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Program List For Buckeye State Feis - 2018, MAY BE REVISED!!!

Generated on Apr 15, 2018 07:00:26 PDT If your payment was recorded after this date/time, you will not be on this report.

FeisWorx recommends ignoring this Competitor List since it is a static snapshot taken at one point in time. That time is listed in the previous paragraph at the top of this report. You will get far better information about your registration by logging in to your account and clicking the Registration Details link. The information on your My Registrations page is always up to date.

Competitors who have opted out of being included in online competitor lists are not shown here.

NumCompetitorSchoolReelLight JigSlip JigTreble JigHornpipeSt. Patricks DaySet DanceTreble ReelTraditional Set3 Hand ReelChampionship4 Hand Jig or ReelFlute8 Hand CeiliTin WhistleAccordion/IrishPianoFiddle
101Abigael, ArnoldThe Academy          714OCB      
105Adair, AbigailRegan Rankin Holland      612SD   612PC      
106Adair, SophiaRegan Rankin Holland      609SD   609PC      
107Adams, AbigailErickson Academy414RL 414SJ414TJ414HP            
108Adkins, AinsleyThe Academy509RL 509SJ509TJ509HP   509TS        
109Adkins, DelaneyThe Academy207RL207LJ207SJ              
111Aho, KylaRichens-Timm, Ohio          719OC      
112Allen, LilaMillennium Academy of Irish Dance511RLA411LJB411SJA411TJB411HPA            
114Alvarez, AmeliaMcClanahan512RLA  512TJA412HPA  913512TS        
116Ambrosius, JuliannaNugent School of Irish Dance208RL208LJ208SJ              
117Amick, FionaO'Hare School of Irish Dance207RL207LJ207SJ              
118Amick, GwenythO'Hare School of Irish Dance409RL409LJ409SJ409TJ409HP   409TS        
119Amick, KaylaO'Hare School of Irish Dance512RLB 512SJA512TJA512HPA   512TS        
120ANTONUCCI, GRACEO'Hare School of Irish Dance308RL308LJ308SJ308TJ             
121Arnold, AnnaliseBell School of Irish Dance          613PC      
123Avery, EllieMcClanahan          714OCA      
124Aylward , EllieBrady-Campbell School308RL308LJ308SJ              
127Bailey, AnnabelleThe Academy          712OC      
128Bailey, NathanThe Academy359RL359LJ 308TJ             
129Baily, GraceThe Academy      615SD   615PC      
130Bales, ElizabethNugent School of Irish Dance511RLB 511SJA511TJA511HPA  913         
131Ball, HayleeCornell School of Irish Dance308RL308LJ308SJ308TJ308HP308PD           
132Baloh, ChloeArdan Academy          614PC      
133Bansley, OliviaBlackbird Academy of Irish Dance512RLB 512SJB512TJA512HPB  913         
134Barath, MadisonRichens-Timm, Ohio412RLB312LJ412SJA412TJA412HPA312PD           
136Barrett, ColinBell School of Irish Dance511RLA  511TJA511HPA            
137Barrett, RyleighBell School of Irish Dance          616PC      
138Barron, BridgetErickson Academy514RLB 514SJA514TJA514HPB   514TS        
139Barron, CatherineErickson Academy512RLA 512SJB412TJB512HPA   512TS        
140Barry, SophiaThe Academy          718OC      
141Barter, AveryErickson Academy312RL312LJ312SJ312TJ312HP            
142Barth, ElizabethCross Keys411RLA 411SJA411TJB411HPB   411TS        
143Beatty, AydenCornell School of Irish Dance310RL310LJ310SJ310TJ 310PD           
147Beharry, CassidyRichens-Timm, Ohio          618PC      
148Beharry, PatrickRichens-Timm, Ohio514RLA  514TJA514HPA   514TS        
149Bell, AislynnBell School of Irish Dance415RL 515SJ515TJ515HP            
150Bell, HazelBell School of Irish Dance409RL509LJ409SJ409TJ409HP   409TS        
151Benson, CarleighRichens-Timm, Ohio513RLA 513SJA513TJA513HPA            
155Bisesi, SophiaRegan Rankin Holland408RL408LJ408SJ308TJ408HP   408TS        
156Bitter, KaitlynThe Academy209RL209LJ209SJ309TJ             
158Blair-MacArthur, KayleeArdan Academy      616SD914  616PC      
159Blanchong, GraceRichens-Timm, Ohio          716OCB      
160Blayney, Mary PiperRichens-Timm, Ohio410RLB410LJ410SJA410TJB410HP            
161Blickenstaff, IsabellaMcClanahan          714OCB      
162Blickenstaff, SophiaMcClanahan          714OCB      
163Blickenstaff, ZoeMcClanahan      609SD   609PC      
164Block, JuliaGlencastle Irish Dancers309RL309LJ309SJ              
165Block, KeiraGlencastle Irish Dancers311RL311LJ311SJ              
166Blucker, EthanRichens-Timm, Ohio460RL460LJ 460TJ460HP   410TS        
167Boddeker-O'Connor, RyleyMillennium Academy of Irish Dance             984   
168Bodman, KateBurke, Ohio509RL 509SJ409TJ 309PD           
169Bodman, MauraBurke, Ohio          716OCA      
170Bodnar, IannaRichens-Timm, Indiana514RLB 514SJA514TJB514HPA            
171Boguslawski, PhilomenaArdan Academy414RL514LJ414SJ314TJ414HP            
172Bohman, NoelleMillennium Academy of Irish Dance512RLA 512SJA512TJB512HPB  913512TS        
173Boller, SophieRichens-Timm, Indiana515RL 515SJ515TJ515HP            
176Boucher, MadeleineO'Hare School of Irish Dance514RLB 514SJA514TJA514HPB   514TS        
177Bowe, ZeppeO'Malley Irish Dance Academy158RL158LJ               
178Bowlby, EliseO'Kennedy Irish Dance Academy514RLA 514SJB514TJB514HPA            
179Bowlby, GraceO'Kennedy Irish Dance Academy          617PC      
180Boyer, HannahDwyer School of Irish Dance511RLA 511SJB511TJA511HPB  913511TS        
181Boyle, MaeveRichens-Timm, Ohio108RL108LJ               
182Bozzo, EmmaRegan Rankin Holland          615PC      
183Bradfield, OliviaLeneghan Academy of Irish Dance          617PC      
184Branquinho, Isabella Dwyer School of Irish Dance410RLA 410SJB310TJ410HP310PD           
185Braun, GraceRichens-Timm, Ohio513RLA 513SJA513TJA513HPB   513TS        
186Bray, CaitlinRegan Rankin Holland          613PC      
187Breedlove, CamrynRichens-Timm, Ohio410RLA410LJ410SJB310TJ410HP310PD           
188Breedlove, KatelynRichens-Timm, Ohio      613SD   613PC      
190Brief, SydneyFlannery          714OCA      
191Brockmeyer, LucyThe Academy          714OCA      
192Brophy, RhysScoil Rince Ní Bhraonáin460RL510LJ 460TJ310HP361PD           
193Brough, ChanceCeltic Academy of Irish Dance, OH          719OC     916FI
194Brough, JohnnyCeltic Academy of Irish Dance, OH516RL  516TJ516HP           916FI
195Brown, KathleenThe ML Dance Academy           947     
196Brown, LilianThe ML Dance Academy407RL407LJ307SJ307TJ307HP307PD           
201Buchanan Dusome, LeahCornell School of Irish Dance513RLA 513SJA513TJB513HPA   513TS        
202Buchanan Dusome, LucyCornell School of Irish Dance      609SD   609PC      
203Buck, Devin MacConmara Academy307RL307LJ 307TJ             
204Buck, GageMacConmara Academy          610PC      
206Burbank, SarahMcClanahan      615SD   615PC      
207Burke, DelaneyBrady-Campbell School510RLA 510SJ510TJ510HP   510TS        
208Burke, ReaganBrady-Campbell School307RL307LJ307SJ              
209Burns, AveryRichens-Timm, Ohio414RL 414SJ514TJB514HPB   414TS        
210Burroughs, AvaMillennium Academy of Irish Dance      614SD   614PC  984   
211Buzenski, MadyThe Academy309RL309LJ309SJ309TJ309HP309PD           
212Buzenski , Maya Richens-Timm, Ohio108RL108LJ108SJ              
213Byrne, ErinBrady-Campbell School          718OC      
214Byrnes, CassidyBurke-Conroy School of Irish Dance515RL 515SJ515TJ415HP            
215Cain, EmilyThe Academy          714OCA      
217Campbell, KatrynThe Academy          718OC      
218Campbell, WaltThe Academy          718OC      
219Capper, MariskaThe Academy          714OCA      
223Casto, SophieBlackbird Academy of Irish Dance      614SD914  614PC      
224Celeste, SophiaO'Hare School of Irish Dance513RLB513LJ513SJB513TJB513HPB  914513TS        
225Chambers, CatherineLeneghan Academy of Irish Dance      615SD   615PC      
226Chambers, GraceBrady-Campbell School      612SD   612PC      
227Chann, AubreyMillennium Academy of Irish Dance       914  716OCB  984   
228Chapin, AllisonIrwin Academy of Irish Dance          614PC      
229Chartier, DonovanThe Academy          719OC      
230Childers, KendallMcClanahan          615PC      
231Childers, PrestonMcClanahan          718OC      
232Chillog, EllaThe Academy       914  714OCB      
234Ciavoliello, AveryDeVoy Academy of Irish Dance309RL309LJ409SJ309TJ309HP   409TS        
235Ciric, SophieMcGing Irish Dancers509RL509LJ409SJ409TJ    409TS        
236Claar, KatelynThe Academy          714OCB      
237Clark, AdelineDwyer School of Irish Dance407RL407LJ407SJ 307HP            
238Clark, AveryDwyer School of Irish Dance463RL  463TJ463HP   413TS        
239Clark, BrigidBurke-Conroy School of Irish Dance          714OCB      
241Clark, HadleyDwyer School of Irish Dance410RLB410LJ410SJA410TJB410HP   410TS        
242Clark, SheilaBurke-Conroy School of Irish Dance          718OC      
243Clay, Tommy LeeThe ML Dance Academy463RL412LJ 463TJ463HP312PD           
244Cleary, MarthaRichens-Timm, Ohio414RL 414SJ514TJA414HP            
245Clemens, CoryBurke, Ohio308RL308LJ308SJ308TJ             
246Clifford, AbbyMcGing Irish Dancers  411SJA411TJA411HPB            
247Clifford, MaryMcGing Irish Dancers409RL 409SJ409TJ             
249Colan, KateLeneghan Academy of Irish Dance411RLB411LJB411SJA411TJB411HPA   411TS        
250coljohn, claireBrady-Campbell School509RL 509SJ509TJ509HP            
251Coljohn, KateBrady-Campbell School          613PC      
252Collins, LaneyRichens-Timm, Ohio413RL413LJ413SJ413TJ513HPB   413TS        
253Comer, EmmaCeltic Academy of Irish Dance, OH      612SD   612PC      
254Comer, MaryCeltic Academy of Irish Dance, OH206RL206LJ               
255Comley, AddisonMcTeggart, Kentucky511RLB 511SJB511TJA511HPB            
257Conlon, FionaRichens-Timm, Indiana414RL414LJ414SJ414TJ414HP   414TS        
258Connors, MollyMcClanahan513RLB 513SJB513TJB513HPA  914513TS        
259Coon, AnnieMillennium Academy of Irish Dance          716OCA  984   
261Cooper, MarinThe ML Dance Academy413RL 513SJB513TJA513HPB            
262Cooper, ReeseRichens-Timm, Ohio409RL409LJ409SJ409TJ409HP   409TS        
263Copeland, SydneyNugent School of Irish Dance          719OC      
264Cornell, TaoCornell School of Irish Dance      609SD   609PC      
265Cornell, ThorenCornell School of Irish Dance508RL508LJ 508TJ508HP   508TS        
266Cosgrove, ErynArdan Academy513RLA 513SJA513TJB513HPA            
267Cosgrove, MichaelaArdan Academy          718OC      
268Cotellesso, KathrynCeltic Academy of Irish Dance, OH412RLB412LJ412SJB412TJB412HPA            
269Cotroneo, AdianaClann na Cara, Buffalo, NY          714OCB      
270Coughlin, FionaMacConmara Academy513RLB 513SJA513TJB513HPB            
271Cox, AllisonBell School of Irish Dance516RL 516SJ516TJ516HP            
272Cox, KelseyMcClanahan412RLA 412SJA512TJB412HPB  913512TS        
273Coyne, BrigidBrady-Campbell School      611SD   611PC      
274Coyne, MaeveBrady-Campbell School408RL 408SJ408TJ408HP   408TS        
275Crawford, AislinnMillennium Academy of Irish Dance 105LJ               
276Crawford, AudriaMillennium Academy of Irish Dance409RL409LJ309SJ309TJ             
278Cross, AmberArdan Academy516RL 516SJ516TJ516HP            
279Cummiskey, EmmaMillennium Academy of Irish Dance          716OCB  984   
281Cummiskey, Megan Millennium Academy of Irish Dance          712OC  984   
284Curtiss, DakotaRichens-Timm, Ohio513RLA513LJ513SJA513TJA513HPB   413TS        
285Cuthrell, NadiaMcCartney Irish Dance413RL 513SJA513TJB513HPB            
287Dabran, ReganLeneghan Academy of Irish Dance          613PC      
288Dadas, DelaneyBrady-Campbell School412RLA 512SJA412TJB412HPB312PD           
289Daley, KathleenLeneghan Academy of Irish Dance409RL409LJ409SJ 309HP309PD           
290Daley, KayleeLeneghan Academy of Irish Dance412RLB412LJ412SJA412TJA412HPB   412TS        
291Daly, MoiraLavin Cassidy School of Irish Dancing          609PC      
292Daniels, DonovanO'Hare School of Irish Dance510RLB510LJ410SJB510TJ510HP   510TS        
293Daniels, FionaO'Hare School of Irish Dance308RL308LJ               
294DaPonte, CaitlinDoyle-Corrigan Academy of Irish Dance          710OC      
295DaPonte, Charlotte Doyle-Corrigan Academy of Irish Dance          712OC      
296Darnell, AshtynMcTeggart, Kentucky515RL 515SJ 515HP   515TS        
297Daugherty, RyanRichens-Timm, Ohio460RL359LJ 309TJ309HP309PD           
298Davian, AddileenThe Academy408RL408LJ408SJ408TJ408HP   408TS        
299Davis, SophiaMacConmara Academy511RLA411LJA411SJA411TJA511HPA            
300Dawson, ErinMillennium Academy of Irish Dance      617SD   617PC      
302Dean, AbbyRichens-Timm, Ohio408RL408LJ408SJ408TJ308HP            
303Dean, CaitlinMillennium Academy of Irish Dance      614SD   614PC  984   
304Dean, EmilyRichens-Timm, Ohio411RLB511LJ411SJB411TJA411HPB            
305Deibel, LynseyMillennium Academy of Irish Dance      612SD   612PC      
306Dennemann, TheresaMcGing Irish Dancers509RL409LJ409SJ409TJ    509TS        
307Depizzo, NoraBurke, Ohio512RLA 512SJB512TJB512HPB            
308Deutschendorf, NatalieThe Academy310RL310LJ310SJ310TJ310HP310PD           
309Dewan, KathleenArdan Academy          718OC      
310Di Biase, AriannaMurphy Irish Arts Center513RLA 513SJB513TJA513HPA            
311Dickerson, IylaClann na Cara, Buffalo, NY          714OCA      
312Disher, MarynDwyer School of Irish Dance309RL309LJ309SJ              
313Disher, SadieDwyer School of Irish Dance511RLB411LJB511SJA511TJB411HPB   511TS        
315Dolbin, Eva MarieThe Academy          716OCA      
316Donaghy, AnnaO'Hare School of Irish Dance      614SD   614PC      
317Donnelly, AileenMcGing Irish Dancers414RL 514SJB514TJB514HPA            
318Donovan, AvaRegan Rankin Holland307RL307LJ               
319Donovan, ClareRichens-Timm, Ohio  409SJ409TJ409HP            
320Donovan, EmmaRegan Rankin Holland510RLA 510SJ410TJB410HP   410TS        
321Donovan, KayleighRichens-Timm, Ohio          617PC      
322Donovan, LiamRichens-Timm, Ohio563RL  463TJ463HP            
323Doorley, ElizabethDwyer School of Irish Dance409RL409LJ409SJ409TJ409HP            
324Doyle, AveryRichens-Timm, Ohio      614SD   614PC      
325Doyle, BrigidO'Kennedy Irish Dance Academy          714OCB      
326Doyle, SheilaO'Kennedy Irish Dance Academy      612SD   612PC      
327Drummond, KaylaIrwin Academy of Irish Dance855RL855LJ855SJ855TJ855HP   855TS  947 986   
328Ducy, DesmondMillennium Academy of Irish Dance509RL509LJ 509TJ460HP   409TS        
329Ducy, LilianMillennium Academy of Irish Dance413RL513LJ413SJ413TJ413HP   413TS        
330Duff, DeborahIrwin Academy of Irish Dance855RL855LJ855SJ        947 986   
331Duffee, Abigail McClanahan410RLA410LJ510SJ410TJB510HP   410TS        
332Duncan, MillieMcClanahan410RLB410LJ510SJ510TJ410HP  913410TS        
333Duncan, SarahMcClanahan516RL515LJ516SJ516TJ516HP  914516TS        
334Dunne, Nora RoseBurke, Ohio510RLB 410SJB410TJA510HP            
335Duns, EmmaBurke, Ohio      611SD   611PC      
336Durkin, BrileyMcClanahan      610SD   610PC      
337Durkin, MollyBurke, Ohio412RLB 412SJB412TJA412HPB            
338Dwinnell, LeahRichens-Timm, Ohio511RLA 511SJB511TJA411HPA   411TS        
339Eidem, MaryMcClanahan516RL 516SJ516TJ516HP   516TS        
340Einwechter, CarsonDoyle-Corrigan Academy of Irish Dance          716OCA      
341Elbin, RylanBrady-Campbell School359RL359LJ 309TJ 309PD           
342Ervin, MarleyBurke-Conroy School of Irish Dance510RLA 510SJ410TJB410HP            
343Espy, ElinaCeltic Academy of Irish Dance, OH511RLB411LJA511SJB411TJB411HPA            
344Espy, LaylaCeltic Academy of Irish Dance, OH308RL308LJ308SJ              
345Esterle, CharlotteMcClanahan      609SD   609PC      
346Esterle, EleanorMcClanahan          712OC      
347Etheridge, OliviaThe Academy511RLB 511SJB511TJA511HPB  913         
348Etienne, KenleyMcClanahan410RLA410LJ410SJA410TJB410HP   410TS        
349Evans, CiaraBell School of Irish Dance      616SD   616PC      
350Evans, HelenaMillennium Academy of Irish Dance      611SD   611PC  984   
352Fahey, CatherineMcTeggart, Kentucky514RLB 514SJB 514HPA            
353Fahey, LizzieMcClanahan511RLB 511SJB511TJB511HPA            
354Fair, RyanRichens-Timm, Ohio362RL361LJ 361TJ311HP            
355Farris, EvaCeltic Academy of Irish Dance, OH512RLB 512SJA512TJA512HPB            
357Federico, GiannaRegan Rankin Holland          615PC      
358Ferguson, BridgetRichens-Timm, Ohio          716OCB      
359Fey, AddisonThe ML Dance Academy          611PC      
360Filburn, Ashley Celtic Academy of Irish Dance, OH410RLB 410SJA410TJA410HP            
361Filip, AddieMacConmara Academy410RLB410LJ410SJB410TJA410HP            
362Filip, CelestineMacConmara Academy408RL408LJ408SJ308TJ308HP            
363Filip, MaryMacConmara Academy411RLA411LJA311SJ411TJA311HP            
364Fink, AlexisRichens-Timm, Ohio307RL307LJ307SJ 307HP            
366Finnerty, ErinMillennium Academy of Irish Dance512RLB 512SJB512TJA512HPA            
369Fitzgerald, BethanyIrwin Academy of Irish Dance           947 986   
370Fitzgerald, LaraIrwin Academy of Irish Dance513RLB 513SJB513TJA513HPA   513TS        
373Flanagan, MattRichens-Timm, Ohio563RL  563TJ563HP            
374Flanagan, MeganRichens-Timm, Ohio515RL 515SJ515TJ515HP            
375Flanagan, NateRichens-Timm, Ohio563RL  563TJ563HP            
376Flannery, JoshuaCeltic Academy of Irish Dance, OH414RL414LJ 414TJ414HP            
377Flesher, CasidheCorrigan School of Irish Dance512RLA 512SJB412TJB512HPB            
378Flynn, Sophia Millennium Academy of Irish Dance 106LJ               
379Ford, RileyMurphy Irish Arts Center511RLB 511SJA511TJA511HPB            
380Foster, EmiliaMcMenamin Irish Dance Academy          716OCA      
381Foster, ShannonDwyer School of Irish Dance516RL 516SJ516TJ516HP  914516TS        
382Fouts, NatalieThe Academy511RLA 511SJA511TJB511HPB            
383Fracassi, BenjaminThe ML Dance Academy 105LJ               
387Freda, LaurelRegan Rankin Holland513RLB 513SJA413TJ513HPA            
388French, AbigailO'Hare School of Irish Dance514RLB 514SJA514TJB514HPB   514TS        
389Frick, MollyShovlin Academy of Irish Dance          614PC      
390Fruner, LaurenThe Academy511RLA 511SJA511TJA511HPB  913         
391Fulcher, FrankieMcClanahan 359LJ               
392Fulcher, KarleyMcClanahan          714OCB      
393Fulcher, ReaganMcClanahan          712OC      
396Gardner, AlainaLeneghan Academy of Irish Dance          710OC      
397Gardner, BridgetLeneghan Academy of Irish Dance408RL 508SJ508TJ508HP   508TS        
398Gardner, ShannonLeneghan Academy of Irish Dance514RLA 514SJA514TJB514HPA            
399Garee, MayaThe ML Dance Academy110RL110LJ               
400Garver, KylieBurke-Conroy School of Irish Dance          718OC      
401Gates, EmmaRegan Rankin Holland          612PC      
402Gaughan, VictoriaRegan Rankin Holland          716OCA      
403Gebarski, KonnorThe ML Dance Academy158RL158LJ               
404Giardina, AbigailMillennium Academy of Irish Dance          618PC      
405Gill, MaximScoil Rince Ní Bhraonáin460RL460LJ 460TJ460HP361PD           
406Glaser, SusanRichens-Timm, Ohio          616PC      
407Gleason, CalleighMillennium Academy of Irish Dance512RLA 512SJA512TJA512HPA  913512TS        
408Glickman, JaneyBurke-Conroy School of Irish Dance      617SD   617PC      
409Gnandt, DelaneyMacConmara Academy309RL309LJ309SJ309TJ             
411Golden, CailynThe Academy208RL208LJ208SJ308TJ             
412Golden, LiviaThe Academy510RLB 510SJ510TJ510HP   510TS        
414Good, RileyBurke, Ohio512RLA 512SJA512TJB512HPA            
415Gordish, JuliaIrwin Academy of Irish Dance515RL 515SJ515TJ515HP   515TS        
417Gorman, RowanFlannery          611PC      
418Gottlieb, LillyMacConmara Academy312RL312LJ412SJB412TJB             
419Gowan, EmilyLeneghan Academy of Irish Dance516RL 516SJ516TJ516HP            
421Grady, BrigidBurke, Ohio407RL407LJ307SJ307TJ             
423Grant, GabriellaRichens-Timm, Ohio      615SD   615PC      
425Gray, EmmaIrwin Academy of Irish Dance411RLB411LJB411SJB 411HPA            
426Gray, SarahIrwin Academy of Irish Dance          614PC      
427Green, HannahO'Hare School of Irish Dance516RL 415SJ516TJ516HP            
428Greene, WilliamRichens-Timm, Ohio158RL158LJ               
429Greene, ZoeRichens-Timm, Ohio411RLB411LJA411SJA411TJA411HPA   411TS        
430Greeson, CharlotteRichens-Timm, Ohio512RLB 512SJA412TJA412HPA   512TS        
431Gregan, ErinRegan Rankin Holland513RLA 513SJB513TJB513HPB            
432Grever, EmmaThe Academy208RL208LJ208SJ308TJ             
433Griffaton, DavidThe ML Dance Academy463RL413LJ 463TJ463HP313PD           
434Grimason, MirrenO'Hare School of Irish Dance411RLB411LJB411SJA511TJA511HPB   411TS        
435Grimsey , Emmaline Richens-Timm, Indiana415RL515LJ516SJ516TJ516HP   415TS        
437Grontkowski, MollyMcGing Irish Dancers512RLA  512TJA412HPB            
438Grontkowski, PaigeMcGing Irish Dancers308RL308LJ208SJ              
439Grumman, OrianaThe Academy208RL208LJ208SJ308TJ             
440Haas, AnneO'Hare School of Irish Dance855RL  855TJ             
441Haga, AddieMillennium Academy of Irish Dance          714OCB  984   
442Haga, PerriannaMillennium Academy of Irish Dance          618PC      
443Hagan, KathrynMcTeggart, Kentucky513RLB 513SJA413TJ513HPA            
447Hagerty, EllenRichens-Timm, Ohio      615SD   615PC      
448Hall, LaurenO'Hare School of Irish Dance      616SD   616PC      
449Hallihan, KateIrwin Academy of Irish Dance855RL 855SJ     855TS  947 986   
450Halterman, AveryIrwin Academy of Irish Dance310RL410LJ410SJA410TJA410HP  913410TS        
451Halterman, DanielleIrwin Academy of Irish Dance413RL413LJ413SJ413TJ413HP  914413TS        
452Hamilton, LaurenO'Hare School of Irish Dance512RLB 412SJB512TJA512HPA   512TS        
453Hamm, AlexisThe Academy209RL209LJ209SJ309TJ             
454Hammett, GraceRichens-Timm, Ohio512RLB 512SJA512TJB512HPA            
455Hammett, JuliaRichens-Timm, Ohio409RL409LJ409SJ309TJ409HP309PD           
457Hannes, Alexey The ML Dance Academy 206LJ               
458Hannes, PolinaThe ML Dance Academy310RL310LJ310SJ310TJ310HP310PD           
459Hansen, ElizabethRichens-Timm, Ohio309RL309LJ309SJ 309HP            
460Hanson, MollyArdan Academy412RLB 512SJB412TJB412HPB            
462Harlan, AlyssaLeneghan Academy of Irish Dance513RLB 513SJB513TJA513HPB   513TS        
463Harris, KiaraCeltic Academy Canada      611SD913  611PC      
464Harrison, MiaDwyer School of Irish Dance      610SD   610PC      
467Hawkins, LenaThe Academy          712OC      
468Hawkins, PaigeArdan Academy413RL413LJ413SJ413TJ413HP   413TS        
469Hayes, AimeeRegan Rankin Holland      614SD   614PC      
471Hayes, MariaRegan Rankin Holland          716OCB      
473Healy, MeghanBell School of Irish Dance516RL 516SJ516TJ516HP            
474Heemstra, MadelineScoil Rince Ní Bhraonáin515RL 415SJ515TJ515HP            
475Hegarty, BrigidO'Hare School of Irish Dance513RLA 513SJA513TJA513HPA            
477Herbert, BrennenLeneghan Academy of Irish Dance511RLA 511SJA511TJA511HPA   511TS        
478Herbert, MichaelaLeneghan Academy of Irish Dance511RLB 511SJB511TJB511HPB   511TS        
479Hernit, SianDwyer School of Irish Dance516RL 516SJ516TJ516HP  914516TS        
480Heynsbroek, ClaireGoggin-Carroll410RLA410LJ410SJA410TJB410HP   410TS        
481Hill, KaraLeneghan Academy of Irish Dance411RLB411LJA411SJB311TJ411HPA   411TS        
482Hiserodt, MariaBell School of Irish Dance307RL307LJ207SJ              
485Holmstrom, KaleighRichens-Timm, Ohio411RLA411LJA411SJB311TJ411HPB            
487Holt, JennaMcClanahan512RLB412LJ412SJA412TJA412HPA   512TS        
488Holub, Brennen Irwin Academy of Irish Dance359RL359LJ               
489Holub, BridgetIrwin Academy of Irish Dance           947     
490Holub, GriffinIrwin Academy of Irish Dance362RL312LJ               
491Holub, NoraIrwin Academy of Irish Dance308RL308LJ               
492Hoover, MackenzieMillennium Academy of Irish Dance412RLA412LJ412SJA412TJA412HPB            
493Horan, SarahMcCartney Irish Dance  516SJ516TJ516HP            
495Hothem, BrynRegan Rankin Holland          714OCA      
496Houston, DeirdreRichens-Timm, Ohio          719OC      
497Howard, LuckyThe Academy          714OCB      
498Hudgens, SarahCeltic Academy of Irish Dance, OH          618PC      
499Hunt, BrennaBell School of Irish Dance          614PC      
503Hyland, SarahMurphy Irish Arts Center          617PC      
504Igo, DarbyRichens-Timm, Indiana516RL515LJ516SJ516TJ516HP   516TS        
505Jacobsen, NiamhMillennium Academy of Irish Dance                916FI
506Jacobsen, SaraMillennium Academy of Irish Dance410RLA 410SJB510TJ510HP   510TS        
507Jancha, LoreleiMacConmara Academy307RL407LJ407SJ307TJ     932       
508Javorsky, KilleenO'Hare School of Irish Dance          616PC      
510Jennings , ChayseMcClanahan515RL  515TJ   914515TS        
512Johns, AllysonRichens-Timm, Indiana514RLB 514SJB514TJA514HPB            
513Johnson-Hill, AidanGoggin-Carroll      616SD   616PC      
514Johnson-Hill, BradyGoggin-Carroll      616SD   616PC      
515Jones, AbbyMurphy Irish Arts Center      615SD   615PC      
516Jones, LaurenMurphy Irish Arts Center511RLA 511SJB511TJB511HPB            
517Jones, LindsayO'Hare School of Irish Dance513RLA 513SJB513TJB513HPA            
518Jordan, GretchenLeneghan Academy of Irish Dance509RL 509SJ509TJ509HP            
519Kabat, KatherineMacConmara Academy209RL209LJ209SJ              
521Kelly, CarlyGoggin-Carroll          617PC      
522Kelly, ElizabethBurke, Ohio512RLA 512SJB512TJA512HPB            
523Kelly, KathleenBrady-Campbell School          718OC      
524Kendall, ErinMcTeggart, Kentucky515RL 515SJ515TJ515HP            
525Kennedy, DaniRichens-Timm, Ohio107RL107LJ               
526Kepler, MargaretBurke-Conroy School of Irish Dance          714OCB     916FI
527Kernan, LiamLeneghan Academy of Irish Dance407RL  407TJ508HP   508TS        
528Kernan, NiamhLeneghan Academy of Irish Dance      610SD   610PC      
529Kerscher, AbbyRichens-Timm, Ohio          716OCA      
530Kerscher, AndrewNo School                915FI
532Kilbane, KaitlynMcGing Irish Dancers511RLA 511SJB511TJB511HPA            
533Kilroy, BridieBurke, Ohio          613PC      
534Kilroy, MaeveNon-dancing               915AC 
535Kilroy, MairinBrady-Campbell School          612PC   915TW 915FI
536Kilroy, SarahBurke, Ohio          612PC      
537Kindell , Rylan Millennium Academy of Irish Dance308RL308LJ308SJ308TJ             
538King, ChloeDwyer School of Irish Dance513RLA 513SJB513TJA513HPB   513TS        
539King, EvanThe Academy          714OCB      
540King, LilaRegan Rankin Holland411RLA 411SJA411TJB411HPA   411TS        
541King, MadisonDwyer School of Irish Dance          714OCA      
544Kish, AveryBurke, Ohio411RLB 411SJB411TJB311HP311PD           
545Klemencic, AdayliaBell School of Irish Dance408RL308LJ308SJ              
546Klunk, SamanthaIrwin Academy of Irish Dance  835SJ 835HP      947 986   
547knox, siobhanMcGing Irish Dancers          613PC      
548Koch, EmilyMillennium Academy of Irish Dance          719OC      
549Koczur, EvaO'Malley Irish Dance Academy413RL413LJ513SJB513TJB413HP   513TS        
550Koczur, MollyO'Malley Irish Dance Academy510RLB 410SJB510TJ510HP   510TS        
551Konold, CarliBrady-Campbell School413RL413LJ413SJ413TJ413HP   413TS        
552kovacevic, IrelandBrady-Campbell School511RLB411LJA411SJA411TJA411HPA            
553Krec, PaigeMacConmara Academy414RL 414SJ414TJ414HP            
554Kress, EmmaRichens-Timm, Indiana          616PC      
555Kristensen, AnnabelO'Hare School of Irish Dance512RLB 512SJA512TJB512HPA            
556Kruise, IylahMillennium Academy of Irish Dance 105LJ               
557Kucharski, KatherineO'Malley Irish Dance Academy109RL109LJ               
558Kucharski, MaryjaneO'Malley Irish Dance Academy410RLA 410SJA410TJA510HP   410TS        
559Kuchta, GraceBrady-Campbell School      610SD   610PC      
560Kummer, Brenna MaeArdan Academy          719OC      
561LaBo, CaitlinGoggin-Carroll          719OC      
562Lake, CooperThe Academy508RL  508TJ508HP   508TS        
563Lake, EmmaThe Academy512RLA 512SJA512TJB512HPB            
564Lake, LillianThe Academy512RLB 512SJB512TJA512HPA            
565Lane, MackenzieBurke-Conroy School of Irish Dance          618PC      
567Lane, OliviaBurke-Conroy School of Irish Dance412RLA 412SJB412TJB412HPA            
569Lavelle, MaeveLeneghan Academy of Irish Dance410RLB 510SJ510TJ510HP  913510TS        
570Lavelle, MargaretLeneghan Academy of Irish Dance       914  618PC      
571Law, NiaMillennium Academy of Irish Dance          716OCA      
572Lawler, EleanorErickson Academy110RL110LJ110SJ              
573Lawler, SophieErickson Academy          612PC      
574Lay, AbbyMillennium Academy of Irish Dance513RLB 513SJB513TJA513HPA            
576Leasor, EllieThe ML Dance Academy410RLB410LJ410SJA410TJB410HP   410TS        
577Leasor, LaurenThe ML Dance Academy209RL209LJ   309PD           
578Leasor, MichelleThe ML Dance Academy835RL835LJ 835TJ835HP   835TS  947  916TW  
579Lehman, MaggieBlackbird Academy of Irish Dance512RLB 512SJB512TJB512HPB            
580Leitholf, KatieBurke-Conroy School of Irish Dance514RLA 514SJB514TJB514HPA            
581Lemos, EvelynRichens-Timm, Ohio          616PC      
582Leneghan, KeiraLeneghan Academy of Irish Dance512RLB 512SJA512TJB512HPA  913         
583Lentz, ColleenDwyer School of Irish Dance510RLA 510SJ410TJB410HP   410TS        
584Leonard, MckaylaBurke, Ohio          614PC      
586Letavec, ClaireDwyer School of Irish Dance410RLA410LJ410SJB410TJB410HP   410TS        
587Liebtag, MorganMillennium Academy of Irish Dance412RLA412LJ412SJB412TJB412HPA   412TS        
588Lindner, DelaneyThe Academy          714OCA      
589Lindstedt, AlexandraRegan Rankin Holland514RLB 514SJB514TJB514HPB   514TS        
590Locke, ErinRichens-Timm, Indiana413RL413LJ413SJ413TJ413HP   413TS        
592Lolli, MeghanMcGing Irish Dancers          718OC      
594Long, NoraRegan Rankin Holland309RL309LJ  309HP            
595lorance, AddisonRichens-Timm, Ohio511RLA 511SJB511TJA511HPA            
596Lorenz, AshleyIrwin Academy of Irish Dance       913  612PC      
597Love, Ellen SiobhanDunleavy Boyle Bremer Academy of Irish       611SD   611PC      
598Love, KatieLeneghan Academy of Irish Dance516RL 516SJ516TJ516HP  914516TS        
602Maben, SelaMillennium Academy of Irish Dance          718OC      
603MacArthur, SarahArdan Academy          714OCB      
604MacDougall, Mary KennedyGoggin-Carroll      614SD   614PC      
605MacLaughlin, CateThe Academy          712OC      
606MacLaughlin, ClaireThe Academy          716OCB      
607MacLennan, RachelDwyer School of Irish Dance511RLB 511SJB511TJB511HPB            
609Macy, EmilyRichens-Timm, Indiana          618PC      
610Magers, ClaireScoil Rince Ní Bhraonáin412RLB412LJ412SJB412TJA412HPB   412TS        
611Magoun, DeniseMacConmara Academy511RLB 511SJB511TJB511HPB            
612Mahan, Anya Millennium Academy of Irish Dance508RL 508SJ508TJ508HP            
613Mahan, BrigidMillennium Academy of Irish Dance512RLA 512SJA512TJA512HPA   512TS        
614Mahan, GraceMillennium Academy of Irish Dance          714OCA  984   
615Makofka, AnneNugent School of Irish Dance      613SD914  613PC      
616Mallet, OliviaArdan Academy512RLB 412SJB412TJA512HPB   512TS        
618Malloy, KylieRichens-Timm, Ohio          712OC      
619Malloy, LilyRichens-Timm, Ohio      614SD   614PC      
620Manross, EmmaO'Kennedy Irish Dance Academy          616PC      
621Marcotte, ElizabethMcGing Irish Dancers512RLB 512SJA512TJB512HPB            
623Mark, IrisMillennium Academy of Irish Dance      613SD   613PC      
624Marple, ReeseMillennium Academy of Irish Dance412RLB 512SJB412TJB512HPA            
625Marrie, PaulaRichens-Timm, Ohio           947 986   
626Martin, EmmaMurphy Irish Arts Center411RLB 411SJB411TJB411HPB   411TS        
627Martin, ErynMillennium Academy of Irish Dance516RL 415SJ415TJ415HP            
628Martin, SofiaThe ML Dance Academy311RL311LJ311SJ311TJ 311PD           
629Marvich, MackenzieDwyer School of Irish Dance513RLA413LJ413SJ413TJ413HP   413TS        
631Mason, MiaThe Academy          714OCB      
632Master, Megan Murphy Irish Arts Center510RLB 410SJB510TJ510HP            
633Mattson, CassandraMillennium Academy of Irish Dance512RLB 512SJB512TJB512HPA  913512TS        
634McAllister, SarahRichens-Timm, Ohio108RL108LJ               
635McAvoy, AddisonBlackbird Academy of Irish Dance      610SD   610PC      
636McAvoy, LeahBlackbird Academy of Irish Dance409RL409LJ409SJ409TJ409HP   409TS        
639McCain, LaurenArdan Academy          718OC      
640McCandlish, MadelineRichens-Timm, Ohio514RLB 514SJA514TJA514HPA            
641McCarthy, ClaireBrady-Campbell School408RL308LJ308SJ308TJ 308PD           
642McCarthy, DelanieBrady-Campbell School410RLB410LJ410SJA410TJA    410TS        
643McCarthy, QuinnMillennium Academy of Irish Dance      611SD913  611PC  984   
644McCarty, AbigailCeltic Academy of Irish Dance, OH      611SD   611PC      
645McCarty, AnnabelleCeltic Academy of Irish Dance, OH          614PC      
647McCausland, JessicaMacConmara Academy  513SJB513TJA513HPB            
648McClain, GracieRichens-Timm, Indiana514RLB  514TJA514HPA            
649McClorey, JulianaMcGing Irish Dancers209RL209LJ               
650McClung, TeilahRichens-Timm, Indiana412RLA412LJ412SJA312TJ412HPA            
651McColville, PhoebeNi Fhearraigh - O'Ceaillaigh      613SD   613PC      
652McConnell, AutumnLeneghan Academy of Irish Dance516RL 516SJ516TJ516HP  914516TS        
653McCormick, ClareO'Hare School of Irish Dance          714OCB      
654McCormick, QuinnMcGing Irish Dancers511RLA 411SJB411TJB511HPA            
657McCreary, MarinaRichens-Timm, Ohio312RL 312SJ312TJ412HPA   412TS        
659McDonald, ClaireRince Na Tiarna513RLB  513TJA             
660McDonald, ReganArdan Academy514RLA 514SJB514TJB514HPB  914         
661McDonough, MegRichens-Timm, Ohio408RL408LJ408SJ408TJ508HP   408TS        
662McEnery, KatieMillennium Academy of Irish Dance          714OCB  984   
664McKenna, CeiliO'Hare School of Irish Dance511RLB 511SJB511TJA511HPB  913511TS        
665McKinney, ShannonThe Academy       914  718OC      
667McLaughlin, AoifeBurke, Ohio          714OCB      
668McLaughlin, BrooklynThe Academy410RLB410LJ410SJB410TJB410HP310PD           
669McLaughlin, NiamhBurke, Ohio409RL409LJ409SJ409TJ309HP   409TS        
671McPherson, Mary ClareRegan Rankin Holland516RL 516SJ 516HP            
672Meade, MeganThe ML Dance Academy           947     
673Meade, Molly KateThe ML Dance Academy407RL407LJ307SJ307TJ 307PD           
674Meade, WyattThe ML Dance Academy362RL361LJ 361TJ311HP361PD           
675Meeder, GraceClann na Cara, Buffalo, NY          614PC      
676Mehle, JocelynBurke, Ohio          712OC      
677Meholif, LilyThe Academy207RL207LJ207SJ307TJ             
679Meier, LaurenMillennium Academy of Irish Dance513RLA 513SJA513TJB513HPB            
680Melsop, AddieThe ML Dance Academy 107LJ               
681Melsop, AidanThe ML Dance Academy109RL109LJ               
682Mendenhall, MargaretBrady-Campbell School409RL 509SJ409TJ509HP   409TS        
683Merklin, MaryMcGing Irish Dancers516RL 516SJ516TJ516HP            
684Merl, AinsleyRichens-Timm, Ohio106RL106LJ               
685Merl, Anna LeaRichens-Timm, Ohio408RL408LJ408SJ308TJ408HP            
686Messer, MickalaDwyer School of Irish Dance514RLB 514SJB514TJA514HPA  914514TS        
687Meyer, KaelaRichens-Timm, Ohio          714OCA      
688Meyer, KelseyRichens-Timm, Ohio511RLA 511SJB511TJB511HPB   511TS        
689Middaugh, AudreyMacConmara Academy208RL208LJ208SJ308TJ     932       
690Mikhail, AvaRichens-Timm, Ohio412RLB412LJ412SJB412TJB412HPB312PD           
692Militello, GraceDwyer School of Irish Dance411RLA311LJ411SJA411TJB311HP311PD           
695Miller, GretaMcClanahan410RLA510LJ510SJ410TJA510HP   510TS        
696Mills, SabrinaArdan Academy       914  714OCB      
697Mills, SashaArdan Academy       914  716OCB      
699Mobilia, AlexisRince Na Tiarna414RL414LJ414SJ414TJ414HP   414TS        
701Mollard, SarahIrwin Academy of Irish Dance511RLA 511SJA511TJB411HPA   411TS        
702Moore, AllisonRichens-Timm, Ohio          719OC      
703Moore, MaraMcGing Irish Dancers511RLA 511SJA511TJB511HPA            
704Morgan, MeredithThe Academy       914  714OCB      
705Moriarty, JoannaCross Keys          617PC      
706Moriarty, OliviaRichens-Timm, Ohio          614PC      
708Morris, ErinThe ML Dance Academy   835TJ    835TS  947     
709Morris, KhavaMillennium Academy of Irish Dance          718OC      
710Moss, RileyBurke-Conroy School of Irish Dance511RLB 511SJA511TJA411HPA            
711Mulder, MyaGoggin-Carroll      613SD   613PC      
712Mundt, AlainaArdan Academy      611SD   611PC      
714Munger, LiliaCeltic Academy of Irish Dance, OH514RLA  514TJA514HPA  914         
716Murer, MakennaRegan Rankin Holland511RLB 511SJB511TJA511HPA   511TS        
717Murphy, TeaganO'Hare School of Irish Dance410RLB 510SJ410TJA510HP   510TS        
718Murray, AlexandraRichens-Timm, Ohio835RL835LJ835SJ        947 986   
719Murray, DebbieIrwin Academy of Irish Dance835RL835LJ           986   
720Murray, MauraLeneghan Academy of Irish Dance515RL 515SJ515TJ515HP   515TS        
721Murray, MichaelaThe ML Dance Academy313RL313LJ313SJ313TJ313HP313PD           
722Musielewicz, HelenaMillennium Academy of Irish Dance414RL414LJ414SJ414TJ414HP            
723Musielewicz, LydiaMillennium Academy of Irish Dance310RL410LJ310SJ310TJ310HP            
724Musson, JohnnyO'Malley Irish Dance Academy158RL158LJ               
725Musson, Mary EllenO'Malley Irish Dance Academy310RL310LJ310SJ              
726Myszkowski, HalleRegan Rankin Holland310RL310LJ310SJ 310HP            
727Nagrant, MichaelArdan Academy835RL855LJ835SJ              
729Neely, ElleryThe Academy210RL210LJ210SJ310TJ             
730Niekamp, CarolineRichens-Timm, Ohio413RL513LJ413SJ513TJA513HPB   513TS        
731Nieman, GiannaThe Academy510RLB 510SJ510TJ510HP  913510TS        
732Niemi, KatherineO'Hare School of Irish Dance          615PC      
733Noland, DelilahMacConmara Academy307RL307LJ307SJ307TJ             
734Noland, EvelynMacConmara Academy510RLB 410SJB510TJ510HP            
735Noll, RiannaMcClanahan411RLB511LJ411SJB511TJB411HPB  913         
736Norris, Mary KateBrady-Campbell School511RLB 511SJB511TJB511HPA            
737Norton, CeciliaMcClanahan415RL415LJ415SJ515TJ415HP   415TS        
738O'Brien, AvaRichens-Timm, Ohio411RLA 411SJB511TJA411HPB   511TS        
739O'Brien, CaitlinRince Na Tiarna          615PC      
740O'Brien, ClaireRichens-Timm, Ohio          616PC      
741O'Brien, GabrielleLeneghan Academy of Irish Dance414RL 414SJ514TJA514HPB   514TS        
742O'Connell, JennaTrinity Academy of Irish Dance512RLA412LJ412SJB512TJB412HPB            
743O'Connell, LaurenRichens-Timm, Ohio          618PC      
745O'Connor, CaraLavin Cassidy School of Irish Dancing510RLB  410TJB410HP            
746O'Connor, SydneyO'Hare School of Irish Dance      615SD   615PC      
747O'Donnell, CaraLeneghan Academy of Irish Dance508RL408LJ508SJ408TJ508HP   408TS        
748O'Gara, ClaireRichens-Timm, Indiana513RLB 513SJB413TJ513HPA            
749O'Grady, LillianRichens-Timm, Ohio510RLA 410SJB510TJ510HP   410TS        
750O'Hara, MaggieRichens-Timm, Ohio512RLB 512SJB512TJA512HPB   512TS        
751O'Keefe, MazieRichens-Timm, Indiana413RL 413SJ513TJB413HP   413TS        
753O'Neill, MicaelaArdan Academy413RL413LJ513SJA513TJB513HPB   513TS        
754O'Toole, GraceErickson Academy412RLB 412SJA412TJB512HPB   412TS        
755OConnor, CaleyShovlin Academy of Irish Dance515RL  515TJ515HP            
756ODriscoll, MaeveBurke-Conroy School of Irish Dance411RLB411LJA411SJB411TJB411HPB            
757Oliver, AinsleyO'Hare School of Irish Dance512RLA 512SJA512TJB512HPA  913         
758Oliver, EliO'Hare School of Irish Dance510RLA  510TJ510HP  913         
759Oliver, MollyO'Hare School of Irish Dance514RLA 514SJA514TJA514HPA  914         
760Olk, BridgetLavin Cassidy School of Irish Dancing408RL  508TJ             
761Olk, LillyLavin Cassidy School of Irish Dancing          611PC      
763Osekowski, MeghanBurke-Conroy School of Irish Dance          716OCB   916TW  
764Oyer, CassidyRichens-Timm, Ohio   515TJ515HP            
765Oyer, McKennaRichens-Timm, Ohio   516TJ516HP            
767Pafford, LillyanArdan Academy511RLB 511SJA511TJB511HPB            
768Palmer, JaelynBell School of Irish Dance          716OCA      
769Pap, StevenBrady-Campbell School460RL460LJ 460TJ460HP   509TS     915TW  
771Paris, EvelynDwyer School of Irish Dance411RLA411LJA511SJB411TJB411HPA   411TS        
772Park, HelynaMurphy Irish Arts Center411RLB 511SJA511TJB511HPB            
773Patadia, EsmeThe Academy409RL409LJ409SJ409TJ409HP   409TS        
774Patton, MadelineThe Academy514RLA514LJ514SJA514TJB514HPB   514TS        
775Patton, SamanthaBrady-Campbell School          714OCB      
776Pearson, NoraMillennium Academy of Irish Dance 105LJ               
777Pease, LillianRegan Rankin Holland512RLA 512SJA512TJA512HPA            
778Pecek, FaithRegan Rankin Holland514RLA 514SJA514TJB514HPA            
779Pedigo, GraceErickson Academy516RL 516SJ516TJ415HP            
780Pellican, JulieIrwin Academy of Irish Dance835RL835LJ855SJ        947 986   
781Perez, LeilahClann na Cara, Buffalo, NY514RLA 514SJA514TJA514HPA            
782Perry, AbigailErickson Academy          610PC      
783Peterson, DerekCeltic Academy of Irish Dance, OH          716OCA      
784Peterson, KarinCeltic Academy of Irish Dance, OH   513TJA             
785Phillips, AlexandriaMillennium Academy of Irish Dance206RL206LJ206SJ              
786Phillips, KierraDoyle Academy of Irish Dance          718OC      
787Phipps, MichaelMcClanahan          712OC      
788Piazza, AbigailLeneghan Academy of Irish Dance510RLA 510SJ510TJ510HP   510TS        
789Pifer, CamrynRichens-Timm, Ohio411RLA411LJB411SJB411TJB411HPA311PD           
790Pina, AudraIrwin Academy of Irish Dance412RLB 412SJA412TJA412HPA   412TS        
791Piper, VaedaRichens-Timm, Ohio409RL409LJ409SJ309TJ409HP            
792Polak, JoelRichens-Timm, Indiana359RL359LJ               
793Polak, MoriahRichens-Timm, Indiana511RLB 511SJA511TJA511HPA   411TS        
794Polak, RachelRichens-Timm, Indiana516RL 516SJ516TJ516HP  914516TS        
795Porter, JaneRichens-Timm, Ohio      618SD   718OC      
798Powell, PeytonMillennium Academy of Irish Dance513RLB 513SJA513TJB513HPA            
799Pregibon, KatieBurke, Ohio411RLA411LJB411SJB411TJB411HPB   411TS        
800Prenger, KaitlynnRichens-Timm, Ohio          716OCA      
801Price, EllisonRichens-Timm, Ohio515RL  515TJ             
802Priestland, RachaelRichens-Timm, Ohio108RL108LJ               
803Prindle, AddisonThe Academy          615PC      
804Prindle, KaitlynnThe Academy312RL312LJ312SJ312TJ312HP312PD           
805Prindle, MelaynaThe Academy          612PC      
806Priore, MariaMacConmara Academy          719OC      
807Pruettmiller, RossThe Academy          714OCB      
808Prunty, CiaraBurke-Conroy School of Irish Dance410RLB410LJ410SJB410TJB410HP            
809Putka, MarinBrady-Campbell School408RL408LJ408SJ408TJ408HP   408TS        
810Randall, MaggieIrwin Academy of Irish Dance512RLA 512SJB512TJA512HPB   512TS        
811Randolph , Addyson Celtic Academy of Irish Dance, OH511RLA 511SJA511TJA511HPA            
812Rauzi, HannahThe Academy412RLA412LJ412SJA412TJB412HPA   412TS        
813Ready, MaryelleThe ML Dance Academy110RL110LJ               
814Ready, SebastianThe ML Dance Academy111RL111LJ               
815Reeves, AshleiRichens-Timm, Indiana412RLA 412SJB412TJA412HPA312PD           
817Renc, EmileeTrinity Academy of Irish Dance          614PC      
818Rettig, ElianaDwyer School of Irish Dance310RL310LJ310SJ 310HP            
819Ribovich, AnnaMacConmara Academy411RLA 411SJB411TJA411HPA            
820Rice, FeliciaGoggin-Carroll          712OC      
821Rice, GrantRichens-Timm, Ohio463RL412LJ 463TJ463HP            
822Richter, NoraMcClanahan309RL309LJ309SJ              
823Rife, KennedyRichens-Timm, Ohio308RL308LJ308SJ308TJ308HP            
825Riley, SashaNugent School of Irish Dance411RLB411LJA411SJB411TJB411HPB   411TS        
827Robertson, MarionThe Academy          712OC      
828Robertson, WilThe Academy       914  714OCA      
829Robinson, KaitlynRichens-Timm, Ohio516RL 516SJ516TJ             
830Robinson, KiraRichens-Timm, Ohio509RL 509SJ509TJ509HP   509TS        
831Robinson, TaylaRichens-Timm, Ohio512RLA 512SJB512TJA512HPB            
832Robison, ChristopherMacConmara Academy563RL412LJ 563TJ463HP312PD           
833Rodgers, BaileyThe Academy      612SD   612PC      
834Roesch, AllisonNugent School of Irish Dance511RLB 411SJA411TJB411HPA  913411TS        
838Roose, PresleyIrwin Academy of Irish Dance514RLA 514SJB514TJA514HPB   514TS        
840Rosengarten, MeganMillennium Academy of Irish Dance513RLA513LJ513SJB513TJB513HPB            
841Rowe, MadysenRichens-Timm, Ohio111RL111LJ111SJ              
842Ruane, Ailish Brady-Campbell School408RL408LJ408SJ408TJ308HP   408TS        
843Ruane, MadelineBrady-Campbell School510RLA 510SJ510TJ510HP            
845Russell, AnyaMacConmara Academy208RL208LJ208SJ308TJ     932       
846Rutz, Anne-MarieErickson Academy307RL307LJ               
847Ryan, EmmaMcClanahan          719OC      
848Ryan, KateMcClanahan515RL 515SJ515TJ515HP            
849Ryan, RachelMcClanahan      617SD   617PC      
851Saleh, JennaThe Academy          615PC      
852Salomone, LeahO'Hare School of Irish Dance          614PC      
853Salomone, ThereseO'Hare School of Irish Dance          716OCB      
854Sawyer, MeghanDwyer School of Irish Dance515RL 515SJ515TJ515HP   515TS        
855Scannell, KayanaRegan Rankin Holland512RLB 512SJB512TJB512HPB   512TS        
858Schaffer, MaggieRichens-Timm, Indiana          718OC      
860Schilens, KyrstinDwyer School of Irish Dance312RL312LJ312SJ 312HP            
861Schmitt-Palumbo, CatherineBrady-Campbell School412RLA 412SJB412TJA412HPB   412TS        
862Schofield, RachelMcClanahan          716OCB      
863Schwitzgebel , Addison The Academy310RL310LJ310SJ310TJ310HP310PD           
864Schwyn, CaileenThe Academy          714OCA      
865Schwyn, KeadyThe Academy          718OC      
867Seitz, LeoMcClanahan359RL359LJ               
868Seitz, RubyMcClanahan      614SD   614PC      
869Semproch, AdelieArdan Academy          716OCA      
870Sexton, MaeveDillon-Gavin          613PC      
871Sharipov, BelleRichens-Timm, Ohio  411SJA411TJA411HPB            
872Sharipov, KseniaRichens-Timm, Ohio   415TJ415HP   415TS        
873Sharipov, MayaRichens-Timm, Ohio  413SJ413TJ413HP            
874Sharkis, AbigailThe Academy          716OCA      
875Shay, AidanRegan Rankin Holland      613SD   613PC      
876Sheerin-Day, MeghanMcGing Irish Dancers509RL 409SJ509TJ    509TS        
877Shera, MeghanRichens-Timm, Ohio513RLB513LJ513SJB513TJA513HPA   413TS        
878Sherwood, EmiliaMcGing Irish Dancers409RL409LJ409SJ409TJ    409TS        
879Shultz, SydneyThe Academy          716OCA      
880Shupe, FelicityDwyer School of Irish Dance          617PC      
881Sipes, AbiRichens-Timm, Indiana516RL 516SJ516TJ516HP   516TS        
882Sisson, LucindaScoil Rince Ní Bhraonáin510RLA410LJ510SJ410TJA510HP   510TS        
884Slack, KristenIrwin Academy of Irish Dance412RLA412LJ412SJA412TJB412HPB   412TS        
885Slazak, SydneyClann na Cara, Buffalo, NY514RLB 514SJA514TJA514HPB   514TS        
887Smegal, SophiaRichens-Timm, Ohio313RL313LJ313SJ313TJ313HP            
888Smith, AbigailBrady-Campbell School          718OC      
889Smith, AlyssaThe Academy409RL409LJ409SJ409TJ409HP   409TS        
890Smith, EmilyRichens-Timm, Ohio      617SD   617PC      
891Smith, JordanThe Academy362RL361LJ 361TJ311HP361PD           
894Smith, MaggieO'Hare School of Irish Dance          718OC      
895Smith, ReillyBell School of Irish Dance516RL 516SJ516TJ516HP            
896Smith, RonanMillennium Academy of Irish Dance106RL105LJ108SJ              
897Smock, AdrianaRichens-Timm, Indiana412RLB412LJ412SJA412TJA412HPB312PD           
898Smyth, ChristineThe Academy          719OC      
899Snyder, MeganBell School of Irish Dance108RL108LJ108SJ              
900Sollinger, ClareCeltic Academy of Irish Dance, OH411RLA411LJA411SJB411TJA411HPA  913         
901Sollinger, LydiaCeltic Academy of Irish Dance, OH514RLA 514SJB414TJ414HP            
903Spanier, ShayNugent School of Irish Dance408RL408LJ408SJ308TJ308HP308PD           
904Speer, KensingtonRichens-Timm, Indiana          718OC      
907Stack, AbigailBell School of Irish Dance510RLB 510SJ510TJ510HP            
909Stage, EvanRegan Rankin Holland          714OCA      
910Stage, SamuelRegan Rankin Holland          716OCB      
912Stamp, AndrewRichens-Timm, Ohio835RL835LJ           986   
914Steele, SavannahLeneghan Academy of Irish Dance      612SD913  612PC      
915Stein, SavannaBurke-Conroy School of Irish Dance515RL 515SJ515TJ             
916Stenger, EliseErickson Academy515RL 515SJ              
918Stofko, MaeveLeneghan Academy of Irish Dance       913  712OC      
919Stone, Gabrielle Bell School of Irish Dance515RL 515SJ515TJ515HP  914         
920Storms, NessaThe Academy          716OCB      
921Straka, KateRegan Rankin Holland      613SD   613PC      
922Straka, ZacharyRegan Rankin Holland          716OCB      
923Strauss, BrennanLeneghan Academy of Irish Dance510RLA 510SJ510TJ510HP   510TS        
924Sturgeon, AudreyMillennium Academy of Irish Dance          716OCB  984   
925Sublette, AnnaMcTeggart, Kentucky514RLB414LJ414SJ514TJB414HP            
926Swallow, IsabellaThe Academy          714OCA      
927Sweet, NoahRichens-Timm, Ohio             986   
928Swenk, AryannaLeneghan Academy of Irish Dance411RLB411LJB411SJA411TJB511HPB  913511TS        
929Szczepaniak, DelaneyArdan Academy          719OC      
931Taggart, AbigailRichens-Timm, Ohio      616SD   616PC      
932Tansy, AshlynRichens-Timm, Indiana413RL413LJ413SJ413TJ413HP   413TS        
934Taylor , MaggieThe ML Dance Academy413RL313LJ313SJ313TJ313HP313PD           
935Taylor, OliviaCornell School of Irish Dance          611PC      
939Thomas, CatieO'Hare School of Irish Dance415RL415LJ515SJ515TJ515HP   515TS        
940Thomas, LarkinRichens-Timm, Ohio516RL 516SJ516TJ516HP            
941Thomas, SarahO'Hare School of Irish Dance412RLB412LJ412SJA512TJA412HPA   412TS        
942Timm, DanicaRichens-Timm, Ohio409RL409LJ509SJ409TJ409HP   409TS        
943Timmerman, PaigeThe Academy313RL313LJ313SJ313TJ313HP313PD           
944Tipton, HalleyRichens-Timm, Indiana514RLA 514SJA414TJ514HPB            
945Tobias, AidenDwyer School of Irish Dance509RL460LJ 309TJ460HP309PD           
946Tobias, AudreyDwyer School of Irish Dance512RLA 512SJA512TJA512HPB  913512TS        
947Toth, PresleyThe Academy209RL209LJ209SJ309TJ             
948Tresky, Ciara Bell School of Irish Dance412RLA 412SJB512TJB512HPA            
950Tschappat, AvaMcClanahan411RLB  411TJA411HPB            
952Underhill, LilyMillennium Academy of Irish Dance      610SD   610PC      
953Ungurait, Cara Irwin Academy of Irish Dance           947 986   
954Ungurait, ColleenIrwin Academy of Irish Dance310RL310LJ310SJ              
955Upton, AvaMillennium Academy of Irish Dance510RLB 510SJ510TJ510HP            
957Valiando, CharlieO'Malley Irish Dance Academy460RL361LJ 361TJ 361PD           
959van den Heuvel, AmyRichens-Timm, Indiana516RL515LJ516SJ516TJ415HP   415TS        
960Verde, CorinneMillennium Academy of Irish Dance411RLA 411SJB411TJB411HPA            
961Visscher, BeatriceO'Hare School of Irish Dance516RL 415SJ516TJ516HP   516TS        
963Vitu, EliseMillennium Academy of Irish Dance412RLA 412SJA512TJB412HPB   412TS        
964Wagner, AllisonDwyer School of Irish Dance513RLA 513SJA513TJA513HPA   513TS        
965Wagner, LillianRegan Rankin Holland308RL308LJ308SJ              
966Wagy, ColleenRichens-Timm, Ohio          714OCA      
967Walcheck, MeghanO'Malley Irish Dance Academy412RLB412LJ412SJA412TJA412HPB   412TS        
968Waldman, RyanMacConmara Academy          614PC      
969Wallenhorst, GraceBurke, Ohio414RL414LJ414SJ514TJA414HP            
970Walsh, Rowan The ML Dance Academy          615PC      
972Walton, CalebNugent School of Irish Dance460RL460LJ 460TJ460HP   409TS        
973Waltz, BowenFlanagan-O'Hare School, Michigan      614SD   614PC      
974Wanke, KatherineMcGing Irish Dancers511RLA 511SJA411TJA    411TS        
975Warling, GenevieveIrwin Academy of Irish Dance510RLB 410SJA510TJ510HP   510TS        
976Warren, AlexandraMcClanahan      615SD   716OCA      
978Washlock, Scarlette O'Malley Irish Dance Academy411RLA411LJB411SJB  311PD           
979Waters, EmilieLeneghan Academy of Irish Dance          718OC      
981Weinkauf-Arnold, ChloeCeltic Academy of Irish Dance, OH      614SD   614PC      
982Weinkauf-Arnold, CzarinaCeltic Academy of Irish Dance, OH207RL207LJ               
983Weinkauf-Arnold, GabrielCeltic Academy of Irish Dance, OH563RL  563TJ563HP  913         
984Weinkauf-Arnold, PalinCeltic Academy of Irish Dance, OH460RL460LJ               
985Weis, VanessaRichens-Timm, Ohio      616SD   616PC      
986Weller, GeorgiaMillennium Academy of Irish Dance409RL 509SJ509TJ509HP   509TS        
987Wells, SophiaMacConmara Academy          613PC      
988Wendel, MollyRegan Rankin Holland410RLA410LJ310SJ 410HP310PD           
989Wentling, MollyDwyer School of Irish Dance515RL 515SJ515TJ515HP   515TS        
990Wentz, MarinaMcClanahan  514SJA514TJB             
991White, AudreyBrady-Campbell School513RLA 513SJB513TJB513HPB            
992White, ElizabethMcGing Irish Dancers516RL 516SJ415TJ             
993Whitehead, KeeverMillennium Academy of Irish Dance      614SD   614PC      
996Wickenheiser, Erin Dwyer School of Irish Dance      611SD   611PC      
997Widman, MelissaRichens-Timm, Ohio855RL855LJ855SJ855TJ855HP   855TS    986   
998Williams, CarolynMillennium Academy of Irish Dance      614SD   614PC  984   
999Wilson, KalinBurke-Conroy School of Irish Dance          714OCB      
1000Wilson, SydneyDoyle-Corrigan Academy of Irish Dance          718OC      
1001Winemiller, EleanorIrwin Academy of Irish Dance      612SD   612PC      
1002Wise, LucyThe Academy514RLB514LJ514SJB514TJA514HPA   514TS        
1003Withers, CaitlynBell School of Irish Dance511RLB 511SJB511TJA511HPA            
1004Withers, JuliaBell School of Irish Dance206RL206LJ               
1005Wnenk, AnderaBlackbird Academy of Irish Dance          611PC      
1006Wojnar, NatalieThe Academy          714OCB      
1007Wolf, JuliaRichens-Timm, Ohio410RLA410LJ410SJA410TJA410HP310PD           
1009Wood, RubyScoil Rince le Cheile407RL407LJ407SJ407TJ             
1010Wood, VictoriaScoil Rince le Cheile      610SD   710OC      
1013Worrell, NatalieRichens-Timm, Indiana  516SJ              
1014Wright, AveryThe Academy309RL309LJ309SJ309TJ             
1015Wright, BernadetteIrwin Academy of Irish Dance412RLB412LJ 412TJB412HPB            
1018Yingling, GraceIrwin Academy of Irish Dance          618PC      
1019Yoder, LillianFlannery307RL307LJ307SJ              
1020York, FionaMillennium Academy of Irish Dance      616SD   616PC  984   
1021Young, AinsleyRichens-Timm, Ohio          718OC      
1022Young, KyanRichens-Timm, Ohio412RLA412LJ512SJB512TJA512HPB  913         
1023Young, RyleiArdan Academy          712OC      
1024Zepp, HannahBrady-Campbell School512RLB 512SJB512TJA512HPB            
1025Zepp, MollyBrady-Campbell School512RLA 512SJA512TJB512HPA            
1026Zielinski, KateMcGing Irish Dancers512RLB  512TJA512HPB            
1027Ziemba, KathleenLeneghan Academy of Irish Dance      617SD   617PC      
1028Zimmerman, AliMcGing Irish Dancers510RLA 510SJ510TJ410HP            
1029Zimmerman , CarolineMcGing Irish Dancers407RL 407SJ407TJ             
1031Zoulek, OliviaScoil Rince Ní Bhraonáin513RLB 513SJB513TJB413HP   413TS        
1032Zvejnieks, AvaBlackbird Academy of Irish Dance512RLB 512SJB512TJB512HPB