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Program List For Detroit International Feis - 2017, MAY BE REVISED!!!

Generated on May 30, 2017 18:43:41 PDT If your payment was recorded after this date/time, you will not be on this report.

FeisWorx recommends ignoring this Competitor List since it is a static snapshot taken at one point in time. That time is listed in the previous paragraph at the top of this report. You will get far better information about your registration by logging in to your account and clicking the Registration Details link. The information on your My Registrations page is always up to date.

Competitors who have opted out of being included in online competitor lists are not shown here.

NumCompetitorSchoolReelLight JigSlip JigTreble JigHornpipeSt. Patricks DayTreble Reel SpecTraditional Set2 Hand Jig or Reel3 Hand Jig or ReelChampionshipChamp of Champs4 Hand Jig or ReelSoda Bread - FancyFlute8 Hand CeiliTin WhistleMisc InstSoda Bread - WhiteSoda Bread - BrownCeili DanceAccordionVisual ArtsParent/Child FigureNeedleworkSinging (Irish)Singing (English)FiddleHarpConcertinaUilleann PipesNAFC Music ScholarStory-Telling
101Abbott, AnnabelleMurphy Irish Arts Center      693TR   716OCA                      
103Acred, EllaNugent School of Irish Dance515R 415SJ515TJ515H 593TR515TS                         
104Acred, LillieNugent School of Irish Dance511RA 511SJB511TJB511HB 591TR511TS                         
105Adair, AbigailRegan Rankin Holland511RB 511SJB511TJB511HA                            
106Adair, SophiaRegan Rankin Holland508R 509SJ408TJ509H                            
107Addison, TaylorCorrigan School of Irish Dance          716OCB                      
109Anderson, PaigeArdan Academy      690TR   612PC                      
110Assaf, ClareArdan Academy308R308J308SJ308TJ308H                            
111Baloh, ChloeArdan Academy513R 513SJ513TJ513H 592TR                          
113Barrows, CassieArdan Academy      690TR   712OC                      
114Basinski, ZoeGoggin-Carroll          712OC                      
115Bauer, MargaretTrinity Academy of Irish Dance512R 512SJ512TJ512H  512TS                         
116Bauer, ShelbyMoriarty-Moffitt School of Irish Dance          616PC                      
117Bauman, EmmaO'Hare School of Irish Dance309R309J309SJ309TJ309H                            
118Beharry, CassidyRichens-Timm, Ohio516R 516SJ516TJ516H  515TS                         
119Beharry, PatrickRichens-Timm, Ohio463R  413TJ513H  413TS                         
120Bell, KimberlyArdan Academy          719OC                      
121Bell, TaylorDoyle-Corrigan Academy of Irish Dance          613PC                      
122Benjaminsen, AbbyCorrigan School of Irish Dance          615PC                      
123Benjaminsen, GraceCorrigan School of Irish Dance          718OC                      
124Bennett, HannahFlanagan-O'Hare School, Michigan          614PC                      
128Bishop, JackScoil Rince Ní Bhraonáin509R  409TJ509H  509TS                         
129Bishop, SamScoil Rince Ní Bhraonáin407R407J 408TJ408H  408TS                         
130Blair-MacArthur, KayleeArdan Academy515R                                
131Boguslawski, PalomaArdan Academy408R308J308SJ 308H                            
132Boguslawski, PhilomenaArdan Academy313R413J413SJ313TJ413H                            
133Bohman, NoelleMillennium Academy of Irish Dance411RB 411SJB411TJB411HA 591TR411TS                         
134Bohman, NoelleMillennium Academy of Irish Dance411RA 411SJA411TJA411HA 591TR411TS                         
135Bonifas, Mary RoseBurke, Ohio          719OC                      
136Bornamann, HannnahQuinn School of Irish Dance          719OC                      
137Borst, RobertScoil Rince Ní Bhraonáin463R462J 412TJ412H  412TS919F                        
138Boucek, MaeveMulhern School of Irish Dance408R408J408SJ408TJ408H  408TS                         
139Boucher, MadeleineO'Hare School of Irish Dance513R 513SJ513TJ513H  513TS                         
140Bowlby, EliseO'Kennedy Irish Dance Academy513R 513SJ513TJ513H                            
141Bowman, GraceDoyle-Corrigan Academy of Irish Dance          718OC                      
142Boyer, HannahDwyer School of Irish Dance510R 510SJ510TJ510H 590TR510TS                         
143Boyko, DaliaCornell School of Irish Dance410R 510SJ510TJ510H  410TS                         
144Bradley, AbigailBell School of Irish Dance          716OCA                      
145Brady Campbell, CharlieBrady-Campbell School          712OC                      
146Brady Campbell, CiaraBrady-Campbell School407R407J408SJ308TJ308H308SP                           
147Braithwaite, JordynGoggin-Carroll205R205J                               
148Brockman, CaitlinTrinity Academy of Irish Dance413R413J413SJ413TJ                             
149Brophy, RhysScoil Rince Ní Bhraonáin360R309J 309TJ                             
151Brown, AvaScoil Rince Ní Bhraonáin108R108LJ108SJ                              
153Buckley, LoreleiTooromeen School of Irish Dance510R510J410SJB510TJ410H  410TS                         
154Buder, MadisonMayer          616PC                      
156Burke, ElizabethO'Hare School of Irish Dance307R306J                               
157Burke, JayneO'Hare School of Irish Dance512R 512SJ412TJ412H  412TS                         
159Burrows, LindsayLeneghan Academy of Irish Dance          614PC                      
160Busch, LaurenRegan Rankin Holland          718OC                      
161Butte, MeghanLeneghan Academy of Irish Dance512R 512SJ512TJ512H                            
162Cadavid, SophiaFlanagan-O'Hare School, Florida510R 510SJ510TJ510H 590TR510TS                         
163Cairns, DelaneyTrinity Academy of Irish Dance513R 513SJ513TJ                             
164Carlini, BridgidGoggin-Carroll409R409J409SJ309TJ 309SP                           
165Carmichael, SydneyArdan Academy          718OC                      
166Carnevale, JenniferFlanagan-O'Hare School, Michigan          615PC                      
167Carney, Maggie McCartney Irish Dance311R311J311SJ311TJ                             
169Carroll, DeirdreMcGing Irish Dancers          714OC                      
170Carroll, SarahTrinity Academy of Irish Dance510R 510SJ510TJ510H                            
171Cavey, IsabellaTrinity Academy of Irish Dance511RA511J511SJA511TJB511HB  411TS                         
172Celeste, SophiaO'Hare School of Irish Dance512R412J412SJ412TJ512H  412TS                         
173Chalupa, IsobelleArdan Academy409R409J409SJ409TJ309H                            
174Chambers, CatherineLeneghan Academy of Irish Dance514R 514SJ514TJ514H 592TR                          
175Chapman, AveryArdan Academy307R306J                               
176Chekal, BeatriceFlanagan-O'Hare School, Michigan107R107J                               
177Chernowsky, EllenGoggin-Carroll          718OC                      
178Choma, SydneyArdan Academy413R413J413SJ513TJ513H                            
179Clancy, FrancesMayer          614PC                      
180Clark, CaitlinArdan Academy          617PC                      
181Clarke, AbbyCorrigan School of Irish Dance411RA411J511SJA411TJA411HB  411TS                         
182Clarke, GillianCorrigan School of Irish Dance510R 410SJA410TJ410H  410TS                         
184Clements, LaurelFlanagan-O'Hare School, Michigan          617PC                      
185Clery, BrianneArdan Academy          719OC                      
186Clery, CarolineArdan Academy          716OCB                      
187Close, Ava JaneTrinity Academy of Irish Dance407R                                
188Cockayne, LaurenGoggin-Carroll          611PC                      
189Colatruglio, BridgetQuinn School of Irish Dance412R 512SJ412TJ512H                            
190Collins, HanahCorrigan School of Irish Dance508R408J408SJ509TJ408H  408TS                         
193Cook, JaclynCornell School of Irish Dance          616PC                      
194Copeland, SydneyNugent School of Irish Dance          617PC                      
195Cornell, TaoCornell School of Irish Dance508R408J 408TJ408H  408TS                         
196Cornell, ThorenCornell School of Irish Dance407R306J 408TJ308H308SP                           
197Cosgrove, ErynArdan Academy512R 512SJ512TJ512H 591TR                          
198Cosgrove, MichaelaArdan Academy          716OCB                      
199Coward, OliviaNi Fhearraigh - O'Ceaillaigh          714OC                      
200Crandall, ClaireO'Hare School of Irish Dance210R210J210SJ                              
201Crater, KaylaArdan Academy514R514J514SJ514TJ514H  514TS                         
202Cretu, GraceArdan Academy310R310J310SJ                              
203Crook, AinsleyCorrigan School of Irish Dance          614PC                      
204Crowe, MaggieQuinn School of Irish Dance309R309J309SJ309TJ                             
206Cuthrell, NadiaMcCartney Irish Dance312R312J312SJ312TJ312H                            
207D'Amore, BridgetO'Hare School of Irish Dance          716OCA                      
208D'Amore, DillonO'Hare School of Irish Dance          611PC                      
209D'Angelo, CathleenRegan Rankin Holland          718OC                      
210Dabran, ReganLeneghan Academy of Irish Dance512R 512SJ512TJ512H 591TR                          
211Dailey, KeelinO'Hare School of Irish Dance          716OCA                      
213Daly, Megan MargaretMayer          719OC                      
214Dalziel, MairinFlanagan-O'Hare School, Michigan413R 413SJ 413H                            
215Daniels, DonovanO'Hare School of Irish Dance409R409J409SJ409TJ409H309SP                           
216Daniels, FionaO'Hare School of Irish Dance207R207J                               
217Davidson, MadeleineFlanagan-O'Hare School, Michigan411RB411J411SJA411TJB411HA  411TS                         
219Davis , Lochlyn Shea O'Hara School of Irish Dance106R106J                               
220Davis, SophiaMacConmara Academy410R410J410SJA410TJ410H                            
221Dawson, KeiraArdan Academy308R408J308SJ308TJ                             
222Dayringer, KaitlynO'Hare School of Irish Dance206R206J                               
223DeBord, LydiaO'Hare School of Irish Dance310R310J310SJ310TJ310H                            
224DeBord, MargotO'Hare School of Irish Dance206R206J                               
226DeLiefde , PorterScoil Rince Ní Bhraonáin211R211J211SJ                              
227Depizzo, NoraBurke, Ohio511RB 511SJA511TJB511HB                            
228Dewan, KathleenArdan Academy          718OC                      
229Dick, AndreaCornell School of Irish Dance          714OC                      
230Disher, SadieDwyer School of Irish Dance310R310J310SJ310TJ310H                            
231Doetzel, KarahGoggin-Carroll          610PC                      
232Dotson, JanetGoggin-Carroll          718OC                      
233Doyle, AveryRichens-Timm, Ohio513R 513SJ513TJ513H                            
234Doyle, BrigidO'Kennedy Irish Dance Academy          714OC                      
235Doyle, MaureenO'Kennedy Irish Dance Academy          716OCB                      
236Doyle, SheilaO'Kennedy Irish Dance Academy511RA 511SJA511TJB511HB                            
237Dugan, EvelynFlanagan-O'Hare School, Michigan          617PC                      
238Duncan, FaithThe Clark Academy of Irish Dance          614PC                      
239Dunne, Nora RoseBurke, Ohio509R 409SJ409TJ409H  409TS                         
240Duns, EmmaBurke, Ohio          610PC                      
241Dusome, LeahCornell School of Irish Dance412R412J412SJ512TJ512H  412TS                         
242Dusome, LucyCornell School of Irish Dance508R407J408SJ509TJ509H  408TS                         
243Dussan, SofiaO'Hare School of Irish Dance309R309J409SJ309TJ409H                            
244Dwinnell, LeahRichens-Timm, Ohio410R410J410SJB410TJ410H  410TS                         
245Dwyer, AidanDwyer School of Irish Dance          712OC                      
246Dwyer, SeanDwyer School of Irish Dance          714OC                      
247Eber, EmilyScoil Rince Ní Bhraonáin410R410J410SJA310TJ310H310SP  916F                        
250Edwards, CoraFlanagan-O'Hare School, Michigan108R108LJ108SJ                              
251Edwards , SavannahFlanagan-O'Hare School, Michigan108R108LJ108SJ                              
252Einwechter, CarsonDoyle Academy of Irish Dance          714OC                      
253Elbin, RylanBrady-Campbell School209R209J                               
254Ertl, BridgetQuinn School of Irish Dance516R415J415SJ415TJ415H                            
255Ertl, ElliQuinn School of Irish Dance516R 516SJ516TJ415H                            
256Estevez, NiaAcadamh Rince          612PC                      
257Evanish, CharliMacConmara Academy409R409J409SJ409TJ309H                            
258Evans, HelenaMillennium Academy of Irish Dance510R 510SJ510TJ510H                            
259Evon, ElizabethGoggin-Carroll411RB411J411SJA311TJ 311SP                           
260Farr, MatildaGoggin-Carroll512R 512SJ512TJ512H                            
261Farrell, MeganLeneghan Academy of Irish Dance410R410J410SJB410TJ410H  410TS                         
262Farris, EvaCeltic Academy of Irish Dance, OH511RB 511SJA511TJB511HB                            
263Federico, GiannaRegan Rankin Holland514R 514SJ414TJ514H                            
264Felder, LiamThe Academy          614PC                      
265Finnerty, ErinMillennium Academy of Irish Dance511RB 511SJB511TJA511HB  511TS                         
267Flanagan , GwendolynGoggin-Carroll309R409J309SJ409TJ309H309SP                           
268Flanagan, IsabelleFlanagan-O'Hare School, Michigan411RA511J511SJB411TJB411HA 591TR411TS916F                        
269Fleming, JosephineMayer412R412J412SJ412TJ412H312SP                           
270Flesher, CasidheCorrigan School of Irish Dance511RA411J511SJB411TJA411HA                            
271Fluette, AdrienneArdan Academy410R410J410SJA310TJ310H                            
272Fluette, MalloryArdan Academy412R412J412SJ312TJ312H                            
273Flynn, FionaArdan Academy514R 514SJ514TJ514H 592TR                          
274Flynn, JeanneNon-dancing             948D                   
275Flynn, SophiaCorrigan School of Irish Dance          718OC                      
276Force, MadisonFlanagan-O'Hare School, Michigan          718OC                      
277Force, VictoriaScoil Rince Ní Bhraonáin          719OC                      
278Ford-Estephan, MyaArdan Academy514R 514SJ514TJ514H                            
279Francis, AshlingArdan Academy      693TR   719OC                      
280French, AbigailO'Hare School of Irish Dance513R513J513SJ513TJ513H  513TS                         
281Frey, CeciliaMulhern School of Irish Dance          613PC                      
283Fuller, KatherineCorrigan School of Irish Dance          719OC                      
284Gadzik, ElizabethTooromeen School of Irish Dance511RA 511SJB511TJB511HA                            
285Galle, SarahFlanagan-O'Hare School, Michigan511RB511J511SJB411TJA411HB 591TR511TS                         
286Garner, AtticusFlanagan-O'Hare School, Michigan157R157J                               
287Garner, DonovanFlanagan-O'Hare School, Michigan410R410J 410TJ410H  410TS                         
288Garner, EthanFlanagan-O'Hare School, Michigan463R462J 412TJ412H312SP                     951M     
289Garnett, GraceO'Hare School of Irish Dance          714OC                      
290Garnett, MaggieO'Hare School of Irish Dance510R 510SJ510TJ510H  510TS916F920F                       
291Gass, MeredithScoil Rince Ní Bhraonáin308R308J308SJ308TJ                             
293Gavagan, KellyArdan Academy112R 112SJ                              
294Geraghty, GraceTrinity Academy of Irish Dance          613PC                      
295Gerber, BridgetO'Shea Irish Dance513R 513SJ513TJ513H  513TS                         
296Gerl, EliseQuinn School of Irish Dance512R512J512SJ512TJ512H 591TR512TS                         
298Gerson, BaileyLeneghan Academy of Irish Dance513R 513SJ513TJ513H  513TS                         
300Gibb, JulietO'Hare School of Irish Dance309R309J309SJ309TJ309H                            
301Giles, SaraArdan Academy          617PC                      
302Gill, MaximScoil Rince Ní Bhraonáin360R309J 309TJ309H                            
303Gonzales, WrenO'Hare School of Irish Dance409R409J409SJ409TJ409H  409TS                         
304Gorman, RowanFlannery510R 510SJ510TJ510H                            
305Graber, HannahRegan Rankin Holland          719OC                      
306Graham, OliviaArdan Academy410R410J410SJB410TJ410H                            
307Green, FinleyQuinn School of Irish Dance514R 414SJ414TJ414H 592TR414TS                         
308Greeson, CharlotteRichens-Timm, Ohio411RA411J411SJB411TJA411HB  411TS                         
309Griffin, KatherineArdan Academy      690TR   714OC                      
310Grimm, BrendanMcGing Irish Dancers          615PC                      
311Grontkowski, MollyMcGing Irish Dancers511RB 411SJB511TJA411HA                            
312Gum, MauraO'Hare School of Irish Dance          712OC                      
313Gum, SarahO'Hare School of Irish Dance          615PC                      
314Hackel, TracieArdan Academy855R855J855SJ855TJ855H                            
315Haga, AddieMillennium Academy of Irish Dance          613PC                      
316Haga, PerriannaMillennium Academy of Irish Dance          617PC                      
318hager, alexandraArdan Academy          714OC                      
320Hanchon, AvaO'Hare School of Irish Dance413R413J413SJ413TJ413H  413TS                         
324Hanson, MollyArdan Academy411RB411J511SJB411TJB311H                            
325HANSON, NOAHArdan Academy157R157J                               
326Harrison, MiaDwyer School of Irish Dance          610PC                      
328Hawkins, PaigeArdan Academy312R412J412SJ412TJ412H  412TS                         
329Hawley, SarahArdan Academy511RA411J411SJB411TJB411HA  411TS          945D              
330Haynes, JordynBell School of Irish Dance          716OCA                      
331Heard, SarahMcGing Irish Dancers          716OCA                      
332Heemstra, MadelineScoil Rince Ní Bhraonáin414R414J414SJ414TJ414H                            
333Hegarty, BrigidO'Hare School of Irish Dance512R 412SJ412TJ512H 591TR512TS                         
334Heinzman, HannahArdan Academy510R410J410SJB510TJ410H310SP                           
335Heinzman, SeanArdan Academy512R462J  412H  412TS                         
336Henderson, CaitlinArdan Academy          714OC                      
337Hennessy, AbbyGoggin-Carroll          712OC                      
338Hennessy, RachelGoggin-Carroll          716OCA                      
339henry, maggieO'Hare School of Irish Dance          719OC                      
340Hewitson, EmmaScoil Rince le Cheile          716OCB                      
341Heynsbroek, ClaireGoggin-Carroll409R309J309SJ309TJ 309SP                           
343Hilliard, MargaretFlanagan-O'Hare School, Michigan411RB411J411SJB411TJB411HB  411TS        962M978M    943D  932V933V      
344Hipkiss, Charlie Quinn School of Irish Dance206R306J206SJ                              
345Hipkiss, HannahQuinn School of Irish Dance415R415J415SJ415TJ415H  415TS                         
346Hipkiss, Heather Quinn School of Irish Dance855R855J855SJ855TJ855H  855TS                         
347Hipkiss, Io Quinn School of Irish Dance308R308J308SJ308TJ                             
348hoare, catherineGoggin-Carroll          714OC                      
349Hoppe, AnnaFlanagan-O'Hare School, Michigan412R412J412SJ412TJ412H312SP                           
350Horan, LauraArdan Academy515R 415SJ515TJ415H  515TS                         
351Horan, SarahMcCartney Irish Dance516R 415SJ516TJ516H  415TS                         
353Hotopp, LinneaRichens-Timm, Indiana408R308J408SJ 308H                            
354Hotopp, MargaretRichens-Timm, Indiana310R310J310SJ310TJ310H                            
355Houston, DeirdreRichens-Timm, Ohio          719OC                      
356Howitt, EmmaCornell School of Irish Dance          718OC                      
357Hubert, AmandaO'Hare School of Irish Dance          615PC                      
358Hughes, MadeleineDoyle Academy of Irish Dance          712OC                      
359Hurley, IsabelleGoggin-Carroll207R207J                               
360Hutchinson, ClaireArdan Academy          719OC                      
361Hyatt, EmilyRegan Rankin Holland          718OC                      
362Hyland, SarahMurphy Irish Arts Center          616PC                      
363Ion, AlexisArdan Academy          714OC                      
364Jahn, AdilynneKeigher Academy of Irish Dance412R412J412SJ412TJ412H  412TS                         
368Javorsky, KilleenO'Hare School of Irish Dance          615PC                      
370Johnson-Hill, AidanGoggin-Carroll515R  515TJ515H  515TS                         
371Johnson-Hill, BradyGoggin-Carroll          615PC                      
372Jones, LindsayO'Hare School of Irish Dance512R 512SJ512TJ512H  512TS                         
373Joy, NoraMulhern School of Irish Dance          612PC                      
374Kamara, ElizabethO'Hare School of Irish Dance207R207J209SJ                              
375Kavanaugh, AveryGoggin-Carroll          617PC                      
376Kavanaugh, MeganGoggin-Carroll          615PC                      
377Keener, KatharineFlanagan-O'Hare School, Michigan          617PC                      
378Keith, KaylaO'Hare School of Irish Dance410R410J410SJA410TJ410H                            
379Kelly, CarlyGoggin-Carroll          616PC                      
380Kelly, KatieMulhern School of Irish Dance      693TR   714OC                      
381Kenny, KieraNi Fhearraigh - O'Ceaillaigh          716OCA                      
382Kernan, LiamLeneghan Academy of Irish Dance407R407J 408TJ408H  408TS                         
383Kernan, NiamhLeneghan Academy of Irish Dance509R 509SJ509TJ509H  509TS                         
384Kettler, Teagan MayScoil Rince Ní Bhraonáin111R111J111SJ                              
385Keyworth, HannahMayer414R414J414SJ414TJ414H                            
386Keyworth, ShannonMayer          617PC                      
387Kilcoin, Emma RoseO'Hare School of Irish Dance309R309J309SJ309TJ309H                            
388Kindlon, NoraTrinity Academy of Irish Dance511RA 411SJA511TJB511HA                            
389Klaas, ElsaArdan Academy309R409J409SJ309TJ409H   913F                        
390Klaas, FreyaArdan Academy409R409J509SJ309TJ309H   913F                        
391Klawender, VeronicaO'Hare School of Irish Dance513R 513SJ513TJ513H 592TR513TS                         
392Klawitter, CharlotteTrinity Academy of Irish Dance512R 512SJ512TJ512H 591TR512TS                         
393Kolber, AllisonO'Hare School of Irish Dance  511SJB511TJB511HA                            
395Kooistra, MollyScoil Rince Ní Bhraonáin311R311J411SJB311TJ411HB311SP                           
396Kostrzewa, KayleighQuinn School of Irish Dance515R 415SJ515TJ515H 593TR515TS                         
397Kristensen, AnnabelO'Hare School of Irish Dance511RB 511SJA511TJA511HB  511TS                         
398Krohn, Sarah RuthTrinity Academy of Irish Dance207R207J                               
400Kucel, FionaFlanagan-O'Hare School, Michigan307R306J                               
401Kucel, MargaretFlanagan-O'Hare School, Michigan409R409J509SJ409TJ409H  409TS                         
402Kuhlman, ClaireFlanagan-O'Hare School, Michigan408R408J408SJ308TJ308H308SP                943D          
403Kuhlman, Evan Flanagan-O'Hare School, Michigan157R157J                    943D          
404Kuhnmuench, ChristinaArdan Academy516R 415SJ415TJ415H                            
405Kummer, Brenna MaeArdan Academy          719OC                      
406Kustermans, ColleenDoyle-Corrigan Academy of Irish Dance          610PC                      
407LaBo, CaitlinGoggin-Carroll          719OC                      
408LaBo, ConnorGoggin-Carroll          716OCA                      
409LaGiglia, GraceTooromeen School of Irish Dance          612PC                      
411Lee, DonovanFlanagan-O'Hare School, Michigan110R110LJ                               
412Leen, IsabellaO'Hare School of Irish Dance414R414J414SJ414TJ314H                            
413Leneghan, KeiraLeneghan Academy of Irish Dance511RA 511SJB511TJB511HB 591TR511TS                         
414Lennon, LiadanFlanagan-O'Hare School, Michigan106R106J106SJ                              
415Lennon, PatriciaMcGing Irish Dancers          716OCB                      
417Leonard, MckaylaBurke, Ohio          613PC                      
418Leonardo, AntoniaGoggin-Carroll          611PC                      
419Leonardo, OliviaGoggin-Carroll          613PC                      
421Lindstedt, AlexandraRegan Rankin Holland513R413J513SJ413TJ413H  413TS                         
422Llewellyn, AbbyClarkson School          716OCA                      
423Llewellyn, KathrynClarkson School          612PC                      
424Lloyd, KeiraArdan Academy511RA511J511SJB511TJB511HA 591TR511TS                         
425Loewe, AvaArdan Academy110R110LJ110SJ                              
427Lopresti, OwenBell School of Irish Dance          610PC                      
428Lopresti, PatrickBell School of Irish Dance          712OC                      
429Lorton, Chloe-AnneLeneghan Academy of Irish Dance410R 410SJB510TJ510H  510TS                         
430Losier, ReeseGoggin-Carroll409R409J409SJ409TJ409H  409TS                         
431Louis, KaelynTrinity Academy of Irish Dance510R   510H                            
432Love, KatieLeneghan Academy of Irish Dance515R 515SJ515TJ515H 593TR515TS                         
433Love, MaggieLeneghan Academy of Irish Dance411RA411J411SJA411TJA411HB                            
434Lowry, FionaFlanagan-O'Hare School, Michigan413R 413SJ413TJ413H                            
435Lutz, AvaGoggin-Carroll409R409J409SJ409TJ309H309SP                           
436Lychak, AshlynnCorrigan School of Irish Dance508R 509SJ509TJ509H  509TS                         
437Lynch, EllieFlanagan-O'Hare School, Michigan409R309J309SJ309TJ309H                            
439MacArthur, SarahArdan Academy          613PC                      
440MacDougall, Mary KennedyGoggin-Carroll          613PC                      
441Machalka, HallieQuinn School of Irish Dance411RA411J411SJB411TJA411HB  411TS                         
442Magers, ClaireScoil Rince Ní Bhraonáin311R311J311SJ311TJ411HB311SP                           
443MAHER, ClareFlanagan-O'Hare School, Michigan511RA 511SJB511TJA511HA                      950M     
444Mallet, OliviaArdan Academy411RA411J411SJB411TJB511HB  511TS                         
445Malloy, KylieRichens-Timm, Ohio          611PC                      
446Malloy, LilyRichens-Timm, Ohio          613PC                      
447Mancuso, AmandaO'Hare School of Irish Dance          716OCB                      
448Manross, EmmaO'Hare School of Irish Dance          615PC                      
449Mantle, CiaraDoyle Academy of Irish Dance          716OCA                      
450Martin, AinsleyScoil Rince Ní Bhraonáin108R108LJ108SJ                              
451Martin, CadillacQuinn School of Irish Dance310R310J310SJ310TJ                             
452Marvich, MackenzieDwyer School of Irish Dance312R312J312SJ 312H                            
453Mattsn, MariaMcCartney Irish Dance312R312J312SJ312TJ312H    926F                       
454Mattson, CassandraMillennium Academy of Irish Dance511RA 411SJA511TJB411HB 591TR511TS                         
455Mattson, Gianna McCartney Irish Dance314R314J314SJ314TJ314H                            
456Matula, EmilyTrinity Academy of Irish Dance511RA 511SJA 511HA                            
457May, AndreaO'Hare School of Irish Dance107R107J                               
458May, KatherineAcadamh Rince411RB311J411SJB 311H  411TS                         
459May, SaraScoil Rince Ní Bhraonáin410R410J410SJA 410H310SP                           
460McAlpine, MeghanCorrigan School of Irish Dance          714OC 924F                    
461McCarrell, TrinityCornell School of Irish Dance          615PC                      
462McCarthy, QuinnMillennium Academy of Irish Dance510R 510SJ510TJ510H                            
463McCarty, AbigailCeltic Academy of Irish Dance, OH          610PC                      
464McCarty, AnnabelleCeltic Academy of Irish Dance, OH413R 513SJ513TJ513H                            
465McCaughley, SaraGoggin-Carroll          716OCA                      
466McCausland, JessicaMacConmara Academy512R 512SJ512TJ512H                            
467McCormick, ClareO'Hare School of Irish Dance          714OC                      
468McCormick, MollyO'Hare School of Irish Dance          615PC                      
469McDonald, ReganArdan Academy513R413J513SJ413TJ513H                            
470McGee, MeaganMcCartney Irish Dance415R415J516SJ516TJ516H                 942D          
471McGlinchey, EileenFlanagan-O'Hare School, Michigan411RA511J411SJB411TJA411HA                            
472McGlynn, GemmaGoggin-Carroll205R205J                               
473McGregor, AveryCeltic Academy Canada      690TR   610PC                      
474McGregor, MadalynnCeltic Academy Canada      690TR   610PC                      
475McGugan, AndieCorrigan School of Irish Dance411RB 511SJA511TJB411HB  511TS                         
476McGuire, ChaelynDennehy School of Irish Dance411RB 511SJA411TJB511HB  511TS                         
477McGuire, NoraDennehy School of Irish Dance510R 510SJ510TJ510H  510TS                         
478McIntyre, LainaCorrigan School of Irish Dance          614PC                      
479McKane, ChloeGoggin-Carroll509R 509SJ409TJ409H  509TS                         
480Mckee, JulianneMurphy Irish Arts Center516R 516SJ516TJ415H  515TS                         
481McKenna, CeiliO'Hare School of Irish Dance410R 510SJ510TJ510H 590TR510TS                         
482McKeown, IsabelleScoil Rince Ní Bhraonáin413R413J413SJ513TJ413H  413TS                         
483McLaughlin, ReaganArdan Academy516R 516SJ516TJ516H                            
484McNett, SarahTrinity Academy of Irish Dance          613PC                      
485McQuilkin, BrandonMcGing Irish Dancers          719OC                      
486McQuilkin, ElizabethMcGing Irish Dancers415R 415SJ415TJ415H                            
489Meier, LaurenMillennium Academy of Irish Dance512R 512SJ512TJ512H                            
491Meloche, PresleyGoggin-Carroll          611PC                      
492Merl, Anna LeaRichens-Timm, Ohio307R307J307SJ 308H                            
493Messer, MickalaDwyer School of Irish Dance513R 513SJ513TJ513H 592TR513TS                         
494Meyer, EmmettMcCartney Irish Dance157R157J                               
495Meyer, IsabellaMcCartney Irish Dance312R312J312SJ312TJ  591TR  920F                       
496Meyer, NolanMcCartney Irish Dance360R310J                               
497Meyers, SamanthaMayer          718OC                      
499Miller, EllaFlanagan-O'Hare School, Michigan413R413J313SJ313TJ313H                            
500Mills, SabrinaArdan Academy      690TR   714OC                      
501Mills, SashaArdan Academy      693TR   716OCA                      
502Mitterer, AlexanderBell School of Irish Dance          712OC                      
503Mitterer, AnnaBell School of Irish Dance          612PC                      
504Mohan, MarilenaDoyle Academy of Irish Dance                               995 
505Moore, AllisonRichens-Timm, Ohio          718OC                      
506Morea, EllaScoil Rince Ní Bhraonáin513R 513SJ513TJ513H       924F                    
507Moriarty, ErinMullane-Healy-Godley Academy          718OC                      
509Morrison, Claudia RoseDillon-Gavin          716OCA                      
510Mosco, MackenzieBurke-Conroy School of Irish Dance          718OC                      
511Motta, RosaliaLeneghan Academy of Irish Dance      693TR   716OCA                      
512Muise, AnnaO'Hare School of Irish Dance          716OCA                      
513Muise, ClareO'Hare School of Irish Dance          714OC                      
514Muise, MargaretO'Hare School of Irish Dance          718OC                      
515Muise, MaryO'Hare School of Irish Dance          718OC                      
516Muise, NatalieO'Hare School of Irish Dance508R 509SJ509TJ509H  509TS                         
517Mulder, MyaGoggin-Carroll          612PC                      
518Mullin, FionaFlanagan-O'Hare School, Michigan308R308J308SJ308TJ308H308SP                           
519Mullin, RoriFlanagan-O'Hare School, Michigan307R 307SJ                              
520Mundt, AlainaArdan Academy510R 510SJ510TJ510H 590TR510TS                         
521Murchland, CassandraCorrigan School of Irish Dance          714OC 924F                    
522Murchland, HayleyCorrigan School of Irish Dance          712OC                      
524Murray, MauraLeneghan Academy of Irish Dance514R 514SJ514TJ514H  514TS                         
528Muzzatti, MorganArdan Academy          719OC                      
530Nagrant, MichaelArdan Academy835R855J835SJ835TJ                             
531Newell, MaggieO'Hare School of Irish Dance413R413J413SJ413TJ413H  413TS                         
532Nichols, AllysonScoil Rince Ní Bhraonáin112R112J112SJ                              
533Niemi, KatherineO'Hare School of Irish Dance          614PC                      
534Nolan, EllaDennehy School of Irish Dance513R 513SJ513TJ513H                            
535Noonan, GraceCorrigan School of Irish Dance          714OC 924F                    
536Normandin, AuroraMcCartney Irish Dance312R312J312SJ                              
538O'Brien, ClaireRichens-Timm, Ohio  515SJ515TJ515H  515TS                         
539O'Brien, GabrielleTrinity Academy of Irish Dance411RA411J411SJB411TJB411HA  411TS                         
541O'Connell, DeclanO'Hare School of Irish Dance308R308J 308TJ                             
542O'Connell, DeirdreO'Hare School of Irish Dance308R308J308SJ308TJ                             
543O'Connell, MaeveO'Hare School of Irish Dance410R410J410SJB410TJ410H  410TS                         
544O'Connell, NiamhO'Hare School of Irish Dance512R 512SJ512TJ512H  512TS                         
545O'Connell, ReganTrinity Academy of Irish Dance410R410J410SJA510TJ510H 590TR510TS                         
546O'Connor, SydneyO'Hare School of Irish Dance          614PC                      
547O'Donnell, CaraLeneghan Academy of Irish Dance407R407J408SJ408TJ408H  408TS                         
548O'Gara, ClaireRichens-Timm, Indiana512R512J512SJ412TJ412H  412TS                         
549O'Grady, LillianRichens-Timm, Ohio409R409J409SJ409TJ409H  409TS                         
550O'Hare, Liam Flanagan-O'Hare School, Michigan157R157J                               
551O'Meara, PenelopeScoil Rince Ní Bhraonáin511RB511J511SJA511TJA511HA 591TR511TS                         
552O'Neill, EllianaArdan Academy409R409J409SJ409TJ409H  409TS                         
553O'Neill, MicaelaArdan Academy412R412J512SJ512TJ512H  412TS                   951M     
554Oliver, AinsleyO'Hare School of Irish Dance511RA 511SJB511TJA411HA 591TR511TS                         
555Oliver, EliO'Hare School of Irish Dance509R  509TJ509H 590TR509TS                         
556Oliver, MollyO'Hare School of Irish Dance513R 513SJ513TJ513H 592TR513TS                         
557Olkhovsky , ArielleFlanagan-O'Hare School, Michigan410R410J410SJA310TJ310H310SP                           
559Orzechowski, MeganArdan Academy          617PC                      
560Ouellette, KloeyGoggin-Carroll510R 510SJ510TJ510H  510TS                         
561Owen, MadelineRegan Rankin Holland          719OC                      
562Pace, EllaBurke, Ohio511RB 511SJA511TJA511HA                            
563Pace, LilyBurke, Ohio          613PC                      
564Pafford, LillyanArdan Academy510R410J510SJ410TJ310H                            
565Paige, LinneaScoil Rince Ní Bhraonáin309R309J309SJ309TJ309H                            
566Panse, MyaQuinn School of Irish Dance311R411J411SJB311TJ311H                            
567Paquette, AinsleyO'Hare School of Irish Dance207R207J                               
568Parham, MollyCross Keys  512SJ512TJ512H                            
570Paris, EvelynDwyer School of Irish Dance410R410J410SJA410TJ410H  410TS                         
571Park, HelynaMurphy Irish Arts Center410R 510SJ410TJ410H  410TS                         
572Parnin, GenevieveO'Hare School of Irish Dance107R107J                               
573Pasqualitto, SofiaO'Hare School of Irish Dance512R412J512SJ512TJ512H                            
574Pease, LillianRegan Rankin Holland511RA 511SJA511TJA511HB                            
575Penrod, Kaydence Goggin-Carroll413R413J413SJ413TJ413H  413TS                         
576Perry, AbigailErickson Academy          610PC                      
577Perry, ErinErickson Academy          712OC                      
578Philbrick, MoiraArdan Academy513R 513SJ513TJ513H                            
579Phillips, KierraDoyle Academy of Irish Dance          718OC                      
580Piechocki, AnnaliseMcCafferty Academy of Irish Dance          719OC                      
583Polakowski, VivianO'Hare School of Irish Dance 313J313SJ 313H313SP                           
584Pollock, RachelCashel Dennehy      690TR   712OC      979M    943D  932V933V 975M    
585Portice, GessicaQuinn School of Irish Dance110R110LJ110SJ                              
586Pouliot, ClaireMacConmara Academy409R 509SJ509TJ509H                            
587Priebe, ScarlettArdan Academy      690TR   714OC                      
588Putka, MarinBrady-Campbell School307R307J307SJ308TJ                             
589Quinn, DawsonFlanagan-O'Hare School, Michigan360R310J                              991V
590Quinn, MoiraTrinity Academy of Irish Dance411RA411J411SJB411TJA411HB  411TS                         
591Raskin, DanielleDoyle Academy of Irish Dance          614PC                      
593Reeves, SineadCorrigan School of Irish Dance          716OCB                      
595Renc, EmileeTrinity Academy of Irish Dance          613PC                      
596Rice, FeliciaGoggin-Carroll      690TR   611PC                      
597Ricketts, RileyO'Hare School of Irish Dance414R414J414SJ414TJ414H  514TS                         
598Riley, BrookeTooromeen School of Irish Dance509R509J409SJ409TJ409H  409TS                         
599Riley, StellaTrinity Academy of Irish Dance  513SJ513TJ                             
601Robinson, AnnieCeltic Academy of Irish Dance, OH          615PC                      
603Rocco, MariaScoil Rince Ní Bhraonáin414R414J414SJ414TJ414H 592TR414TS                         
604Rodgers, RosalieFlanagan-O'Hare School, Michigan107R107J                               
606Rose, AnnikaO'Hare School of Irish Dance413R413J513SJ413TJ413H  413TS                         
607Rose, KristinO'Hare School of Irish Dance411RB411J411SJA411TJB411HB  411TS                         
608Rosengarten, ChaseO'Hare School of Irish Dance          716OCB                      
609Ross, CynthiaGoggin-Carroll          616PC                      
611Ruane, Ailish Brady-Campbell School207R207J209SJ                              
612Ruane, MadelineBrady-Campbell School509R 509SJ409TJ409H  409TS                         
616Russell, EmilyLeneghan Academy of Irish Dance516R415J415SJ516TJ415H  415TS                  939V      
617Salomone, LeahO'Hare School of Irish Dance          613PC                      
618Salomone, ThereseO'Hare School of Irish Dance          615PC                      
619Scala, ClareBell School of Irish Dance          712OC                      
620Scala, MargaretBell School of Irish Dance          716OCA                      
621Schaberg, JamesMcCartney Irish Dance 157J                               
622Schaberg, MurphyMcCartney Irish Dance 108LJ                               
623Schmidt, TessTrinity Academy of Irish Dance          610PC                      
624Schmitt-Palumbo, CatherineBrady-Campbell School411RB 411SJA411TJB411HA  411TS                         
626Schreindler, MadaleneArdan Academy          719OC                      
627Schultz, AnnaFlanagan-O'Hare School, Michigan411RA411J411SJA411TJA411HA                954M    933V      
629Schwarz, AnnaTooromeen School of Irish Dance511RB 511SJA511TJA511HA                            
630Semproch, AdelieArdan Academy          714OC                      
631Shadlock, MadisonNi Fhearraigh - O'Ceaillaigh          716OCA                      
632Shea, EmmaRichens-Timm, Indiana513R513J513SJ513TJ513H  513TS                         
634Shelly, BrookeO'Hare School of Irish Dance207R207J                               
635Shelly, TeaganO'Hare School of Irish Dance309R409J309SJ409TJ309H                            
636Silano, JuliaButler-Fearon-O'Connor      693TR   719OC                      
637Silano, VanessaGilchrist-Canavan School of Irish Dance      693TR   719OC                      
639Simpson, ErinArdan Academy509R409J509SJ409TJ409H  409TS                         
640Sisson, LucindaScoil Rince Ní Bhraonáin409R309J409SJ409TJ409H309SP                           
641Sitter, JuliaRegan Rankin Holland          712OC                      
642Skiba, Sarah Goggin-Carroll309R309J309SJ309TJ309H309SP                           
643Skym, MadelineScoil Rince Ní Bhraonáin513R 413SJ413TJ413H  513TS919F                        
645Slawik, BrianneGoggin-Carroll          716OCB                      
646Smith, AbigailBrady-Campbell School          718OC                      
648Smith, ErinBurke, Ohio307R307J209SJ                              
649Smith, JaidinQuinn School of Irish Dance514R 514SJ514TJ514H                            
650Smith, Mary O'Hare School of Irish Dance308R308J308SJ408TJ                             
651Smith, MirandaBurke, Ohio512R 512SJ512TJ512H                            
652Smith, Nora O'Hare School of Irish Dance311R311J311SJ311TJ311H                            
653Smith, ReillyBell School of Irish Dance516R 516SJ415TJ516H                            
654Smith, SophiaTrinity Academy of Irish Dance511RA 511SJA511TJA411HA  511TS                         
655Snyder, MáireArdan Academy          614PC                      
656Southward, AllisonO'Hare School of Irish Dance411RB411J411SJA411TJB411HB  411TS                         
657Sparklin, HollyBurke, Ohio          617PC                      
658Sparklin, RyanBurke, Ohio          611PC                      
659Spedoske, MadelynnScoil Rince Ní Bhraonáin107R107J107SJ                              
660Spilker, ClaireFlanagan-O'Hare School, Michigan509R409J409SJ409TJ309H                            
661Steele, SavannahLeneghan Academy of Irish Dance511RB 511SJB511TJA511HA  511TS                         
662Stephens, GracieGoggin-Carroll409R409J409SJ409TJ409H  409TS                         
663Stephens, OliviaGoggin-Carroll409R409J409SJ409TJ409H  409TS                         
664Stephens, TahneeGoggin-Carroll206R206J206SJ                              
665Stickland, ClaireDoyle Academy of Irish Dance          712OC                      
667Stilin, JanaKinsella Academy      690TR   613PC                      
668Stockbridge, RebeccaArdan Academy516R 516SJ516TJ516H                            
669Stofko, MaeveLeneghan Academy of Irish Dance      690TR   611PC                      
671Sullivan, ZoeMactir Academy of Irish Dance516R 516SJ516TJ516H                            
672Suttle, MargaretRegan Rankin Holland          719OC                      
673Swalberg, EvelynO'Hare School of Irish Dance310R310J310SJ310TJ310H                            
674Taggart, AbigailRichens-Timm, Ohio          615PC                      
675Taylor, OliviaCornell School of Irish Dance          610PC                      
676Teasley, WilliamRichens-Timm, Indiana          615PC                      
677Theisen, JamesScoil Rince Ní Bhraonáin308R308J 308TJ308H                            
678Thibodeau, AbigailO'Hare School of Irish Dance414R414J414SJ414TJ414H  414TS                         
679Thompson, Bridget MaryCashel Dennehy          716OCB                      
681Thompson, SarahO'Hare School of Irish Dance409R509J509SJ409TJ409H  409TS                         
683Tipton, HalleyCeltic Academy of Irish Dance, OH513R413J513SJ413TJ413H                            
684Tobias, AidenDwyer School of Irish Dance408R408J  308H                            
685Tobias, AudreyDwyer School of Irish Dance511RB 511SJA511TJB511HA 591TR511TS                         
686Tobin, BridgetTrinity Academy of Irish Dance          716OCA                      
687Tobin, MaggieTrinity Academy of Irish Dance308R308J308SJ                              
688Tobin, MollyTrinity Academy of Irish Dance          714OC                      
690Trueman, EllaArdan Academy207R207J209SJ                              
691Trueman, EveArdan Academy410R410J410SJB410TJ510H  410TS                         
692Uhler, Cassandra Leneghan Academy of Irish Dance      693TR   719OC                      
694Van Wyck, JuliaTooromeen School of Irish Dance510R510J510SJ410TJ410H                            
695VanNorwick, GraceFlanagan-O'Hare School, Michigan313R313J313SJ313TJ313H                            
696Visscher, BeatriceO'Hare School of Irish Dance515R 515SJ515TJ515H                            
697Waldman, RyanMacConmara Academy          613PC                      
698Walpole, ElleryRichens-Timm, Indiana511RA 511SJB511TJA511HB                            
699Walsh, BebhinnMcCartney Irish Dance 106J                               
700Walsh, KeiraMcCartney Irish Dance308R308J                               
701Walton, IanAcadamh Rince510R410J 410TJ410H  510TS916F917F                       
702Waltz, BowenFlanagan-O'Hare School, Michigan513R  513TJ513H   919F                        
703Ward, HannahDwyer School of Irish Dance          718OC                      
704Waters, EmilieLeneghan Academy of Irish Dance      693TR   718OC                      
705Watkins, FionaO'Hare School of Irish Dance206R206J                               
706Weber, CatherineQuinn School of Irish Dance415R 516SJ516TJ516H 593TR515TS                         
707Wedepohl, HannahFlanagan-O'Hare School, Michigan          716OCB                      
708Weller, Isabella Ardan Academy109R109LJ109SJ                              
709Wells, SophiaMacConmara Academy          612PC                      
710White, AudreyBrady-Campbell School512R 512SJ512TJ512H                            
712Wierenga, HannahArdan Academy          719OC                      
713Wilbur, ErinCornell School of Irish Dance          617PC                      
714Williams, EleanoreScoil Rince Ní Bhraonáin508R509J509SJ509TJ509H 590TR509TS                         
715Williams, MaisyScoil Rince Ní Bhraonáin512R512J512SJ512TJ512H  512TS                         
716Williams, OliviaScoil Rince Ní Bhraonáin513R513J513SJ513TJ513H 592TR513TS                         
717Wilson, MavisCorrigan School of Irish Dance          716OCA                      
718Withers, BrigidCross Keys512R 512SJ512TJ512H                            
719Withers, MaryCross Keys207R207J                               
720Wojcik, CeciliaCorrigan School of Irish Dance          714OC 924F                    
722Wolf, KathrynFlanagan-O'Hare School, Michigan          617PC                      
726Wood, SofiaGoggin-Carroll          613PC                      
727Woons, OliviaScoil Rince Ní Bhraonáin309R309J309SJ309TJ309H                            
730Worrell, NatalieRichens-Timm, Indiana516R 516SJ516TJ516H                            
733Young, CarverQuinn School of Irish Dance311R311J 311TJ                             
734Young, Cyleigh-AnneQuinn School of Irish Dance309R309J                               
735Young, LibbyArdan Academy512R 512SJ512TJ512H 591TR                          
736Young, MakennaArdan Academy          714OC                      
737Young, RyleiArdan Academy          610PC                      
738Zepp, HannahBrady-Campbell School411RA 511SJA411TJA411HA                            
739Zepp, MollyBrady-Campbell School511RA 511SJB511TJA511HB                            
740Zielinski, KateMcGing Irish Dancers511RB 411SJA511TJB511HA                            
742Zoulek, OliviaScoil Rince Ní Bhraonáin412R412J412SJ512TJ412H  412TS919F                        
743Zulfer, RhiannTrinity Academy of Irish Dance511RB411J511SJA411TJA411HA 591TR411TS