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Program List For The North Coast Feis - 2018, MAY BE REVISED!!!

Generated on Jan 21, 2018 20:14:17 PST If your payment was recorded after this date/time, you will not be on this report.

FeisWorx recommends ignoring this Competitor List since it is a static snapshot taken at one point in time. That time is listed in the previous paragraph at the top of this report. You will get far better information about your registration by logging in to your account and clicking the Registration Details link. The information on your My Registrations page is always up to date.

Competitors who have opted out of being included in online competitor lists are not shown here.

NumCompetitorSchoolReelLight JigSlip JigTreble JigTrad Treble JigHornpipeSt. Patricks DaySet DanceTreble Reel SpecTraditional SetTrad Set Spcl2 Hand Reel3 Hand ReelChampionship4 Hand Jig or ReelTraditional Hornpipe
0Abbott, AnnabelleMurphy Irish Arts Center             716OCB  
0Ackley, MirandaO'Malley Irish Dance Academy516RLB 516SJA516TJB 415HP   415TS      
0Adair, AbigailRegan Rankin Holland       612SD     612PC  
0Adair, SophiaRegan Rankin Holland509RL 509SJ509TJ 509HP   509TS      
0Aldom, CeliaLeneghan Academy of Irish Dance311RL311LJ311SJ  311HP          
0Allore, BrennaGoggin-Carroll             718OCB  
0Arens, MackenzieRegan Rankin Holland             718OCB  
0Arnold, AnnaliseBell School of Irish Dance             613PC  
0Arsenault, EmmaGoggin-Carroll510RLB 510SJ510TJ 410HP   410TS      
0Arsenault, EvieGoggin-Carroll508RL408LJ508SJ408TJ 408HP   408TS      
0Aul, BridgetBell School of Irish Dance       618SD     617PC  
0Aylward , EllieBrady-Campbell School308RL308LJ308SJ             
0Back, GracianneBrady-Campbell School311RL311LJ311SJ311TJ  311PD         
0Back, MichaelaBrady-Campbell School409RL409LJ409SJ309TJ  309PD         
0Bailey, AnnabelleThe Academy             712OC  
0Bales, ElizabethNugent School of Irish Dance511RLA 511SJB511TJB 511HPB  720TR       
0Bammerlin, MadisonLeneghan Academy of Irish Dance111RL111LJ111SJ             
0Bammerlin, PaigeLeneghan Academy of Irish Dance111RL111LJ111SJ             
0Barnes, HannahFoy             719OC  
0Barrett, ColinBell School of Irish Dance511RLA  511TJB 511HPA          
0Barrett, DeclanBell School of Irish Dance308RL308LJ              
0Barry, SophiaThe Academy             718OCA  
0Basinski, ZoeGoggin-Carroll             712OC  
0Becker, RosemaryShovlin Academy of Irish Dance311RL410LJ410SJ311TJ 410HP          
0Beckwith, LillianBell School of Irish Dance516RLB 516SJB516TJB 516HPA   516TS      
0Beeson, AbigailCross Keys513RLA 513SJ513TJB 513HPA          
0Bernhardt, Isabella Leneghan Academy of Irish Dance108RL108LJ              
0Bertman, Shea MeganMurphy Irish Arts Center415RL 516SJA516TJB 516HPA   516TS      
0Best, ShannonBell School of Irish Dance514RL 514SJ514TJ 514HP  721TR       
0Bisesi, SophiaRegan Rankin Holland308RL408LJ408SJ308TJ 408HP   408TS      
0Black, EmmaBrady-Campbell School106RL106LJ              
0Bodman, KateBurke, Ohio509RL 509SJ409TJ  309PD         
0Bodman, MauraBurke, Ohio             716OCA  
0Boguslawski, PalomaArdan Academy409RL309LJ309SJ409TJ 409HP          
0Boguslawski, PhilomenaArdan Academy414RL 414SJ312TJ 414HP          
0Bohman, NoelleMillennium Academy of Irish Dance512RLB 512SJB512TJB 512HPB   512TS      
0Bokausek, ErinLeneghan Academy of Irish Dance             616PC  
0Boland, ErinBrady-Campbell School514RL 414SJ414TJ 414HP          
0Boland, MadelynBrady-Campbell School512RLA 512SJB             
0Boller, SophieRichens-Timm, Indiana515RL 415SJ515TJ 515HP          
0Booher, CallaO'Malley Irish Dance Academy412RLA412LJ312SJ412TJA 312HP312PD         
0Bornheim, SavannahRochester Academy of Irish Dance514RL 514SJ514TJ 514HP          
0Boucher, MadeleineO'Hare School of Irish Dance514RL 514SJ514TJ 514HP          
0Bouganim, EvangelineGoggin-Carroll       614SD     613PC  
0Bradfield, OliviaLeneghan Academy of Irish Dance             617PC  
0Brady Campbell, CharlieBrady-Campbell School             714OCA  
0Brady Campbell, CiaraBrady-Campbell School408RL 408SJ408TJ 408HP   408TS      
0Braun, GraceRichens-Timm, Ohio513RLB 513SJ513TJA 513HPA   513TS      
0Brian, LukeBrady-Campbell School309RL309LJ 309TJ 309HP309PD         
0Brian, MollyBrady-Campbell School513RLA 513SJ513TJA 513HPA          
0Bright, Fallon Bell School of Irish Dance512RLB 512SJB512TJA 512HPB          
0Brockmeyer, LucyThe Academy             714OCA  
0Broomfield, MaggieRochester Academy of Irish Dance             716OCB  
0Brophy, KaleighThe Academy             718OCB  
0Budi, CiaraO'Hare School of Irish Dance             719OC  
0Burke, BridgetBell School of Irish Dance510RLA 510SJ510TJ 410HP   510TS      
0Burke, BrigidMacConmara Academy412RLA 412SJA512TJB 412HPA   412TS      
0Burke, DelaneyBrady-Campbell School510RLB410LJ410SJ410TJ 510HP   410TS      
0Burke, ErinBell School of Irish Dance408RL408LJ408SJ             
0Burke, IsabellaBrady-Campbell School             714OCA  
0Burke, ReaganBrady-Campbell School307RL307LJ307SJ             
0Burrows, LindsayLeneghan Academy of Irish Dance             716OCA  
0Butte, MeghanLeneghan Academy of Irish Dance513RLA 513SJ513TJB 513HPA          
0Buttignol, MaggieBell School of Irish Dance             613PC  
0Byrnes, CassidyBurke-Conroy School of Irish Dance515RL 515SJ515TJ 415HP          
0Campbell, KatrynThe Academy             718OCA  
0Campbell, WaltThe Academy             718OCA  
0Capper, MariskaThe Academy             714OCA  
0Carey, BetsyLeneghan Academy of Irish Dance411RLB311LJ411SJB411TJA 411HP   411TS      
0Carey, MartyLeneghan Academy of Irish Dance413RL  413TJ 413HP   414TS      
0Cestnik, SonjaGoggin-Carroll             718OCA  
0Chambers, CatherineLeneghan Academy of Irish Dance515RL 515SJ515TJ 515HP          
0Chartier, DonovanThe Academy             719OC  
0Chernowsky, EllenGoggin-Carroll       618SD  721TS  718OCB  
0Chillog, EllaMillennium Academy of Irish Dance             714OCB  
0Choquette, MaggieBoland School of Irish Dance408RL408LJ408SJ408TJ 408HP   408TS      
0Claar, KatelynThe Academy             714OCB  
0Clark, BrigidBurke-Conroy School of Irish Dance             614PC  
0Clark, SheilaBurke-Conroy School of Irish Dance             718OCA  
0Clemens, CoryBurke, Ohio308RL308LJ308SJ             
0Clery, CarolineArdan Academy             718OCA  
0Cmolik, MadelineBurke, Ohio       616SD     615PC  
0Colan, KateLeneghan Academy of Irish Dance411RLB411LJB411SJB411TJB 311HP   411TS      
0Coleman, KateBrady-Campbell School308RL 308SJ             
0Coljohn, ClaireBrady-Campbell School509RL 509SJ509TJ 509HP   509TS      
0Coljohn, KateBrady-Campbell School       614SD     613PC  
0Coon, AnnieMillennium Academy of Irish Dance             716OCA  
0Cooper, MarinThe ML Dance Academy413RL 413SJ513TJB 513HPA  720TR       
0Corrigan, GraceO'Malley Irish Dance Academy308RL308LJ308SJ             
0Cosgrove, ErynArdan Academy513RLB 513SJ513TJA 513HPA          
0Cosgrove, MichaelaArdan Academy             718OCA  
0Coughlin, LiamBurke-Conroy School of Irish Dance             614PC  
0Coughlin, SheaBurke-Conroy School of Irish Dance412RLB412LJ412SJB412TJB 412HPB          
0Cox, AllisonBell School of Irish Dance516RLB 516SJA516TJA 516HPB          
0Coyne, BrigidBrady-Campbell School       612SD     611PC  
0Coyne, MaeveBrady-Campbell School408RL 408SJ408TJ 408HP   408TS      
0Crawford, AudriaMillennium Academy of Irish Dance409RL409LJ309SJ             
0Cross, AmberArdan Academy516RLA 415SJ516TJB 415HP          
0Curran, CatherineBurke, Ohio             613PC  
0Curtiss, DakotaRichens-Timm, Ohio513RLA 513SJ513TJB 513HPB   414TS      
0D'Amore, DillonO'Hare School of Irish Dance             712OC  
0D'Angelo, CathleenRegan Rankin Holland             718OCB  
0Dabran, ReganLeneghan Academy of Irish Dance513RLA 513SJ513TJB 513HPB  720TR       
0Dadas, DelaneyBrady-Campbell School412RLA 412SJB412TJA 412HPA          
0Daley, KathleenLeneghan Academy of Irish Dance409RL409LJ409SJ  309HP309PD         
0Daley, KayleeLeneghan Academy of Irish Dance412RLA412LJ412SJB412TJB 412HPB   412TS      
0Davian, AddileenThe Academy408RL408LJ408SJ408TJ 408HP   408TS      
0Davis, SophiaMacConmara Academy411RLB411LJA411SJA411TJB 511HPA          
0Day, MatildaLeneghan Academy of Irish Dance111RL111LJ111SJ             
0Degnan, SarahBell School of Irish Dance513RLB 513SJ513TJA 513HPB          
0Dempsey, GraceRince Na Tiarna             716OCA  
0Depizzo, NoraBurke, Ohio512RLB 512SJA512TJB 512HPB          
0DePue, MorganRince Na Tiarna       618SD     617PC  
0Devlin, MadeleineBurke, Ohio510RLB 510SJ510TJ 510HP          
0Di Biase, AriannaMurphy Irish Arts Center513RLB 513SJ513TJB 513HPB          
0Dick, AndreaCornell School of Irish Dance             714OCB  
0DiNucci, GabbyBell School of Irish Dance             716OCB  
0Disher, MarynDwyer School of Irish Dance309RL309LJ309SJ             
0Disher, SadieDwyer School of Irish Dance511RLA411LJA411SJB511TJA 411HP   511TS      
0Doetzel, KarahGoggin-Carroll       612SD     611PC  
0Dolan, MauraBurke-Conroy School of Irish Dance208RL208LJ              
0Dolbin, Eva MarieThe Academy             716OCA  
0Donaghy, AnnaO'Hare School of Irish Dance             614PC  
0Donohoe, JosieLeneghan Academy of Irish Dance413RL 513SJ513TJB 413HP   513TS      
0Donovan, KatieRince Na Tiarna             614PC  
0Dotson, JanetGoggin-Carroll             718OCB  
0Doyle, AveryRichens-Timm, Ohio       614SD     614PC  
0Ducy, DesmondMillennium Academy of Irish Dance460RL409LJ 409TJ 409HP   409TS      
0Ducy, LilianMillennium Academy of Irish Dance413RL414LJ413SJ413TJ 413HP   414TS      
0Duffus, BeatriceBurke-Conroy School of Irish Dance             718OCB  
0Duffy, Keaghan Rince Na Tiarna             611PC  
0Duffy, ReneeLeneghan Academy of Irish Dance             714OCA  
0Dulmes, MeaghanBeglan Academy       614SD     614PC  
0Dunne, Nora RoseBurke, Ohio510RLA 410SJ410TJ 510HP          
0Dunning, MargaretDrumcliffe             719OC  
0Duns, EmmaBurke, Ohio       612SD     611PC  
0Durkin, MollyBurke, Ohio412RLB 412SJB412TJA 412HPB          
0Duvall, RaeghanRince Na Tiarna410RL410LJ410SJ311TJ 311HP          
0Dwyer, AidanDwyer School of Irish Dance             764OC  
0Dwyer, AndrewMurphy Irish Arts Center             718OCB  
0Dwyer, SeanDwyer School of Irish Dance             766OC  
0Egan, KaitlinLeneghan Academy of Irish Dance411RLA 411SJB411TJA 411HP   411TS      
0Elbin, RylanBrady-Campbell School309RL309LJ 309TJ  309PD         
0Erickson, AnnaErickson Academy             719OC  
0Ervin, MarleyBurke-Conroy School of Irish Dance510RLA 410SJ410TJ 410HP          
0Espy, ElinaCeltic Academy of Irish Dance, OH411RLA411LJB511SJB411TJB 411HP          
0Espy, LaylaCeltic Academy of Irish Dance, OH308RL308LJ308SJ             
0Evanish, CharliMacConmara Academy510RLB 510SJ410TJ 410HP   410TS      
0Evans, CiaraBell School of Irish Dance             616PC  
0Evans, HelenaMillennium Academy of Irish Dance             611PC  
0Fabinak, VillieLeneghan Academy of Irish Dance415RL415LJ415SJ415TJ 415HP     926    
0Farris, EvaCeltic Academy of Irish Dance, OH512RLA 512SJA512TJA 512HPA          
0Fey, AddisonThe ML Dance Academy       612SD723TR    611PC  
0Finnerty, ErinMillennium Academy of Irish Dance512RLB 512SJA512TJB 512HPB          
0Flesher, CasidheCorrigan School of Irish Dance512RLB 512SJB  412HPA   412TS      
0Fontaine, MorganGoggin-Carroll             766OC  
0Ford, CaitlinMurphy Irish Arts Center       614SD     613PC  
0Ford, RileyMurphy Irish Arts Center511RLB 511SJA511TJB 511HPB          
0Foreman, ClaireMurphy Irish Arts Center516RLB 516SJA516TJB 516HPA          
0Foster, ShannonDwyer School of Irish Dance516RLA 516SJA516TJB 516HPB  721TR516TS      
0Fox, MaggieBrady-Campbell School208RL208LJ208SJ             
0Foye, ElijahMcClanahan             766OC  
0Fraser, CharlotteGoggin-Carroll513RLA 513SJ513TJA 513HPB          
0Fraser, MikaylaGoggin-Carroll             616PC  
0Freda, LaurelRegan Rankin Holland513RLA 513SJ312TJ 513HPA          
0French, AbigailO'Hare School of Irish Dance514RL 514SJ514TJ 514HP   514TS      
0Fruzynski, NormaBurke-Conroy School of Irish Dance412RLA 412SJA412TJA 412HPB   512TS      
0Galla, MaeveLeneghan Academy of Irish Dance       614SD     614PC  
0Gannon, BrigidClann na Cara, Buffalo, NY514RL  514TJ 514HP          
0Gannon, ConallBrady-Campbell School509RL  409TJ 409HP   509TS      
0Gannon, FionaBrady-Campbell School511RLB 511SJA511TJA 511HPA          
0Gardner, AlainaLeneghan Academy of Irish Dance             710OC  
0Gardner, BridgetLeneghan Academy of Irish Dance408RL 508SJ509TJ 508HP   508TS      
0Gardner, ShannonLeneghan Academy of Irish Dance514RL 514SJ514TJ 514HP          
0Gareau, ClareLeneghan Academy of Irish Dance410RL410LJ410SJ410TJ 410HP   410TS      
0Garthwaite, AshlynMacConmara Academy515RL 515SJ415TJ 415HP          
0Garver, DylanBurke-Conroy School of Irish Dance208RL208LJ              
0Garver, KylieBurke-Conroy School of Irish Dance             718OCA  
0Gaughan, VictoriaRegan Rankin Holland             716OCA  
0Geabler, EmmaO'Hare School of Irish Dance209RL209LJ209SJ309TJ            
0Geraghty, McKennaLeneghan Academy of Irish Dance411RLB 511SJB411TJA 511HPA   511TS      
0Gerba, BridgetBrady-Campbell School309RL309LJ309SJ   309PD         
0Giardina, AbigailMillennium Academy of Irish Dance516RLA 516SJA516TJB 516HPA          
0Gilbert, AddisonGoggin-Carroll508RL 508SJ509TJ 508HP   508TS      
0Gilson, Charles Murphy Irish Arts Center460RL  410TJ 510HP          
0Gilson, GraceMurphy Irish Arts Center       612SD     612PC  
0Glaser, SusanRichens-Timm, Ohio       616SD     616PC  
0Gleason, CalleighMillennium Academy of Irish Dance512RLB 512SJB512TJB 512HPA   512TS      
0Glickman, JaneyBurke-Conroy School of Irish Dance       618SD     617PC  
0Golden, LiviaThe Academy510RLA 510SJ510TJ 510HP   510TS      
0Gonzales, WrenO'Hare School of Irish Dance510RLB 510SJ510TJ 510HP   510TS      
0Good, RileyBurke, Ohio512RLA 512SJA512TJB 512HPB          
0Gordish, JuliaIrwin Academy of Irish Dance515RL 515SJ515TJ 515HP   515TS      
0Gorman, AvaBrady-Campbell School308RL308LJ308SJ308TJ            
0Gottlieb, LillyMacConmara Academy312RL312LJ312SJ412TJA            
0Gowan, EmilyLeneghan Academy of Irish Dance516RLA 516SJB516TJB 516HPB          
0Grady, BrigidBurke, Ohio307RL307LJ307SJ             
0Grant, GabriellaRichens-Timm, Ohio             615PC  
0Gray, EmmaIrwin Academy of Irish Dance411RLA411LJB411SJA411TJA 411HP   411TS      
0Gray, SarahIrwin Academy of Irish Dance514RL  514TJ            
0Green, HannahO'Hare School of Irish Dance415RL 415SJ516TJA 415HP          
0green, kylieGoodwin Academy514RL 514SJ514TJ 514HP          
0Green, MackenzieGoodwin Academy516RLB 516SJA516TJB 516HPA          
0Greene, ZoeRichens-Timm, Ohio411RLA411LJA411SJA411TJB 411HP   411TS      
0Greeson, CharlotteRichens-Timm, Ohio512RLA412LJ512SJA412TJA 412HPA   412TS      
0Gregan, ErinRegan Rankin Holland513RLB 513SJ513TJA 513HPA          
0Grimason, MirrenO'Hare School of Irish Dance411RLA411LJB411SJA511TJB 511HPA   411TS      
0Grimm, CarrieMacConmara Academy510RLA 510SJ410TJ 510HP          
0Groh, CaitlynBurke, Ohio             719OC  
0Grontkowski, MollyMcGing Irish Dancers512RLB 512SJB512TJB 412HPB          
0Guscott, MeganBurke, Ohio409RL409LJ409SJ309TJ  309PD         
0Haas, AnneO'Hare School of Irish Dance855RL 855SJ 855TJ          855HP
0Haddad, MaryBell School of Irish Dance516RLA 516SJB516TJA 516HPA          
0Hager, GemmaBrady-Campbell School414RL 514SJ514TJ 414HP          
0Hagerty, CarolineSheila Tully Academy             716OCA  
0Hagerty, EllenRichens-Timm, Ohio       616SD     615PC  
0Hagerty, KevinRichens-Timm, Ohio513RLA  513TJB 513HPB          
0Hahn, AadenFinnegan School of Irish Dance411RLA411LJB 411TJB 411HP   411TS      
0Hall, LaurenO'Hare School of Irish Dance       616SD     616PC  
0Hamann, JesseClann na Cara, Buffalo, NY514RL  514TJ            
0Hammett, GraceRichens-Timm, Ohio512RLB 512SJB512TJA 512HPA          
0Hammett, JuliaRichens-Timm, Ohio409RL409LJ409SJ309TJ 409HP          
0Harrington, EllaRince Na Tiarna511RLB 511SJB511TJA 511HPA          
0Harrison, CarolineMurphy Irish Arts Center       612SD     612PC  
0Harrison, MiaDwyer School of Irish Dance       610SD  720TS  610PC  
0Haskins, RachelBell School of Irish Dance516RLB 516SJA516TJA 516HPB          
0Haskins, SarahBell School of Irish Dance             613PC  
0Hawkins, LenaThe Academy             712OC  
0Hayes, AimeeRegan Rankin Holland       614SD     614PC  
0Hayes, DouglasFinnegan School of Irish Dance        724TR 721TS  766OC  
0Hayes, MariaRegan Rankin Holland             716OCB  
0Haynes, JordynBell School of Irish Dance             716OCB  
0Healy, MeghanBell School of Irish Dance516RLA 516SJB516TJA 516HPA          
0Heinzman, HannahArdan Academy511RLB411LJA511SJA511TJB 411HP   411TS      
0Heinzman, SeanArdan Academy513RLB  413TJ 413HP   513TS      
0Hennessy, AbbyGoggin-Carroll             714OCA  
0Hennessy, RachelGoggin-Carroll             716OCB  
0Herbert, BrennenLeneghan Academy of Irish Dance511RLA 511SJB511TJA 511HPB  720TR       
0Herbert, MichaelaLeneghan Academy of Irish Dance511RLB 511SJA511TJA 511HPB  720TR       
0Hernit, SianDwyer School of Irish Dance516RLA 516SJA516TJA 516HPA   516TS      
0Higgins, AliciaO'Hare School of Irish Dance             615PC  
0Hill, KaraLeneghan Academy of Irish Dance411RLA411LJB411SJB  411HP311PD         
0hoare, catherineGoggin-Carroll             716OCA  
0Holland, FionaBrady-Campbell School409RL409LJ409SJ309TJ            
0Holmes, MaggieBurke, Ohio511RLB 511SJB511TJA 511HPA          
0Holmstrom, KaleighRichens-Timm, Ohio411RLA411LJB411SJB311TJ 411HP          
0Hoover, MackenzieMillennium Academy of Irish Dance412RLA412LJ412SJA412TJB 412HPB          
0Hothem, BrynRegan Rankin Holland             714OCA  
0Hovan, KaraO'Malley Irish Dance Academy307RL307LJ              
0Hovan, MyaO'Malley Irish Dance Academy410RL311LJ311SJ             
0Howley, JulianneBell School of Irish Dance             719OC  
0Huffman, AddisonO'Hare School of Irish Dance313RL313LJ312SJ414TJ 313HP313PD         
0Hussell, LaurenMurphy Irish Arts Center             716OCB  
0Hyland, SarahMurphy Irish Arts Center             617PC  
0Jacobsen, SaraMillennium Academy of Irish Dance410RL 410SJ510TJ 510HP   510TS      
0Jancha, LoreleiMacConmara Academy307RL307LJ307SJ307TJ            
0Javorsky, KilleenO'Hare School of Irish Dance             616PC  
0Johnson-Hill, AidanGoggin-Carroll       616SD     616PC  
0Johnson-Hill, BradyGoggin-Carroll       616SD     616PC  
0Jones, AbbyMurphy Irish Arts Center             615PC  
0Jones, LaurenMurphy Irish Arts Center511RLA 511SJB511TJB 511HPA          
0Jones, LindsayO'Hare School of Irish Dance513RLA 513SJ513TJB 513HPA          
0Jordan, GretchenLeneghan Academy of Irish Dance509RL 509SJ509TJ 509HP   509TS      
0Jurca, ReaganLeneghan Academy of Irish Dance       610SD     610PC  
0kelleher, laurenO'Malley Irish Dance Academy209RL209LJ209SJ             
0Keller, MaraMurphy Irish Arts Center514RL 414SJ514TJ 514HP   514TS      
0Kelley, ClaraBurke-Conroy School of Irish Dance513RLB414LJ513SJ413TJ 413HP          
0Kelley, NoraBurke-Conroy School of Irish Dance511RLA411LJB411SJA411TJB 411HP          
0Kelly, CarlyGoggin-Carroll       618SD     617PC  
0Kelly, ElizabethBurke, Ohio512RLA 512SJB512TJB 512HPA          
0Kelly, JacksonRince Na Tiarna514RL  514TJ 514HP   514TS      
0Kelly, ParkerRince Na Tiarna516RLA  516TJA 516HPB   516TS      
0Kennedy, CamrynLeneghan Academy of Irish Dance514RL 514SJ414TJ 414HP  721TR514TS      
0Kensick, MaggieBrady-Campbell School308RL308LJ308SJ308TJ            
0Kepler, MargaretBurke-Conroy School of Irish Dance             714OCB  
0Kernan, LiamLeneghan Academy of Irish Dance408RL408LJ 408TJ 508HP   508TS      
0Kernan, NiamhLeneghan Academy of Irish Dance510RLA 510SJ510TJ 510HP   510TS      
0Kilbane, KaitlynMcGing Irish Dancers511RLB 511SJB511TJB 511HPA          
0Kilpatrick, TristanBell School of Irish Dance             712OC  
0Kilroy, BridieBurke, Ohio       614SD     613PC  
0Kilroy, JuliaBurke, Ohio             718OCB  
0Kilroy, MairinBrady-Campbell School       612SD     612PC  
0Kilroy, MollyBurke, Ohio             719OC  
0Kilroy, SarahBurke, Ohio       612SD     612PC  
0Kimbell, CaitlynO'Hare School of Irish Dance415RL 415SJ  415HP          
0King, EvanThe Academy             764OC  
0King, MadisonDwyer School of Irish Dance             714OCA  
0Kish, AveryBurke, Ohio411RLB411LJB411SJB311TJ  311PD         
0Kistler, EllieBurke, Ohio206RL               
0Kistler, QuinnBurke, Ohio207RL207LJ107SJ             
0Klodzinski, CatherineRince Na Tiarna413RL 413SJ413TJ 513HPA          
0Knox, SarahBurke, Ohio512RLA  512TJA 512HPB          
0Koczur, EvaO'Malley Irish Dance Academy413RL414LJ513SJ513TJA 413HP   513TS      
0Koczur, MollyO'Malley Irish Dance Academy410RL 410SJ510TJ 510HP   510TS      
0Kolodziej, MirandaGoggin-Carroll       614SD     613PC  
0Kovacevic, IrelandBrady-Campbell School511RLB411LJB411SJA411TJA 411HP          
0Krajeck, EllieO'Hare School of Irish Dance206RL206LJ206SJ             
0Krajeck, NoraO'Hare School of Irish Dance105RL105LJ              
0Krischan, ElizabethLeneghan Academy of Irish Dance413RL414LJ413SJ413TJ 513HPB   513TS      
0Kuchta, GraceBrady-Campbell School510RLA  510TJ     510TS      
0Kuczinski, MeghanShovlin Academy of Irish Dance       614SD     614PC  
0Kukolic, JackGoggin-Carroll          721TS  766OC  
0Kukolic, JamesonGoggin-Carroll       614SD     613PC  
0Kukolic, MaggieGoggin-Carroll411RLA411LJA511SJA511TJB 411HP   511TS      
0LaBella, KailynBell School of Irish Dance409RL409LJ409SJ             
0LaBella, RileyBell School of Irish Dance409RL409LJ409SJ             
0LaBo, CaitlinGoggin-Carroll          721TS  719OC  
0LaBo, ConnorGoggin-Carroll          721TS  766OC  
0Lane, MackenzieBurke-Conroy School of Irish Dance       618SD     617PC  
0Lane, OliviaBurke-Conroy School of Irish Dance412RLB 412SJB412TJB 412HPA          
0Lang, CassandraBoland School of Irish Dance             712OC  
0Lang, KathleenLeneghan Academy of Irish Dance311RL311LJ311SJ311TJ 311HP311PD         
0Lardie, Connor Brady-Campbell School509RL  509TJ 509HP   409TS      
0Lavelle, DeidreBrady-Campbell School411RLB411LJA411SJB311TJ            
0Lavelle, MaeveLeneghan Academy of Irish Dance410RL 510SJ510TJ 510HP  720TR510TS      
0Lavelle, MargaretLeneghan Academy of Irish Dance        724TR 721TS  617PC  
0Lavelle, Rory JamesBrady-Campbell School208RL208LJ              
0Law, NiaMillennium Academy of Irish Dance             716OCA  
0Lay, AbbyMillennium Academy of Irish Dance513RLB 513SJ513TJA 513HPB   513TS      
0Leitholf, KatieBurke-Conroy School of Irish Dance514RL 514SJ514TJ 514HP          
0Leneghan, KeiraLeneghan Academy of Irish Dance512RLA 512SJA512TJB 512HPB          
0Lentz, ColleenDwyer School of Irish Dance510RLA 510SJ410TJ 410HP   410TS      
0Leonard, MckaylaBurke, Ohio       614SD     614PC  
0Leonardi, KatieLeneghan Academy of Irish Dance110RL110LJ110SJ             
0Liebtag, MorganMillennium Academy of Irish Dance412RLA412LJ412SJB412TJB 412HPA   412TS      
0Lindstedt, AlexandraRegan Rankin Holland514RL 514SJ514TJ 514HP   514TS      
0Liscotti , AvaBurke-Conroy School of Irish Dance307RL207LJ              
0Locke, TarynRichens-Timm, Indiana             617PC  
0Long, AoifeBeglan Academy             615PC  
0Long, NoraRegan Rankin Holland309RL309LJ   309HP          
0Lopresti, OwenBell School of Irish Dance       610SD     610PC  
0Lopresti, PatrickBell School of Irish Dance             764OC  
0Lorenz, AshleyIrwin Academy of Irish Dance   512TJA            
0Love, KatieLeneghan Academy of Irish Dance516RLB 516SJB516TJA 516HPA  721TR516TS      
0Love, MaggieLeneghan Academy of Irish Dance412RLA412LJ412SJA412TJB 412HPB   412TS      
0Lupton, AlisonMurphy Irish Arts Center             718OCA  
0Lynch, EllaRince Na Tiarna512RLA 412SJA512TJB 412HPB          
0Lynch, MollyRince Na Tiarna510RLB 510SJ510TJ 510HP          
0Lyon, AvaGoodwin Academy       610SD     610PC  
0Maben, SelaMillennium Academy of Irish Dance       618SD     617PC  
0MacLennan, RachelDwyer School of Irish Dance511RLB 511SJA511TJB 511HPA   511TS      
0Magoun, DeniseMacConmara Academy511RLA 511SJB511TJB 511HPA          
0Malloy, KylieRichens-Timm, Ohio             712OC  
0Malloy, LilyRichens-Timm, Ohio       614SD     614PC  
0Manning, MollyMurphy Irish Arts Center513RLB 513SJ513TJA 513HPB          
0Marang, LydiaBrady-Campbell School312RL312LJ312SJ312TJ 312HP312PD         
0Marple, ReeseMillennium Academy of Irish Dance412RLA412LJ412SJB412TJA 512HPA          
0Martin, CaitlinBrady-Campbell School       612SD     612PC  
0Martin, EmmaMurphy Irish Arts Center411RLB 411SJA411TJB 411HP   411TS      
0Martin, MeganBrady-Campbell School             710OC  
0Mason, MiaThe Academy             614PC  
0Massitti, GiulianaO'Malley Irish Dance Academy107RL107LJ              
0Master, Megan Murphy Irish Arts Center510RLB 410SJ510TJ 510HP          
0Mattson, CassandraMillennium Academy of Irish Dance512RLA 512SJB512TJB 512HPB  720TR512TS      
0May, RachelBell School of Irish Dance             716OCB  
0McAleer, DaraThe Academy             719OC  
0McCain, LaurenArdan Academy             718OCB  
0McCarthy, ClaireBrady-Campbell School308RL308LJ308SJ308TJ            
0McCarthy, DelanieBrady-Campbell School311RL311LJ311SJ311TJ  311PD         
0McCarthy, QuinnMillennium Academy of Irish Dance       612SD723TR 720TS  611PC  
0McCarthy-Willoughby, GavinGoggin-Carroll             766OC  
0McCarty, AbigailCeltic Academy of Irish Dance, OH       612SD     611PC  
0McCarty, AnnabelleCeltic Academy of Irish Dance, OH514RL  514TJ 514HP          
0McCausland, JessicaMacConmara Academy513RLB 513SJ513TJB 513HPB          
0McColville, PhoebeNi Fhearraigh - O'Ceaillaigh       614SD     613PC  
0McConnell, AutumnLeneghan Academy of Irish Dance516RLA 516SJA516TJB 516HPA   516TS      
0McDonald, ClaireRince Na Tiarna513RLA  513TJA            
0McDonald, MeghanCannon School of Irish Dance411RLB411LJA   311HP          
0McDonald, SarahCannon School of Irish Dance308RL308LJ              
0McDonough, MegRichens-Timm, Ohio408RL408LJ408SJ408TJ 508HP   408TS      
0McGinty, SeamusBrady-Campbell School             764OC  
0McGlinchey, EileenFlanagan-O'Hare School, Michigan412RLA 512SJA512TJB 412HPA   512TS      
0McGlynn, GemmaGoggin-Carroll206RL206LJ206SJ             
0McGrath, GabrielleMacConmara Academy             610PC  
0McKenna, CeiliO'Hare School of Irish Dance511RLB 511SJA511TJA 511HPA  720TR511TS      
0Mckenna, MollyShovlin Academy of Irish Dance       614SD     614PC  
0McKinney, ShannonThe Academy        724TR    718OCA  
0McLaughlin, AoifeBurke, Ohio             714OCB  
0McLaughlin, NiamhBurke, Ohio409RL409LJ409SJ409TJ  309PD         
0McNamara, KaleighMurphy Irish Arts Center             714OCB  
0McPherson, Mary ClareRegan Rankin Holland516RLA 516SJB  516HPB          
0McQuilkin, BrandonMcGing Irish Dancers             719OC  
0McSherry, Sienna Goggin-Carroll       614SD723TR 720TS  613PC  
0McVittie, BrynnaGoggin-Carroll             719OC  
0Meholif, LilyThe Academy207RL207LJ207SJ307TJ            
0Meier, LaurenMillennium Academy of Irish Dance513RLB 513SJ513TJB 513HPA          
0Menc, EstellaRince Na Tiarna411RLA411LJA411SJB311TJ 311HP311PD         
0Mendenhall, MargaretBrady-Campbell School409RL 509SJ409TJ 509HP   409TS      
0Mennes, AvaMurphy Irish Arts Center       616SD     616PC  
0Mikhail, AvaRichens-Timm, Ohio412RLB412LJ412SJB412TJB 412HPB          
0Miklos, EliseThe Academy             712OC  
0Mirth, CrystalIrwin Academy of Irish Dance855RL855LJ  855TJ    855TS      
0Mollard, SarahIrwin Academy of Irish Dance  411SJA411TJA 411HP   411TS      
0Molyneaux, AnnaBell School of Irish Dance510RLB 510SJ510TJ 410HP          
0Molyneaux, KatelynBell School of Irish Dance512RLB 512SJA412TJB 512HPA          
0Monigan, NeveCeltic Academy of Irish Dance, OH515RL 515SJ515TJ 515HP          
0Monigan, ReganCeltic Academy of Irish Dance, OH             617PC  
0Montgomery, OliviaGoggin-Carroll       614SD     614PC  
0Moore, MaraMcGing Irish Dancers511RLA 511SJA511TJA 511HPB          
0Moran, BridgetMurphy Irish Arts Center514RL 514SJ514TJ 514HP          
0Moran, SydneyRince Na Tiarna511RLB 511SJA411TJB 411HP  720TR       
0Morgan, MeredithThe Academy       614SD     614PC  
0Morris, KhavaMillennium Academy of Irish Dance             718OCB  
0Motta, RosaliaLeneghan Academy of Irish Dance        724TR 721TS  716OCB  
0Mountain, CollinRichens-Timm, Ohio             766OC  
0Muckerheide, LizzieLeneghan Academy of Irish Dance111RL111LJ              
0Mulloy, DeliaBrady-Campbell School412RLB412LJ412SJA412TJA 312HP          
0Mulloy, OrlaBrady-Campbell School207RL207LJ              
0Munger, LiliaCeltic Academy of Irish Dance, OH414RL 414SJ514TJ 514HP  721TR       
0Murphy, AbigailGoggin-Carroll511RLA411LJB411SJA411TJB 511HPA   411TS      
0Murphy, ClaireGoggin-Carroll       618SD     617PC  
0Murphy, TeaganO'Hare School of Irish Dance410RL 510SJ410TJ 510HP   510TS      
0Murray, AlannaLeneghan Academy of Irish Dance516RLB 516SJA516TJA 516HPA          
0Murray, AuroraBurke, Ohio       612SD     612PC  
0Murray, FallonBurke, Ohio       616SD     615PC  
0Murray, Kathleen Brady-Campbell School307RL307LJ307SJ307TJ            
0Murray, MauraLeneghan Academy of Irish Dance515RL 515SJ515TJ 515HP   515TS      
0Murray, RubyBurke, Ohio510RLA 510SJ410TJ 510HP   510TS      
0Musson, Mary EllenO'Malley Irish Dance Academy211RL211LJ211SJ             
0Nawrocki, MaisieMurphy Irish Arts Center511RLB 411SJA411TJA 511HPB          
0Nawrocki, SadieMurphy Irish Arts Center412RLA 412SJB412TJA 412HPA          
0Noland, DelilahMacConmara Academy307RL307LJ307SJ             
0Noland, EvelynMacConmara Academy510RLB 410SJ510TJ 510HP   510TS  934   
0Norris, Mary KateBrady-Campbell School511RLA 511SJB511TJA 511HPB          
0O, CaleyShovlin Academy of Irish Dance515RL  515TJ 515HP          
0O'Brien, ClaireRichens-Timm, Ohio       616SD  721TS  616PC  
0O'Brien, GabrielleLeneghan Academy of Irish Dance414RL 414SJ514TJ 514HP   514TS      
0O'Brien, MailleLeneghan Academy of Irish Dance415RL 516SJB516TJA 516HPB   516TS      
0O'Connor, SydneyO'Hare School of Irish Dance       616SD     615PC  
0O'Donnell, CaraLeneghan Academy of Irish Dance508RL408LJ508SJ408TJ 508HP   408TS      
0O'Neill, HughMurphy Irish Arts Center             718OCA  
0O‚ÄôLeary, AddisonO'Malley Irish Dance Academy307RL307LJ              
0Obbema, SarahDoyle-Corrigan Academy of Irish Dance             714OCA  
0OConnor-Thomas, Tess Goggin-Carroll515RL 515SJ515TJ 515HP  721TR515TS      
0ODriscoll, MaeveBurke-Conroy School of Irish Dance411RLB411LJB411SJB411TJB 311HP          
0ONeill, LilyO'Malley Irish Dance Academy411RLA311LJ311SJ311TJ  311PD         
0Osekowski, MeghanBurke-Conroy School of Irish Dance       616SD     616PC  
0Owens, ErinBoston Academy of Irish Dance             615PC  
0Pace, EllaBurke, Ohio512RLA 512SJB512TJB 512HPA          
0Pace, LilyBurke, Ohio       614SD     614PC  
0Palmer, JaelynBell School of Irish Dance        724TR 721TS  716OCA  
0Pampena, Mia Burke-Conroy School of Irish Dance413RL414LJ413SJ413TJ 413HP          
0Pap, CharlotteBrady-Campbell School511RLB 511SJA511TJB 511HPB          
0Pap, StevenBrady-Campbell School460RL409LJ 409TJ 309HP   409TS      
0Papesch, ElizabethLeneghan Academy of Irish Dance411RLA 411SJB411TJB 411HP   411TS      
0Park, HelynaMurphy Irish Arts Center411RLB               
0Parker, BrynnButler-Fearon-O'Connor       612SD     611PC  
0Patadia, EsmeThe Academy409RL409LJ409SJ409TJ 409HP   409TS      
0Pecek, FaithRegan Rankin Holland514RL 514SJ514TJ 514HP          
0Pechota, CaitlinBurke, Ohio408RL408LJ308SJ             
0Perry, AbigailErickson Academy       610SD     610PC  
0Perry, ErinErickson Academy             712OC  
0Philbrick, MoiraArdan Academy       614SD     614PC  
0Piazza, AbigailLeneghan Academy of Irish Dance510RLA 510SJ510TJ 510HP   510TS      
0Pick, CarolineMurphy Irish Arts Center515RL 515SJ515TJ 515HP          
0Piech, KathrynMurphy Irish Arts Center             716OCA  
0Pierse, AbigailBrady-Campbell School             719OC  
0Pierse, EleanorBrady-Campbell School413RL 513SJ413TJ 513HPB          
0Pina, AudraIrwin Academy of Irish Dance412RLB 412SJB412TJA 412HPB          
0Pope, LaurenGoggin-Carroll             718OCA  
0Pouliot, ClaireMacConmara Academy             610PC  
0Prevost, SophieGoggin-Carroll        724TR 721TS  718OCB  
0Priebe, ScarlettArdan Academy          721TS  714OCB  
0Prindle, AddisonThe Academy       616SD     615PC  
0Prindle, MelaynaThe Academy       612SD     612PC  
0Pruettmiller, RossThe Academy             764OC  
0Prunty, CiaraBurke-Conroy School of Irish Dance410RL410LJ410SJ410TJ 410HP          
0Putka, MarinBrady-Campbell School408RL408LJ408SJ408TJ     408TS      
0Quinn, KennedyBell School of Irish Dance             716OCA  
0Randall, MaggieIrwin Academy of Irish Dance512RLB 512SJA512TJA 512HPB   512TS      
0Rauchfleisch, JuliannaLeneghan Academy of Irish Dance308RL308LJ   309HP          
0repenning, fionnualaThe Academy307RL307LJ307SJ307TJ            
0repenning, muireannThe Academy308RL308LJ308SJ308TJ 309HP          
0Ribovich, AnnaMacConmara Academy411RLA 411SJA411TJA 411HP          
0Rice, EllaGoodwin Academy511RLB 511SJA511TJA 511HPB   511TS      
0Robertson, ElleryBell School of Irish Dance511RLA 511SJA511TJB 511HPB          
0Robertson, MarionThe Academy             712OC  
0Robertson, WilThe Academy             764OC  
0Robinson, KiraRichens-Timm, Ohio509RL 509SJ409TJ 509HP   509TS      
0Robinson, TaylaRichens-Timm, Ohio512RLB 512SJA512TJA 512HPA          
0Robison, ChristopherMacConmara Academy512RLA412LJ 412TJB 412HPA      934   
0Roesch, AllisonNugent School of Irish Dance511RLA 411SJB411TJA 411HP  720TR411TS      
0Ross, CynthiaGoggin-Carroll       618SD     617PC  
0Ruane, Ailish Brady-Campbell School408RL308LJ408SJ408TJ     408TS      
0Ruane, MadelineBrady-Campbell School510RLA 510SJ510TJ 410HP   410TS      
0Rubenstein, LibbyBurke-Conroy School of Irish Dance514RL 514SJ             
0Russell, EmilyLeneghan Academy of Irish Dance516RLA 415SJ516TJA 516HPB   516TS      
0Salomone, LeahO'Hare School of Irish Dance             614PC  
0Salomone, ThereseO'Hare School of Irish Dance             616PC  
0Sanford-Godden, EmilyGoggin-Carroll207RL207LJ207SJ             
0Sawyer, MeghanDwyer School of Irish Dance515RL 515SJ515TJ 515HP   515TS      
0Scala, MargaretBell School of Irish Dance             716OCB  
0Schmitt-Palumbo, CatherineBrady-Campbell School412RLB 412SJA412TJA 412HPA   412TS      
0Schofield, JennaMacConmara Academy414RL414LJ414SJ414TJ 414HP   414TS      
0Schomisch, MadisonMurphy Irish Arts Center511RLB 511SJB511TJB 511HPB          
0Schroeder, JosephineBeglan Academy       614SD     613PC  
0Schwyn, CaileenThe Academy             714OCA  
0Schwyn, KeadyThe Academy             718OCB  
0Sekola, CarolineBurke, Ohio       618SD     718OCA  
0Selness, KatherineThe Clark Academy of Irish Dance             718OCB  
0Semproch, AdelieArdan Academy             716OCA  
0Sexton, MaeveDillon-Gavin             613PC  
0Shaffer, FinnBell School of Irish Dance             610PC  
0Shaffer, HelenBell School of Irish Dance512RLB 512SJB512TJA 512HPB          
0Sharkis, AbigailThe Academy             716OCA  
0Shay, AidanRegan Rankin Holland       614SD     613PC  
0Shera, MeghanRichens-Timm, Ohio513RLA 513SJ513TJB 413HP   414TS      
0Shultz, SydneyThe Academy             716OCA  
0Shupe, FelicityDwyer School of Irish Dance516RLB 516SJB516TJA 516HPB          
0Sinyanskiy, Alexandra ElizabethHamilton School of Irish Dance             712OC  
0Sitter, JuliaRegan Rankin Holland             714OCA  
0Skrha, CarolynBrady-Campbell School208RL208LJ208SJ             
0Slawik, BrianneGoggin-Carroll             718OCA  
0Slusarski, CaitlinMurphy Irish Arts Center516RLA 516SJA516TJA 516HPB   516TS      
0Slusarski, MeghanMurphy Irish Arts Center514RL 514SJ514TJ 514HP   514TS      
0Smith, AbigailBrady-Campbell School             718OCB  
0Smith, ErinBurke, Ohio408RL408LJ408SJ308TJ            
0Smith, JasmineGoggin-Carroll       618SD     617PC  
0Smith, MaggieO'Hare School of Irish Dance             718OCA  
0Smith, MirandaBurke, Ohio             613PC  
0Smith, MoiraBrady-Campbell School207RL207LJ207SJ             
0Smith, MollyShovlin Academy of Irish Dance516RLB 516SJB516TJA 516HPB          
0Smith, RebeccaRichens-Timm, Ohio512RLA 512SJA512TJB 512HPA   512TS      
0Smith, SeanGoggin-Carroll       612SD     612PC  
0Smyth, ChristineThe Academy             719OC  
0Snyder, AveryRince Na Tiarna309RL309LJ309SJ             
0Soeder, MaggieBrady-Campbell School207RL207LJ              
0Speicher, AndrewThe Academy             766OC  
0Spevak, ElleryMurphy Irish Arts Center209RL209LJ              
0St James, WillGoggin-Carroll511RLB  511TJA 511HPB   511TS      
0Stack, AbigailBell School of Irish Dance510RLA 510SJ510TJ 410HP          
0Stage, EvanRegan Rankin Holland             764OC  
0Steele, SavannahLeneghan Academy of Irish Dance512RLA 512SJB512TJA 512HPA  720TR512TS      
0Stephens, GracieGoggin-Carroll510RLA 510SJ410TJ 410HP   510TS      
0Stephens, OliviaGoggin-Carroll410RL410LJ410SJ410TJ 410HP   510TS      
0Stephens, TahneeGoggin-Carroll307RL307LJ307SJ             
0Stofko, MaeveLeneghan Academy of Irish Dance        723TR    712OC  
0Storms, NessaThe Academy             716OCB  
0Straka, KateRegan Rankin Holland       614SD     613PC  
0Straka, ZacharyRegan Rankin Holland             766OC  
0Strauss, BrennanLeneghan Academy of Irish Dance510RLA 510SJ510TJ 510HP   510TS      
0Sullivan, MiaRince Na Tiarna             719OC  
0Swallow, IsabellaThe Academy       614SD     714OCA  
0Swenk, AryannaLeneghan Academy of Irish Dance411RLB411LJA411SJA411TJB 511HPB   511TS      
0Tabone, CarolynMurphy Irish Arts Center             718OCA  
0Taggart, AbigailRichens-Timm, Ohio       616SD     616PC  
0Taylor, AlanaBurke, Ohio414RL414LJ414SJ414TJ            
0Thomas, CatieO'Hare School of Irish Dance415RL415LJ515SJ515TJ 515HP   515TS      
0Thomas, KendallBrady-Campbell School415RL 515SJ415TJ 515HP   515TS      
0Thomas, SarahO'Hare School of Irish Dance412RLB412LJ412SJB512TJA 412HPB   412TS      
0Thompson, MadelynMillennium Academy of Irish Dance512RLA 512SJA512TJA 512HPA          
0Thompson, SarahO'Hare School of Irish Dance510RLB 510SJ510TJ 510HP   410TS      
0Tobias, AidenDwyer School of Irish Dance460RL409LJ   409HP309PD         
0Tresky, Ciara Bell School of Irish Dance412RLA 412SJA512TJA 412HPB   512TS      
0Uhler, Cassandra Leneghan Academy of Irish Dance          721TS  719OC  
0Uhrich, ClaireMurphy Irish Arts Center107RL               
0Uhrich, MollieMurphy Irish Arts Center208RL208LJ              
0Upton, AvaMillennium Academy of Irish Dance510RLA 510SJ410TJ 410HP          
0Vacha, SaraBurke, Ohio511RLA 511SJA411TJA 411HP   411TS      
0Valiando, CharlieO'Malley Irish Dance Academy460RL311LJ              
0Vickers, AvaGoggin-Carroll             714OCB  
0Vickers, MaraGoggin-Carroll             613PC  
0Visscher, BeatriceO'Hare School of Irish Dance516RLA 516SJB516TJB 516HPB   516TS      
0Walcheck, MeghanO'Malley Irish Dance Academy412RLA412LJ412SJA412TJA 412HPA   412TS      
0Waldman, RyanMacConmara Academy       614SD     614PC  
0Wallenhorst, GraceBurke, Ohio414RL414LJ414SJ514TJ 414HP          
0Walsh, Rowan The ML Dance Academy             615PC  
0Ward, HannahDwyer School of Irish Dance             719OC  
0Warling, GenevieveIrwin Academy of Irish Dance510RLB 410SJ510TJ 510HP   510TS      
0Washlock, Scarlette O'Malley Irish Dance Academy411RLA311LJ411SJB   311PD         
0Weaver, KaitlynMacConmara Academy413RL 413SJ513TJB 413HP   414TS      
0Weis, VanessaRichens-Timm, Ohio             616PC  
0Weixel, EvelynBurke-Conroy School of Irish Dance412RLA412LJ412SJA412TJB 412HPB          
0Weller, GeorgiaMillennium Academy of Irish Dance409RL 509SJ509TJ 509HP   509TS      
0Wells, SophiaMacConmara Academy             613PC  
0Wendel, MollyRegan Rankin Holland410RL410LJ311SJ  311HP311PD         
0Wentling, MollyDwyer School of Irish Dance515RL 515SJ515TJ 515HP   515TS      
0Wentz, MarinaMcClanahan514RL 514SJ514TJ            
0White, AudreyBrady-Campbell School513RLB 513SJ513TJA 513HPA          
0Wickenheiser, Erin Dwyer School of Irish Dance       612SD     611PC  
0Wilkie, MeaghanGoggin-Carroll             716OCB  
0Williams, CarolynMillennium Academy of Irish Dance             614PC  
0Williams, ClaireBell School of Irish Dance       618SD     617PC  
0Wilson, KalinBurke-Conroy School of Irish Dance             714OCB  
0Withers, CaitlynBell School of Irish Dance511RLA 511SJB511TJB 511HPB          
0Withers, JuliaBell School of Irish Dance206RL206LJ              
0Woff, CianBrady-Campbell School509RL  509TJ 509HP   509TS      
0Wojnar, NatalieThe Academy             714OCB  
0Wolf, JuliaRichens-Timm, Ohio410RL410LJ410SJ410TJ 410HP          
0Wolf , MaiaRichens-Timm, Ohio513RLA414LJ513SJ413TJ 413HP   414TS      
0Woll, CarolynBurke-Conroy School of Irish Dance             718OCB  
0Worrell, NatalieRichens-Timm, Indiana516RLB 516SJA             
0Wright, Joanna Brady-Campbell School412RLB412LJ412SJA412TJB 412HPA   412TS      
0Young, KyanRichens-Timm, Ohio412RLB 512SJA412TJA 512HPB  720TR412TS      
0Young, MakennaArdan Academy             716OCA  
0Zenker, AmyGoggin-Carroll          720TS  714OCA  
0Zepp, HannahBrady-Campbell School512RLA 512SJB512TJA 512HPA          
0Zepp, MollyBrady-Campbell School512RLB 512SJA512TJA 512HPA          
0Ziemba, KathleenLeneghan Academy of Irish Dance       618SD     617PC