotteCulkin School of Traditional Irish Dance  SJ404TJ404H304        
211CAIN, MARYCulkin School of Traditional Irish Dance       611     
212Cake, AnnemarieO'Neill-James School of Irish DancingR410A SJ410BTJ410H410A        
213Callahan, AineMcGrath Academy     TR301TS508601     
214Callinan, SamanthaSouthern Academy       609     
215Camp, CarolineInis Cairde School of Irish Dance       506     
217Campbell, AllisonMcGrath AcademyR307LJ307SJ307 H307        
218Campbell, CaleighMcGrath AcademyR205LJ205SJ205          
219Carcillo, MaggieMaple Academy of Irish DanceR303ALJ303ASJ303 H203 TS502      
220Cardell, CarolynDoherty Petri School       607     
221Carlson, KeelyInis Cairde School of Irish DanceR310LJ309SJ410ATJ310H310        
222Casale, AshlynBell School of Irish DanceR303ALJ303ASJ303 H203 TS502      
223Casale, FionaBell School of Irish DanceR203LJ303BSJ203 H203 TS502      
226Catterson, KateDoherty Petri School       605     
227Cayci, TannerCumascaigh School of Irish DanceR402  TJ403  TS501      
228Chaillet, MadelineBaffa Academy       612     
229Chervenak, AlliHunt School, Maryland       607     
230Christopher, SarahMuggivan School of Irish Dance       506     
233Cimbora, LillianTeelin School of Irish Dance       602     
234Cimbora, OliviaTeelin School of Irish Dance       605     
235Clineff, CaitlinO'Neill-James School of Irish DancingA3 A12   TS513  C9   
236Clingenpeel, EllaAn Cor Rud School of Irish Dance       605     
239Coelho, Colleen Doherty Petri School       605     
240Coelho, TaraDoherty Petri School       608     
241Collins, BrittanyCumascaigh School of Irish DanceR309 SJ309TJ309         
242Collins, EmilyTeelin School of Irish Dance       509     
243Collins, GraceTeelin School of Irish DanceR404 SJ404TJ404H404        
244Collins, JillianDoherty Petri School       607     
245Condon, GraceLynn-O'Grady Quinlan-Connick       610     
246Connelly, MoiraTeelin School of Irish Dance       509     
249Conner, KatherineBoyle School of Irish Dance, VA       609     
250Coon, AnnieMillennium Academy of Irish Dance       606     
251Copeland, LibertyLegacy Irish Dance AcademyR204LJ204SJ204TJ204H204 TS502      
252Corbett, AoifeCulkin School of Traditional Irish DanceR104ALJ104A          810A
253Corley, Kelly AnnInis Cairde School of Irish Dance      TS511509     
254Corrigan, SophieTeelin School of Irish DanceR410B SJ410BTJ410H410A        
255Corry, SaoirseHunt School, MarylandR406A SJ406TJ406BH406 TS503      
256Corry, SenanHunt School, MarylandR204LJ204 TJ204H204 TS502      
257Corso, DaphneCumascaigh School of Irish DanceR408 SJ408TJ408H408 TS504      
258Corzine, AnnieTeelin School of Irish DanceR303B SJ303TJ303H303        
259Corzine, GraysonTeelin School of Irish Dance       505     
260Costello, MollyKelly Gallagher Irish Dance, N. CarolinaR102LJ102           
262Cox, HarmonyBaffa Academy       506     
263Coyle, TessaSouthern AcademyR104ALJ104A           
264Crafford, AliceCulkin School of Traditional Irish DanceR408 SJ408TJ408  TS504      
265Cramer, MelinaHunt School of Irish Dancing       607     
266Cristofaro, CarolineBoyle School of Irish Dance, VA       508     
267Cristofaro, LucyBoyle School of Irish Dance, VAR304LJ304SJ304TJ304H304        
268Cronin , LucyTeelin School of Irish DanceR203LJ203SJ203 H203        
271Crouse, MadelineMcGrath AcademyR102LJ102SJ102          
272Crowe, AidenBoyle School of Irish Dance, VA       606B     
273Curtis, KatherineMcGrath AcademyR409 SJ409TJ309H309        
274D'Angelo, CathleenRegan Rankin Holland       609     
275Damare, MiaLynn-O'Grady Quinlan-Connick       609     
278Daugherty, KristinTeelin School of Irish DanceR308LJ308SJ308TJ308H308        
280Davies, EmilyTeelin School of Irish Dance       506     
282Dawkins, KaitlynKelly Gallagher Irish Dance, N. CarolinaR205LJ205SJ205TJ205H205 TS503  C1   
283Dawson, EnaAn Cor Rud School of Irish DanceR404 SJ304TJ304H304 TS502 800B    
284DeBoy, SaoirseTeelin School of Irish Dance      TS512610     
285DeFilippis, LaurenMcGrath AcademyR205LJ205SJ205TJ205  TS503      
286Dennen, AnnabelleBoyle School of Irish Dance, VA       504     
288DeVost, JacquelineHurley School of Irish DanceR307 SJ307TJ307H307TR202       
289DeVost, JulianaHurley School of Irish DanceR410B SJ309TJ310H410BTR203       
290DeWolfe, AbigailDiaga Irish DanceR404LJ304SJ304TJ204H204TR102       
291Diacopoulos, TheodoreRhythm of Ireland       507 C3C7, C8  
293Dietrich, AdelineO'Neill-James School of Irish DancingR410B SJ410BTJ410H410B        
294Dietz, MiaHurley School of Irish DanceR205LJ205SJ105          
295DiNucci, GabbyBell School of Irish Dance       607     
297Doherty, ClareDoherty Petri School       603     
298Doherty, EmmaAn Cor Rud School of Irish Dance       506     
299Doherty, KaraDoherty Petri School      TS508601     
300Donahoe, EmmaTeelin School of Irish Dance       604     
301Dongieux, ElainaSouthern Academy       604     
302Dongieux, KaylaSouthern Academy       610     
303Dongieux, ShawnSouthern Academy       606B     
304Dongieux, TierraSouthern Academy       513     
305Donnelly, KayleighTeelin School of Irish Dance       606     
307Donovan, SierraDoherty Petri School       608     
309Dorsey, EsmeCulkin School of Traditional Irish DanceR406A  TJ406B  TS503      
310Dougherty, LilianSouthern AcademyR203LJ203           
312Doyle, RileyBurke-Conroy School of Irish DanceR409 SJ409 H409        
313Dray, AbigailO'Neill-James School of Irish DancingR207LJ207 TJ207         
315Dunn, JuliaMcGrath AcademyR304 SJ404TJ304H304 TS502      
318Durand, KearaDoherty Petri School       611     
319Dutton, PaulMcGrath AcademyR1            
320Dwyer, GraceO'Neill-James School of Irish DancingR409 SJ409TJ409H409        
323Dziminski, CameronTrionoide Academy of Irish Dance       604     
324Dziubek, ElizabethBell School of Irish Dance       509     
325Dziubek, MaryBell School of Irish Dance       605     
326Eaves, GeorgiaCumascaigh School of Irish Dance       611     
327Edge, MadelineInis Cairde School of Irish DanceR407 SJ407TJ307H407TR202TS504      
330Elder, JamieScoil Rince Ni DubhthaighR409 SJ309TJ409H409        
331Emerson, AlexandraBaffa AcademyR407 SJ407TJ407H407        
334Evans, CiaraBell School of Irish Dance       508     
335Fadlaoui, SarahTeelin School of Irish DanceR410B SJ309TJ310H410A        
336Fahey, CaitlinMuggivan School of Irish Dance       612 C4   
337Farran, KellyBoyle School of Irish Dance, VA  SJ408TJ408         
338Farrell, MeghanBroesler School of Irish Dance       606     
339Fass, CanaAn Cor Rud School of Irish DanceR305LJ305SJ305ATJ305BH305 TS503      
340Feehan, LeahPetri       605     
341Felice, KyleDoherty Petri School       611B     
342Fenske, AllisonBoyle School of Irish Dance, VAR204LJ204SJ204TJ204H204        
344Ferry, EmilyTeelin School of Irish Dance       612     
345Ferry, JaneO'Neill-James School of Irish Dancing       505     
346Fisher, DelaneyLismore Academy of Irish Dance R305LJ305SJ305ATJ305BH305        
347Fitzgerald, SamanthaInis Cairde School of Irish Dance       510     
348Fitzpatrick, RileyTeelin School of Irish DanceR4LJ104A           
349Flaherty, CamrynScoil Rince Ni Dubhthaigh       504     
350Flaherty, MorganScoil Rince Ni Dubhthaigh       506     
351Flanagan, BrigidMcAleer School, DelawareR407 SJ407TJ407H407 TS504      
352Flanagan, MaggieMcAleer School, DelawareR409 SJ409TJ409H409 TS505      
353Flanagan, MikaelaHunt School of Irish Dancing       609     
354Flor, VeronicaBell School of Irish DanceR404 SJ404          
355Fogarty, CorinneAn Cor Rud School of Irish Dance       604     
356Ford, SarahO'Toole SchoolR310LJ309SJ410BTJ310H310        
357Fortin, JessicaAn Cor Rud School of Irish Dance      TS509604     
358Fortin, NataleeAn Cor Rud School of Irish DanceR404 SJ404TJ404H404        
361Foy, KateBroesler School of Irish Dance       509     
363France, SophiaBaffa AcademyR405 SJ405TJ405         
364Francis, EmmaBoyle School of Irish Dance, VA       504     
365Francis, RoseBoyle School of Irish Dance, VA       610     
366Franklin, MariaBaffa Academy       607     
367Fridell, ColletteSouthern AcademyR306B SJ306BTJ306AH306B TS503      
370Fullinwider, GraceBoyle School of Irish Dance, VAR307LJ307SJ407TJ307H307        
373Gallagher, FionaScoil Rince Ni Dubhthaigh       507     
374Gallagher Worster , KatieHooley School of Irish DanceA2 A11A41  TS513      
375Gallaher, MollyMaple Academy of Irish Dance       607     
376Galligher, Courtney BaileyBaffa Academy       509     
378Gareau, KaitlinBurke Connolly Academy of Irish Dance      TS509504     
383Gareau, ReillyBurke Connolly Academy of Irish Dance     TR302 604     
385Garretson, LucyScoil Rince Ni Dubhthaigh       607     
387Gatrell, KylieBaffa Academy       510     
388Gaugh, EleanorBoyle School of Irish Dance, VA       506     
389Gaulin, MeghanTeelin School of Irish Dance       513     
390Gelston, TillyMaple Academy of Irish DanceR303BLJ303BSJ203TJ203  TS502      
391Geneva, ScarlettBoyle School of Irish Dance, VA      TS509505     
392Geraghty, CahirMaple Academy of Irish Dance       509     
393Gibbons, MaggieBoyle School of Irish Dance, VA       505     
395Gillmeister, JulianaBroesler School of Irish Dance      TS508502     
397Gnad, OliviaBell School of Irish DanceR406B SJ406TJ406AH406TR202       
398Goldberg, BennettScoil Rince Ni Dubhthaigh LJ104A           
399Goldberg, SpencerScoil Rince Ni DubhthaighR307  TJ307H407        
401GOULD, KELLY ANNAn Cor Rud School of Irish Dance       610     
402Goyet, CaitlynAn Cor Rud School of Irish Dance       508     
403Graves, EmilyMcGrath Academy       607     
405Gretz, GraceHunt School of Irish Dancing       608     
406Griffin, CarolineBoyle School of Irish Dance, VA  SJ410B          
407Hackett, AbbyKelly Gallagher Irish Dance, N. CarolinaR306BLJ207SJ207TJ207H306B        
408Hagerty, AbigailArmstrong Irish Dance AcademyR408 SJ408TJ408H408   800B    
409Hale, TristanHurley School of Irish Dance       507     
410Haley, ElizabethCulkin School of Traditional Irish Dance       508     
411Hall, AlyssaBoyle School of Irish Dance, VA  SJ409TJ409         
412Hall, DanielO'Neill-James School of Irish Dancing     TR304TS512513     
414Ham, PatrickBoyle School of Irish Dance, VAR104ALJ104A TJ203H203        
415Hannan, AllisonSchade       509     
416Hannan, CaitlinSchadeR408  TJ408H408        
417Hannan, ErinSchadeR306A SJ306B          
418Hanson, GraceScoil Rince Ni Dubhthaigh       605     
419Hargett, SavannahHurley School of Irish DanceR410B SJ410BTJ410H410A        
420Harper, CatherineTeelin School of Irish DanceR407 SJ407TJ407H407 TS504 800B    
423Hartley, MaeveBoyle School of Irish Dance, VA       504     
424Hartley, MoiraBoyle School of Irish Dance, VAR202LJ202SJ102TJ202         
425Hartnett, HannahHeritage Irish Dance CompanyR407 SJ407TJ407H407TR202TS504      
426Haskins, RachelBell School of Irish DanceR309 SJ309TJ409H409        
427Haskins, SarahBell School of Irish DanceR406A  TJ406AH406        
428Hatcher, NicoleMcGrath AcademyR410BLJ309SJ410ATJ310H310TR203TS505      
429Hawks, AshlynnWalsh Kelley SchoolR308 SJ308TJ308H308        
430Hawks, Nathan Walsh Kelley SchoolR303ALJ303A TJ303H303        
431Heagney, QuinnBaffa AcademyR103ALJ103A           
432heckman, amandaBaffa Academy       607     
433Heelen, AbigailSouthern AcademyR304LJ304SJ304TJ304H304 TS502      
434Hefferon, LaurenCulkin School of Traditional Irish DanceA3 A12A42A52 TS513      
435Henneberg, JuliannaTeelin School of Irish DanceR410B SJ410B H410A        
439Herrick, ClaudiaBaffa Academy       609     
440Herrick, GraceBaffa Academy       508     
442Heyn, JenniferMcGrath AcademyA2A21A11          
443Hickey, TrevaLynn-O'Grady Quinlan-Connick       608     
444Hirlinger, AnneCumascaigh School of Irish DanceR410A SJ410ATJ410H410A        
445Hodge, ValeriaMcGrath AcademyR409 SJ409TJ409H409TR203       
446Hogan, BridgetLynn-O'Grady Quinlan-Connick       609     
447Homendy, AlexandraBaffa AcademyR404 SJ404TJ304         
448Hornburg, KateHurley School of Irish Dance       512     
449Horrigan, AveryMuggivan School of Irish DanceR404 SJ304TJ304H304        
450Horrigan, EvanneMuggivan School of Irish Dance       505     
451Hosang, IsabellaCumascaigh School of Irish DanceR409 SJ409TJ409H409 TS505      
452Hovatter, GabriellaBoyle School of Irish Dance, VA LJ207 TJ306AH207        
453Howard, MaggieInis Cairde School of Irish DanceR306A SJ306BTJ406BH306A        
454Howell, Erin GallagherMcGrath Academy       612     
455Howlett, AllisonScoil Rince Ni Dubhthaigh       506     
456Hoy, CarlyRochester Academy of Irish Dance       607     
457Hufford, TaylorMuggivan School of Irish Dance       508     
458Hughes, EdwardO'Neill-James School of Irish DancingR205LJ205SJ205TJ205H205        
460Hurlocker, Lauren KateBaffa Academy       610     
461Hutchison, JackArmstrong Irish Dance Academy       506     
462Hutchison, MerindaArmstrong Irish Dance Academy       513     
463Hutchison, RosieSouthern Academy       611     
464Hyatt, MeghanMuggivan School of Irish DanceA1A20A10A40         
465ILL, McKennaMcGrath AcademyR406A SJ406TJ406BH406 TS503      
466Imorde, AlyssaMcGrath Academy       608     
467Ionata, CarolineCulkin School of Traditional Irish Dance       508     
468Ionata, NatalieCulkin School of Traditional Irish DanceR305LJ305SJ305B          
470Jacobs, JessicaTeelin School of Irish Dance LJ305SJ305ATJ405H405        
471Jacobsen, AvaSouthern AcademyR305 SJ405TJ305AH305 TS503      
472Jahr, CorieBoyle School of Irish Dance, VAR305 SJ305BTJ305AH305        
473Jahr, EllieBoyle School of Irish Dance, VA       506     
474James, MaireadHurley School of Irish Dance       510     
475James-Le, MarisaCulkin School of Traditional Irish Dance       603     
476Jans, CatherineSouthern AcademyR407 SJ407TJ407H407        
477Johnson, BrookeBell School of Irish Dance      TS511508     
478Johnson, KarenTrionoide Academy of Irish DanceA3 A11A42A52 TS513      
480Johnson, MollyBoyle School of Irish Dance, VAR306BLJ306SJ306BTJ306BH306B        
481Jones, ErinHurley School of Irish Dance       611     
482Jones, Megan Teelin School of Irish DanceR306B SJ306ATJ406AH306B        
483Jorgenson, FreyaInis Cairde School of Irish DanceR308LJ308SJ308TJ308H308        
484Judy, KiranBaffa Academy       506     
485Kelley, GraceTeelin School of Irish DanceR408 SJ308TJ308H408        
486Kelley, TessTeelin School of Irish Dance   TJ405H405        
487Kelly, KatherineMcGrath Academy       607     
489Kemp, SerenaCulkin School of Traditional Irish Dance       509     
490Kennedy, Elizabeth Doherty Petri School       606     
491Kennedy, Estella Doherty Petri SchoolR305LJ305SJ305ATJ305B  TS503      
492Kennedy, TristanDoherty Petri School      TS510506     
493Kerensky, AbigailDoherty Petri School       607     
494Kight, Stephanie WaskoAn Cor Rud School of Irish Dance       612     
495Kilkenny, ElizabethBaffa AcademyR203LJ203SJ203          
496Kilkenny, KatherineBaffa AcademyR202LJ202SJ102          
497Kilner, MeaghanCulkin School of Traditional Irish Dance       509     
498King, CaitlinBoyle School of Irish Dance, VA       606     
499King, EllieTeelin School of Irish Dance       609     
500Kirby, MaggieTeelin School of Irish Dance       602     
501Kivimaki, KatherineBoyle School of Irish Dance, VA       608     
502Kleiber, KarolinBoyle School of Irish Dance, VAR305LJ305SJ305ATJ305AH305        
503Knipe, JuliaHurley School of Irish Dance       512     
504Knott, JessicaTrionoide Academy of Irish Dance       506     
505Knowles, MadelineAn Cor Rud School of Irish Dance       608     
506Koehr, CeiliBoyle School of Irish Dance, VA       506     
507Kontonis, TheoDoherty Petri School       607     
508Koolbeck, JoyTeelin School of Irish DanceR410B            
509Kopec, NickTeelin School of Irish DanceR306B  TJ207H207        
510kramer, madisonMuggivan School of Irish Dance       507     
511kramer, sydneyMuggivan School of Irish DanceR303A SJ303TJ303        810A
512Krannitz, AlinaBaffa Academy       606     
513Krannitz, ReillyBaffa Academy       509     
514Kren, AlysonHurley School of Irish Dance       509     
515Kren, LiamHurley School of Irish DanceR207LJ105           
516Kriner, MarinTeelin School of Irish DanceR406A SJ406TJ406AH406        
517Krol, CatherineTeelin School of Irish DanceR304LJ304SJ204TJ204H204        
518Kubik, SaraMaple Academy of Irish Dance       612     
519Kutz, VictoriaHooley School of Irish Dance       604     
520Kye, MaylynndaLismore Academy of Irish Dance R308LJ308SJ308TJ308H308        
521Lacy, EmmaO'Neill-James School of Irish DancingR406A SJ406TJ406AH406 TS503      
522Lacy, MirandaO'Neill-James School of Irish DancingR303BLJ303BSJ303TJ303H303 TS502      
523Lambert, KylieLismore Academy of Irish Dance R407  TJ407H407        
524Lambert, SiennaLismore Academy of Irish Dance R304LJ304SJ304TJ304H304        
525Lane, MargaretHooley School of Irish Dance       512     
526Lane, ThomasHooley School of Irish Dance       610B     
527Lang, MaggieSouthern AcademyR203LJ203SJ203 H203        
528Lang, ZuzuSouthern AcademyR202LJ202SJ202 H203        
529Laning, KristianaMaple Academy of Irish DanceR306ALJ306SJ306ATJ306AH306A        
530Laragy, AddisonBoyle School of Irish Dance, VA       604     
531Laragy, KateBoyle School of Irish Dance, VA       503     
536Laub, VivianBaffa AcademyR405 SJ305ATJ305B         
538Lauer, KatieCulkin School of Traditional Irish DanceA2A22A11   TS513  C9   
539Lautenslager, KaitlynCumascaigh School of Irish DanceR203LJ203SJ203          
541Lazarin, AmaraEilis Academy of Irish Dance at EscalateR306ALJ306SJ306ATJ306BH306B        
542Leahy, HelenScoil Rince Ni DubhthaighR302LJ302SJ301TJ202         
543Leahy, JuneScoil Rince Ni DubhthaighR402 SJ301TJ301H302        
544Leaning, JessicaRyan Kilcoyne School of Irish Dance       510     
545Leca, ElizabethCulkin School of Traditional Irish DanceR307 SJ407TJ407H407 TS504      
547Leffas, AnastasiaBoyle School of Irish Dance, VA       506     
549Lenihan, MirandaCulkin School of Traditional Irish DanceR307LJ307SJ307TJ307H307 TS504      
552Levecque, AbigailInis Cairde School of Irish Dance       508     
555Levitt, SarahCulkin School of Traditional Irish Dance  SJ410BTJ410H410B        
556Liberta, AudreyBroesler School of Irish Dance       507     
557Liberta, CatherineBroesler School of Irish Dance       609     
558Liberta, JosephineBroesler School of Irish Dance       601     
559Lockett, BridgetMcGrath AcademyR203LJ203SJ203   TS502      
560Loewy, SydneyBell School of Irish Dance       508     
561Longabaugh, KatherineO'Connor School of Irish Dance, BaltimorR410A SJ410A H410A        
563Lopresti, PatrickBell School of Irish Dance       604B     
564Lord, AinsleyAn Cor Rud School of Irish DanceR407 SJ407TJ407H407        
565Lougee, CarolineInis Cairde School of Irish Dance       510     
566Low, ConnorCulkin School of Traditional Irish Dance     TR302 505     
568Luecking, KyleWalsh Kelley SchoolR405  TJ405H405        
569Luecking, LillianWalsh Kelley SchoolR408 SJ408TJ408H408        
570Luepke, Chiara Boyle School of Irish Dance, VAR409 SJ409TJ409H409        
571Lynn, MeaghanDoherty Petri School       609     
572Lyons, ErinMaple Academy of Irish DanceR408 SJ408TJ408H408        
573Lyons, KimMcGrath AcademyR410A SJ410BTJ410H410B        
574Macchiarola, Mary KateDoherty Petri School      TS508503     
575Madison, FaytheLismore Academy of Irish Dance R304LJ304SJ304TJ204H204        
577Mahan, Anya Millennium Academy of Irish DanceR302LJ302SJ301TJ301         
578Mahan, BrigidMillennium Academy of Irish DanceR305LJ305SJ305ATJ305BH305 TS503      
579Mahan, GraceMillennium Academy of Irish Dance       604     
580Maher, FionaLismore Academy of Irish Dance R304LJ304SJ304TJ304H304 TS502      
581Makulov, NikitaScoil Rince Ni DubhthaighR208LJ308 TJ208         
582Mallo, GraceLynn-O'Grady Quinlan-Connick       507     
583Manack, EmilyBell School of Irish DanceR306B SJ406TJ306BH406 TS503      
584Mandable, KirstinaBoyle School of Irish Dance, VAR408  TJ408H408        
585Manion, RachelScoil Rince Ni DubhthaighR408 SJ308TJ308H308        
586Manley, BridgetBoyle School of Irish Dance, VA       609     
587Manning, EveArmstrong Irish Dance Academy       507     
588Manser, NinaSouthern Academy      TS511608     
590Marinaro, FionaRhythm of Ireland       508 C4C8  
591Mark , Cori ElizabethBroesler School of Irish Dance       509     
593Marks, RowanScoil Rince Ni Dubhthaigh       505     
594Marshall, AnnaBoyle School of Irish Dance, VAR303A SJ303TJ303H303        
596Marshall, LydiaBoyle School of Irish Dance, VA  SJ407TJ407H407        
598Martin, MaryLynn-O'Grady Quinlan-Connick       610     
599Mathers, FionaHunt School of Irish DancingR102LJ102SJ102          
600Mauney, ElizaMuggivan School of Irish DanceR204LJ304SJ204TJ304H304        
601Maurer, CaitlynDoherty Petri School       609     
602Mavica, DelaneyHunt School, Maryland       508     
603Mavica, TinnaHunt School, Maryland       506     
604Mavica, WilliamHunt School, Maryland       606B     
605May, RachelBell School of Irish Dance       607     
606McCall, KathleenBoyle School of Irish Dance, VAR304LJ304SJ304TJ204H204        
608McCann, LynneO'Neill-James School of Irish DancingR410A SJ410BTJ410H410B        
609McCauley, BrigidO'Neill-James School of Irish DancingR204LJ204       C1   
610McCauley, SylviaO'Neill-James School of Irish DancingR205LJ205       C1   
612McCord, MacieBaffa Academy       609     
613McCord, MaggieBaffa Academy       609     
614McCoy, GabrielleMcGrath AcademyR410A SJ410BTJ310         
615McDarby, ClareHurley School of Irish Dance       507     
617McDonald, AnnaRhythm of Ireland       611     
618McElhaney, QuincyCulkin School of Traditional Irish DanceR410A SJ410BTJ410H410B        
620McFadden, EmilyBroesler School of Irish Dance       607     
621McGee, AlexandraO'Grady Quinlan AcademyR307LJ307SJ307TJ307         
622McGee, KathleenHurley School of Irish DanceR303BLJ303BSJ303TJ303H303        
624McGrath, GabrielleMacConmara Academy  SJ403 H403        
625McGrath, LaurenScoil Rince Ni DubhthaighR309 SJ309TJ309H309        
626McGraw, KaylieHunt School, Maryland       510     
627McGrellis, ClaireMcHugh School of Irish DanceR404 SJ404TJ404H404        
628McGuire, KlementynaCulkin School of Traditional Irish DanceR302 SJ302          
629McHale, KatelinBaffa Academy       612     
630mcintyre, maeveHurley School of Irish Dance       606     
631McKane, VioletMcGrath Academy       510     
632McKeown, GwenBoyle School of Irish Dance, VA       506     
633McLaughlin, ClaireBoyle School of Irish Dance, VA   TJ408H408        
634McLaughlin, MargaretBoyle School of Irish Dance, VAR410A  TJ410H310        
635McLaughlin, MaryMcGrath AcademyR410B SJ410ATJ410H410B        
638Melley, SaraHurley School of Irish Dance       609     
639Metheny, MadisonHunt School, Maryland       609     
640Miller, AdenBaffa AcademyR4LJ104A           
641Miller, ElizabethHurley School of Irish Dance       506     
642Miller, EmilyBroesler School of Irish Dance       608     
643Miller, MadisonSouthern AcademyR406A SJ306ATJ306AH306B TS503      
644Miller, Meaghan Lynn-O'Grady Quinlan-Connick     TR302TS510605    810A
645Miller, PaigeLynn-O'Grady Quinlan-Connick     TR303TS511607800B   810A
646Miranda, ShauneenHurley School of Irish Dance       610     
647Mitterer, AlexanderBell School of Irish Dance       603B     
648Mitterer, AnnaBell School of Irish Dance       505     
651Molnar, ColletteHurley School of Irish Dance       507     
652Molnar, GenevieveHurley School of Irish Dance      TS508502     
653Monagan, ColleenCulkin School of Traditional Irish DanceA2A21A11   TS513  C9   
654Monks, TessBaffa Academy       611     
655Montanaro, SuzannaMuggivan School of Irish DanceR410A SJ410ATJ410H410B    C4   
656mood, EvieCulkin School of Traditional Irish DanceR406A SJ306ATJ306AH306A   800B    
657Moore, SannaCulkin School of Traditional Irish DanceR408 SJ408TJ408H408        
658Moran, KennedyBoyle School of Irish Dance, VA       607     
659Moreau, EmilyHunt School of Irish DancingR103ALJ103ASJ104A          
660Moreau, KatieHunt School of Irish Dancing       508     
661Moreland, CaleighCulkin School of Traditional Irish Dance       606     
662Morgan, SophieBaffa Academy       504     
663Morrison, Gina Hurley School of Irish DanceR403 SJ403TJ403H403 TS502      
664Morrison, MollyHurley School of Irish DanceR302LJ302SJ302TJ302H302 TS501      
665Morschhauser, RyleeInis Cairde School of Irish Dance     TR303 509     
667Mosher, BridgetDoherty Petri School       609     
668Moss, MadeleineCulkin School of Traditional Irish Dance       505     
669Mostow, MollyO'Neill-James School of Irish DancingR304 SJ404TJ404H404 TS502      
670Motter, AllysonAn Cor Rud School of Irish Dance       510     
671Mudge, AnnabelO'Neill-James School of Irish Dancing       509     
672Mullarkey, BridgetSouthern Academy       503     
673Mullarkey, MeghannSouthern Academy       605     
676Mulrine, Jordan Rhythm of IrelandR103ALJ103ASJ104A          
677Murad, ClaireBaffa Academy       605     
678Murphy, MollyMcGrath AcademyR405 SJ405TJ405H405 TS503      
679Murray, AbbyBoyle School of Irish Dance, VA       509     
680Murray, NoraBaffa Academy       608     
681Murray, RoisinBaffa Academy     TR304 612     
683Nailor, JuliaBurke Connolly Academy of Irish Dance     TR304TS512612     
684Nalls, BrigidMcGrath Academy       606     
685Nalls, KarenMcGrath AcademyR405 SJ405TJ405H405        
686Nelson, ElizabethTeelin School of Irish Dance   TJ410H410B        
687Neville, ErinScoil Rince Ni DubhthaighR304LJ204SJ204TJ204         
688Newman, PatrickLynn-O'Grady Quinlan-ConnickR306ALJ207 TJ207H207        
690Newman, SydneyBroesler School of Irish Dance       510     
691Nichols, Carrie McGrath AcademyR208LJ208SJ208          
692Nielsen, LilyMcGrath AcademyR305 SJ305ATJ305AH305TR202TS503      
693Nonnenkamp, JuliaHurley School of Irish Dance       508     
694Noonan, ClaireTeelin School of Irish DanceR1            
695Noonan, KeiraTeelin School of Irish DanceR303BLJ303B TJ303H303TR201       
696Noratel, JordanTeelin School of Irish DanceR308LJ308SJ308         810A
697O, CadynScoil Rince Ni Dubhthaigh       505     
698O, KathrynScoil Rince Ni Dubhthaigh       609     
699O'Comartun, ScarlettTeelin School of Irish DanceR303BLJ303ASJ303TJ203H203        
700O'Connell, FionaHurley School of Irish DanceR407 SJ407TJ407H407TR202  800B    
703O'Connor, KelseyMarie Moore School of Irish Dance       612     
704O'Halloran, ClaireScoil Rince Ni Dubhthaigh       607     
705O'Halloran, ReeseScoil Rince Ni Dubhthaigh       503     
706O'Hearn, EmilyMaple Academy of Irish DanceR406B SJ406TJ406AH406        
707O'Malley, KathleenBoyle School of Irish Dance, VA       608     
709o'reilly, finnbarrBoyle School of Irish Dance, VA       610B     
710o'reilly, jamesBoyle School of Irish Dance, VA       610B     
711o'reilly, josephBoyle School of Irish Dance, VA       610B     
712O'Reilly, RonanBoyle School of Irish Dance, VAR408  TJ408H408        
714Ogilvie, AlexandraCulkin School of Traditional Irish Dance       604     
715Olcott, MaryHurley School of Irish DanceR104ALJ104A           
716Olechna, SydneySouthern Academy       606     
717Olsen, JulieCulkin School of Traditional Irish Dance       509     
721Orelski, JennaRhythm of Ireland       513     
722Ortel, EllieTeelin School of Irish Dance       508     
723Pacheco, CatieBoyle School of Irish Dance, VAR309LJ309SJ309TJ309H309        
724Pacini, AlexandraLynn-O'Grady Quinlan-Connick       612     
725Painter, AlexandraO'Grady Quinlan AcademyR305LJ305SJ305ATJ305A  TS503      
726Pajak, JessicaTeelin School of Irish DanceR410B            
727Pannell, MadelineBoyle School of Irish Dance, VA       610     
728Parmelee, MaireadCulkin School of Traditional Irish DanceR304LJ304SJ304   TS502      
730Parr, KathrynMaple Academy of Irish DanceR409 SJ409TJ309H309        
731Partridge, DelaneyBoyle School of Irish Dance, VAR302 SJ302TJ302H302        
732patrizio, marissaDoherty Petri School       606     
733Paulson, LexiTeelin School of Irish Dance       608     
734Pearson, LilyO'Neill-James School of Irish DancingR406BLJ306SJ306ATJ306BH406 TS503      
735Pelkey, CaitlynScoil Rince Ni DubhthaighR302LJ302SJ301TJ301H302        
736Pelkey, MeghanScoil Rince Ni DubhthaighR305LJ305SJ305ATJ305AH305        
739Pennypacker, MadeleineArmstrong Irish Dance AcademyR104A SJ104A          
741Perdomo, LexyO'Grady Quinlan AcademyR305LJ305SJ305BTJ305A         
742Perez, Kelly AnnBroesler School of Irish DanceR408 SJ408TJ408H408 TS504      
743Perez, MeghanBroesler School of Irish DanceR405 SJ405TJ305AH305 TS503      
744Perry, EmilyBaffa AcademyR305LJ305SJ305BTJ305A         
745Perry-Carrera, BrianButler-Fearon-O'Connor       611B     
746Peters, AddyMaple Academy of Irish DanceR307LJ307SJ307TJ207H207 TS504      
747Peters, DarbyMaple Academy of Irish Dance       512     
748Peterson, JanetCulkin School of Traditional Irish DanceA3 A12A41  TS513      
749Pfeifer, AidanRhythm of Ireland       506  C7, C8  
750Pfeifer, BrennaRhythm of IrelandR308 SJ308TJ308H308    C4C7  
751Phelps, ErinO'Connor School of Irish Dance, BaltimorR205LJ205SJ205TJ205H205        
752Phillips, CaitlinTeelin School of Irish Dance       612     
755Pickard, AudreyBoyle School of Irish Dance, VA       604     
756Pickard, ElleBoyle School of Irish Dance, VA       503     
757Pickard, SophieBoyle School of Irish Dance, VA       606     
758Pierce, DarcyArmstrong Irish Dance Academy       513     
759Poe, KylaMaple Academy of Irish Dance       509     
761Proehl, AvaSouthern Academy       508     
762Pronk, NatalieMuggivan School of Irish Dance       503     
763Pueschel, KatherineLynn-O'Grady Quinlan-Connick       508     
764Quinlivan, CarolineLynn-O'Grady Quinlan-Connick       510     
765Quinn, ClaireCulkin School of Traditional Irish DanceR405 SJ405TJ305BH305        
766Quinn, EllieCulkin School of Traditional Irish DanceR409 SJ409TJ409H409        
767Quinn, KellyCulkin School of Traditional Irish DanceR202LJ202           
768Quinn, MollyCulkin School of Traditional Irish Dance       609     
769Radian, KatieDillon Magh Adhair Academy     TR301TS508601     
772RAGUSO, AERINMcGrath Academy       612     
774Raiford, GraysonHurley School of Irish Dance     TR302 504     
777RAMSEY, MADELEINEHurley School of Irish DanceR410B SJ410ATJ310         
778Ranaghan, ElizabethTeelin School of Irish Dance     TR301TS508502     
779Rankin, SophiaMcGrath Academy       606     
780Read, MauraMcAleer School, DelawareR404 SJ404TJ404H304 TS502      
781Reed, AnnabelleCumascaigh School of Irish DanceR305 SJ405TJ305B  TS503      
782Reed, PaigeLynn-O'Grady Quinlan-Connick      TS510507     
783Reiher, AislinnO'Grady Quinlan AcademyR303ALJ303ASJ303   TS502      
784Reinhart, BrigidHunt School, Maryland       506     
785Reynolds, AislingMcGrath Academy      TS508601     
787Reynolds, Grace AnnO'Neill-James School of Irish DancingR407 SJ407TJ307H307    C3   
788Reynolds, KeiraMcGrath AcademyR3LJ102           
789Reynolds, Lyra KayleeMcGrath AcademyR204LJ204SJ204   TS502     810A
790Richardson, FaithBaffa AcademyR306B SJ306BTJ306BH306A TS503      
791Riley, AelaCulkin School of Traditional Irish Dance  SJ409TJ409H409        
792Riley, MadisonMuggivan School of Irish Dance  SJ306B          
793Ritter, SamanthaTeelin School of Irish DanceR407 SJ407TJ407H407 TS504 800B    
794Rizzo, CatherineHurley School of Irish DanceR408 SJ408TJ408H408TR203TS504      
795Robinson, ColleenGoodwin Academy       612     
796Roche, GraceHurley School of Irish Dance       507     
797Rogers, AnnikaInis Cairde School of Irish Dance       606     
798Rogers, AubreighArmstrong Irish Dance AcademyR402 SJ403TJ403H403        
799Rogers, CarolineInis Cairde School of Irish Dance       609     
800Rolaf, EthanAn Cor Rud School of Irish DanceR207LJ207 TJ207H207        
801Romano, GiannaTeelin School of Irish DanceR405LJ305SJ305BTJ305AH305        
802Romano, LeonardoTeelin School of Irish DanceR103A            
803Roos, JuliaBroesler School of Irish Dance       606     
804Ros, GabrielaBoyle School of Irish Dance, VAR408   H408        
805Rose, AlexisBaffa Academy       503     
806Roszyk, KatieBroesler School of Irish Dance       611     
808Ryan, MackenzieTeelin School of Irish DanceR306BLJ306SJ207TJ207H207        
809Sanford, JaxonCumascaigh School of Irish Dance       509     
810Savage, Reilly GraceMcGrath Academy      TS508602     
811Savage, Sophia LouiseMcGrath Academy      TS509505     
812Sayers, StephanieKelly Gallagher Irish Dance, N. CarolinaA1A20           
813Sayers, VanessaKelly Gallagher Irish Dance, N. CarolinaR105LJ105SJ105          
814Scala, ClareBell School of Irish Dance       505     
815Scala, MargaretBell School of Irish Dance       607     
818Schloemer, AnnaArmstrong Irish Dance AcademyR410B SJ309TJ310H410B        
819Schloss, CassidyBaffa AcademyR104ALJ104ASJ104A          
820Schloss, DylanBaffa Academy       606B     
821schofield, liamMuggivan School of Irish Dance       611B C4   
822Schofield, MackenzieMcClanahanR407 SJ407TJ407H407TR202TS504      
823Schofield, RachelMcClanahan       508     
824Schoonover, RileighKelly Gallagher Irish Dance, N. CarolinaR204LJ204SJ204TJ204H204        
825Schrock, LenahArmstrong Irish Dance AcademyR3LJ102           
827Schultz, CateCulkin School of Traditional Irish DanceR409 SJ409TJ409H409        
828Schwarzmann, Lily Hunt School, Maryland       507     
829Sebastian, LilyTeelin School of Irish Dance       505     
830Sexton, KyraBroesler School of Irish Dance       505     
831Shaheen, PeytonInis Cairde School of Irish DanceR407 SJ407TJ407         
832Sheetz, KatieHurley School of Irish DanceR406B SJ406TJ406AH406 TS503      
833Shepherd, CamilleCulkin School of Traditional Irish Dance       507     
835Sims, SophiaBaffa AcademyR103ALJ103ASJ104A          
836Singer, AoifeRhythm of Ireland   TJ305AH305        
837Siravo, MariaMcDade-Cara SchoolR406A SJ406TJ406AH406        
838Slawson, AnnieBaffa Academy       606     
839Slawson, KathleenBaffa Academy       610     
840Slawson, MaryBaffa Academy       504     
842Smigel, AdenBaffa Academy       607     
843Smith, CaitlynBroesler School of Irish DanceR302LJ302SJ302TJ302H302        
844Smith, ClaireCumascaigh School of Irish DanceR403 SJ403TJ403  TS502      
845Smith, EleanorCulkin School of Traditional Irish DanceR303ALJ303B           
846Smith, GillianBaffa Academy       605     
847Smith, JuliaunaAn Cor Rud School of Irish Dance       603     
848Smith, KalieTeelin School of Irish Dance       605     
849Smith, KeiraCumascaigh School of Irish DanceR405 SJ405TJ405H405        
850Smith, KendallBroesler School of Irish Dance       602     
851Smith, LucyTeelin School of Irish DanceR303BLJ303BSJ303TJ303H303        
852Smith, MadelynBroesler School of Irish DanceR402 SJ302TJ302H302        
853Smith, MasonCumascaigh School of Irish DanceR404  TJ404  TS502      
854Smith, Meli O'Neill-James School of Irish DancingR307LJ307SJ307TJ207 TR102   C3   
855Smith, RebeccaO'Neill-James School of Irish Dancing  SJ410ATJ410H410A        
856Smith, WyattBaffa AcademyR103ALJ103A           
857Snoddy, CampbellTeelin School of Irish Dance       509     
858Sohn, KatherineScoil Rince Ni Dubhthaigh       606     
859Solan, JenniferTeelin School of Irish Dance       510     
861Songer, MaryHurley School of Irish Dance       606     
862Sparks, ClaireCulkin School of Traditional Irish DanceR410B SJ410ATJ410  TS506      
863Spencer, JulianaCumascaigh School of Irish DanceR306BLJ306SJ306ATJ306A         
864Spevacek, AnyaTrinity Academy of Irish DanceR306BLJ306SJ306ATJ406AH306A TS503      
866Springer, CatherineBoyle School of Irish Dance, VA      TS508503     
867Stallard, AubreyMuggivan School of Irish DanceR307 SJ307TJ307         
868Stapor, EmmaBoyle School of Irish Dance, VA       608     
869Starkey, DelaneyMuggivan School of Irish DanceR406A SJ406TJ306BH406        
870Starkey, SophiaMuggivan School of Irish DanceR202LJ202           
871Staskin, AnnAn Cor Rud School of Irish DanceR410A   H410A        
872Stelljes, Elizabeth Cumascaigh School of Irish DanceR202LJ202SJ202          
873Stelljes, Emma GraceCumascaigh School of Irish DanceR406A SJ406TJ406BH406 TS503      
875Stephenson, TarynBoyle School of Irish Dance, VAR406B  TJ406BH406        
876Stewart, BrigidCross Keys       608     
877Stile, RileyTeelin School of Irish Dance       506     
878Stitcher, SophieArmstrong Irish Dance AcademyR105LJ105 TJ205         
879Stoeckel, PaigeSouthern Academy     TR302 505     
880Story, KatherineCulkin School of Traditional Irish DanceR408 SJ408TJ408H308        
881Stralka, VictoriaTeelin School of Irish DanceR308 SJ308TJ408H308        
882Strzelczyk, KylieDoherty Petri School       610     
883Strzelczyk, TrinityDoherty Petri SchoolR305 SJ305BTJ305BH305 TS503      
884Stubner, GretaHurley School of Irish Dance       507     
885Stubner, MadeleineHurley School of Irish Dance       505     
886Stuntz, KatherineMaple Academy of Irish Dance       610     
888Sullivan, CassyBroesler School of Irish DanceR408 SJ408TJ408H408        
889Sullivan, CayleighHurley School of Irish DanceR306A SJ306ATJ306AH306A TS503      
890Sullivan, CoraHurley School of Irish DanceR307LJ307SJ307TJ307H307        
891Sullivan, FionaBoyle School of Irish Dance, VA  SJ405TJ405         
892Sullivan, MollyO'Grady Quinlan AcademyR406B SJ406TJ406AH406        
893Swartwood, ShealynnCumascaigh School of Irish Dance       510     
894Swartz, CeceliaCulkin School of Traditional Irish DanceR409 SJ409TJ409H409        
895Swartz, NinaCulkin School of Traditional Irish DanceR407 SJ307TJ307H307        
896Sweeney, ElizabethHurley School of Irish DanceR306BLJ306SJ306BTJ306AH306A        
897Szklany, LynneaO'Grady Quinlan AcademyR304LJ304SJ304TJ304  TS502      
898Tansley, KatelynnMcGrath AcademyR410A SJ410BTJ410H410A        
899Taricani, CharlotteKelly Gallagher Irish Dance, N. CarolinaR308LJ308SJ308TJ308H308    C3   
900Taylor, AineHurley School of Irish DanceR305LJ305SJ305BTJ305BH305        
901Taylor, GizelleAn Cor Rud School of Irish DanceR205LJ205SJ205TJ205H205        
902Tepe, GillianTeelin School of Irish Dance       604     
903Tetley, EmmaAn Cor Rud School of Irish DanceR304 SJ304TJ304H304        
904TETLEY, TAYLORAn Cor Rud School of Irish DanceR203LJ203SJ203TJ203H203        
905Thomas, AmeliaCarle School       508     
906Tibbs, ReaganMcGrath AcademyR408 SJ408TJ408H408        
907Tiedge, KatieInis Cairde School of Irish DanceR407 SJ407TJ307H307        
908Titus-Rogan, BronwynO'Neill-James School of Irish DancingR407 SJ407TJ407H407TR202TS504      
910Topp, FinleyO'Neill-James School of Irish DancingR307LJ307SJ207          
912Torres, KatiaMcGrath Academy     TR304 510     
913Torres, SilkeMcGrath AcademyR203LJ203SJ203   TS501      
914Tourbaf, AnnaO'Neill-James School of Irish Dancing       509     
915Trumbauer, JosephineTeelin School of Irish DanceR303BLJ303BSJ303TJ303H303        
916Tucker, KaterinaRichens-Timm, IndianaR410B SJ410BTJ410H410A        
918Turner, AislinnMcGrath Academy       508     
919Ucanda, JazleneHurley School of Irish DanceR303ALJ303ASJ303TJ303H303        
920Ulcek, IsabelleBoyle School of Irish Dance, VAR409  TJ409H409        
921Utley, JillianWalsh Kelley School       506     
922Vader, AnaTeelin School of Irish Dance       507     
923Valdes, MelaniePetri       611     
924Vance, AmeliaLismore Academy of Irish Dance R405 SJ405TJ405H405 TS503      
925Vann, Alexander Maple Academy of Irish DanceR409  TJ409H409        
926Vann, JacksonMaple Academy of Irish Dance       510     
927Venezia, MiaHurley School of Irish Dance       606     
928Vernice, FionaDoherty Petri School       504     
929Vest, VictoriaRhythm of Ireland       509 C3C8  
931Volkman, AnnaMaple Academy of Irish DanceR409 SJ409TJ409H409        
934Walker, EammonBaffa Academy       505     
935Walker, MaeveBaffa Academy       607     
936Walter-Trzcinski, AmberMaple Academy of Irish Dance       612     
937Wans, Mary KateHunt School of Irish DancingR205LJ205SJ205TJ205H205 TS503      
938Ward, CocoTeelin School of Irish DanceR402LJ302SJ403TJ301H403        
939Wasek, ZoeAn Cor Rud School of Irish DanceR203LJ203SJ203TJ203         
940Wasko, MadisonAn Cor Rud School of Irish Dance       610     
941Wasson, CorinneHurley School of Irish DanceR406B SJ406TJ406BH406        
943Watson, CaitlinO'Neill-James School of Irish DancingR407 SJ407TJ407H407        
945Watson, LydiaO'Neill-James School of Irish DancingR410B SJ410ATJ410H410B        
946Watson, NatalieCulkin School of Traditional Irish DanceR306BLJ306SJ306ATJ306B  TS503      
947Watson, SarahCulkin School of Traditional Irish DanceR306ALJ306SJ306BTJ306A  TS503      
948Weaver, AnnaMcGrath AcademyR405 SJ405TJ405H405        
949Weisbrod, DaraRhythm of Ireland     TR304 610 C4C8  
950Welch, CiaranMaple Academy of Irish Dance       506     
951Welch, SaoirseMaple Academy of Irish DanceR406A SJ406TJ406BH306B        
952Welgos, JessicaScoil Rince Ni Dubhthaigh       603     
954Whelan, MeganLynn-O'Grady Quinlan-Connick      TS512612     
956White, CameronBroesler School of Irish Dance       611B     
958Whitford, VeronicaWalsh Kelley SchoolR405 SJ405TJ405H405 TS503     810A
959Wick Joseph, MarisaWick School       609     
960Wiegand, NorahMaple Academy of Irish Dance       607     
961Wilhelm, EmilyRhythm of IrelandR410A SJ410ATJ410H410A    C4C7  
962Wilkinson, Theo DouglasBell School of Irish Dance       505     
963Willens, GenevieveCulkin School of Traditional Irish DanceR306B SJ406TJ306BH306A        
964Williams, AmeliaLynn-O'Grady Quinlan-ConnickR304LJ304SJ304TJ304H304TR202TS502      
966Williams, ClaireBoyle School of Irish Dance, VAR303ALJ303ASJ403TJ303H403 TS502      
965Williams, ClaireBell School of Irish Dance       509     
967willson, kathleenBoyle School of Irish Dance, VAR408            
970Winn, PiperBaffa Academy       507     
971Winn, TeaganBaffa Academy       506     
972Wiszneauckas, ElyseCulkin School of Traditional Irish DanceA2A20A11   TS513  C9   
973Wolf, CatherineMuggivan School of Irish DanceR104ALJ104ASJ104ATJ203         
974Wolstenholme, ClaireMcGrath Academy       604     
975Woolery, CordeliaHurley School of Irish DanceR405 SJ405TJ305AH305 TS503      
976Woolridge, GemmaBaffa AcademyR303BLJ303ASJ403TJ303         
978Wraback, CatherineCulkin School of Traditional Irish Dance       608     
979Wright, Katherine Teelin School of Irish DanceR304 SJ404TJ304H304        
980Yapur, JuliannaHurley School of Irish Dance   TJ410H410B        
983Young, AddisonBoyle School of Irish Dance, VAR409 SJ409TJ409H409        
984Young, DelaneySouthern Academy       505     
985Young, EmmaCulkin School of Traditional Irish DanceR308 SJ408TJ408H408        
986Young, TylerCulkin School of Traditional Irish Dance       510     
987Zagorski, GaretSouthern Academy     TR301TS507502     
988Zampier, LeslieHurley School of Irish DanceR304LJ304SJ304TJ304         
990Zoeller, EmmaO'Connor School of Irish Dance, BaltimorR306ALJ306SJ306ATJ306AH306A