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Program List For Buckeye State Feis - 2017, MAY BE REVISED!!!

Generated on Apr 17, 2017 04:07:27 PDT If your payment was recorded after this date/time, you will not be on this report.

FeisWorx recommends ignoring this Competitor List since it is a static snapshot taken at one point in time. That time is listed in the previous paragraph at the top of this report. You will get far better information about your registration by logging in to your account and clicking the Registration Details link. The information on your My Registrations page is always up to date.

Competitors who have opted out of being included in online competitor lists are not shown here.

NumCompetitorSchoolReelLight JigSlip JigTreble JigHornpipeSt. Patricks DaySet DanceTreble ReelTraditional Set3 Hand ReelChampionship4 Hand Jig or ReelFlute8 Hand CeiliTin WhistleAccordion/IrishPianoFiddle
101Abigael, ArnoldMillennium Academy of Irish Dance          714OC      
102Acred, EllaNugent School of Irish Dance515RL 415SJ515TJ515HP  914515TS        
103Acred, LillieNugent School of Irish Dance511RLA 511SJA511TJA511HPA  913411TSB        
104Adair, AbigailRegan Rankin Holland511RLB 511SJB511TJA511HPB            
105Adair, SophiaRegan Rankin Holland408RL 408SJ408TJ408HP            
106Adams, AbigailErickson Academy413RLB 413SJB413TJB413HPA            
107Adkins, AinsleyThe Academy408RL408LJ408SJ308TJ308HP            
108Aguilar Novelo, MiaRichens-Timm, Ohio112RL112LJ111SJ              
109Alten, LilliErickson Academy       914  718OC      
110Altobelli, AlexSouthern Academy          719OC      
111Amick, GwenythO'Hare School of Irish Dance308RL308LJ 308TJ 308PD           
112Amick, KaylaO'Hare School of Irish Dance411RLA411LJA411SJB411TJA411HPB   411TSB        
113Anderson, CamdenRichens-Timm, Indiana414RL  414TJ             
114Arens, MackenzieRegan Rankin Holland          718OC      
115Armstrong, AmandaMillennium Academy of Irish Dance513RLB 513SJA513TJB513HPA            
116Arnold, AnnaliseBell School of Irish Dance          612PC      
117Avery, EllieMcClanahan      612SD   612PC      
118Aylward , EllieBrady-Campbell School207RL207LJ               
119Back, GracianneBrady-Campbell School210RL210LJ210SJ              
120Back, MichaelaBrady-Campbell School208RL208LJ208SJ              
122Bailey, AnnabelleThe Academy      610SD   710OC      
123Bailey, NathanThe Academy207RL207LJ               
124Baily, GraceIrwin Academy of Irish Dance514RL 514SJ514TJ514HPA            
125Baldwin, KathleenCeltic Academy of Irish Dance, OH          613PC      
126Bales, ElizabethNugent School of Irish Dance510RLA 510SJB510TJA510HPA   510TS        
127Baloh, ChloeArdan Academy513RLB 513SJB513TJB513HPA  914         
128Barath, MadisonRichens-Timm, Ohio111RL111LJ111SJ              
129Barnes, HannahFoy          618PC      
131Barrett, ColinBell School of Irish Dance510RLA  560TJ510HPB            
132Barrett, RyleighBell School of Irish Dance          615PC      
133Barron, BridgetErickson Academy513RLB 513SJB413TJA513HPB   413TS        
134Barron, CatherineErickson Academy411RLA 511SJB411TJB411HPB   411TSA        
135Barrows, CassieArdan Academy       913  712OC      
136Batelli, BridieMullane-Healy-Godley Academy          613PC      
140Beckman, ChloeRegan Rankin Holland206RL206LJ               
141Beemsterboer, MiaCeltic Academy of Irish Dance, OH       913  712OC      
142Beharry, CassidyRichens-Timm, Ohio516RL 516SJ516TJ516HP   516TS        
143Beharry, PatrickRichens-Timm, Ohio413RLA  413TJA513HPA  914413TS        
144Bell, TaylorCorrigan School of Irish Dance          613PC      
145Bensur, JacquelynBurke-Conroy School of Irish Dance          714OC      
146Best, ShannonBell School of Irish Dance513RLA 513SJB513TJB513HPB            
150Bickerton, CarolineMuggivan School of Irish Dance          718OC      
151Bisesi, SophiaRegan Rankin Holland207RL207LJ207SJ 307HP            
152Blair, KilianRegan Rankin Holland510RLB 510SJB510TJA410HPB            
153Blair-MacArthur, KayleeArdan Academy515RL 515SJ515TJ515HP  914         
154Blanchong, GraceRichens-Timm, Ohio      615SD   615PC      
155Blanchong, MadisonRichens-Timm, Ohio410RLB510LJ410SJB410TJA410HPB   410TSB        
156Blickenstaff, IsabellaMcClanahan          714OC      
157Blickenstaff, SophiaMcClanahan          714OC      
158Blickenstaff, ZoeMcClanahan407RL507LJ407SJ407TJ407HP   407TS        
159Blucker, EthanRichens-Timm, Ohio409RLA409LJA 309TJ409HP            
160Boddeker-O'Connor, RyleyMillennium Academy of Irish Dance          716OC      
161Bodman, KateBurke, Ohio508RL508LJ508SJ308TJ             
162Bodman, MauraBurke, Ohio          614PC      
163Bohman, NoelleMillennium Academy of Irish Dance411RLB 411SJB411TJB411HPB   411TSB934       
164Bokausek, ErinLeneghan Academy of Irish Dance515RL 515SJ515TJ515HP            
165Bolan, EmilyErickson Academy309RLA309LJ309SJ              
166Boyer, HannahDwyer School of Irish Dance510RLA 510SJB510TJB510HPB  913510TS        
167Boyko, DaliaCornell School of Irish Dance410RLB 510SJA510TJB510HPB   410TSB        
168Bozzo, EmmaRegan Rankin Holland      614SD   614PC      
169Bradfield, OliviaLeneghan Academy of Irish Dance516RL 516SJ516TJ516HP   516TS        
170Branquinho, Isabella Dwyer School of Irish Dance309RLA309LJ309SJ 309HP            
171Brasier, MadelynnThe Academy511RLA 511SJA511TJA511HPB            
172Braun, GraceRichens-Timm, Ohio512RL 512SJB412TJA412HPB   512TS        
173Bray, CaitlinRegan Rankin Holland512RL 512SJB512TJ512HP            
174Breedlove, CamrynRichens-Timm, Ohio309RLA309LJ309SJ              
175Breedlove, KatelynRichens-Timm, Ohio512RL 512SJB512TJ512HP   512TS        
177Brenan, MeghanTrinity Academy of Irish Dance511RLA 511SJA511TJA             
178Bright, Fallon Bell School of Irish Dance511RLB 511SJB411TJB511HPA   411TSB  943     
179Brockmeyer, LucyThe Academy      612SD   612PC      
181Brough, ChanceCeltic Academy of Irish Dance, OH      618SD914  618PC     916FI
182Brough, JohnnyCeltic Academy of Irish Dance, OH415RL  415TJ415HP  914        916FI
183Brown, Emma McQuadeLismore Academy of Irish Dance 510RLA 510SJA510TJB510HPB   510TS        
184Brown, LilianThe ML Dance Academy 106LJ               
187Burbank, SarahMcClanahan          614PC      
188Burke, DelaneyBrady-Campbell School409RLB409LJB409SJB409TJ409HP   409TS        
189Burke, IsabellaBrady-Campbell School          712OC      
190Burroughs, AvaMillennium Academy of Irish Dance513RLB 513SJB513TJB513HPB            
191Busch, LaurenRegan Rankin Holland          718OC      
192Butler, MadysonArdan Academy512RL 512SJA512TJ512HP  913512TS        
194Buzenski, MadyThe Academy 208LJ208SJ308TJ308HP            
195Byrne, ErinBrady-Campbell School      616SD   616PC      
196Byrne, ShannonBrady-Campbell School      618SD   618PC      
197Caforio, JillianTrinity Academy of Irish Dance 514LJ 514TJ514HPA  914514TS        
198Cain, EmilyMillennium Academy of Irish Dance          712OC      
199Campbell, KatrynThe Academy          716OC      
200Campbell, KylaThe Academy211RL211LJ211SJ311TJ311HP            
201Carey, BetsyLeneghan Academy of Irish Dance410RLB310LJ310SJ310TJ310HP310PD           
202Carey, MartyLeneghan Academy of Irish Dance462RL  462TJ462HP362PD           
205Carr, KaraErickson Academy      612SD   712OC      
206Carroll, DeirdreMcGing Irish Dancers          714OC      
207Casale, AshlynBell School of Irish Dance409RLB409LJA409SJB 309HP309PD           
208Casale, FionaBell School of Irish Dance309RLA409LJB309SJ 309HP309PD           
211Chambers, CatherineLeneghan Academy of Irish Dance514RL 514SJ514TJ514HPA            
212Chambers, GraceBrady-Campbell School      611SD   611PC      
213Chann, AubreyMillennium Academy of Irish Dance       914  716OC      
214Chapin, AllisonIrwin Academy of Irish Dance513RLB 513SJA513TJB513HPB   513TS        
215Chernowsky, EllenGoggin-Carroll          718OC      
216Childers, KendallMcClanahan          614PC      
217Childers, PrestonMcClanahan          617PC      
218Choma, SydneyArdan Academy413RLB413LJ413SJB513TJA513HPA            
219Christopher, SarahMuggivan School of Irish Dance          613PC      
220Christy, RosemaryMurphy Irish Arts Center312RL 312SJ              
221Christy, SusanneMurphy Irish Arts Center   310TJ             
222Clark, AdelineDwyer School of Irish Dance206RL206LJ               
223Clark, BrigidBurke-Conroy School of Irish Dance513RLB  513TJA513HPB            
224Clark, HadleyDwyer School of Irish Dance409RLB409LJA409SJA409TJ409HP   409TS        
225Clark, SheilaBurke-Conroy School of Irish Dance          716OC      
226Clay, Tommy LeeThe ML Dance Academy462RL462LJ 462TJ462HP362PD           
227Cleary, MarthaRichens-Timm, Ohio413RLA413LJ413SJB513TJA413HPA   413TS        
228Clemens, CoryBurke, Ohio207RL207LJ               
229Clery, BrianneArdan Academy          719OC      
230Clery, CarolineArdan Academy          716OC      
231Clery, MakaylaArdan Academy      618SD   618PC      
232Clock, LizziCeltic Academy of Irish Dance, OH413RLB413LJ413SJA413TJA413HPA  914         
234Coccia, LynsieRochester Academy of Irish Dance513RLA 513SJA513TJA513HPA   513TS        
235Colan, KateLeneghan Academy of Irish Dance310RL410LJA410SJA410TJB310HP310PD           
236Coljohn, ClaireBrady-Campbell School508RL 508SJ508TJ408HP   508TS        
237Coljohn, KateBrady-Campbell School      612SD   612PC      
238Comer, EmmaCeltic Academy of Irish Dance, OH      611SD   611PC      
239Comley, AddisonMcTeggart, Kentucky510RLB410LJB410SJA410TJB410HPA   410TSA        
240Coning, EmmaCeltic Academy of Irish Dance, OH      618SD   719OC      
241Conley, QuinnMacConmara Academy410RLA 410SJA410TJB410HPB   410TSA        
242Connors, MollyMcClanahan512RL512LJ512SJB512TJ512HP   512TS        
243Coon, AnnieMillennium Academy of Irish Dance          714OC      
244Cooper, MarinThe ML Dance Academy412RLB512LJ412SJ412TJB412HPB  913512TS        
245Cooper, ReeseRichens-Timm, Ohio408RL408LJ308SJ308TJ408HP308PD           
246Cornwall, AveryMcGing Irish Dancers510RLB 510SJB410TJB410HPA   410TSB        
247Cosgrove, ErynArdan Academy512RL 512SJB512TJ512HP  913         
248Cosgrove, MichaelaArdan Academy          716OC      
249Courtney, EmmaMcGing Irish Dancers          716OC      
251Cox, AllisonBell School of Irish Dance515RL 415SJ515TJ515HP   515TS        
253Coyne, BrigidBrady-Campbell School510RLB 510SJA510TJA510HPB            
254Coyne, MaeveBrady-Campbell School307RL307LJ307SJ307TJ 307PD           
255Cramer, MelinaHunt School of Irish Dancing          615PC      
256Crawford, AudriaMillennium Academy of Irish Dance408RL308LJ308SJ              
257Critzer, GraceErickson Academy412RLB412LJ  412HPB   412TS        
258Crook, AinsleyCorrigan School of Irish Dance      614SD   614PC      
260Cummings, GraceRichens-Timm, Ohio514RL 514SJ514TJ514HPA            
261Cummiskey, EmmaMillennium Academy of Irish Dance          716OC      
263Cummiskey, Megan Millennium Academy of Irish Dance          712OC      
266Curran, CatherineBurke, Ohio          612PC      
267Curtiss, DakotaRichens-Timm, Ohio412RLA412LJ412SJ412TJB412HPB   412TS        
268Custer, KateErickson Academy515RL 515SJ515TJ515HP            
270D'Amore, BridgetO'Hare School of Irish Dance          716OC      
271D'Amore, DillonO'Hare School of Irish Dance          611PC      
272Dabran, ReganLeneghan Academy of Irish Dance412RLA 412SJ412TJA512HP   512TS        
273Dadas, DelaneyBrady-Campbell School411RLA411LJA411SJB411TJA411HPB            
274Dadas, FionaBrady-Campbell School413RLA413LJ413SJA413TJB413HPB            
275Daley, KathleenLeneghan Academy of Irish Dance408RL408LJ408SJ              
276Daley, KayleeLeneghan Academy of Irish Dance411RLA411LJB411SJA411TJB411HPB   411TSA        
277DaPonte, CaitlinCorrigan School of Irish Dance      609SD   610PC      
278DaPonte, CharlotteCorrigan School of Irish Dance       913  710OC      
279Darnell, AshtynMcTeggart, Kentucky414RL414LJ414SJ414TJ414HP            
280Daugherty, RyanRichens-Timm, Ohio308RL308LJ  308HP            
281Davenport , Natasha Millennium Academy of Irish Dance835RL835LJ835SJ835TJ835HP   835TS        
282Davian, AddileenThe Academy207RL207LJ207SJ307TJ             
283Davis, CatherineDwyer School of Irish Dance513RLB 513SJA513TJB513HPA            
284Davis, EllaBurke, Ohio          714OC      
285Davis, SophiaMacConmara Academy310RL310LJ410SJB310TJ310HP            
286Dawson, ErinMillennium Academy of Irish Dance      616SD   616PC      
287Dean, AbbyIrwin Academy of Irish Dance307RL307LJ307SJ              
288Dean, CaitlinMillennium Academy of Irish Dance513RLA 513SJA513TJB513HPA            
289Dean, EmilyIrwin Academy of Irish Dance410RLB410LJA410SJB410TJB410HPB   410TSA        
290Dearth, NorahCeltic Academy of Irish Dance, OH310RL310LJ310SJ310TJ310HP            
291Deasy, OliviaBurke-Conroy School of Irish Dance          616PC      
292Deibel, LynseyMillennium Academy of Irish Dance511RLA 511SJA511TJB511HPB            
293DePasquale, PeterBell School of Irish Dance462RL462LJ 462TJ462HP   411TSA  943     
295Deutschendorf, NatalieThe Academy209RL209LJ209SJ309TJ             
296Devlin, MadeleineBurke, Ohio509RL 509SJ509TJ509HP   509TS        
297Dewan, KathleenArdan Academy          718OC      
298Di Biase, AriannaMurphy Irish Arts Center412RLA412LJ512SJA412TJA412HPA            
299Dillon, ClaireErickson Academy308RL308LJ308SJ              
302DiNucci, GabbyBell School of Irish Dance          716OC      
303Doetzel, KarahGoggin-Carroll510RLB 510SJA510TJB510HPA   510TS        
304Donnelly, AileenMcGing Irish Dancers413RLA 413SJB513TJA             
305Donohoe, JosieLeneghan Academy of Irish Dance412RLB 512SJB412TJA412HPA  913512TS        
306Donohoe, JulieMcGing Irish Dancers          719OC      
307Donovan, AvaRegan Rankin Holland106RL105LJ               
308Donovan, EmmaRegan Rankin Holland409RLB409LJB409SJB409TJ409HP   409TS        
309Donovan, KayleighRichens-Timm, Ohio      616SD   616PC      
310Doyle, AveryRichens-Timm, Ohio513RLA 513SJA513TJA513HPA   513TS        
311Doyle, BrigidO'Kennedy Irish Dance Academy          714OC      
312Doyle, MaureenO'Kennedy Irish Dance Academy          716OC      
313Doyle, RileyBurke-Conroy School of Irish Dance515RL 515SJ              
314Doyle, SheilaO'Kennedy Irish Dance Academy511RLB 511SJB511TJB511HPA            
315Drummond, KaylaMillennium Academy of Irish Dance855RL855LJ855SJ855TJ855HP   855TS        
316Ducy, DesmondMillennium Academy of Irish Dance458RL408LJ 408TJ308HP            
317Ducy, LilianMillennium Academy of Irish Dance412RLA412LJ412SJ412TJB412HPA312PD   934       
318Duff, DeborahIrwin Academy of Irish Dance855RL 835SJ              
319Duffus, BeatriceBurke-Conroy School of Irish Dance          718OC      
320Duncan, MillieMcClanahan409RLA409LJB409SJB409TJ409HP   409TS        
321Duncan, SarahMcClanahan515RL515LJ515SJ515TJ515HP  914515TS        
322Dunn, AbigailO'Hare School of Irish Dance515RL 515SJ515TJ515HP            
323Dunne, Nora RoseBurke, Ohio509RL 409SJB409TJ409HP   409TS        
324Duns, EmmaBurke, Ohio          610PC      
325Durik, ChloeFlanagan-O'Hare School, Florida510RLA 510SJA510TJB510HPA  913510TS        
326Durkin, BrileyMcClanahan509RL 509SJ509TJ509HP            
327Dusome, LeahCornell School of Irish Dance412RLB412LJ412SJ412TJB412HPA   412TS        
328Dusome, LucyCornell School of Irish Dance407RL407LJ407SJ407TJ407HP   407TS        
329Dwinnell, LeahRichens-Timm, Ohio410RLA410LJA410SJA410TJB410HPB   410TSA        
330Dycus, Ava MarieRichens-Timm, Indiana410RLA410LJA410SJA310TJ310HP    933 943     
333Egan, KaitlinLeneghan Academy of Irish Dance410RLB410LJB410SJA310TJ410HPB   410TSB        
334Elbin, RylanBrady-Campbell School108RL108LJ               
337Espy, ElinaCeltic Academy of Irish Dance, OH410RLB410LJA410SJB410TJA410HPA            
338Espy, LaylaCeltic Academy of Irish Dance, OH207RL207LJ               
339Etheridge, OliviaThe Academy410RLB410LJA410SJA410TJA410HPA      943     
340Etienne, KenleyMcClanahan409RLB409LJB309SJ309TJ             
341Evanish, CharliMacConmara Academy309RLB409LJA409SJB409TJ309HP            
342Evans, CiaraBell School of Irish Dance          615PC      
343Evans, HelenaMillennium Academy of Irish Dance510RLB 410SJB510TJB510HPB            
345Fahey, LizzieMcClanahan410RLB   410HPB   410TSB        
346Fair, RyanRichens-Timm, Ohio110RL110LJ               
347Farrell, JaneRegan Rankin Holland      617SD   617PC      
348Farrell, MeganLeneghan Academy of Irish Dance410RLB410LJA410SJB410TJA410HPB   410TSA        
349Farris, EvaCeltic Academy of Irish Dance, OH511RLB 511SJA511TJB511HPB            
351Fedel, KaelieSouthern Academy          616PC      
352Federico, GiannaRegan Rankin Holland414RL 514SJ414TJ514HPB            
353Ferguson, BridgetRichens-Timm, Ohio          716OC      
354Ferrell, EmilyMcTeggart, Kentucky411RLB411LJB411SJB411TJB411HPA            
355Ferrell, Sydney McTeggart, Kentucky310RL310LJ310SJ310TJ310HP            
356Fey, AddisonThe ML Dance Academy510RLA 510SJB510TJB510HPA  913510TS        
357Filburn, AlexisCeltic Academy of Irish Dance, OH          617PC      
358Filburn, Ashley Celtic Academy of Irish Dance, OH309RLA309LJ309SJ309TJ309HP            
359Finch, PaigeCeltic Academy of Irish Dance, OH      615SD   615PC      
360Finnerty, ErinMillennium Academy of Irish Dance511RLB 511SJB511TJB511HPA  913         
362Fitzgerald, LaraIrwin Academy of Irish Dance412RLA412LJ412SJ412TJB412HPA   412TS        
364Fitzgerald, SamanthaInis Cairde School of Irish Dance          617PC      
365Flanagan, IsabelleFlanagan-O'Hare School, Michigan411RLA511LJ511SJA411TJA411HPB  913411TSA        
366Flanagan, MattRichens-Timm, Ohio562RL512LJ 462TJ462HP            
367Flanagan, MeganRichens-Timm, Ohio414RL 514SJ414TJ514HPB            
368Flanagan, NateRichens-Timm, Ohio462RL512LJ 462TJ462HP            
369Fletcher, AbryellaIrwin Academy of Irish Dance413RLA413LJ413SJA413TJA413HPA            
370Flor, VeronicaBell School of Irish Dance510RLB 510SJA              
371Foley, BrennaTrinity Academy of Irish Dance511RLB 511SJB              
372Foley, MorgayneRichens-Timm, Indiana414RL  414TJ414HP   414TS        
373Ford, CaitlinMurphy Irish Arts Center    512HP            
374Ford, RileyMurphy Irish Arts Center410RLA 410SJA510TJB510HPB            
375Ford-Estephan, MyaArdan Academy514RL 514SJ514TJ514HPA            
376Foreman, ClaireMurphy Irish Arts Center516RL 516SJ516TJ516HP            
377Fouts, NatalieThe Academy410RLA410LJB410SJB410TJB410HPB      943     
378Fox, EmmaBrady-Campbell School          712OC      
379Foye, ElijahMcClanahan          716OC      
381Freda, LaurelRegan Rankin Holland412RLB412LJ412SJ  312PD           
382French, AbigailO'Hare School of Irish Dance513RLB 513SJA513TJA513HPA   513TS        
383Frick, MollyShovlin Academy of Irish Dance   513TJB513HPB            
384Froman, AnnieMcGing Irish Dancers511RLA 511SJB511TJA511HPA            
385Fruner, LaurenThe Academy410RLA410LJB410SJA410TJB410HPA      943     
386Fulcher, KarleyMcClanahan      613SD   613PC      
387Fulcher, ReaganMcClanahan      610SD   610PC      
389Furlong, MayaGoulding School          612PC      
390Furlong, Nina Goulding School          615PC      
391Galla, CatherineLeneghan Academy of Irish Dance515RL 515SJ515TJ515HP            
392Galla, MaeveLeneghan Academy of Irish Dance513RLB 513SJA513TJA513HPB            
394Galle, SarahFlanagan-O'Hare School, Michigan511RLA511LJ511SJA411TJB411HPA  913511TS        
395Gancy, CaylaBurke-Conroy School of Irish Dance514RL414LJ414SJ414TJ314HP            
396Gannon, ConallBrady-Campbell School458RL  408TJ    408TS        
398Gannon, FionaBrady-Campbell School510RLB410LJA510SJB510TJA410HPB   410TSA        
399Gardner, AlainaLeneghan Academy of Irish Dance      609SD   610PC      
400Gardner, BridgetLeneghan Academy of Irish Dance407RL407LJ407SJ407TJ407HP307PD           
401Gardner, ShannonLeneghan Academy of Irish Dance513RLA 513SJB513TJB513HPA   513TS        
402Gareau, ClareLeneghan Academy of Irish Dance309RLA409LJB409SJB309TJ309HP309PD           
403Garner, DonovanFlanagan-O'Hare School, Michigan410RLA410LJB 410TJB410HPA310PD           
404Garner, EthanFlanagan-O'Hare School, Michigan462RL462LJ 462TJ462HP362PD          915FI
405Garthwaite, AshlynMacConmara Academy414RL414LJ414SJ414TJ414HP   414TS        
406Gates, EmmaRegan Rankin Holland511RLA 511SJB411TJA511HPB   511TS        
408Geraghty, McKennaLeneghan Academy of Irish Dance410RLB410LJA510SJA410TJA410HPB   510TS        
409Gerson, BaileyLeneghan Academy of Irish Dance513RLA 513SJA513TJB513HPA   513TS        
410Gibbons, ClaireRichens-Timm, Ohio413RLB413LJ413SJA413TJA413HPB            
411Glaser, SusanRichens-Timm, Ohio      615SD   615PC      
412Gleason, CalleighMillennium Academy of Irish Dance411RLB411LJB411SJA411TJA411HPB            
413Golden, LiviaThe Academy409RLB409LJB409SJB409TJ409HP            
414Gonzales, WrenO'Hare School of Irish Dance409RLB409LJB409SJA409TJ409HP   409TS        
415Gordish, JuliaIrwin Academy of Irish Dance514RL 514SJ414TJ514HPA   514TS        
417Gorman, AvaBrady-Campbell School207RL207LJ207SJ              
418Grant, GabriellaRichens-Timm, Ohio514RL 514SJ514TJ514HPB            
421Gray, EmmaIrwin Academy of Irish Dance410RLB410LJA410SJA410TJA410HPA   410TSB        
422Gray, SarahIrwin Academy of Irish Dance513RLA 513SJB513TJB513HPA   513TS        
423Green, HannahO'Hare School of Irish Dance415RL 415SJ516TJ415HP            
424Greeson, CharlotteRichens-Timm, Ohio411RLA411LJB411SJA411TJB411HPB   411TSB        
425Gregan, ErinRegan Rankin Holland512RL 512SJB512TJ512HP            
426Griffaton, DavidThe ML Dance Academy312RL312LJ 312TJ312HP362PD           
427Griffin, CarolineBoyle School of Irish Dance, VA          616PC      
428Griffin, KatherineArdan Academy          714OC      
429Grimason, MirrenO'Hare School of Irish Dance310RL310LJ310SJ410TJA310HP310PD           
430Grimm, BrendanMcGing Irish Dancers          615PC      
431Guthrie, MorganRichens-Timm, Indiana      614SD   614PC      
432Haas, AnneO'Hare School of Irish Dance855RL 855SJ855TJ855HP            
433Haga, AddieMillennium Academy of Irish Dance      613SD   613PC      
435Hagan, KathrynMcTeggart, Kentucky412RLA 512SJB412TJB512HP            
437Hagerty, EllenRichens-Timm, Ohio514RL 514SJ514TJ514HPB            
438Hagerty, KevinRichens-Timm, Ohio562RL  562TJ562HP   512TS        
439Hall, LaurenO'Hare School of Irish Dance      615SD   615PC      
440Hallihan, KateIrwin Academy of Irish Dance 855LJ               
441Halterman, AveryIrwin Academy of Irish Dance309RLB309LJ309SJ309TJ309HP309PD           
442Halterman, DanielleIrwin Academy of Irish Dance412RLB412LJ412SJ412TJA412HPB   412TS        
443Hammett, GraceRichens-Timm, Ohio511RLB511LJ511SJA511TJB511HPA   511TS        
444Hammett, JuliaRichens-Timm, Ohio308RL308LJ308SJ              
446Hansen, ElizabethRichens-Timm, Ohio108RL108LJ               
448Harlan, AlyssaLeneghan Academy of Irish Dance412RLA 512SJA512TJ412HPB   512TS        
449Harrison, AndreaMurphy Irish Arts Center514RL 514SJ514TJ514HPA            
450Harrison, AveryRichens-Timm, Ohio413RLB513LJ413SJA413TJB413HPA   413TS        
451Harrison, MiaDwyer School of Irish Dance      609SD913  610PC      
452Hartenstein, SarahBell School of Irish Dance          617PC      
453Hartigan, MargaretArdan Academy      616SD914  616PC      
454Hartung, AnnaCeltic Academy of Irish Dance, OH516RL 516SJ415TJ516HP            
455Hartung, ElisabethCeltic Academy of Irish Dance, OH516RL 516SJ516TJ415HP            
456Hartung, MariaCeltic Academy of Irish Dance, OH414RL414LJ414SJ514TJ514HPB            
457Hawkins, LenaThe Academy      610SD   610PC      
458Hayes, AimeeRegan Rankin Holland      613SD914  613PC      
459Hayes, MariaRegan Rankin Holland       914  716OC      
461Haynam, AprilRichens-Timm, Ohio855RL855LJ855SJ855TJ855HP   855TS        
463Heard, SarahMcGing Irish Dancers          716OC      
464Heinzman, HannahArdan Academy510RLB410LJB410SJA510TJA410HPA310PD           
465Heinzman, SeanArdan Academy562RL462LJ  462HP   412TS        
466Hemm, NinaDwyer School of Irish Dance515RL 515SJ515TJ515HP   515TS        
467Henderson, CaitlinArdan Academy          714OC      
468Hengesbaugh, ClaireFlannery          617PC      
469Herbert, BrennenLeneghan Academy of Irish Dance410RLA410LJB410SJA510TJB510HPA   510TS        
470Herbert, MichaelaLeneghan Academy of Irish Dance410RLB410LJA510SJB510TJA410HPA   410TSA        
471Hernit, SianDwyer School of Irish Dance515RL 515SJ515TJ515HP   515TS        
472Higgins, AliciaO'Hare School of Irish Dance514RL   514HPA            
473Hipkiss, Charlie Quinn School of Irish Dance206RL206LJ206SJ              
474Hipkiss, Heather Quinn School of Irish Dance835RL835LJ835SJ835TJ835HP   835TS        
475Hipkiss, Io Quinn School of Irish Dance308RL308LJ208SJ308TJ             
479Holmstrom, KaleighRichens-Timm, Ohio110RL110LJ110SJ              
480Holt, JennaMcClanahan311RL311LJ311SJ311TJ            915FI
481Hoover, MackenzieMillennium Academy of Irish Dance311RL311LJ311SJ311TJ             
482Horan, LauraArdan Academy415RL 415SJ415TJ415HP   415TS        
483Horan, SarahMcCartney Irish Dance415RL 415SJ516TJ415HP   415TS        
485Hothem, BrynRegan Rankin Holland          712OC      
486Houston, DeirdreRichens-Timm, Ohio          719OC      
487Hubert, AmandaO'Hare School of Irish Dance          615PC      
488Hughes, AudreyNo School210RL210LJ               
489Hunt, BrennaBell School of Irish Dance513RLA 513SJB513TJB             
491Ion, AlexisArdan Academy          714OC      
492Irwin, WillBurke, Ohio562RL462LJ 462TJ462HP362PD           
493Jacobsen, DonMurphy Irish Arts Center855RL855LJ855SJ855TJ855HP   855TS        
494Jacobsen, SaraMillennium Academy of Irish Dance409RLA409LJA409SJA409TJ409HP            
495Javorsky, KilleenO'Hare School of Irish Dance515RL   515HP            
498John, EmilieO'Faolain Academy of Irish Dance          712OC      
499Johns, AllysonRichens-Timm, Indiana513RLB513LJ413SJB513TJB513HPB   413TS        
500Johns, CharlotteRichens-Timm, Indiana410RLA310LJ410SJA410TJA410HPB310PD           
502Johnson, BrookeBell School of Irish Dance      615SD   615PC      
504Johnson-Hill, AidanGoggin-Carroll515RL  515TJ515HP   515TS        
505Johnson-Hill, BradyGoggin-Carroll      615SD   615PC      
506Jones, AbbyMurphy Irish Arts Center      614SD   614PC      
507Jones, LindsayO'Hare School of Irish Dance412RLB 512SJA512TJ512HP   512TS        
508Jordan, GretchenLeneghan Academy of Irish Dance508RL408LJ408SJ408TJ508HP   508TS        
509Jurca, ReaganLeneghan Academy of Irish Dance508RL 508SJ508TJ508HP   508TS        
513Kelly, CarlyGoggin-Carroll      616SD   616PC      
514Kelly, ElizabethBurke, Ohio511RLB 511SJA411TJA411HPA            
515Kelly, KatherineMillennium Academy of Irish Dance          718OC      
516Kelly, KathleenBrady-Campbell School          617PC      
517Kennedy, CamrynO'Hare School of Irish Dance513RLA 513SJB413TJB413HPA   513TS        
518Kenner-Aspery, MorganIrwin Academy of Irish Dance      615SD   615PC      
519Kensick, MaggieBrady-Campbell School207RL207LJ207SJ              
520Kernan, LiamLeneghan Academy of Irish Dance458RL407LJ 307TJ407HP   407TS        
521Kernan, NiamhLeneghan Academy of Irish Dance409RLB 509SJ509TJ509HP   509TS        
522Kerscher, AbbyRichens-Timm, Ohio          714OC      
523Kiley, ImogenTrinity Academy of Irish Dance307RL307LJ307SJ307TJ             
524Kilroy, BridieBurke, Ohio      612SD   612PC      
525Kilroy, MairinBrady-Campbell School511RLA 511SJB511TJB511HPB            
526Kilroy, SarahBurke, Ohio      611SD   611PC      
527Kindell , Rylan Millennium Academy of Irish Dance107RL107LJ               
528King, ChloeDwyer School of Irish Dance512RL 512SJB512TJ512HP   512TS        
529King, LilyRichens-Timm, Ohio 108LJ               
530King, MadisonDwyer School of Irish Dance      612SD   612PC      
531King, Nora ElizabethBurke, Ohio          719OC      
532Kirwan, AbaigealMcGing Irish Dancers          612PC      
533Kirwan, CaitlinMcGing Irish Dancers514RL 514SJ514TJ             
534Kish, AveryBurke, Ohio410RLA310LJ410SJA310TJ             
535Klawender, VeronicaO'Hare School of Irish Dance513RLA 513SJA413TJB513HPB   513TS        
536Knepp, BraelynnMcGing Irish Dancers511RLA 511SJB511TJB511HPB            
539Knox, SarahBurke, Ohio511RLB 511SJA511TJB511HPB            
540Koch, EmilyMillennium Academy of Irish Dance          718OC      
541Koehr, CeiliBoyle School of Irish Dance, VA          613PC      
542Kovacevic, IrelandBrady-Campbell School510RLA410LJA410SJA410TJA410HPA            
543Koval, RylieMcClanahan411RLB411LJA411SJB311TJ311HP   411TSA        
544Kresin, AnastasiaDwyer School of Irish Dance          718OC      
545Kress, EmmaRichens-Timm, Indiana515RL 515SJ515TJ515HP            
546Krischan, ElizabethLeneghan Academy of Irish Dance312RL312LJ 312TJ312HP312PD           
547Krueger, AvaCross Keys409RLA409LJA409SJB409TJ 309PD           
550Kuchta, GraceBrady-Campbell School509RL 509SJ509TJ509HP            
551Kummer, Brenna MaeArdan Academy          719OC      
552Kurtz, EmmaThe Academy          716OC      
553LaBo, CaitlinGoggin-Carroll          719OC      
554LaBo, ConnorGoggin-Carroll          716OC      
555Lane, MackenzieBurke-Conroy School of Irish Dance516RL 516SJ              
556Lane, OliviaBurke-Conroy School of Irish Dance411RLA411LJB411SJB411TJB             
557Lang, KieraBell School of Irish Dance515RL 515SJ515TJ515HP            
558Lavelle, MaeveLeneghan Academy of Irish Dance309RLB409LJB409SJB409TJ409HP309PD           
559Lavelle, MargaretLeneghan Academy of Irish Dance516RL 516SJ516TJ516HP   516TS        
560Law, NiaMillennium Academy of Irish Dance          714OC      
561Lawler, SophieErickson Academy511RLA 511SJA511TJA511HPB   411TSB        
562Lay, AbbyMillennium Academy of Irish Dance412RLB 512SJA412TJA412HPB   412TS        
565Leitholf, KatieBurke-Conroy School of Irish Dance513RLB 513SJB513TJB513HPB            
566Lemos, EvelynRichens-Timm, Ohio      615SD   615PC      
567Leneghan, KeiraLeneghan Academy of Irish Dance411RLB 511SJA511TJB511HPB   511TS        
568Lennon, PatriciaMcGing Irish Dancers          716OC      
569Lentz, ColleenDwyer School of Irish Dance409RLB509LJ509SJ409TJ409HP309PD           
570Leonardo, AntoniaGoggin-Carroll      611SD   611PC      
571Leonardo, OliviaGoggin-Carroll      613SD   613PC      
572Letavec, ClaireDwyer School of Irish Dance309RLB309LJ309SJ 309HP            
573Liebtag, MorganMillennium Academy of Irish Dance311RL311LJ311SJ311TJ311HP            
574Linden, CarterBell School of Irish Dance   562TJ562HP            
575Linden, KalistaBell School of Irish Dance          614PC      
576Linden, ShayBell School of Irish Dance509RL  509TJ509HP            
577Linden, TateBell School of Irish Dance307RL207LJ               
578Lindstedt, AlexandraRegan Rankin Holland513RLA413LJ513SJB413TJB413HPB   413TS        
579Loeser, TaylorRichens-Timm, Ohio  516SJ516TJ516HP            
580Loewer, AmeliaRichens-Timm, Indiana412RLA412LJ412SJ412TJB512HP   412TS        
581Loewy, SydneyBell School of Irish Dance          615PC      
583Lolli, MeghanMcGing Irish Dancers          718OC      
585Long, NoraRegan Rankin Holland308RL308LJ               
586lorance, AddisonRichens-Timm, Ohio410RLA510LJ510SJB410TJA410HPA   510TS        
587Lorton, Chloe-AnneLeneghan Academy of Irish Dance410RLB 410SJB510TJA510HPA   510TS        
588Love, KatieLeneghan Academy of Irish Dance515RL 515SJ515TJ515HP   515TS        
589Love, MaggieLeneghan Academy of Irish Dance411RLB411LJA411SJA311TJ411HPA            
590Lucas, AmeliaBell School of Irish Dance308RL308LJ308SJ              
591Lucas, EmilyMillennium Academy of Irish Dance209RL209LJ               
592Lucas, HannahMillennium Academy of Irish Dance212RL212LJ212SJ              
593Lutz, MiaMcGing Irish Dancers512RL 512SJA512TJ512HP            
594Maben, SelaMillennium Academy of Irish Dance          616PC      
595MacArthur, SarahArdan Academy      613SD   613PC      
596MacDougall, Mary KennedyGoggin-Carroll513RLB 513SJB513TJB513HPB            
597MacLaughlin, CateThe Academy          712OC      
598MacLean, MeredithMcClanahan      615SD   615PC      
599MacLennan, RachelDwyer School of Irish Dance510RLA410LJA410SJA510TJB510HPB   510TS        
600Macy, EmilyRichens-Timm, Indiana          617PC      
601Magoun, DeniseMacConmara Academy510RLA 510SJB510TJA410HPB            
602Mahan, Anya Millennium Academy of Irish Dance407RL407LJ407SJ407TJ             
603Mahan, BrigidMillennium Academy of Irish Dance411RLB411LJA411SJA411TJA411HPA   411TSA        
604Mahan, GraceMillennium Academy of Irish Dance          712OC      
605MAHER, ClareFlanagan-O'Hare School, Michigan511RLA 511SJB511TJB511HPA            
606Mahoney, IsabellaRichens-Timm, Ohio208RL208LJ208SJ 308HP            
607Malanosky, MaxBell School of Irish Dance          616PC      
609Malloy, KylieRichens-Timm, Ohio      611SD   611PC      
610Malloy, LilyRichens-Timm, Ohio      613SD   613PC      
611Manning, MollyMurphy Irish Arts Center512RL 512SJB512TJ512HP            
612Manolis, VerenaErickson Academy          718OC      
614Mark, IrisMillennium Academy of Irish Dance      612SD   612PC      
615Marple, ReeseMillennium Academy of Irish Dance411RLB411LJA411SJA411TJB411HPB            
616Martin, EmmaMurphy Irish Arts Center310RL310LJ310SJ310TJ310HP            
617Martin, ErynMillennium Academy of Irish Dance415RL 415SJ415TJ415HP            
618Martin, MaggieRegan Rankin Holland411RLA 411SJB411TJB411HPA   411TSB        
619Martin, MaryRegan Rankin Holland308RL308LJ308SJ 308HP            
620Marvich, MackenzieDwyer School of Irish Dance312RL312LJ312SJ 312HP            
622Master, Megan Murphy Irish Arts Center409RLA409LJA409SJA309TJ309HP            
623Mattson, CassandraMillennium Academy of Irish Dance511RLB 411SJA511TJA411HPB  913411TSA        
625McAlpine, MeghanCorrigan School of Irish Dance          714OC      
628McCain, LaurenArdan Academy          617PC      
629McCandlish, MadelineRichens-Timm, Ohio513RLA 513SJA513TJB413HPA   413TS        
630McCardell, ClaireBroesler School of Irish Dance          714OC      
631McCardell, ErinBroesler School of Irish Dance      613SD   613PC      
632McCardell, LizzieBroesler School of Irish Dance          716OC      
633McCardell, MoiraBroesler School of Irish Dance      612SD   612PC      
634McCarty, AbigailCeltic Academy of Irish Dance, OH      610SD   610PC      
635McCarty, AnnabelleCeltic Academy of Irish Dance, OH413RLB 513SJA513TJB513HPA  914         
636McCausland, JessicaMacConmara Academy512RL 512SJA512TJ512HP            
637McClain, GracieRichens-Timm, Indiana513RLB513LJ513SJA413TJB513HPA   413TS        
638McConnell, AutumnLeneghan Academy of Irish Dance515RL 515SJ515TJ515HP   515TS        
639McCormick, QuinnMcGing Irish Dancers410RLB410LJB410SJB410TJA410HPA310PD           
642McCreary, MarinaRichens-Timm, Ohio311RL 311SJ311TJ             
644McDonald, ReganArdan Academy513RLA413LJ513SJA413TJB413HPB            
645McDonough, MegRichens-Timm, Ohio407RL407LJ407SJ307TJ307HP            
646McEnery, KatieMillennium Academy of Irish Dance      613SD   613PC      
647McGeehan, ClaireThe Academy      618SD   618PC      
648McGinty, SeamusBrady-Campbell School      612SD   612PC      
649McGlinchey, EileenFlanagan-O'Hare School, Michigan311RL411LJB411SJA411TJA311HP311PD           
650McGrath, GabrielleMacConmara Academy  509SJ 509HP            
652McGuire, ChaelynDennehy School of Irish Dance411RLA 511SJA411TJA411HPB   511TS        
653McGuire, NoraDennehy School of Irish Dance510RLB 510SJB510TJB510HPA   510TS        
654McKenna, CeiliO'Hare School of Irish Dance410RLA 510SJB510TJA510HPB  913510TS        
655Mckenna, MollyShovlin Academy of Irish Dance513RLA 513SJB513TJA513HPB            
656McKeown, GwenBoyle School of Irish Dance, VA          613PC      
657McKinney, ShannonThe Academy       914  716OC      
658McLaughlin, AoifeBurke, Ohio          714OC      
659McLaughlin, BrooklynThe Academy309RLA309LJ309SJ309TJ309HP      943     
660McLaughlin, NiamhBurke, Ohio408RL408LJ408SJ308TJ          915TW  
661McManis, EmmaMcGing Irish Dancers          614PC      
662McManis, LilyMcGing Irish Dancers511RLA 511SJB511TJB511HPA            
663McPherson, Mary ClareRegan Rankin Holland516RL 516SJ516TJ516HP            
665Meade, MeganThe ML Dance Academy835RL835LJ               
667Meade, Molly KateThe ML Dance Academy206RL307LJ               
669Meier, LaurenMillennium Academy of Irish Dance512RL 512SJA512TJ512HP            
670Meloche, PresleyGoggin-Carroll      611SD   611PC      
671Menc, EstellaRince Na Tiarna310RL310LJ310SJ              
672Mendenhall, MargaretBrady-Campbell School408RL408LJ408SJ408TJ408HP   408TS        
673Mennes, AvaMurphy Irish Arts Center          615PC      
674Menyhart, VivienneBrady-Campbell School515RL 515SJ515TJ515HP   515TS        
675Merklin, MaryMcGing Irish Dancers415RL 516SJ516TJ             
676Merl, Anna LeaRichens-Timm, Ohio307RL307LJ307SJ 307HP            
677Messer, MickalaDwyer School of Irish Dance513RLB 513SJB513TJA513HPB   513TS        
678Meyer, KaelaRichens-Timm, Ohio          712OC      
679Meyer, KathleenRichens-Timm, Indiana          618PC      
680Meyer, KelseyRichens-Timm, Ohio410RLA410LJB410SJB510TJA510HPB   410TSA        
682Middaugh, AudreyMacConmara Academy307RL307LJ307SJ              
683Mikhail, AvaRichens-Timm, Ohio111RL111LJ111SJ              
684Miklos, EliseThe Academy          712OC      
686Militello, GraceDwyer School of Irish Dance310RL310LJ310SJ310TJ310HP            
687Millar, EmiCeltic Academy of Irish Dance, OH411RLB411LJB411SJA411TJB411HPB            
688Miller, GretaMcClanahan309RLB309LJ309SJ309TJ             
689Miller, SarahBell School of Irish Dance          718OC      
690Mills, SabrinaArdan Academy       914  714OC      
691Mills, SashaArdan Academy       914  716OC      
692Mirth, CrystalIrwin Academy of Irish Dance855RL855LJ855SJ855TJ855HP   855TS        
693Mitterer, AnnaBell School of Irish Dance          612PC      
694Mollard, SarahIrwin Academy of Irish Dance410RLA 410SJB410TJA410HPA   410TSB        
695Monigan, NeveCeltic Academy of Irish Dance, OH414RL 414SJ514TJ514HPB            
696Monigan, ReganCeltic Academy of Irish Dance, OH          616PC      
697Moore, AllisonRichens-Timm, Ohio          718OC      
698Moore, MaraMcGing Irish Dancers510RLA 410SJB410TJB410HPA   410TSB        
699Morgan, MeredithThe Academy      613SD   613PC      
700Moriarty, OliviaRichens-Timm, Ohio          613PC      
701Morley, LilaThe Academy510RLB 510SJB510TJB510HPA   510TS        
702Morris, KhavaMillennium Academy of Irish Dance          718OC      
703Moss, RileyBurke-Conroy School of Irish Dance510RLA 410SJA410TJA410HPA            
704Muise, ClareO'Hare School of Irish Dance          714OC      
705Muise, NatalieO'Hare School of Irish Dance508RL 408SJ508TJ508HP   508TS        
706Mulder, MyaGoggin-Carroll      612SD   612PC      
707Mundt, AlainaArdan Academy510RLB 510SJB510TJA510HPB   510TS        
708Munger, LiliaCeltic Academy of Irish Dance, OH413RLB413LJ413SJB413TJA413HPB            
710Murer, MakennaRegan Rankin Holland410RLB410LJB410SJB410TJB410HPB   410TSA        
711Murphy, TeaganO'Hare School of Irish Dance409RLB 409SJA409TJ409HP   409TS        
713Murray, DebbieIrwin Academy of Irish Dance835RL835LJ835SJ              
714Murray, FallonBurke, Ohio          614PC      
715Murray, Kathleen Brady-Campbell School106RL106LJ               
716Murray, MauraLeneghan Academy of Irish Dance514RL 514SJ514TJ514HPA   514TS        
718Musielewicz, HelenaMillennium Academy of Irish Dance313RL313LJ413SJA413TJA413HPA            
719Musielewicz, LydiaMillennium Academy of Irish Dance309RLA409LJA309SJ309TJ309HP            
720Myszkowski, HalleRegan Rankin Holland109RL109LJ110SJ              
722Nelson, HeatherBrady-Campbell School          719OC      
723Nelson, MaiaThe Academy512RL 512SJA512TJ512HP      945     
724Nieman, GiannaThe Academy309RLB309LJ309SJ309TJ309HP      943     
725Nist, ElizabethBell School of Irish Dance          612PC     915FI
726Nist, GavinBell School of Irish Dance513RLB  513TJA513HPB            
727Norris, Mary KateBrady-Campbell School510RLA 510SJA410TJA410HPB   410TSB        
728O, CarolineMcClanahan          612PC      
729O, MazieRichens-Timm, Indiana312RL312LJ312SJ312TJ312HP312PD           
730O'Brien, AvaRichens-Timm, Ohio410RLB410LJA310SJ510TJB410HPA   410TSB        
731O'Brien, CaitlinRince Na Tiarna      614SD   614PC      
732O'Brien, ClaireRichens-Timm, Ohio515RL 515SJ515TJ515HP   515TS        
733O'Brien, GabrielleLeneghan Academy of Irish Dance413RLA413LJ413SJA413TJB413HPA   413TS        
734O'Brien, GabrielleTrinity Academy of Irish Dance411RLA411LJB411SJA411TJA411HPA   411TSA        
735O'Connell, LaurenRichens-Timm, Ohio          617PC      
736O'Connor, CaraTooromeen School of Irish Dance409RLA409LJA409SJA409TJ409HP            
737O'Connor, SydneyO'Hare School of Irish Dance      614SD   614PC      
739O'Donnell, CaraLeneghan Academy of Irish Dance407RL407LJ407SJ307TJ407HP307PD           
740O'Gara, ClaireRichens-Timm, Indiana412RLB412LJ412SJ412TJA412HPA   412TS        
741O'Grady, LillianRichens-Timm, Ohio409RLA309LJ409SJA409TJ409HP309PD           
742O'Hara, MaggieRichens-Timm, Ohio411RLB 411SJB511TJA411HPA   411TSA        
743O'Rorke, FionaBell School of Irish Dance          716OC      
744O'Shea, MaggieTrinity Academy of Irish Dance410RLB410LJB410SJB410TJA    410TSA        
745O'Toole, GraceErickson Academy411RLB411LJA411SJB411TJA411HPA311PD           
746ODonnell, AubrieIrwin Academy of Irish Dance110RL110LJ               
747Ojala, GraceCeltic Steps516RL 415SJ516TJ516HP            
749Oliver, AinsleyO'Hare School of Irish Dance511RLB 511SJA511TJB411HPB            
750Oliver, EliO'Hare School of Irish Dance509RL  560TJ509HP            
751Oliver, MollyO'Hare School of Irish Dance513RLB 513SJB513TJA513HPB            
752Orcutt, MakalaRichens-Timm, Ohio513RLA 513SJB513TJA513HPB   513TS        
753Orzechowski, MeganArdan Academy          618PC      
754Osekowski, MeghanBurke-Conroy School of Irish Dance      615SD   615PC      
755Oshida, KaiaRichens-Timm, Ohio413RLA 413SJB513TJA413HPB   513TS        
756Ott, AmeliaRichens-Timm, Indiana513RLA513LJ513SJA513TJB513HPA   513TS        
757Oyer, CassidyRichens-Timm, Ohio514RL 514SJ514TJ514HPA   514TS        
758Oyer, McKennaRichens-Timm, Ohio516RL 516SJ516TJ516HP   516TS        
760Pace, EllaBurke, Ohio511RLB 511SJB511TJA511HPA            
761Pace, LilyBurke, Ohio      613SD   613PC      
762Pafford, LillyanArdan Academy510RLB410LJA510SJA410TJB310HP            
763Palmer, JaelynBell School of Irish Dance      614SD914  614PC      
764Pap, CharlotteBrady-Campbell School510RLA 510SJA510TJA510HPA   410TSB        
765Pap, StevenBrady-Campbell School458RL408LJ 308TJ 308PD           
766Parchem, SarahBurke, Ohio      614SD   614PC     916FI
767Parham, MollyCross Keys  512SJA512TJ512HP            
768Paris, EvelynDwyer School of Irish Dance410RLA410LJA410SJB410TJB410HPA   410TSB        
769Park, HelynaMurphy Irish Arts Center410RLB 410SJA410TJA410HPB   410TSA        
770Patadia, EsmeThe Academy208RL208LJ208SJ308TJ             
771Patton, MadelineThe Academy413RLA413LJ413SJA413TJA413HPB      945     
772Patton, SamanthaBrady-Campbell School          714OC      
774Pecek, FaithRegan Rankin Holland413RLB 413SJA413TJB             
775Pechota, CaitlinBurke, Ohio307RL307LJ               
777Perez, LeilahClann na Cara, Buffalo, NY413RLA413LJ513SJB513TJA413HPA            
778Perry, AbigailErickson Academy509RL 509SJ509TJ509HP            
779Perry, ErinErickson Academy          712OC      
780Peterson, DerekCeltic Academy of Irish Dance, OH514RL  514TJ             
781Peterson, KarinCeltic Academy of Irish Dance, OH512RL 512SJA512TJ512HP            
782Peterson, LindenCeltic Academy of Irish Dance, OH   516TJ             
783Phillips, AlexandriaMillennium Academy of Irish Dance 105LJ               
784Phipps, MichaelThe ML Dance Academy510RLA510LJ 560TJ510HPA  913510TS        
785Piazza, AbigailLeneghan Academy of Irish Dance409RLA 409SJA509TJ509HP   409TS        
786Pick, CarolineMurphy Irish Arts Center514RL 514SJ414TJ514HPA            
787Pickrell, OisinMillennium Academy of Irish Dance              915TW  
788Pierse, AbigailBrady-Campbell School          718OC      
789Pierse, EleanorBrady-Campbell School412RLB 412SJ412TJB412HPA            
790Piper, VaedaRichens-Timm, Ohio308RL308LJ308SJ 308HP            
791Poffenberger, LisaErickson Academy          718OC      
792Polak, MoriahRichens-Timm, Indiana410RLB410LJB410SJB410TJB410HPA310PD           
793Polak, RachelRichens-Timm, Indiana515RL 415SJ515TJ515HP   515TS        
794Porter, JaneRichens-Timm, Ohio      617SD   617PC      
795Powell, PeytonMillennium Academy of Irish Dance512RL 512SJA412TJA412HPB            
796Pregibon, KatieBurke, Ohio410RLA410LJB410SJA410TJB410HPA   410TSB        
797Prenger, KaitlynnRichens-Timm, Ohio          714OC      
798Preston, LeahMillennium Academy of Irish Dance207RL207LJ               
799Price, EllisonRichens-Timm, Ohio414RL 514SJ514TJ514HPB   514TS        
800Prindle, AddisonThe Academy514RL 514SJ514TJ514HPB            
801Prindle, MelaynaThe Academy511RLB 511SJB511TJB511HPA            
802Puchmeyer, AvaLeneghan Academy of Irish Dance312RL312LJ312SJ312TJ412HPA312PD           
803Puthoff, PiperMcGing Irish Dancers   516TJ516HP            
805Quinlan, EvelynBurke, Ohio410RLA410LJB510SJA410TJA310HP310PD           
807Randall, MaggieIrwin Academy of Irish Dance411RLB 411SJB411TJA411HPA   411TSA        
808Randolph , Addyson Celtic Academy of Irish Dance, OH410RLB410LJA410SJA410TJB410HPA            
809Rankin, ErinRegan Rankin Holland      617SD   617PC      
810Rauzi, HannahThe Academy411RLA411LJA411SJB411TJA411HPB            
811Reardon, AbigailO'Hare School of Irish Dance          613PC      
812Reesman, BrennaMillennium Academy of Irish Dance414RL 514SJ514TJ414HP            
813Reeve, ErickaDwyer School of Irish Dance511RLA411LJA411SJA411TJA411HPB   411TSB        
814Renc, EmileeTrinity Academy of Irish Dance          613PC      
815Rice, FeliciaGoggin-Carroll      611SD   611PC      
816Rice, GrantRichens-Timm, Ohio462RL462LJ 311TJ311HP362PD           
817Rife, KennedyRichens-Timm, Ohio107RL107LJ               
818Riley, SashaNugent School of Irish Dance210RL210LJ210SJ              
819Riley, StellaTrinity Academy of Irish Dance  513SJB513TJB             
821Robertson, ElleryBell School of Irish Dance510RLA 510SJA410TJB510HPA            
822Robertson, MarionThe Academy          710OC      
823Robertson, WilThe Academy          712OC      
824Robinson, AnnieCeltic Academy of Irish Dance, OH          615PC      
825Robinson, KaitlynRichens-Timm, Ohio516RL 516SJ415TJ415HP            
826Robinson, KiraRichens-Timm, Ohio508RL 408SJ408TJ408HP   408TS        
827Robinson, TaylaRichens-Timm, Ohio511RLA 411SJA411TJB511HPB   411TSA        
828Robison, ChristopherMacConmara Academy311RL311LJ 311TJ311HP            
829Rocco, LucyBrady-Campbell School312RL412LJ412SJ312TJ             
830Rodgers, BaileyThe Academy      611SD   611PC      
831Roesch, AllisonNugent School of Irish Dance210RL210LJ210SJ              
834Roose, PresleyIrwin Academy of Irish Dance413RLA413LJ413SJB413TJA413HPB   413TS        
836Rosengarten, MeganMillennium Academy of Irish Dance512RL412LJ512SJB512TJ512HP            
837Ruane, MaryBlackbird Academy of Irish Dance          716OC      
838Rubenstein, LibbyBurke-Conroy School of Irish Dance513RLA 513SJA513TJA513HPA            
841Rucker, BrianaThe Academy208RL208LJ208SJ308TJ             
843Russell, AislinRince Na Tiarna309RLB309LJ309SJ              
844Ryan, DelaneyRichens-Timm, Indiana          719OC      
845Ryan, EmmaMcClanahan          719OC      
846Ryan, KateMcClanahan514RL 514SJ514TJ514HPB            
847Ryan, RachelMcClanahan          616PC      
848Sableski, AnneNugent School of Irish Dance413RLB 413SJA513TJB513HPA  914413TS        
849Sableski, ColleenNugent School of Irish Dance409RLB409LJA509SJ409TJ309HP309PD           
850Saleh, JennaThe Academy514RL 514SJ514TJ514HPB            
851Salomone, LeahO'Hare School of Irish Dance          613PC      
852Salomone, ThereseO'Hare School of Irish Dance          615PC      
856Schaffer, MaggieRichens-Timm, Indiana          616PC      
857Scheel, ZoeGlencastle Irish Dancers      611SD   611PC      
858Schmidt, DarbyDwyer School of Irish Dance      614SD   614PC      
859Schmitt-Palumbo, CatherineBrady-Campbell School411RLB411LJB411SJA411TJA411HPA311PD           
860Schnabel, RoseRichens-Timm, Indiana      615SD   615PC      
861Schofield, JennaMacConmara Academy413RLA413LJ413SJB413TJA413HPB   413TS        
862Schofield, MackenzieMcClanahan513RLB 513SJA513TJA513HPA   413TS        
863Schofield, RachelMcClanahan          615PC      
865Schreindler, MadaleneArdan Academy          719OC      
866Schuenemann, VictoriaRichens-Timm, Ohio513RLB413LJ413SJB413TJB413HPA313PD           
867Schutte, RachaelMillennium Academy of Irish Dance513RLA 513SJB513TJA513HPB            
868Schwitzgebel , Addison The Academy209RL209LJ209SJ309TJ             
869Scott, ShannonRichens-Timm, Indiana          719OC      
870Seitz, RubyMcClanahan513RLA 513SJB513TJA             
871Semproch, AdelieArdan Academy          714OC      
872Semproch, JillianArdan Academy409RLA409LJB409SJA409TJ409HP            
873Setta, AidanBrady-Campbell School562RL  562TJ562HP            
874Setta, JuliaBrady-Campbell School206RL206LJ206SJ  307PD           
875Setty, PattiMillennium Academy of Irish Dance855RL855LJ 855TJ855HP   855TS        
876Shaffer, FinnBell School of Irish Dance509RL  560TJ509HP            
877Shaffer, HelenBell School of Irish Dance511RLB 511SJA511TJA511HPB            
878Sharipov, BelleRichens-Timm, Ohio410RLB410LJA410SJA310TJ410HPB310PD           
879Sharipov, KseniaRichens-Timm, Ohio414RL414LJ414SJ314TJ414HP314PD           
880Sharipov, MayaRichens-Timm, Ohio412RLA412LJ412SJ312TJ412HPA312PD           
881Shay, AidanRegan Rankin Holland562RL  562TJ562HP            
882Shea, EmmaRichens-Timm, Indiana513RLB513LJ513SJA413TJA413HPB   513TS        
883Shera, MeghanRichens-Timm, Ohio412RLA512LJ512SJB412TJB412HPB            
884Sheridan, NoraRichens-Timm, Ohio513RLA513LJ513SJA413TJB413HPA   413TS        
885Sherwood, EmiliaMcGing Irish Dancers308RL308LJ308SJ308TJ             
886Shultz, SydneyThe Academy      614SD   614PC      
887Shumaker, TierneyMacConmara Academy          614PC      
888Shupe, FelicityDwyer School of Irish Dance516RL 516SJ516TJ516HP            
889Sigler, SageMuggivan School of Irish Dance       914  618PC      
890Silleck, SophiaRegan Rankin Holland415RL 415SJ              
891Simpson, ErinTrinity Academy of Irish Dance509RL409LJB509SJ409TJ409HP   509TS        
892Sipes, AbiRichens-Timm, Indiana515RL 515SJ515TJ415HP   415TS        
893Sisson, LucindaScoil Rince Ní Bhraonáin409RLA309LJ409SJA409TJ409HP309PD           
894Skym, MadelineScoil Rince Ní Bhraonáin513RLB 413SJA413TJA413HPA   513TS        
895Slazak, SydneyArdan Academy413RLA 413SJA513TJA413HPB  914413TS        
896Smegal, SophiaRichens-Timm, Ohio212RL212LJ212SJ 312HP            
897Smith, AlyssaThe Academy308RL308LJ308SJ308TJ308HP            
898Smith, EmilyRichens-Timm, Ohio      616SD   616PC      
899Smith, ErinBurke, Ohio307RL307LJ207SJ              
900Smith, JordanThe Academy210RL210LJ 310TJ             
901Smith, MacyThe Academy508RL508LJ508SJ508TJ408HP   408TS        
902Smith, MirandaBurke, Ohio512RL 512SJB512TJ512HP            
904Smith, MollyShovlin Academy of Irish Dance515RL 515SJ515TJ515HP            
903Smith, MollyIrwin Academy of Irish Dance          618PC      
905Smith, RebeccaRichens-Timm, Ohio511RLB 511SJA511TJA511HPA   511TS        
906Smith, ReillyBell School of Irish Dance516RL 516SJ415TJ516HP   415TS        
907Smith, ZandyErickson Academy206RL                
908Smock, AdrianaRichens-Timm, Indiana411RLA411LJA411SJA411TJA411HPA311PD           
909Snyder, MáireArdan Academy      614SD   614PC      
910Sollinger, ClareCeltic Academy of Irish Dance, OH410RLA410LJB410SJB410TJA410HPB            
912Sollinger, LydiaCeltic Academy of Irish Dance, OH413RLA 413SJA413TJB413HPA            
913Speer, KensingtonRichens-Timm, Indiana          718OC      
915Springmeyer, LucyRichens-Timm, Indiana          718OC      
916St. John, JenniferIrwin Academy of Irish Dance855RL855LJ855SJ855TJ855HP   835TS        
917Stack, AbigailBell School of Irish Dance409RLB509LJ409SJA 409HP   409TS        
919Stage, EvanRegan Rankin Holland      612SD913  612PC      
920Stage, SamuelRegan Rankin Holland       914  716OC      
922Steele, SavannahLeneghan Academy of Irish Dance511RLA 511SJB511TJB511HPB   511TS        
923Stefanik, EvanThe Academy514RL  514TJ514HPB  914         
924Stenger, EliseErickson Academy514RL 514SJ514TJ514HPB   514TS        
925Stethem, CateMcGing Irish Dancers511RLA 511SJB511TJA511HPB            
926Stethem, ErinMcGing Irish Dancers510RLA 510SJB410TJA510HPB            
928Stofko, MaeveLeneghan Academy of Irish Dance      611SD913  611PC      
929Straka, KateRegan Rankin Holland512RL 512SJB512TJ512HP            
930Straka, ZacharyRegan Rankin Holland          615PC      
931Strauss, BrennanLeneghan Academy of Irish Dance409RLA 409SJB409TJ509HP   509TS        
932Stroup, ErinErickson Academy309RLA409LJB309SJ              
933Sturgeon, AudreyMillennium Academy of Irish Dance          716OC      
934Sublette, AnnaMcTeggart, Kentucky    413HPB            
935Sullivan, PaytonThe Academy          714OC      
936Swallow, IsabellaThe Academy          712OC      
937Swenk, AryannaLeneghan Academy of Irish Dance410RLA310LJ410SJB410TJA510HPA   510TS        
939Taggart, AbigailRichens-Timm, Ohio      615SD   615PC      
940Taylor, OliviaCornell School of Irish Dance      610SD913  610PC      
941Teasley, HaysRichens-Timm, Indiana          615PC      
942Teasley, WilliamRichens-Timm, Indiana          615PC      
943Thomas, CatieO'Hare School of Irish Dance414RL414LJ414SJ414TJ414HP314PD           
944Thomas, KendallBrady-Campbell School414RL414LJ414SJ414TJ414HP   414TS        
945Thomas, LarkinRichens-Timm, Ohio516RL 516SJ516TJ516HP   516TS        
946Thomas, SarahMillennium Academy of Irish Dance412RLA412LJ412SJ412TJA412HPB            
947Thomas, SarahO'Hare School of Irish Dance411RLB411LJB411SJA411TJA311HP311PD           
948Thompson, SarahO'Hare School of Irish Dance409RLB509LJ509SJ409TJ409HP   409TS        
949Timm, DanicaRichens-Timm, Ohio408RL408LJ408SJ308TJ408HP308PD           
950Timm, DonovanRichens-Timm, Ohio562RL511LJ 562TJ562HP   511TS        
952Timmerman, PaigeThe Academy212RL212LJ212SJ312TJ             
953Timpe, MaggieRichens-Timm, Indiana413RLA 413SJA413TJA413HPA            
954Tipton, HalleyCeltic Academy of Irish Dance, OH513RLA413LJ413SJB413TJB413HPA            
955Tobias, AidenDwyer School of Irish Dance308RL308LJ               
956Tobias, AudreyDwyer School of Irish Dance511RLA 511SJB511TJB511HPB  913511TS        
958Toy, LaurenMcTeggart, Kentucky415RL 516SJ516TJ516HP            
961Tresky, Ciara Bell School of Irish Dance411RLA411LJB411SJB411TJB411HPB   411TSA        
962Tucker, KaterinaRichens-Timm, Indiana516RL 516SJ516TJ516HP            
963Turner, RileyThe Academy312RL312LJ312SJ312TJ312HP            
964Turton, CaterinaMillennium Academy of Irish Dance312RL312LJ312SJ312TJ312HP312PD           
965Underhill, LilyMillennium Academy of Irish Dance509RL 509SJ509TJ509HP   509TS        
966Ungurait, ColleenIrwin Academy of Irish Dance309RLA309LJ               
967Vance, AmeliaLismore Academy of Irish Dance 511RLA 511SJB511TJA511HPA   511TS        
968Vansuch, EmmaCeltic Academy of Irish Dance, OH          718OC      
969Verde, CorinneMillennium Academy of Irish Dance310RL310LJ310SJ310TJ             
970Visscher, BeatriceO'Hare School of Irish Dance515RL 515SJ515TJ515HP            
972Vitu, EliseMillennium Academy of Irish Dance411RLA 411SJB511TJA411HPB            
973VonBank, SydneyO'Hare School of Irish Dance          611PC      
974VonBank, TessaO'Hare School of Irish Dance          611PC      
975Wagner, AllisonDwyer School of Irish Dance512RL 512SJA512TJ512HP   512TS        
976Wagner, LilianCeltic Academy of Irish Dance, OH413RLB413LJ413SJB413TJB313HP  914         
977Wagy, ColleenRichens-Timm, Ohio          712OC      
978Walcheck, MeghanBrady-Campbell School411RLB411LJB411SJB411TJB411HPA   411TSB        
979Waldman, RyanMacConmara Academy      613SD   613PC      
980Wallenhorst, GraceBurke, Ohio413RLB413LJ413SJB413TJB413HPB            
981Walpole, ElleryRichens-Timm, Indiana511RLB 511SJA511TJB511HPA            
982Walsh, Rowan The ML Dance Academy514RL 514SJ514TJ514HPA   514TS        
983Walton, CalebNugent School of Irish Dance208RL208LJ               
984Wamer, JaceyArdan Academy413RLA313LJ313SJ 313HP            
985Wanke, Katherine MarieMcGing Irish Dancers410RLA310LJ410SJB310TJ 310PD           
986Ward, HannahDwyer School of Irish Dance          718OC      
987Warling, GenevieveIrwin Academy of Irish Dance409RLA409LJA409SJA409TJ409HP            
988Warren, AlexandraMcClanahan          614PC      
990Washlock, EmberNally Irish Dance Academy312RL312LJ312SJ              
991Washlock, Scarlette Nally Irish Dance Academy310RL310LJ310SJ              
993Weis, VanessaRichens-Timm, Ohio          615PC      
994Weller, GeorgiaMillennium Academy of Irish Dance408RL408LJ408SJ408TJ408HP308PD           
995Wells, SophiaMacConmara Academy          612PC      
996Wentling, MollyDwyer School of Irish Dance514RL 514SJ514TJ514HPB  914514TS        
997White, ElizabethMcGing Irish Dancers516RL 516SJ415TJ             
998Whitehead, KeeverMillennium Academy of Irish Dance513RLB513LJ 513TJB513HPB313PD           
999Wickenheiser, Erin Dwyer School of Irish Dance510RLA 510SJA510TJA510HPA   510TS        
1000Williams, CarolynMillennium Academy of Irish Dance      613SD   613PC      
1002Williams, KassiaMcGing Irish Dancers412RLB312LJ412SJ312TJ             
1003Wilmore, ClaireRichens-Timm, Indiana511RLB511LJ511SJB511TJA511HPB   411TSB        
1005Wilson, CaraRegan Rankin Holland414RL 514SJ514TJ414HP            
1006Wilson, KalinBurke-Conroy School of Irish Dance      613SD   613PC      
1007Wilson, ZoeRichens-Timm, Indiana413RLB 413SJA513TJA413HPB   413TS        
1008Winemiller, EleanorIrwin Academy of Irish Dance511RLA 511SJA511TJA511HPA            
1009Wise, LucyThe Academy413RLA413LJ413SJA413TJA413HPA      945     
1010Withers, CaitlynBell School of Irish Dance410RLA 510SJA410TJB410HPB      943     
1011Woff, CianBrady-Campbell School458RL408LJ 308TJ 308PD           
1012Wolf, JuliaRichens-Timm, Ohio309RLB309LJ309SJ              
1013Wolf , MaiaRichens-Timm, Ohio312RL312LJ312SJ312TJ312HP312PD           
1014Wolfe, MalloryThe Academy310RL310LJ310SJ310TJ310HP      943     
1015Wood, EmilySouthern Academy          615PC      
1016Wopershall, ClareBurke, Ohio409RLA409LJB409SJA309TJ             
1017Wopershall, DeirdreBurke, Ohio207RL207LJ207SJ              
1020Worrell, NatalieRichens-Timm, Indiana516RL 516SJ516TJ516HP            
1021Wright, BernadetteIrwin Academy of Irish Dance411RLA411LJA411SJA411TJB411HPA            
1022Wright, Joanna Brady-Campbell School311RL311LJ311SJ311TJ311HP311PD           
1023Yingling, GraceIrwin Academy of Irish Dance          617PC      
1024Young, AspenRichens-Timm, Ohio309RLA309LJ309SJ309TJ             
1025Young, AveryRichens-Timm, Ohio511RLB 511SJB511TJA511HPA            
1026Young, BrinleyRichens-Timm, Ohio514RL 514SJ514TJ514HPA            
1027Young, KyanRichens-Timm, Ohio411RLB411LJA411SJB411TJA411HPA   411TSB        
1028Young, RyleiArdan Academy      610SD   610PC      
1029Zepp, HannahBrady-Campbell School411RLB411LJB411SJB411TJB411HPA   411TSB        
1030Zepp, MollyBrady-Campbell School511RLB 511SJA511TJA511HPA   411TSA        
1031Zielinski, KateMcGing Irish Dancers511RLB 411SJA511TJB511HPB            
1032Ziemba, KathleenLeneghan Academy of Irish Dance      616SD   616PC      
1034Zimmerman , CarolineMcGing Irish Dancers206RL206LJ               
1036Zoulek, OliviaScoil Rince Ní Bhraonáin412RLB412LJ412SJ512TJ412HPB   412TS