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Program List For McGrath Feis - 2018, MAY BE REVISED!!!

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NumCompetitorSchoolReelLight JigSlip JigTreble JigHornpipeTreble Reel SpecTraditional Set2 Hand Dance3 Hand DanceChampionshipIrish Baking4 Hand BookSpecial NeedsIrish Arts
0Adams, AbbyBoyle School of Irish Dance, VA         609    
0albaneze, margaretBaffa Academy         606G    
0Albeik, AlinaO'Neill-James School of Irish DancingR204LJ304SJ204TJ204H204 TS502       
0Alden, LeahWalker Academy   SJ407TJ407          
0Altman, SkylarBaffa AcademyR406 SJ406TJ306          
0Andrews, JennaBoyle School of Irish Dance, VAR406 SJ406TJ406H406         
0Ankers, SamanthaSouthern AcademyR204LJ204 TJ204H204         
0Arndt, TessBaffa AcademyR407 SJ407TJ407H407         
0Arterberry , ChloeKelly Gallagher Irish Dance, N. Carolina         508    
0Ashley, MeredithBoyle School of Irish Dance, VA         510    
0Atkinson, BridgetBoyle School of Irish Dance, VA         510    
0Atkinson, JuliaBoyle School of Irish Dance, VAR307 SJ307TJ307H407         
0Atkinson, KathrynBoyle School of Irish Dance, VAR303LJ203SJ203BTJ203H203         
0Augusti, EmmaMcGrath AcademyR203ALJ203            
0Augusti, LibbyMcGrath AcademyR303LJ303SJ303   TS502       
0Austin, BerithMcGrath Academy         611    
0Bach, LauraCulkin School of Traditional Irish DanceA3 A12   TS513       
0Baffa, RebekahBaffa Academy         503    
0Baffa, RichardBaffa Academy         604    
0Bahel, CassidyTeelin School of Irish Dance         606G    
0Baker, EllyCulkin School of Traditional Irish Dance         610    
0Ballenger, GloriaHunt School, MarylandR302LJ302SJ302TJ302H302         
0Bamberger, EmilyO'Connor School of Irish Dance, BaltimorR410B SJ410ATJ410H410         
0Barnes, IsabelleCumascaigh School of Irish DanceR406 SJ406TJ406H406         
0Barnes, McKennaHunt School, MarylandR205LJ205SJ205TJ205H205         
0Barrett, KylieHurley School of Irish Dance         509    
0Battista, FrannyHurley School of Irish DanceR403 SJ403TJ303H303TR201        
0Beall, SavannahTeelin School of Irish Dance      TS508  502    
0Beam V, RalphMcGrath AcademyR4LJ103            
0Bechamps, ClaudineArmstrong Irish Dance AcademyR407 SJ407TJ307H307         
0Bennett, BryanBroesler School of Irish Dance         508    
0Bennett, MeghanBroesler School of Irish DanceR302LJ302SJ302TJ302H302         
0Bergan, KiraO'Connor School of Irish Dance, Baltimor         506    
0Best, ShannonBell School of Irish DanceR408 SJ408TJ408H408         
0Billera, JuliaO'Neill-James School of Irish DancingR410A SJ410BTJ410H410         
0Bizic, Amelia Southern AcademyR204LJ204SJ204           
0Blazek, AmeliaO'Connor School of Irish Dance, BaltimorR406 SJ406TJ406H406         
0Blood, ErinMcGrath AcademyR410A SJ410BTJ410H410         
0Bodin, ShannonTeelin School of Irish Dance         511    
0Bohl, SamanthaCoyle School of Irish Dance, USA         508    
0Bollhorst, EmilyHurley School of Irish Dance         606G    
0Bollhorst, KatieHurley School of Irish Dance         504    
0Booth, ShannonBell School of Irish Dance         610    
0Borresen Coward, JulianaTeelin School of Irish Dance         503    
0Botros, MaryArmstrong Irish Dance AcademyR407 SJ407TJ307H307         
0Bowman, HaileyO'Neill-James School of Irish DancingR410B SJ410BTJ410H410  F7F3  C3  
0Boyle, KatieTeelin School of Irish Dance  SJ408TJ408          
0Boyle Gibbons, MaggieBoyle School of Irish Dance, VA         605G    
0Bradley, AliceCulkin School of Traditional Irish DanceR405 SJ305TJ405H405         
0Branco, OliviaDowds Irish Dance AcademyR404 SJ404TJ404H404 TS502       
0Breitenbucher, GabriellaMcGrath AcademyR406 SJ406TJ306H306 TS503       
0Brenneke, AvaMcGrath AcademyR103LJ103SJ104A           
0Brenneke, GeorgiaMcGrath AcademyR207LJ207SJ207   TS504       
0Brent, AmeliaMaple Academy of Irish Dance         508    
0Bresson, CarolineTeelin School of Irish Dance  SJ408TJ408H408TR203     C3  
0Brickley, BridgetMaple Academy of Irish DanceR407   H407         
0Brickley, MaireadMaple Academy of Irish Dance         509    
0Brickley, ShannonMaple Academy of Irish Dance  SJ406TJ406          
0Bridges, Grace Doherty Petri School     TR303   508    
0Bright, Fallon Bell School of Irish DanceR406 SJ406TJ406H406         
0Briskey, MadelineMcGrath AcademyR304LJ304SJ304TJ304H304         
0Briskey, MeghanMcGrath AcademyR408 SJ408TJ408H408         
0Brosan, MeganSouthern Academy         609    
0Brow, LindsayTeelin School of Irish Dance         511    
0Brown, AudreyMcGrath Academy         609    
0Brown, GraceRhythm of Ireland         508    
0Buchet, CaitlinScoil Rince Ni DubhthaighR205LJ205SJ205TJ205          
0Buck, LilyScoil Rince Ni DubhthaighR303LJ303SJ203B           
0Budowski, KatherineHunt School, Maryland         504    
0Bugg, OliviaHurley School of Irish Dance         609    
0Burke, AidenMcDonald SchoolR203ALJ203            
0Burke, ConnorMcDonald SchoolR204LJ204 TJ204H204         
0Burke, DeclanMcDonald SchoolR102LJ102            
0Burke, MackenzieMcDonald SchoolR102LJ102            
0Burke, McKaylaMcDonald SchoolR406 SJ406TJ406H406         
0Buttafuoco, MaeveDoherty Petri School      TS508  502    
0Buttignol, MaggieBell School of Irish Dance         506    
0Cabral, AvaSouthern Academy         608    
0Cabral, Isabel Walker Academy R305LJ305SJ305TJ305H305         
0Cabral, MadeleineSouthern Academy         606G    
0Caden, BonnieCulkin School of Traditional Irish Dance         508    
0Caffrey, KyraBroesler School of Irish Dance         609    
0Cain, CharlotteCulkin School of Traditional Irish Dance  SJ405 H405         
0Callahan, AineMcGrath Academy         602    
0Callinan, SamanthaSouthern Academy         610    
0Cameron, HannahHurley School of Irish Dance         607G    
0Campbell, AllisonMcGrath AcademyR408 SJ408TJ308H408     800B  810A
0Campbell, CaleighMcGrath AcademyR306 SJ306TJ306H306TR202    800B  810A
0Carcillo, MaggieMaple Academy of Irish Dance  SJ304 H304         
0Carey, SylvanO'Neill-James School of Irish DancingR309 SJ309TJ309H309  F7F3  C3  
0Carlson, KeelyInis Cairde School of Irish DanceR410A SJ410BTJ410H410         
0Casale, AshlynBell School of Irish DanceR404 SJ304TJ304H404  F5      
0Casale, FionaBell School of Irish DanceR304 SJ304TJ304H304  F5      
0Catterson, ClareDoherty Petri SchoolR102LJ102            
0Catterson, KateDoherty Petri School         606G    
0Cayci, TannerCumascaigh School of Irish Dance         502    
0Charboneau, JamesMcGrath AcademyR2             
0Chervenak, AlliHunt School, Maryland         608    
0Cimbora, OliviaTeelin School of Irish Dance         606G    
0Clemens, AmeliaMaple Academy of Irish Dance         508    
0Cole, LaurenTrionoide Academy of Irish DanceR203ALJ203SJ203ATJ203H203         
0COLEMAN, EVATeelin School of Irish Dance         608    
0Collins, BrittanyCumascaigh School of Irish DanceR410A SJ410ATJ410  TS505       
0Collins, JillianDoherty Petri School         608    
0Compton, Lauren Grace AllisonO'Grady Quinlan AcademyR305LJ305SJ305          810A
0Connelly, Reagan Hunt School of Irish DancingR404 SJ404TJ404H404         
0Cook Yoder, LilaMcFadden Academy of Irish DanceR306 SJ306TJ306H306         
0Corbett, AoifeCulkin School of Traditional Irish DanceR304LJ304SJ204TJ204H204         
0Corso, DaphneBaffa Academy         508    
0Corzine, AnnieTeelin School of Irish Dance         503    
0Cotnoir, MaryBoyle School of Irish Dance, VAR307LJ307SJ307TJ307H307         
0Cox, HarmonyBaffa Academy         507    
0Coyle, TessaSouthern AcademyR205LJ205SJ205           
0Cramer, MelinaHunt School of Irish Dancing         608    
0Cristofaro, CarolineBoyle School of Irish Dance, VA         509    
0Cristofaro, LucyBoyle School of Irish Dance, VAR405 SJ405TJ405          
0Cronin, EmeraldClann Lir AcademyR301LJ301SJ302TJ302  TS501       
0Cronin, IrelandClann Lir Academy         503    
0Crouse, HayleyMcGrath AcademyR1             
0Crouse, MadelineMcGrath AcademyR302LJ203SJ203A   TS501       
0Crowe, AidenBoyle School of Irish Dance, VA         607B    
0Cunha, MollieCulkin School of Traditional Irish DanceR3             
0Cunha, Steven Culkin School of Traditional Irish DanceR103             
0Cunningham, LexiTeelin School of Irish DanceR3             
0Curtis, KatherineMcGrath AcademyR410A SJ410ATJ410H410         
0Dauernheim, EleanorCulkin School of Traditional Irish DanceR309LJ308SJ409TJ409H309         
0Daugherty, KristinTeelin School of Irish DanceR309LJ308SJ309TJ309H309         
0Davis, KylieTeelin School of Irish Dance         606G    
0Davis, MarinHooley School of Irish DanceR307  TJ307H307         
0Dawson, EnaWalker Academy R405 SJ405TJ405H405     800B   
0Dean, CaitlinMillennium Academy of Irish Dance         507    
0DeFilippis, LaurenMcGrath AcademyR306LJ306SJ306TJ306H207 TS503       
0Del Vecchio, MarisaBell School of Irish Dance         608    
0Delaney, Mackenzie McGrath AcademyR3LJ102SJ103A           
0Demchuk, LaurenNi Fhearraigh - O'CeaillaighR406 SJ406TJ406H406TR202TS503       
0Dennen, AnnabelleBoyle School of Irish Dance, VA         505    
0Devlin, MadeleineBurke, OhioR404 SJ404TJ404H404         
0DeVost, JacquelineHurley School of Irish DanceR308 SJ308TJ408H408TR203        
0Diacopoulos, TheodoreRhythm of Ireland         508    
0Dietrich, AdelineO'Neill-James School of Irish Dancing         511    
0DiNucci, GabbyBell School of Irish Dance         608    
0Dobias, EmmaWalker Academy          508    
0Dobson, SamanthaDoherty Petri School         505    
0Doherty, ClareDoherty Petri School         604    
0Doherty, EmmaWalker Academy          507    
0Doherty, KaraDoherty Petri School         602    
0Dongieux, ElainaSouthern Academy         605G    
0Dongieux, KaylaSouthern Academy         611    
0Dongieux, ShawnSouthern Academy         607B    
0Dongieux, TierraSouthern Academy         512    
0Dorsey, EsmeCulkin School of Traditional Irish Dance         506    
0Dougher, MollyLynn-O'Grady Quinlan         511    
0Dougherty, LilianSouthern AcademyR203BLJ203SJ203B H203         
0Douglas, DanaTir Na Nog, PAA2 A11A42A51         
0Doyle, SionnanMcGrath AcademyR1         800B   
0Drake, CaileyO'Neill-James School of Irish DancingR410B SJ410ATJ410H410 TS506       
0Drouin, IsabelleDoherty Petri SchoolR304LJ304SJ304TJ304  TS502       
0Dunn, JuliaMcGrath AcademyR405 SJ405TJ405H405         
0Dutton, PaulMcGrath AcademyR2             
0Dwyer, GraceO'Neill-James School of Irish Dancing         509    
0Dziminski, CameronTrionoide Academy of Irish Dance         605G    
0Eaves, GeorgiaCumascaigh School of Irish Dance         612    
0Edge, MadelineInis Cairde School of Irish DanceR408  TJ408H408TR203TS504       
0Edmiston, Rose MaeMcGrath AcademyR3LJ102            
0Egna, NatalieHunt School of Irish DancingR204LJ204SJ204TJ204H204         
0Elder, JamieScoil Rince Ni DubhthaighR410A SJ410B           
0Evans, MeganRhythm of IrelandR205LJ205SJ205TJ205H205         
0Fallon, CassidyDoherty Petri SchoolR305LJ305SJ305TJ405  TS503       
0Farran, KellyBoyle School of Irish Dance, VAR409   H409         
0Fass, CanaWalker Academy R406 SJ406TJ406H406         
0Feehan, LeahPetri         606G    
0Fehlinger, ArdenBroesler School of Irish Dance         612    
0Fenske, AllisonBoyle School of Irish Dance, VAR305LJ305SJ305TJ305H305         
0Ferry, JaneO'Neill-James School of Irish Dancing         506800B   
0Fincannon, LexiMuggivan School of Irish DanceR206LJ207SJ206TJ206   F6      
0Finnegan, AlexanderDoherty Petri School         606B    
0Finnegan, SamanthaDoherty Petri School         611    
0Finnegan, SarahDoherty Petri School         611    
0Fitzpatrick, RileyTeelin School of Irish Dance LJ304 TJ304H304         
0Flanagan, MikaelaHunt School of Irish Dancing         610    
0Fleisher, BellaMcGrath AcademyR104ALJ104ASJ104A           
0Flynn, EmmaBaffa AcademyR306LJ306SJ306TJ306          
0Fogarty, CorinneWalker Academy          605G    
0Fortin, JessicaWalker Academy          605G    
0Fortin, NataleeWalker Academy          504    
0France, SophiaBaffa Academy         505    
0Francis, EmmaBoyle School of Irish Dance, VA         505    
0Franklin, MariaWalker Academy          608    
0Frazier, HadleyHurley School of Irish DanceR407 SJ407TJ407H407         
0Freeman-Chann, WendyLynn-O'Grady QuinlanR410A SJ410BTJ410H410 TS506       
0Fullinwider, GraceBoyle School of Irish Dance, VAR408   H408         
0Gallagher, FionaHurley School of Irish Dance         607G    
0Gallagher Worster , KatieHooley School of Irish DanceA2 A11A42A51 TS513       
0Gallaher, MollyBaffa Academy         608    
0Galligher, Courtney BaileyBaffa Academy         510    
0Ganel , GraceCulkin School of Traditional Irish DanceA1A20A10           
0Garahan, CiaraDeNogla School         509    
0Gatewood, BryanneDrake, Southern USA         610    
0Gatrell, KylieBaffa Academy         511    
0Gaugh, EleanorBoyle School of Irish Dance, VA         507    
0Geidel, BrennaDo Cairde School of Irish DanceR308LJ308SJ308TJ208H208         
0Geraghty, CahirMaple Academy of Irish Dance         510    
0Gibbons, GraceBoyle School of Irish Dance, VAR206LJ207  H207         
0Gilligan, CiaraDoherty Petri School         605G    
0Gillmeister, JulianaBroesler School of Irish Dance         503    
0Gillmeister, LucasBroesler School of Irish DanceR301LJ301  H203         
0Glenn, MiaSouthern AcademyR106LJ106            
0Goddeyne, KaleighRince O'Chroi         507    
0Goff, CaitlinBoyle School of Irish Dance, VAR205  TJ205H205         
0Goforth, HopeWalker Academy R410B SJ410ATJ410H410 TS505       
0Goldberg, BennettScoil Rince Ni DubhthaighR204LJ204 TJ204          
0Goldberg, SpencerScoil Rince Ni DubhthaighR408  TJ408H408         
0GOULD, KELLY ANNWalker Academy          611    
0Graham, EmilyCulkin School of Traditional Irish DanceA3 A12A42  TS513       
0Granahan, CharlotteBroesler School of Irish Dance         608    
0Granahan, CheyenneBroesler School of Irish Dance         610    
0Granahan, GregoryBroesler School of Irish Dance         606B    
0Graves, EmilyMcGrath Academy         608    
0Greenfield, Kimberly McGrath AcademyR410B             
0Gretz, GraceHunt School of Irish Dancing         609    
0Griffin, CarolineBoyle School of Irish Dance, VA         510    
0Haddad, MaryBell School of Irish DanceR410A SJ410BTJ410H410         
0Hagerty, AbigailArmstrong Irish Dance Academy         508800B   
0Hagerty, EllenRichens-Timm, Ohio         508    
0Hale, TristanHurley School of Irish Dance         508    
0Haley, ElizabethCulkin School of Traditional Irish Dance         509    
0Halisky , Angelina Boyle School of Irish Dance, VAR3LJ102SJ103A           
0Halisky, MaryBoyle School of Irish Dance, VAR306LJ306SJ306TJ306H306         
0Halisky, VeronicaBoyle School of Irish Dance, VAR204   H204         
0Hall, AlyssaBoyle School of Irish Dance, VA         509    
0Hall, CatherineO'Grady Quinlan AcademyR308LJ308SJ408TJ308H308 TS504       
0Hall, DanielO'Neill-James School of Irish Dancing     TR304TS512  512    
0Hallal, SophieHurley School of Irish Dance         510    
0Ham, PatrickBoyle School of Irish Dance, VAR304LJ304 TJ204H204         
0Hanover, DelaneyMcGrath AcademyR308 SJ308TJ308          
0Hanson, GraceHurley School of Irish Dance         606G    
0Harper, CatherineTeelin School of Irish DanceR408 SJ408 H408 TS504   800B   
0Harper, HannahKelly Gallagher Irish Dance, N. CarolinaR309 SJ310TJ410H410         
0Hartenstein, SarahBell School of Irish Dance         610    
0Hartley, MaeveBoyle School of Irish Dance, VA         505    
0Hartley, MoiraBoyle School of Irish Dance, VAR403 SJ302TJ404H403 TS501       
0Hartranft, EllieHooley School of Irish DanceR410B SJ410ATJ410          
0Haskins, RachelBell School of Irish DanceR410A SJ410ATJ410H410         
0Haskins, SarahBell School of Irish Dance         506    
0Hatcher, NicoleMcGrath AcademyR410A SJ410BTJ410H410         
0Hawks, AshlynnWalsh Kelley SchoolR409 SJ409TJ409H409         
0Hawks, Nathan Walsh Kelley SchoolR304  TJ304H304         
0Hayes, CharlotteDoherty Petri School      TS508  502    
0heckman, amandaBaffa Academy         608    
0Henderson, KaiaCumascaigh School of Irish DanceR305LJ305SJ405TJ305H405TR202TS503       
0Henderson, KameaCumascaigh School of Irish DanceR203BLJ103SJ104A   TS502       
0hoagland, carolynBoyle School of Irish Dance, VA         605G    
0Hodge, ValeriaMcGrath Academy     TR303TS511  509    
0Hoffman, KeiraHooley School of Irish Dance   TJ407H407         
0Hofmann, FionaMcGrath AcademyR103LJ103SJ104A           
0Homendy, AlexandraBaffa Academy      TS509  504    
0Horrigan, AveryMuggivan School of Irish DanceR405 SJ405TJ405H405         
0Horrigan, EvanneMuggivan School of Irish Dance         506    
0Hosang, IsabellaCumascaigh School of Irish Dance         509    
0Hoyt-O, GinnyBroesler School of Irish Dance         612    
0Hughes, EdwardO'Neill-James School of Irish DancingR306LJ207SJ206TJ206H306         
0Hynes, GaelieRince Na TiarnaR204LJ204SJ204TJ204          
0Imorde, AlyssaMcGrath Academy         609    
0Jacobs, JessicaTeelin School of Irish DanceR406 SJ406        C3  
0Jans, CatherineSouthern Academy         507    
0Jeffers, McKennaSouthern AcademyR4LJ203            
0Johnson, MollyBoyle School of Irish Dance, VAR307LJ307SJ307TJ307H307         
0Jones, ErinHurley School of Irish Dance         612    
0Jones , Kasey Hurley School of Irish DanceR104ALJ104ASJ104ATJ204          
0Jones, Megan Teelin School of Irish DanceR407 SJ407TJ407H407         
0Jorgenson, FreyaInis Cairde School of Irish DanceR309 SJ409TJ409H409         
0Joss, AliceMuggivan School of Irish DanceR407             
0Joss, MeganMuggivan School of Irish DanceR403 SJ403 H403         
0Jurca, ReaganLeneghan Academy of Irish Dance     TR301TS508  502    
0Kager, BridgetDoherty Petri School      TS512  510    
0Kelley, ClaraBurke-Conroy School of Irish DanceR407LJ307SJ407TJ407H307         
0Kelley, NoraBurke-Conroy School of Irish DanceR405LJ305SJ305TJ305H305         
0Kelly, AbigailHooley School of Irish Dance         603    
0Kelly, MiaHooley School of Irish Dance         503    
0Kemp, SerenaCulkin School of Traditional Irish Dance         510    
0Kennedy, Elizabeth Doherty Petri School         607G    
0Kilkenny, ElizabethBaffa AcademyR404 SJ404TJ404H404         
0Kilkenny, KatherineBaffa AcademyR302LJ302SJ302TJ302          
0Killeen, Katherine Rhythm of IrelandR203ALJ203SJ203ATJ203H203      C1  
0Kilroy, CatherineDrake, Southern USA         604    
0King, CaitlinBoyle School of Irish Dance, VA         607G    
0Kivimaki, KatherineBoyle School of Irish Dance, VA         609    
0Kleiber, KarolinBoyle School of Irish Dance, VAR306LJ306SJ406TJ406H406         
0Klimon, HelenaBaffa AcademyR410B SJ410ATJ410H410         
0Klotz, AlexandraDeNogla School     TR302TS508  602    
0Knowles, MadelineWalker Academy          609    
0Koehr, CeiliBoyle School of Irish Dance, VA         507    
0koepke, graceSouthern AcademyR306LJ306 TJ306H207         
0Komar, KathleenSouthern AcademyA2 A12A42A51 TS513       
0Kontonis, TheoDoherty Petri School         608    
0kramer, madisonMuggivan School of Irish Dance         508    
0kramer, sydneyMuggivan School of Irish DanceR404 SJ304TJ404H304         
0Krannitz, AlinaBaffa Academy         607G    
0Krannitz, ReillyBaffa Academy         609    
0Kriner, MarinTeelin School of Irish Dance         506    
0Krol, CatherineTeelin School of Irish DanceR405 SJ305TJ405H405         
0Kuna, Aidan Heritage Irish Dance CompanyR205LJ205        800B   
0Lacy, EmmaO'Neill-James School of Irish Dancing     TR302   506    
0Lacy, MirandaO'Neill-James School of Irish DancingR304LJ304SJ304TJ304H304TR202TS502       
0Lam, JayvionRhythm of IrelandR203ALJ203 TJ203H203         
0Lambirth, ColemanBaffa Academy         604    
0Lang, MaggieSouthern AcademyR304LJ304SJ304TJ304H304 TS502F5      
0Lang, ZuzuSouthern AcademyR302LJ302SJ302TJ203H203 TS501       
0Laning, KristianaMaple Academy of Irish DanceR307LJ307SJ307TJ307H307         
0Lattin, MiaCulkin School of Traditional Irish DanceR306 SJ306TJ306          
0Laub, VivianBaffa AcademyR406 SJ406TJ406          
0Lauer, KatieCulkin School of Traditional Irish DanceA3 A12   TS513       
0Lautenslager, KaitlynCumascaigh School of Irish DanceR303LJ303SJ203BTJ303          
0Leach, TalynnBoyle School of Irish Dance, VAR309 SJ309TJ309H309         
0Leahy, JuneScoil Rince Ni DubhthaighR403  TJ404H403         
0Leitholf, KatieBurke-Conroy School of Irish DanceR408 SJ408TJ408H408         
0Lewis, KateCulkin School of Traditional Irish Dance    H410         
0Liebetrau, MearaScoil Rince Ni DubhthaighR303 SJ403TJ303H403         
0Liscotti , AvaBurke-Conroy School of Irish DanceR301LJ301SJ302           
0Lockett, BridgetMcGrath AcademyR204LJ204SJ204   TS502       
0Loewy, SydneyBell School of Irish Dance         608    
0Loftis, KendallBroesler School of Irish Dance         607G    
0Lohr, SuzanneMuggivan School of Irish DanceR409 SJ409TJ409H409         
0Long, RebekahBaffa AcademyR307LJ307SJ307TJ307          
0Longabaugh, KatherineO'Connor School of Irish Dance, BaltimorR410B SJ410A           
0Lopresti, OwenBell School of Irish Dance         503    
0Lord, AinsleyWalker Academy R408 SJ408TJ408H408         
0Low, ConnorCulkin School of Traditional Irish Dance     TR302   605B    
0Luepke, Chiara Boyle School of Irish Dance, VA         509    
0Lyons, ErinMaple Academy of Irish Dance         508    
0MacCartney, SophiaHooley School of Irish Dance   TJ404          
0Macchiarola, Mary KateDoherty Petri School         603    
0Manack, EmilyBell School of Irish DanceR407 SJ407TJ407H407 TS504       
0Mandable, KirstinaBoyle School of Irish Dance, VA    H409         
0Manion, RachelScoil Rince Ni DubhthaighR409 SJ309TJ309H309         
0Marinaro, FionaRhythm of Ireland         608    
0Markert, DelaneyO'Connor School of Irish Dance, BaltimorR305LJ305SJ305TJ305H305         
0Marshall, AnnaBoyle School of Irish Dance, VAR404   H404         
0Marshall, ElizabethO'Neill-James School of Irish DancingR205LJ205SJ205  TR102 F6      
0Marshall, LydiaBoyle School of Irish Dance, VA         507    
0Martin, JoannaPaloma School of Irish Dance         512    
0Martini, AthenaLynn-O'Grady Quinlan-Connick         607G    
0Matthews, CateTeelin School of Irish DanceR407 SJ407TJ407H307         
0Mavica, TinnaHunt School, Maryland         507    
0Mavica, WilliamHunt School, Maryland         606B    
0McCann, LynneO'Neill-James School of Irish DancingR410B SJ410BTJ410H410         
0McCardell, ClaireBroesler School of Irish Dance         606G    
0McCardell, ErinBroesler School of Irish Dance         606G    
0McCarthy, ElizaMcGrath AcademyR103LJ103SJ104A           
0McCauley, BrigidO'Neill-James School of Irish DancingR205LJ305SJ205    F6      
0McCauley, SylviaO'Neill-James School of Irish DancingR306LJ306SJ306           
0McDarby, ClareHurley School of Irish Dance         508    
0McElhaney, QuincyCulkin School of Traditional Irish Dance         510    
0McEwen, AnnaLeeO'Grady Quinlan AcademyR204LJ204SJ204           
0McEwen, ReeseO'Grady Quinlan AcademyR203ALJ203SJ203A   TS501       
0McGee, AlexandraO'Grady Quinlan AcademyR308 SJ308TJ408          
0McGee, KathleenHurley School of Irish DanceR404             
0McGrath, GabrielleMacConmara Academy         503    
0McGuire, KlementynaCulkin School of Traditional Irish DanceR403 SJ403TJ303H303         
0McHugh, EmmaTrionoide Academy of Irish DanceR102LJ102            
0McHugh, LiamTrionoide Academy of Irish DanceR103LJ103SJ103A           
0McIntyre , CatherineHurley School of Irish DanceR303LJ303SJ303           
0McIntyre, MaddoxBaffa AcademyR305LJ305SJ305TJ305          
0McIntyre , MaeveHurley School of Irish Dance         607G    
0McIntyre, MaverickBaffa AcademyR203ALJ203            
0McKeown, GwenBoyle School of Irish Dance, VA         507    
0McKneely, MaggieSouthern AcademyA2 A11A41A51         
0McLaughlin, ClaireBoyle School of Irish Dance, VA         508    
0McLaughlin, MargaretBoyle School of Irish Dance, VAR410A  TJ410H410         
0McLaughlin, MaryMcGrath AcademyR410A SJ410BTJ410          
0McLaughlin, RileyMcDade-Cara School         505    
0McNeill, EmmaBroesler School of Irish DanceR404 SJ404TJ404H404         
0McNeill, KatieBroesler School of Irish Dance         504    
0McNeill, RyanBroesler School of Irish Dance         502    
0Melley, SaraHurley School of Irish Dance         610    
0Meserve, SaraMaple Academy of Irish Dance         612    
0Metheny, KateHunt School, Maryland         605G    
0Mezzich, GabriellaDoherty Petri School         509    
0Michalak, BriannaWalker Academy R405 SJ405TJ405H405TR202TS503       
0Miller, AdenBaffa AcademyR104ALJ104ASJ104A           
0Miller, ElizabethHurley School of Irish Dance         507    
0Miller, EmilyBroesler School of Irish Dance         609    
0Monagan, ColleenCulkin School of Traditional Irish DanceA2A21A11 A51 TS513       
0mood, EvieCulkin School of Traditional Irish DanceR407 SJ407TJ407H307         
0Moore, SannaCulkin School of Traditional Irish DanceR409 SJ409TJ409H409TR203        
0Moreau, EmilyBroesler School of Irish Dance     TR301TS508  502    
0Morgan, SophieBaffa Academy         604    
0Morris, RoryMcGrath AcademyR4LJ103SJ104A           
0Mudge, AnnabelO'Neill-James School of Irish Dancing         510    
0Muehleisen, PhoebeTeelin School of Irish DanceR303LJ303SJ303TJ303H203         
0Mullarkey, BridgetSouthern Academy         603    
0Mullarkey, MeghannSouthern Academy         606G    
0Murphy, MollyMcGrath Academy      TS509  505    
0Murray, KathleenBroesler School of Irish Dance         506    
0Murray, KevinBroesler School of Irish DanceR204LJ204 TJ304H204         
0Murray, NoraBaffa Academy         609    
0Murray, RoisinBaffa Academy     TR304   612    
0Nailor, JuliaDrake, Southern USA         612    
0Nalls, BrigidMcGrath Academy         607G    
0Nalls, KarenMcGrath Academy         505    
0Nally, CaraDeNogla School         508    
0Naughton, OliviaBoyle School of Irish Dance, VA         503    
0Netzband, KaraLynn-O'Grady Quinlan      TS509  604    
0Neville, ErinScoil Rince Ni DubhthaighR305LJ305SJ205TJ205H305         
0Newman, SydneyBroesler School of Irish Dance         610    
0Nichols, Carrie McGrath AcademyR309 SJ310TJ310H310         
0Nielsen, LilyMcGrath AcademyR406 SJ406TJ406H406TR202    800B  810A
0Nolan, KaylinLynn-O'Grady Quinlan-Connick         608    
0Noonan, ClaireTeelin School of Irish DanceR301LJ301SJ302TJ203          
0Noonan, KeiraTeelin School of Irish Dance         503    
0Norton, MorganRhythm of IrelandR309 SJ310TJ310H310         
0Nugent, AnnemarieDoherty Petri School         601    
0Nugent, KateDoherty Petri School         605G    
0O, CadynScoil Rince Ni Dubhthaigh         506    
0O, SarahHunt School, MarylandR410B SJ410ATJ410H310 TS506       
0O'Brien, RileyTeelin School of Irish Dance         606G    
0O'Connell, BethHurley School of Irish Dance          800B  810A
0O'Connell, FionaHurley School of Irish DanceR408 SJ408TJ408H408TR203    800B   
0O'Halloran, ReeseScoil Rince Ni Dubhthaigh         504    
0O'Hearn, EmilyMaple Academy of Irish Dance         506    
0O'Hearn, OliviaMaple Academy of Irish Dance         511    
0O'Keeffe, AlexandraBoyle School of Irish Dance, VAR308 SJ308TJ308H308         
0O’Connor, AislinnScoil Rince Ni Dubhthaigh         504    
0Olcott, MaryHurley School of Irish DanceR405LJ305SJ305TJ305H305TR202        
0Olechna, SydneySouthern Academy         607G    
0Onizuk, RaeganCumascaigh School of Irish Dance         510    
0OReilly, RonanBoyle School of Irish Dance, VA         508    
0Pacheco, CatiePhoenix Irish Dance AcademyR410A SJ310 H310         
0Painter, AlexandraLynn-O'Grady Quinlan-ConnickR406 SJ406TJ406H406         
0Palo, ChristinaO'Neill-James School of Irish DancingA2A21A11A40A50 TS513       
0Parmelee, BrighidCulkin School of Traditional Irish DanceR305LJ305SJ305TJ205H205 TS503       
0Parmelee, MaireadCulkin School of Traditional Irish DanceR305LJ305SJ305TJ305H205 TS503       
0Partridge, DelaneyBoyle School of Irish Dance, VA         502    
0Patchin, BrennaLynn-O'Grady Quinlan-Connick         505    
0Pearce, Kathryn Phoenix Irish Dance AcademyR203ALJ203SJ203A           
0Pearson, LilyO'Neill-James School of Irish DancingR407 SJ407TJ307H407 TS504       
0Pelkey, CaitlynScoil Rince Ni DubhthaighR302 SJ302TJ302H302 TS501       
0Pelkey, MeghanScoil Rince Ni DubhthaighR306 SJ306TJ306H406 TS503       
0Pennypacker, MadeleineArmstrong Irish Dance AcademyR305LJ205SJ205TJ305H305         
0Perdomo, LexyO'Grady Quinlan AcademyR406 SJ406TJ406H306         
0Persson, Maria An Clar School of Irish Dance         510    
0Peterson, JanetCulkin School of Traditional Irish DanceA3 A12A42  TS513       
0Pfeifer, AidanRhythm of Ireland         606B    
0Pfeifer, BrennaRhythm of IrelandR309 SJ309TJ309H309         
0Phaup, SienaHurley School of Irish DanceR306LJ306SJ306TJ306          
0Phillips, CaitlinTeelin School of Irish Dance         612    
0Pickard, ElleBoyle School of Irish Dance, VA         603    
0Poe, KylaMaple Academy of Irish Dance         510    
0Polcha, GiovannaMcGrath AcademyR2             
0Polcha, KatarinaMcGrath AcademyR205LJ105SJ105           
0Polcha, MaryMcGrath AcademyR307LJ307SJ207   TS504       
0Polcha, VeronicaMcGrath AcademyR103LJ103            
0Pollard, IsabellaMcGrath AcademyR105LJ105SJ105   TS503       
0Prisby, AshlynnO'Neill-James School of Irish DancingR308 SJ408TJ308H308         
0Proehl, AvaSouthern Academy     TR303   608    
0Pronk, NatalieMuggivan School of Irish Dance         504    
0Quinn, ClaireCulkin School of Traditional Irish DanceR406 SJ406TJ306H306         
0Quinn, EllieCulkin School of Traditional Irish Dance         509    
0Quinn, KellyCulkin School of Traditional Irish DanceR203ALJ302SJ203A           
0Raiford, GraysonHurley School of Irish Dance         505    
0Rajkowski, AnnabelleHooley School of Irish Dance         504    
0Rajkowski, MiaHooley School of Irish DanceR404             
0Ramachandran, ArjunTeelin School of Irish DanceR304  TJ304H404         
0Rankin, SophiaMcGrath Academy         607G    
0Read, ClaireMcAleer School, DelawareR203ALJ202SJ203ATJ203          
0Read, MauraMcAleer School, DelawareR405 SJ405TJ405H405 TS503       
0Reed, PaigeLynn-O'Grady Quinlan-Connick         508    
0Reiher, AislinnLegacy Irish Dance AcademyR404 SJ404TJ404H404         
0Reinhart, BrigidHunt School, Maryland         507    
0Reynolds, AislingMcGrath Academy         602    
0Reynolds, KeiraMcGrath AcademyR203ALJ203SJ203A           
0Richardson, AnastasiaSouthern AcademyR2             
0Richardson, FaithBaffa AcademyR407 SJ407TJ407H407         
0Richardson, SophiaSouthern AcademyR103LJ103            
0Riley, AelaCulkin School of Traditional Irish Dance         509    
0Riley, MadisonMuggivan School of Irish DanceR407 SJ407TJ407          
0Ritter, SamanthaTeelin School of Irish Dance  SJ408 H408         
0Rivers, KloeBaffa AcademyR207LJ207SJ207TJ207          
0Robertson, Kathryn C.O'Neill-James School of Irish DancingA2A21A11A41A51 TS513       
0Roche, GraceHurley School of Irish Dance         508    
0Rodgers, AlanaRyan School of Irish Dance         512    
0Rogers, AubreighArmstrong Irish Dance Academy      TS508  502    
0Rolaf, EthanWalker Academy R307LJ307 TJ307H307         
0Romano, GiannaTeelin School of Irish DanceR406 SJ406TJ406H406      C3 810A
0Rooney, DeclanHurley School of Irish DanceR306LJ306 TJ306H306         
0Roos, JuliaBroesler School of Irish Dance         607G    
0Ros, GabrielaBoyle School of Irish Dance, VA         508    
0Rose, AlexisBaffa Academy         504    
0Rowan, MadelynSabo School of Irish Dance     TR303TS511  508    
0Rueter, AlainaSouthern AcademyR106LJ106            
0Rueter, OliviaSouthern AcademyR204 SJ204TJ204H204 TS502F5      
0Rutledge, AnnieCumascaigh School of Irish Dance         609    
0Ryan, MackenzieTeelin School of Irish DanceR307LJ307SJ307TJ307H307         
0Rzepecki, EllaBroesler School of Irish Dance      TS508  503    
0Rzepecki, LailaBroesler School of Irish DanceR302LJ302SJ302TJ302H302         
0Sanford, JaxonCumascaigh School of Irish Dance         510    
0Savage, Reilly GraceMcGrath Academy         603    
0Savage, Sophia LouiseMcGrath Academy         605G    
0Scharnberger, LexieCulkin School of Traditional Irish DanceR410A SJ410ATJ410H410         
0Schindler, ArleneMaple Academy of Irish DanceR408 SJ408TJ408H408         
0Schloemer, AnnaArmstrong Irish Dance AcademyR410A SJ310TJ310H410         
0Schloss, CassidyBaffa AcademyR304LJ304SJ304TJ304H304         
0Schloss, DylanBaffa Academy         607B    
0Schnitzer, EllaMcGrath AcademyR307LJ307SJ307TJ307H307TR202TS504      810A
0schofield, liamMuggivan School of Irish Dance         612    
0Schott, EmilyHunt School, MarylandR103LJ103SJ103A           
0Schrock, LenahArmstrong Irish Dance AcademyR302LJ302SJ302TJ302H302         
0Schultz, CateCulkin School of Traditional Irish Dance         509    
0Schwarzmann, Lily Hunt School, Maryland         607G    
0Scrimgeour, StaceyCulkin School of Traditional Irish DanceR204LJ204SJ304           
0Sebastian, LilyTeelin School of Irish Dance         605G    
0Sexton, KyraBroesler School of Irish Dance         605G    
0Shaffer, HelenBell School of Irish DanceR406 SJ406TJ406H406         
0Shaheen, PeytonInis Cairde School of Irish Dance      TS510  507    
0Shepherd, CamilleCulkin School of Traditional Irish Dance         508    
0Shimp, HannahSabo School of Irish Dance         605G    
0Sims, SophiaBaffa AcademyR303LJ303SJ403TJ404          
0Smith, BrennanScoil Rince Ni DubhthaighR407  TJ407H407         
0Smith, ClaireCumascaigh School of Irish Dance  SJ404           
0Smith, EleanorCulkin School of Traditional Irish DanceR304LJ304SJ304TJ404H304         
0Smith, EvelynDoherty Petri School         508    
0Smith, KeiraCumascaigh School of Irish Dance         505    
0Smith, MaeveScoil Rince Ni Dubhthaigh         509    
0Smith, MasonCumascaigh School of Irish Dance         504    
0Smith, Meli O'Neill-James School of Irish DancingR308LJ308SJ308TJ208H208      C3  
0Smith, ShannonO'Neill-James School of Irish DancingA3A22A11A41A51 TS513       
0Sobocinski, AmyMaple Academy of Irish Dance         508    
0Solino, KaylaLynn-O'Grady Quinlan-Connick         510    
0Songer, MaryHurley School of Irish Dance         607G    
0Spencer, JulianaCumascaigh School of Irish DanceR407 SJ407TJ407  TS504       
0Springer, CatherineMcGrath Academy         504    
0Stallard, AubreyMuggivan School of Irish DanceR308LJ308SJ308TJ308H308         
0Starkey, DelaneyMuggivan School of Irish Dance         506    
0Staskin, AnnWalker Academy          609    
0Stauffer, EmilyHooley School of Irish DanceR305 SJ405TJ405H405 TS503       
0Stelljes, Elizabeth Walker Academy R302LJ302SJ302TJ302H302         
0Stelljes, Emma GraceWalker Academy R407 SJ407TJ407H407 TS504       
0Stile, RileyTeelin School of Irish Dance         507    
0Stiles, EmmaMcGrath AcademyR103LJ103SJ103A           
0Stitcher, SophieArmstrong Irish Dance AcademyR206LJ207SJ206TJ206H207         
0Story, KatherineCulkin School of Traditional Irish DanceR409 SJ409TJ409H409         
0Stralka, VictoriaTeelin School of Irish DanceR409   H409         
0Strzelczyk, TrinityDoherty Petri School         505    
0Stubner, GretaHurley School of Irish Dance         508    
0Stubner, MadeleineHurley School of Irish Dance         506    
0Sugg, MorganTir Na Nog, PA         512    
0Suhocki, AvaSabo School of Irish Dance         507    
0Suhocki , GraceSabo School of Irish Dance         509    
0Suhocki, PaigeSabo School of Irish Dance         503    
0Sullivan, AddisonMcDade-Cara School         505    
0Sullivan, CassyBroesler School of Irish Dance         508    
0Szklany, LynneaO'Grady Quinlan AcademyR405 SJ405TJ405H405         
0Szklany, Rowan ConnorO'Grady Quinlan AcademyR103             
0Tabisz, JuliaTeelin School of Irish Dance         612    
0Taricani, CharlotteKelly Gallagher Irish Dance, N. CarolinaR409 SJ309TJ409H409         
0Taylor, AineHurley School of Irish DanceR306LJ306SJ306TJ306H406TR202        
0Taylor, GizelleWalker Academy R306LJ306SJ306TJ306H306 TS503       
0Tepe, GillianTeelin School of Irish Dance         605G    
0Terrell, LailaMcGrath AcademyR103             
0Tetley, EmmaWalker Academy R305LJ305SJ305TJ305H305         
0TETLEY, TAYLORWalker Academy R303LJ303SJ303TJ303H303         
0Thornton, CassidyBroesler School of Irish Dance         505    
0Tibbs, ReaganMcGrath Academy         508    
0Titus-Rogan, BronwynO'Neill-James School of Irish DancingR408 SJ408TJ408H408TR203TS504       
0Tollett, AllisonCumascaigh School of Irish DanceA3 A12A42  TS513       
0Tomashevsky, AlishaScoil Rince Ni DubhthaighR305 SJ305TJ405H305         
0Topper, JuliaCulkin School of Traditional Irish DanceA3 A12A42A52 TS513       
0Torres, KatiaMcGrath Academy     TR304TS512  610    
0Torres, SilkeMcGrath AcademyR303 SJ303TJ203 TR201TS502       
0Tourbaf, AnnaO'Neill-James School of Irish Dancing         510    
0Trent, IsabelleWalker Academy          602    
0Trumbauer, JosephineTeelin School of Irish DanceR404 SJ404TJ404H404         
0Turner, AislinnMcGrath Academy         509    
0Ucanda, JazleneHurley School of Irish DanceR405 SJ405TJ305H305 TS503F6      
0Uhler, Cassandra Leneghan Academy of Irish Dance     TR304   612    
0URGO, ALANNADoherty Petri School         505    
0Vader, AnaTeelin School of Irish Dance         508    
0Vanisko, AllisonTeelin School of Irish Dance  SJ410A   TS506    C4  
0Vann, Alexander Maple Academy of Irish Dance         509    
0Vann, JacksonMaple Academy of Irish Dance         511    
0Vernice, FionaDoherty Petri School         604    
0Vrablik, AshleighMcGrath Academy      TS509  505    
0Walker, EammonBaffa Academy         506    
0Walker, MaeveBaffa Academy         608    
0Walter-Trzcinski, AmberMaple Academy of Irish Dance         612    
0Walton, LucyHurley School of Irish DanceR407 SJ407TJ407H407TR202        
0Wans, Mary KateHunt School of Irish DancingR406 SJ406TJ306H306         
0Ward, CocoTeelin School of Irish Dance         601    
0Warren, EmilyBroesler School of Irish Dance         611    
0Wasek, ZoeWalker Academy R304LJ304SJ304TJ304H304 TS502       
0Wasson, CorinneHurley School of Irish DanceR407 SJ407TJ407H407         
0Weaver, AnnaMcGrath Academy     TR302   505    
0Weisbrod, CianRoyceRhythm of IrelandR203ALJ203 TJ203H203         
0Weisbrod, DaraRhythm of Ireland         611    
0Weisbrod, EmmalynnRhythm of IrelandR102             
0Welch, CiaranMaple Academy of Irish Dance         507    
0Welch, SaoirseMaple Academy of Irish Dance         506    
0Wells, ShylahLynn-O'Grady Quinlan-Connick         605G    
0Whelan, MeganLynn-O'Grady Quinlan         612    
0White, CaitlynHunt School, Maryland         506    
0White, CaraHunt School, MarylandR301LJ301SJ302TJ203          
0Whitfield, HaleyBaffa AcademyR203ALJ202SJ203A           
0Whitford, VeronicaBaffa Academy         505    
0Wiegand, NorahMaple Academy of Irish Dance         608    
0Wilkes, MadisonMcGrath AcademyR105LJ105SJ105   TS503       
0Wilkes, McKinleyMcGrath AcademyR2             
0Willens, GenevieveCulkin School of Traditional Irish DanceR407 SJ407 H407         
0Williams, BradyBaffa AcademyR405  TJ305          
0Williams, ClaireBoyle School of Irish Dance, VA         503    
0Winn, PiperBaffa Academy         607G    
0Winn, TeaganBaffa Academy         606G    
0Wiszneauckas, ElyseCulkin School of Traditional Irish DanceA2 A12A41A52 TS513       
0Woff, CianBrady-Campbell SchoolR403  TJ404H403 TS502       
0Wolf, CatherineMuggivan School of Irish DanceR204LJ304SJ204TJ304H204  F6      
0Wolfe, CarolineCass-Barrington Academy of Irish DanceR405 SJ405TJ405H405         
0Wolfe, CharlotteCass-Barrington Academy of Irish Dance         602    
0Wolstenholme, ClaireMcGrath Academy         605G    
0Wraback, CatherineCulkin School of Traditional Irish Dance         609    
0Wright, KarsenMcGrath AcademyR104ALJ104A            
0Wright, Katherine Teelin School of Irish DanceR305 SJ405TJ405H305      C3  
0Young, AddisonBoyle School of Irish Dance, VA         509    
0Young, DelaneySouthern Academy     TR302TS510  506    
0Zagorski, CiaraSouthern AcademyR102             
0Zagorski, GaretSouthern Academy     TR301TS507  601