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Program List For North Coast Feis Grade Exams - 2018, MAY BE REVISED!!!

Generated on Jan 07, 2018 13:02:04 PST If your payment was recorded after this date/time, you will not be on this report.

FeisWorx recommends ignoring this Competitor List since it is a static snapshot taken at one point in time. That time is listed in the previous paragraph at the top of this report. You will get far better information about your registration by logging in to your account and clicking the Registration Details link. The information on your My Registrations page is always up to date.

Competitors who have opted out of being included in online competitor lists are not shown here.

NumCompetitorSchoolGrade Exam - Lvl 1Grade Exam - Lvl 2Grade Exam - Lvl 3Grade Exam - Lvl 4Grade Exam - Lvl 5Grade Exam - Lvl 6Grade Exam - Lvl 7Grade Exam - Lvl 8Grade Exam - Lvl 9Grade Exam - Lvl 10
0Cooney, SiobhanTir na Greine      GE07GE08  
0Cummiskey, EmmaMillennium Academy of Irish Dance         GE10
0Dwyer, AidanDwyer School of Irish DanceGE01GE02        
0Dwyer, SeanDwyer School of Irish DanceGE01GE02        
0Gardner, AlainaLeneghan Academy of Irish Dance    GE05     
0Gardner, ShannonLeneghan Academy of Irish Dance    GE05     
0Hennessy, AbbyGoggin-Carroll  GE03GE04      
0Hogan, ErinMurphy Irish Arts CenterGE01GE02        
0Jordan, GretchenLeneghan Academy of Irish Dance GE02GE03       
0Jurca, ReaganLeneghan Academy of Irish DanceGE01GE02        
0Lepore, NicoleLeneghan Academy of Irish Dance  GE03       
0Mirth, CrystalIrwin Academy of Irish Dance   GE04      
0Shupe, FelicityDwyer School of Irish DanceGE01GE02        
0Ward, HannahDwyer School of Irish Dance  GE03GE04      
0Waters, EmilieLeneghan Academy of Irish Dance        GE09GE10
0Wickenheiser, Erin Dwyer School of Irish DanceGE01GE02