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Program List For The North Coast Feis - 2019, MAY BE REVISED!!!

Generated on Jan 24, 2019 19:09:31 PST If your payment was recorded after this date/time, you will not be on this report.

FeisWorx recommends ignoring this Competitor List since it is a static snapshot taken at one point in time. That time is listed in the previous paragraph at the top of this report. You will get far better information about your registration by logging in to your account and clicking the Registration Details link. The information on your My Registrations page is always up to date.

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NumCompetitorSchoolReelLight JigSlip JigSingle JigTreble JigTrad Treble JigHornpipeSt. Patricks DaySet DanceTreble Reel SpecTraditional SetTrad Set Spcl2 Hand Reel3 Hand ReelChampionshipChampionship 2nd Chc4 Hand Jig or ReelTraditional Hornpipe8 Hand CeiliShowcaseReel 2nd ChanceSlip Jig 2nd ChanceTreble Jig 2nd ChcHornpipe 2nd Chc
101Abbott, AnnabelleMurphy Irish Arts Center              718OCA         
102Adkins, AinsleyThe Academy        610SD     610PC610PC2        
103Aho, KylaRichens-Timm, Ohio              719OC         
105Amick, FionaO'Kennedy-Holland Irish Dance Academy308RL308LJ308SJ 308TJ  308PD                
106Amick, KaylaO'Kennedy-Holland Irish Dance Academy513RL   513TJB 513HPA             513RL2 513TJ2513HP2
107Amorese, CorinneRince Na Tiarna409RL409LJ409SJ 309TJ 309HP309PD                
109Anderson, PaigeArdan Academy        614SD724TR    614PC614PC2        
111Arnold, AnnaliseBell School of Irish Dance              614PC614PC2  984     
112Arutyunov, MiaLeneghan Academy of Irish Dance207RL207LJ                      
113Aylward , EllieBrady-Campbell School309RL309LJ309SJA 309TJ  309PD                
117Ballard, MicahO'Kennedy-Holland Irish Dance Academy210RL210LJ                      
118Baloh, ChloeArdan Academy        616SD     615PC615PC2        
119Bammerlin, MadisonLeneghan Academy of Irish Dance312RL312LJ312SJ 312TJ 312HP312PD                
120Bammerlin, PaigeLeneghan Academy of Irish Dance312RL312LJ312SJ 312TJ 312HP312PD                
123Barrett, ColinBell School of Irish Dance              612PC   983     
124Barrett, DeclanBell School of Irish Dance360RL360LJ                      
125Barton, Melissa LouiseBell School of Irish Dance              719OC         
126Beckwith, LillianBell School of Irish Dance              617PC         
127Bell, AislynnBell School of Irish Dance516RL 516SJ 516TJ 516HP             516RL2  516HP2
128Bernier, ZacharyGoggin-Carroll              719OC         
129Best, ShannonBell School of Irish Dance              615PC615PC2        
130Beuck, OliviaRegan Rankin Holland  513SJB 513TJB 513HPB               513TJ2 
133Bishop, JackScoil Rince Ní Bhraonáin        612SD723TR 720TS  611PC611PC2        
134Bitter, KaitlynThe Academy310RL310LJ310SJ 311TJ 311HP                 
135Black, EmmaBrady-Campbell School207RL207LJ207SJ                     
136Blair, KilianRegan Rankin Holland512RLB 512SJB 512TJB 512HPA                 
138Blayney, Mary PiperRichens-Timm, Ohio411RL411LJ411SJ 411TJ 411HP                 
139Bogdan, PollyRochester Academy of Irish Dance514RL 514SJ 514TJ 514HP           984 514RL2514SJ2514TJ2514HP2
140Boguslawski, PalomaArdan Academy410RL310LJ410SJ 410TJ 410HP311PD                
141Boguslawski, PhilomenaArdan Academy515RL 515SJ 515TJ 515HP312PD            515RL2515SJ2515TJ2515HP2
142Bohman, NoelleMillennium Academy of Irish Dance513RL 513SJA                 513RL2513SJ2  
143Bokausek, ColleenLeneghan Academy of Irish Dance                   855SC    
144Bokausek, ErinLeneghan Academy of Irish Dance              617PC         
145Boland, EmmaBrady-Campbell School210RL210LJ210SJ                     
146Bonacci, SophiaBoland School of Irish Dance              714OC         
147Booher, CallaO'Malley Irish Dance Academy413RL413LJ414SJ 413TJ 413HP   413TS             
148Bornheim, SavannahRochester Academy of Irish Dance        616SD     615PC615PC2  984     
149Boscoe, CalliopeBrady-Campbell School208RL208LJ208SJ                     
150Boucher, MadeleineO'Hare School of Irish Dance              615PC615PC2        
151Bouganim, BrigitteGoggin-Carroll512RLA 412SJ 512TJA 412HP   512TS             
152Bouganim, EvangelineGoggin-Carroll        614SD     614PC614PC2        
153Bowe, ZeppeO'Malley Irish Dance Academy408RL408LJ        408TS             
154Bradley, AbigailBell School of Irish Dance              718OCA   985     
155Brady Campbell, CharlieBrady-Campbell School              714OC         
156Brady Campbell, CiaraBrady-Campbell School509RL 509SJ 409TJ 409HP   409TS             
157Braun, GraceRichens-Timm, Ohio        614SD     614PC614PC2        
159Brian, LukeBrady-Campbell School410RL   410TJ     461TS             
160Brophy, RhysScoil Rince Ní Bhraonáin411RL   561TJ 561HP   461TS           511TJ2511HP2
161Brough, JenniferCeltic Academy of Irish Dance, OH835RL835LJ835SJ                     
162Brough, JohnnyCeltic Academy of Irish Dance, OH516RL   516TJ 516HP  721TR              
163Bryowsky, AoifeClarkson School513RL 513SJB 513TJB 513HPB  720TR513TS         513RL2513SJ2513TJ2513HP2
164Bryowsky, NiamhClarkson School511RLA 511SJA 511TJA 511HPA  720TR511TS         511RL2511SJ2511TJ2511HP2
165Bryowsky, SiobhanClarkson School509RL 509SJ 509TJ 509HP  720TR509TS         509RL2509SJ2509TJ2509HP2
168Burke, BridgetBell School of Irish Dance        612SD     611PC611PC2  982     
169Burke, BrigidMacConmara Academy513RL 414SJ 513TJA 413HP   413TS             
170Burke, DelaneyBrady-Campbell School511RLB 511SJB 511TJB 511HPA             511RL2511SJ2511TJ2511HP2
171Burke, ElizabethO'Hare School of Irish Dance308RL408LJ408SJ 408TJ                   
172Burke, ErinBell School of Irish Dance509RL 509SJ 409TJ 509HP   409TS         509RL2509SJ2 509HP2
173Burke, IsabellaBrady-Campbell School              714OC         
174Burke, JayneO'Hare School of Irish Dance514RL 514SJ 514TJ 514HP             514RL2514SJ2514TJ2514HP2
175Burke, ReaganBrady-Campbell School408RL408LJ408SJ 408TJ 408HP   408TS             
176Burke , Rebecca Brady-Campbell School                  986     
178Burrows, LindsayLeneghan Academy of Irish Dance              716OCB         
179Burton, PaytonMacConmara Academy414RL414LJ514SJ 414TJ 414HP   414TS  935          
181Buttignol, Delainey Grace Bell School of Irish Dance              611PC   982     
182Buzenski , Maya Richens-Timm, Ohio309RL309LJ309SJB 309TJ 409HP                 
183Byrne, ErinBrady-Campbell School              718OCB         
184Carey, BetsyLeneghan Academy of Irish Dance412RL312LJ412SJ 412TJ 412HP   412TS             
185Carey, MartyLeneghan Academy of Irish Dance414RL   414TJ 414HP   414TS             
186Carleton, TeaganSheila Tully Academy510RL 510SJ 410TJ 410HP             510RL2510SJ2  
187Carr, KaraErickson Academy              714OC         
188Carroll, SarahTrinity Academy of Irish Dance        612SD     612PC612PC2        
189Casale, AshlynBell School of Irish Dance  511SJB               982  511SJ2  
190Casale, FionaBell School of Irish Dance411RL 511SJB 511TJA 511HPB           982  511SJ2511TJ2511HP2
191Casey, MaureenBrady-Campbell School                  986     
193Catrabone, AdrienneRince Na Tiarna513RL 513SJB 413TJ 513HPB             513RL2513SJ2 513HP2
194Cestnik, SonjaGoggin-Carroll              718OCB         
195Chambers, CatherineLeneghan Academy of Irish Dance        616SD     616PC         
196Chambers, GraceBrady-Campbell School        614SD     613PC613PC2        
197Choquette, MaggieBoland School of Irish Dance         723TR    610PC610PC2        
198Clark, BrigidBurke-Conroy School of Irish Dance              716OCA         
199Clark, EmilieThe Academy311RL311LJ311SJ 311TJ 311HP                 
200Clark, SheilaBurke-Conroy School of Irish Dance              718OCB         
201Clemens, CoryBurke, Ohio509RL 409SJ 409TJ                   
202Cmolik, MadelineBurke, Ohio         724TR 721TS  616PC616PC2        
203Coffman, NicoleClann na Cara, Buffalo, NY    516TJ 516HP               516TJ2516HP2
204Colan, KateLeneghan Academy of Irish Dance412RL 412SJ 412TJ 412HP   412TS             
207Conlan, GraceRochester Academy of Irish Dance        612SD     611PC611PC2  982     
209Corrigan, GraceO'Malley Irish Dance Academy409RL409LJ409SJ       409TS             
210Cosgrove, ErynArdan Academy        614SD     614PC614PC2        
211Cosgrove, MichaelaArdan Academy              718OCB         
212Cotter, CaileyRochester Academy of Irish Dance        614SD     614PC614PC2  984     
213Coughlin, LiamBurke-Conroy School of Irish Dance              716OCA         
214Coughlin, SheaBurke-Conroy School of Irish Dance413RL413LJ414SJ 513TJA 513HPA                 
216Cox, AllisonBell School of Irish Dance516RL 516SJ 516TJ 516HP             516RL2515SJ2516TJ2516HP2
218Coyne, BrigidBrady-Campbell School        612SD     612PC612PC2        
220Coyne, MaeveBrady-Campbell School509RL 409SJ 509TJ 409HP   509TS             
222Cripps, MackenzieButler-Fearon-O'Connor        616SD     615PC615PC2        
223Crowley, BrigidMcCormack Fay Academy410RL 410SJ 410TJ 410HP   410TS             
225Curran, CatherineBurke, Ohio              614PC614PC2        
227D'Amore, DillonO'Hare School of Irish Dance              764OC         
228Dabran, ReganLeneghan Academy of Irish Dance        614SD     614PC614PC2        
229Dadas, DelaneyBrady-Campbell School513RL 513SJA 513TJB 513HPA             513RL2513SJ2513TJ2513HP2
230Daley, BridgetLeneghan Academy of Irish Dance                   855SC    
231Daley, KathleenLeneghan Academy of Irish Dance510RL 510SJ 410TJ 510HP   410TS             
232Daley, KayleeLeneghan Academy of Irish Dance413RL413LJ414SJ 413TJ 413HP   413TS             
234Daugherty, RyanRichens-Timm, Ohio561RL360LJ  410TJ 311HP             510RL2   
235Davian, AddileenThe Academy509RL 509SJ 509TJ 509HP  720TR509TS         509RL2509SJ2509TJ2509HP2
236Davila, EmmaRochester Academy of Irish Dance514RL 514SJ 514TJ 514HP   514TS         514RL2514SJ2514TJ2514HP2
237Davis, SophiaMacConmara Academy512RLA 512SJA 512TJB 512HPB              512SJ2 512HP2A
239Dean, CaitlinMillennium Academy of Irish Dance              615PC615PC2        
240Del Vecchio, MarisaBell School of Irish Dance              718OCA   985     
241DeMarco, MollyBrady-Campbell School208RL208LJ208SJ                     
242Depizzo, NoraBurke, Ohio              613PC         
243Devlin, MadeleineBurke, Ohio511RLB 511SJA 511TJA 511HPA                 
245Dick, AndreaCornell School of Irish Dance              716OCA         
246DiNucci, GabbyBell School of Irish Dance              718OCA   985     
247Disher, MarynDwyer School of Irish Dance410RL410LJ410SJ 311TJ 410HP311PD                
248Disher, SadieDwyer School of Irish Dance512RLB 512SJB 512TJA 512HPA   512TS         512RL2A 512TJ2512HP2B
249Doetzel, KarahGoggin-Carroll              612PC612PC2        
250Dolan, MauraBurke-Conroy School of Irish Dance409RL309LJ309SJB                     
251Dollard, CeceliaLeneghan Academy of Irish Dance312RL312LJ312SJ                     
252Donaghy, AnnaO'Hare School of Irish Dance              716OCA         
255Doyle, AveryRichens-Timm, Ohio              615PC615PC2        
256Ducy, DesmondMillennium Academy of Irish Dance561RL   561TJ 561HP   510TS         510RL2 510TJ2510HP2
257Ducy, LilianMillennium Academy of Irish Dance514RL 514SJ 514TJ 514HP   514TS         514RL2514SJ2514TJ2514HP2
259Duggan, KienenRince Na Tiarna508RL 509SJ 509TJ                509SJ2  
262Dunne, Nora RoseBurke, Ohio511RLA 511SJB 511TJA 511HPB             511RL2511SJ2511TJ2511HP2
263Duns, EmmaBurke, Ohio        612SD     612PC612PC2        
264Durkin, MollyBurke, Ohio513RL 513SJB   513HPB             513RL2513SJ2  
265Dwyer, AidanDwyer School of Irish Dance              764OC         
266Dwyer, SeanDwyer School of Irish Dance              716OCB         
267Dziubek, MaryBell School of Irish Dance              716OCA   984     
270Egan, KaitlinLeneghan Academy of Irish Dance412RL 412SJ 412TJ 512HPA   512TS            512HP2B
271Einhorn, MirandaRichens-Timm, Ohio412RL412LJ412SJ 412TJ 412HP   412TS             
272Elbin, RylanBrady-Campbell School410RL410LJ  410TJ 311HP   461TS             
273Emery, McKenna Burke-Conroy School of Irish Dance208RL208LJ                      
274Espy, ElinaCeltic Academy of Irish Dance, OH512RLA 512SJB 512TJB 512HPA             512RL2B512SJ2512TJ2512HP2A
275Espy, LaylaCeltic Academy of Irish Dance, OH409RL409LJ409SJ 409TJ 409HP                 
276Evanish, CharliMacConmara Academy511RLA 511SJA 511TJA 511HPA             511RL2511SJ2511TJ2511HP2
277Evans, CiaraBell School of Irish Dance              718OCA         
278Evon, ElizabethGoggin-Carroll              613PC613PC2        
280Fabinak, VillieLeneghan Academy of Irish Dance415RL414LJ415SJ 414TJ 415HP     926           
282Felder, LiamBrady-Campbell School              716OCB         
283Ferguson, BridgetRichens-Timm, Ohio              718OCA         
284Ferrante, JacquelineArdan Academy855RL855LJ        855TS      855HP 855SC    
285Fey, AddisonThe ML Dance Academy        612SD     612PC612PC2        
286Fink, AlexisRichens-Timm, Ohio408RL408LJ408SJ 308TJ 408HP308PD                
288Fitzgerald, HalleBell School of Irish Dance              716OCA   984     
290Ford, CaelynGoodwin Academy512RLB 512SJB 512TJA 412HP             512RL2B512SJ2512TJ2 
291Ford, CaitlinMurphy Irish Arts Center              614PC614PC2        
292Ford, RileyMurphy Irish Arts Center              612PC612PC2        
293Fox, MaggieBrady-Campbell School309RL309LJ309SJA    309PD                
295Fredette, MayaJohnston School of Irish Dance              615PC         
298Frick, MollyShovlin Academy of Irish Dance              615PC615PC2        
299Fruner, LaurenThe Academy        612SD  720TS  612PC612PC2        
300Galla, MaeveLeneghan Academy of Irish Dance              716OCA         
302Gallego, NoelleGoggin-Carroll515RL 515SJ 515TJ 515HP             515RL2  515HP2
303Gallina, MollyBell School of Irish Dance509RL409LJ409SJ   509HP   509TS         509RL2  509HP2
305Gannon, ConallBrady-Campbell School              610PC         
307Gannon, FionaBrady-Campbell School512RLB 512SJB 512TJB 512HPA             512RL2A512SJ2512TJ2512HP2A
308Gardner, AlainaLeneghan Academy of Irish Dance              712OC         
309Gardner, BridgetLeneghan Academy of Irish Dance509RL 509SJ 509TJ                   
310Gardner, ShannonLeneghan Academy of Irish Dance              615PC         
311Gareau, ClareLeneghan Academy of Irish Dance411RL411LJ411SJ 411TJ 411HP  720TR411TS             
313Garthwaite, AshlynMacConmara Academy516RL 516SJ 516TJ 415HP                 
314Geraghty, McKennaLeneghan Academy of Irish Dance512RLB 512SJA 512TJA 512HPB                 
315Gerba, BridgetBrady-Campbell School410RL410LJ410SJ 410TJ 311HP   410TS             
316Gerba, KatieBrady-Campbell School                  986     
319Gerstenslager, KendraMacConmara Academy413RL 513SJB 513TJB 513HPA         944       
320Gilbert, AddisonGoggin-Carroll              710OC         
321Gilson, Charles Murphy Irish Arts Center        612SD     611PC611PC2        
322Gilson, GraceMurphy Irish Arts Center        614SD     613PC613PC2        
323Glaser, SusanRichens-Timm, Ohio              718OCA         
324Gleason, CalleighMillennium Academy of Irish Dance              613PC613PC2        
325Glickman, JaneyBurke-Conroy School of Irish Dance        618SD     618PC         
326Gnandt, DelaneyMacConmara Academy410RL410LJ410SJ 410TJ 410HP                 
327Golden, CailynThe Academy409RL409LJ409SJ 409TJ 409HP309PD                
328Golden, LiviaThe Academy        612SD     611PC611PC2        
329Good, RileyBurke, Ohio513RL 513SJB   513HPB             513RL2513SJ2 513HP2
330Gorman, AvaBrady-Campbell School409RL409LJ409SJ 409TJ 309HP   409TS             
331Gottlieb, LillyMacConmara Academy413RL 414SJ 413TJ 312HP         944       
332Gowan, EmilyLeneghan Academy of Irish Dance        618SD     618PC618PC2        
334Grady, BrigidBurke, Ohio408RL408LJ408SJ 408TJ  308PD                
335Grant, GabriellaRichens-Timm, Ohio              616PC616PC2        
336Gray, EmmaIrwin Academy of Irish Dance412RL 412SJ 512TJB 412HP   512TS             
338Green, HannahO'Hare School of Irish Dance    516TJ 516HP   516TS             
339Greeson, CharlotteRichens-Timm, Ohio513RL 513SJA 513TJA 513HPA             513RL2513SJ2513TJ2513HP2
340Grever, EmmaThe Academy309RL309LJ309SJB 309TJ 309HP                 
341Griffin, CiaraRochester Academy of Irish Dance              615PC615PC2        
342Griffin, KatherineArdan Academy         724TR    716OCA         
343Grimm, CarrieMacConmara Academy511RLA 511SJB 511TJA 511HPB             511RL2511SJ2511TJ2511HP2
344Grumman, OrianaThe Academy309RL309LJ309SJB 309TJ 309HP                 
346Haas, AnneO'Hare School of Irish Dance                   855SC    
347Hackel, TracieArdan Academy855RL855LJ        855TS      855HP 855SC    
348Haddad, MaryBell School of Irish Dance              617PC617PC2        
352Hahn, AadenGoggin-Carroll        612SD723TR    612PC612PC2        
353Hall, LaurenO'Kennedy-Holland Irish Dance Academy              718OCA         
354Hamm, AlexisThe Academy310RL310LJ310SJ 311TJ 311HP                 
355Hammett, GraceRichens-Timm, Ohio              613PC613PC2        
356Hammett, JuliaRichens-Timm, Ohio410RL 510SJ 510TJ 510HP   410TS             
360Hanson, MollyArdan Academy413RL 513SJB 513TJA 513HPA   413TS          513SJ2513TJ2513HP2
361Harkins, SarahBell School of Irish Dance412RL 412SJ 412TJ 512HPB                 
362Harlan, AlyssaLeneghan Academy of Irish Dance514RL 514SJ 514TJ 514HP   514TS             
363Harrison, CarolineMurphy Irish Arts Center              714OC         
365Harrison, MiaDwyer School of Irish Dance           720TS  712OC         
366Hartigan, MargaretArdan Academy         724TR 721TS  718OCB         
367Haskins, RachelBell School of Irish Dance516RL 516SJ 516TJ               516RL2515SJ2516TJ2 
368Haskins, SarahBell School of Irish Dance              614PC614PC2  984     
369Hawley, SarahArdan Academy  513SJB   513HPA  720TR513TS            513HP2
370Hayes, DouglasGoggin-Carroll         724TR 721TS  768OC         
371Hecht, GabriellaRince Na Tiarna409RL409LJ409SJ 409TJ 409HP309PD                
372Heinzman, HannahArdan Academy512RLA 512SJA 512TJA 512HPA   412TS         512RL2B512SJ2512TJ2512HP2A
373Heinzman, SeanArdan Academy514RL   514TJ 514HP   514TS         514RL2 514TJ2514HP2
374Hennessy, AbbyGoggin-Carroll              714OC         
375Hennessy, RachelGoggin-Carroll              718OCA         
376Herbert, BrennenLeneghan Academy of Irish Dance        612SD723TR    612PC612PC2        
377Herbert, MichaelaLeneghan Academy of Irish Dance512RLB 512SJA 512TJB 512HPA  720TR          512RL2A  512HP2B
378Hernit, SianDwyer School of Irish Dance              617PC617PC2        
379Heynsbroek, ClaireGoggin-Carroll511RLA 511SJB 511TJB 511HPB              511SJ2511TJ2511HP2
380Higgins, AliciaO'Hare School of Irish Dance              716OCB         
381Hill, KaraLeneghan Academy of Irish Dance412RL 412SJ 412TJ 512HPA   412TS             
382HINKEL, KATHRYNO'Malley Irish Dance Academy309RL309LJ309SJB                     
383Hock, OliviaLeneghan Academy of Irish Dance109RL109LJ109SJ                     
385Holland, FionaBrady-Campbell School410RL410LJ410SJ 311TJ 311HP311PD                
387Holmstrom, KaleighRichens-Timm, Ohio512RLB 412SJ 412TJ 412HP   412TS         512RL2A   
388Hooper, JenniferBrady-Campbell School                  986     
389Hoover, MackenzieMillennium Academy of Irish Dance513RL 513SJA 513TJB 513HPB   513TS          513SJ2513TJ2513HP2
390Horan, SarahMcCartney Irish Dance              618PC         
391Hothem, BrynRegan Rankin Holland              714OC         
392Howley, JulianneBell School of Irish Dance              719OC         
393Hudgens, SarahCeltic Academy of Irish Dance, OH              719OC         
394Huff, LaurenRochester Academy of Irish Dance512RLB 512SJB 512TJA 512HPA             512RL2B512SJ2512TJ2512HP2A
395Hughes, JuliaShovlin Academy of Irish Dance514RL 514SJ 414TJ 414HP                 
397Hunt, BrennaBell School of Irish Dance        616SD     615PC   984     
398Hurley, ClareBrady-Campbell School209RL209LJ209SJ                     
399Hussell, LaurenMurphy Irish Arts Center              718OCA         
400Jancha, Benjamin MacConmara Academy312RL312LJ  312TJ 312HP      934          
401Jancha, LoreleiMacConmara Academy408RL408LJ408SJ 408TJ 308HP308PD     932          
403Jenkins, DeclanMurphy Irish Arts Center409RL409LJ  309TJ           943       
404Johnson, BrookeBell School of Irish Dance              718OCA   985     
405Johnson, CoreyO'Malley Irish Dance Academy 112LJ                      
406Johnson, RowanO'Malley Irish Dance Academy309RL309LJ309SJA                     
407Johnson-Hill, AidanGoggin-Carroll              768OC         
408Johnson-Hill, BradyGoggin-Carroll              768OC         
409Jones, AbbyMurphy Irish Arts Center        616SD     616PC         
410Jones, AliviaBurke, Ohio112RL112LJ112SJ                     
411Jones, LaurenMurphy Irish Arts Center512RLA 512SJA 512TJB 512HPA                 
412Jordan, GretchenLeneghan Academy of Irish Dance510RL 510SJ 510TJ 510HP             510RL2510SJ2  
413Jurca, ReaganLeneghan Academy of Irish Dance              610PC610PC2        
414Kangas, MadisonMurphy Irish Arts Center      515HP                515HP2
416Kelleher, LaurenO'Malley Irish Dance Academy311RL311LJ311SJ    311PD                
417Kelley, ClaraBurke-Conroy School of Irish Dance514RL 514SJ 514TJ 514HP             514RL2514SJ2514TJ2514HP2
418Kelley, Mary ClareBrady-Campbell School107RL107LJ107SJ                     
419Kelley, NoraBurke-Conroy School of Irish Dance512RLA 412SJ 412TJ 412HP             512RL2B   
420Kelly, KathleenBrady-Campbell School              719OC         
421Kempf, MarissaRochester Academy of Irish Dance410RL 410SJ 410TJ 510HP           982    510HP2
422Kennedy, CamrynLeneghan Academy of Irish Dance        616SD     615PC615PC2        
423Kennison, ClaireTrinity Academy of Irish Dance              611PC611PC2        
424Kennison, MaryTrinity Academy of Irish Dance              616PC616PC2        
425Kensick, MaggieBrady-Campbell School409RL409LJ409SJ 409TJ 309HP309PD                
426Kephart, EmmaRince Na Tiarna412RL412LJ312SJ 312TJ 312HP                 
427Kernan, LiamLeneghan Academy of Irish Dance508RL   509TJ 509HP   509TS         509RL2   
428Kernan, NiamhLeneghan Academy of Irish Dance              712OC         
429Kerrigan, GraceBrady-Campbell School207RL207LJ207SJ                     
430Kerscher, AbbyRichens-Timm, Ohio              716OCB         
431Kessel, ClaireBurke-Conroy School of Irish Dance              718OCB         
433Kilpatrick, TristanBell School of Irish Dance              764OC   983     
434Kilroy, BridieBurke, Ohio        614SD     614PC614PC2        
435Kilroy, MairinBrady-Campbell School              714OC         
436Kilroy, SarahBurke, Ohio        614SD     613PC613PC2        
437Kim, KristaBell School of Irish Dance              718OCB         
438King, LilaRegan Rankin Holland512RLA 512SJA 512TJB 512HPB             512RL2B512SJ2512TJ2512HP2B
440King, MadisonDwyer School of Irish Dance              714OC         
441Kish, AveryBurke, Ohio412RL 412SJ 412TJ 412HP                 
442Klapec, MarenRochester Academy of Irish Dance509RL 509SJ 509TJ 509HP   509TS         509RL2509SJ2509TJ2509HP2
445Koczur, MollyO'Malley Irish Dance Academy511RLB 511SJB 511TJB 511HPB   511TS         511RL2511SJ2511TJ2511HP2
446Kolodziej, MirandaGoggin-Carroll              714OC         
447Konold, CarliBrady-Campbell School514RL414LJ414SJ 414TJ 414HP   414TS         514RL2   
448kovacevic, IrelandBrady-Campbell School512RLA 512SJB 412TJ 412HP             512RL2B512SJ2  
449Krajeck, EllieO'Kennedy-Holland Irish Dance Academy407RL407LJ408SJ 307TJ                   
450Krajeck, NoraO'Kennedy-Holland Irish Dance Academy206RL206LJ                      
451Krec, PaigeMacConmara Academy415RL 415SJ 414TJ 415HP      935          
452Krischan, ElizabethLeneghan Academy of Irish Dance514RL 514SJ 514TJ 514HP   514TS             
453Kuczinski, MeghanShovlin Academy of Irish Dance        616SD     615PC615PC2        
454Kukolic, JackGoggin-Carroll              716OCB         
455Kukolic, JamesonGoggin-Carroll        614SD     614PC614PC2        
456Kukolic, MaggieGoggin-Carroll512RLA  512SN512TJB 512HPB   512TS         512RL2B512SJ2512TJ2 
457Kukowski, AnthonyBrady-Campbell School              764OC         
458LaBo, CaitlinGoggin-Carroll           721TS  719OC         
459LaBo, ConnorGoggin-Carroll           721TS  768OC         
460Lake, CooperThe Academy              610PC610PC2        
461Lake, EmmaThe Academy        614SD     613PC613PC2        
462Lake, LillianThe Academy        614SD     613PC613PC2        
463Lane, MackenzieBurke-Conroy School of Irish Dance        618SD     618PC         
464Lane, OliviaBurke-Conroy School of Irish Dance513RL 513SJA 513TJA 513HPA             513RL2   
465Lang, CassandraBoland School of Irish Dance              714OC         
466Lang, KathleenLeneghan Academy of Irish Dance412RL412LJ412SJ 412TJ     412TS             
469Lardie, Connor Brady-Campbell School              610PC         
470Lavelle, MaeveLeneghan Academy of Irish Dance511RLB 511SJA 511TJB 511HPA   511TS         511RL2511SJ2511TJ2511HP2
471Lavelle, Rory JamesBrady-Campbell School360RL360LJ                      
473Lemanski, LisaArdan Academy855RL855LJ855SJ       855TS      855HP 855SC    
474Leneghan, KeiraLeneghan Academy of Irish Dance        614SD     613PC613PC2        
475Lentz, ColleenDwyer School of Irish Dance511RLB 511SJA 511TJA 411HP   511TS         511RL2511SJ2511TJ2 
476Leonard, MckaylaBurke, Ohio              615PC615PC2        
477Leonardi, KatieLeneghan Academy of Irish Dance411RL311LJ311SJ 411TJ 311HP311PD                
478Liebtag, MorganMillennium Academy of Irish Dance513RL 513SJA 513TJA 513HPB  720TR413TS         513RL2513SJ2513TJ2513HP2
479Liscotti , AubreeBurke-Conroy School of Irish Dance205RL                       
480Liscotti , AvaBurke-Conroy School of Irish Dance508RL408LJ408SJ 308TJ                   
481Loewy, SydneyBell School of Irish Dance                  985     
482Loftus, EllenBrady-Campbell School310RL310LJ310SJ                     
483Lombardi, ErinBrady-Campbell School835RL 835SJ               986     
485Long, PaigeDwyer School of Irish Dance                   855SC    
486Lopresti, OwenBell School of Irish Dance              712OC   983     
487Lopresti, PatrickBell School of Irish Dance              764OC         
488Loughlin, CaraBrady-Campbell School855RL         855TS      855HP986855SC    
489Love, KatieLeneghan Academy of Irish Dance              617PC617PC2        
491Lowenguth, KayleighRochester Academy of Irish Dance512RLB 512SJB 512TJB 512HPA   512TS         512RL2A512SJ2512TJ2512HP2A
492Lucas, AmeliaBell School of Irish Dance510RL 510SJ 410TJ 510HP           982 510RL2510SJ2 510HP2
493Lupton, AlisonMurphy Irish Arts Center              718OCB         
494Lutz, AvaGoggin-Carroll411RL 411SJ 411TJ 511HPA   411TS            511HP2
495Lynch, AaronRochester Academy of Irish Dance        614SD     614PC614PC2        
498Lynch, NathanielRochester Academy of Irish Dance512RLB   512TJA 512HPB             512RL2A 512TJ2512HP2B
499Lynch, SarahRochester Academy of Irish Dance              719OC         
500Lyon, AvaGoodwin Academy           720TS  611PC611PC2        
501MacLennan, RachelDwyer School of Irish Dance              612PC612PC2        
503Magoun, DeniseMacConmara Academy512RLB     512HPB         944       
504MAHER, ClareGoggin-Carroll        614SD     613PC613PC2        
505Mallet, OliviaArdan Academy513RL 513SJA   513HPB   513TS             
507Manning, MollyMurphy Irish Arts Center514RL 514SJ 514TJ 514HP             514RL2   
508Martin, CaitlinBrady-Campbell School              714OC         
509Martin, EmmaMurphy Irish Arts Center412RL 412SJ 512TJA 512HPB                 
510Martin, MeganBrady-Campbell School              712OC         
511Mason, MiaThe Academy              716OCA         
512Master, Megan Murphy Irish Arts Center511RLA 511SJB 511TJB 511HPB             511RL2511SJ2511TJ2511HP2
513Mattson, CassandraMillennium Academy of Irish Dance513RL 513SJA 513TJB 513HPB              513SJ2513TJ2513HP2
514McCabe, ErinYvonne Kelly Dance Academy           721TS  616PC616PC2        
515McCabe, TaraYvonne Kelly Dance Academy           721TS  714OC614PC2        
518McCandlish, MadelineRichens-Timm, Ohio515RL 515SJ 515TJ 515HP             515RL2 515TJ2515HP2
519McCarthy, ClaireBrady-Campbell School409RL409LJ309SJA 409TJ     409TS             
520McCarthy, DelanieBrady-Campbell School411RL411LJ511SJB 411TJ     411TS             
521McCausland, JessicaMacConmara Academy514RL 514SJ 514TJ 514HP              514SJ2514TJ2 
522McConnell, AutumnLeneghan Academy of Irish Dance        618SD724TR 721TS  617PC617PC2        
524Mccullough , EllaO'Kennedy-Holland Irish Dance Academy307RL307LJ307SJ                     
525McDaniel, ClaireO'Malley Irish Dance Academy308RL308LJ308SJ                     
527McDonough, MegRichens-Timm, Ohio509RL 509SJ 509TJ 509HP              509SJ2509TJ2509HP2
529McGann, GraceRochester Academy of Irish Dance510RL 410SJ 510TJ 510HP           982 510RL2510SJ2510TJ2510HP2
530McGann, KatieRochester Academy of Irish Dance515RL 515SJ 515TJ 515HP             515RL2515SJ2515TJ2515HP2
531McGarvey, KatieGoodwin Academy        614SD     614PC614PC2        
532McGarvey, MaggieGoodwin Academy  410SJ       410TS             
533McGinnity, AnnabelleRochester Academy of Irish Dance              714OC   984     
534McGinty, SeamusBrady-Campbell School              764OC         
535McGlynn, GemmaGoggin-Carroll407RL407LJ408SJ                     
536McGough-McCabe, LynnArdan Academy                   855SC    
537McGrath, GabrielleMacConmara Academy              712OC 944       
539Mckee, JulianneMurphy Irish Arts Center516RL 516SJ 516TJ 516HP   516TS             
540McKenna, CeiliO'Kennedy-Holland Irish Dance Academy        612SD     612PC612PC2        
541McLaughlin, AoifeBurke, Ohio              716OCA         
542McLaughlin, NiamhBurke, Ohio510RL 510SJ 510TJ 510HP   510TS         510RL2510SJ2510TJ2510HP2
543McMillan, KeiraRochester Academy of Irish Dance              611PC611PC2  982     
544McNamara, KaleighMurphy Irish Arts Center              716OCA         
546McNeely, BrigidBrady-Campbell School855RL         855TS      855HP986855SC    
547McPherson, Mary ClareRegan Rankin Holland              618PC618PC2        
548McVittie, BrynnaGoggin-Carroll              719OC         
549Meholif, LilyThe Academy408RL408LJ408SJ 408TJ 408HP                 
551Meier, LaurenMillennium Academy of Irish Dance514RL 514SJ                 514RL2514SJ2  
552Menc, EstellaRince Na Tiarna412RL 412SJ 412TJ 512HPB   512TS            512HP2B
553Mendenhall, MargaretBrady-Campbell School510RL 510SJ 510TJ 510HP   510TS         510RL2510SJ2510TJ2510HP2
554Merkle, HannahRichens-Timm, Ohio415RL 415SJ 516TJ 415HP               516TJ2 
555Merkle, LilyRichens-Timm, Ohio511RLA 511SJB 411TJ 411HP   511TS         511RL2511SJ2  
556Merritt, PaygeRochester Academy of Irish Dance        610SD723TR    610PC610PC2  982     
557Meyer, IsabellaMcCartney Irish Dance414RL 312SJ 414TJ 414HP  721TR414TS             
558Middaugh, AudreyMacConmara Academy309RL309LJ309SJB 309TJ        932          
559Mikhail, AvaRichens-Timm, Ohio413RL413LJ513SJB 413TJ 413HP   413TS          513SJ2  
560Mikolich, MadilynnBurke, Ohio309RL309LJ309SJA                     
561Millians, LeahDwyer School of Irish Dance312RL312LJ312SJ 312TJ 312HP                 
562Mitterer, AlexanderBell School of Irish Dance              764OC   983     
563Mitterer, AndrewBell School of Irish Dance411RL     561HP   461TS            511HP2
564Mitterer, AnnaBell School of Irish Dance              714OC   984     
565Moericke, MorganTrinity Academy of Irish Dance              716OCB         
566Mollard, SarahIrwin Academy of Irish Dance512RLB 512SJA 512TJA     512TS         512RL2A512SJ2512TJ2 
567Molyneaux, AnnaBell School of Irish Dance        612SD     611PC611PC2  982     
568Molyneaux, KatelynBell School of Irish Dance513RL 513SJB 513TJA 513HPA           983 513RL2513SJ2513TJ2 
569Monigan, NeveCeltic Academy of Irish Dance, OH              616PC616PC2        
570Monigan, ReganCeltic Academy of Irish Dance, OH              618PC618PC2        
571Montgomery, OliviaGoggin-Carroll        616SD     615PC615PC2        
572Morgan, JulietteClann na Cara, Buffalo, NY410RL410LJ410SJ 410TJ 510HP   410TS             
573Morgan, LoreleiClann na Cara, Buffalo, NY206RL206LJ                      
574Moss, RileyBurke-Conroy School of Irish Dance512RLB 512SJB 512TJB 512HPB                 
575Muckerheide, LizzieLeneghan Academy of Irish Dance412RL412LJ412SJ   312HP312PD                
576Munger, LiliaCeltic Academy of Irish Dance, OH515RL   515TJ    721TR          515RL2 515TJ2 
578Murer, MakennaRegan Rankin Holland512RLA 512SJB 512TJA 512HPB                 
579Murphy, AlyseBurke, Ohio              613PC         
580Murphy, ClaireGoggin-Carroll              718OCB         
581Murphy, KelseyBell School of Irish Dance              618PC618PC2        
582Murphy, TeaganO'Kennedy-Holland Irish Dance Academy511RLB 511SJA 511TJB 511HPA             511RL2511SJ2  
583Murray, AuroraBurke, Ohio              613PC613PC2        
584Murray, FallonBurke, Ohio        616SD     616PC         
585Murray, Kathleen Brady-Campbell School408RL408LJ408SJ 408TJ 308HP   408TS             
586Murray, MauraLeneghan Academy of Irish Dance516RL 516SJ 516TJ 516HP   516TS         516RL2515SJ2516TJ2516HP2
587Murray, RubyBurke, Ohio511RLB 511SJB 511TJA 511HPB               511TJ2 
588Murty, KatherineRochester Academy of Irish Dance512RLA, 512RLB 512SJA 512TJA 512HPA   512TS          512SJ2512TJ2512HP2B
589Murty, MollyRochester Academy of Irish Dance        614SD     614PC614PC2  984     
590Musson, FrancesO'Malley Irish Dance Academy307RL307LJ307SJ                     
591Musson, JohnnyO'Malley Irish Dance Academy360RL360LJ                      
592Musson, Mary EllenO'Malley Irish Dance Academy411RL411LJ411SJ 411TJ 411HP   411TS             
593Myers, KateriBrady-Campbell School108RL108LJ108SJ                     
595Nalywajko, DaraGoggin-Carroll411RL411LJ411SJ 411TJ 411HP   511TS             
596Nawrocki, MaisieMurphy Irish Arts Center        612SD     612PC         
597Neely, ElleryThe Academy311RL311LJ311SJ 311TJ 311HP                 
598Nelson, MaiaRegan Rankin Holland              614PC614PC2        
599Nist, EthanBurke-Conroy School of Irish Dance516RL     516HP             516RL2  516HP2
600Nist, GavinBurke-Conroy School of Irish Dance515RL                   515RL2   
601Noland, DelilahMacConmara Academy308RL308LJ308SJ 308TJ 308HP                 
602Noland, EvelynMacConmara Academy511RLA 511SJB 511TJB 511HPB         944       
603Normandin, AuroraMcCartney Irish Dance414RL414LJ514SJ 414TJ 414HP   514TS          514SJ2  
604Norris, Mary KateBrady-Campbell School        612SD     612PC612PC2        
605O'Brien, ClaireRichens-Timm, Ohio              617PC617PC2        
606O'Brien, GabrielleLeneghan Academy of Irish Dance515RL 515SJ 515TJ 515HP   515TS         515RL2515SJ2515TJ2515HP2
607O'Donnell, CaraLeneghan Academy of Irish Dance509RL 509SJ 509TJ 509HP             509RL2 509TJ2509HP2
608O'Donnell, MeghanLeneghan Academy of Irish Dance106RL106LJ                      
609O'Grady, LillianRichens-Timm, Ohio511RLB 411SJ 511TJB 511HPA   511TS         511RL2 511TJ2 
611O'Malia, Cavan The Academy209RL209LJ  309TJ                   
612O'Neill, EllianaArdan Academy511RLB 511SJA 511TJB 511HPB   511TS             
613O'Neill, HughMurphy Irish Arts Center           721TS  768OC         
614O'Neill, MicaelaArdan Academy514RL 514SJ 514TJ     514TS             
615O'Rorke, FionaBell School of Irish Dance                  985     
616O’Donnell, MillieRichens-Timm, Ohio207RL207LJ                      
617O’Leary, AddisonO'Malley Irish Dance Academy308RL308LJ308SJ                     
618OConnor, CaleyShovlin Academy of Irish Dance516RL   516TJ 516HP                516HP2
619Oliver, AinsleyO'Hare School of Irish Dance              613PC         
620Oliver, EliO'Hare School of Irish Dance              611PC         
621Oliver, MollyO'Hare School of Irish Dance              615PC         
623ONeill, LilyO'Malley Irish Dance Academy412RL412LJ412SJ 412TJ 412HP   412TS             
629Otis, AbigailLeneghan Academy of Irish Dance 107LJ                      
630Overberg, HannahLeneghan Academy of Irish Dance309RL309LJ309SJB   309HP309PD                
631Pace, EllaBurke, Ohio513RL 513SJA 513TJA 513HPA             513RL2513SJ2513TJ2513HP2
632Pace, LilyBurke, Ohio              716OCA         
633Palmer, JaelynBell School of Irish Dance              716OCB         
634Pampena, Mia Burke-Conroy School of Irish Dance514RL 514SJ 514TJ 514HP             514RL2514SJ2514TJ2514HP2
635Pap, LauraBrady-Campbell School307RL307LJ207SJ 307TJ                   
636Pap, StevenBrady-Campbell School561RL   561TJ 561HP   510TS         510RL2 510TJ2510HP2
637Park, HelynaMurphy Irish Arts Center412RL     512HPB             512RL2B  512HP2A
639Patadia, EsmeThe Academy510RL 510SJ 510TJ 510HP   510TS           510TJ2 
642Patton, MadelineThe Academy              615PC         
643Patton, SamanthaBrady-Campbell School              716OCA         
644Pecek, FaithRegan Rankin Holland              615PC615PC2        
645Pechota, CaitlinBurke, Ohio409RL 409SJ 409TJ     409TS         509RL2509SJ2509TJ2 
647Perk , Lucy Brady-Campbell School208RL208LJ208SJ                     
648Philbrick, MoiraArdan Academy        616SD     615PC615PC2        
649Piazza, AbigailLeneghan Academy of Irish Dance511RLA 511SJA 511TJB 511HPB   511TS         511RL2511SJ2  
650Piech, KathrynMurphy Irish Arts Center              716OCB         
651Pierse, AbigailBrady-Campbell School              719OC         
652Pierse, EleanorBrady-Campbell School514RL 514SJ 514TJ 514HP              514SJ2 514HP2
653Pina, AudraIrwin Academy of Irish Dance513RL 513SJA 513TJB 513HPA             513RL2513SJ2513TJ2513HP2
654Pope, LaurenGoggin-Carroll              718OCB         
657Pouliot, ClaireThe Academy              611PC611PC2        
658Pregibon, KatieBurke, Ohio512RLB 512SJB 512TJB 512HPA             512RL2A512SJ2512TJ2512HP2A
659Prestier, AmeliaMacConmara Academy307RL307LJ307SJ 307TJ                   
660Prunty, CiaraBurke-Conroy School of Irish Dance511RLA 411SJ 411TJ 511HPB             511RL2  511HP2
661Putka, MarinBrady-Campbell School409RL409LJ409SJ 509TJ 409HP   509TS             
662Quinlan, EvelynBurke, Ohio512RLA 512SJA 512TJA 512HPA             512RL2A512SJ2512TJ2512HP2A
663Quinn, KennedyBell School of Irish Dance              716OCB   984, 985     
664Randall, MaggieIrwin Academy of Irish Dance513RL 513SJA 513TJB 513HPA             513RL2513SJ2513TJ2513HP2
665Renwick-Cusma, ApolloMurphy Irish Arts Center360RL360LJ                      
667repenning, fionnualaThe Academy308RL308LJ308SJ 308TJ 308HP                 
668repenning, muireannThe Academy409RL409LJ409SJ 409TJ 409HP                 
669Rettig, ElianaDwyer School of Irish Dance511RLA 511SJA 511TJA 511HPA   511TS         511RL2511SJ2511TJ2511HP2
672Robertson, ElleryBell School of Irish Dance              612PC612PC2  983     
673Robinson, AnnieCeltic Academy of Irish Dance, OH              617PC617PC2        
674Robison, ChristopherMacConmara Academy513RL   513TJB 513HPB         944      513HP2
676Roth, Jillian Rochester Academy of Irish Dance510RL 510SJ 510TJ 510HP  720TR410TS       982 510RL2510SJ2510TJ2 
677Ruane, MadelineBrady-Campbell School        612SD     611PC611PC2        
678Russell, AnyaMacConmara Academy409RL309LJ309SJB 309TJ        932          
679Russell, CatherineMcCartney Irish Dance415RL 415SJ 516TJ 516HP   516TS             
681Sableski, ColleenDwyer School of Irish Dance511RLB 511SJA 411TJ 411HP   511TS         511RL2511SJ2  
682Scala, ClareBell School of Irish Dance              714OC   984     
683Scala, MargaretBell School of Irish Dance              718OCA   985     
686Schearer, ClaireLeneghan Academy of Irish Dance 108LJ                      
687Schillinger, KathleenBell School of Irish Dance              718OCB         
688Schmitt-Palumbo, CatherineBrady-Campbell School513RL 513SJA 513TJA 413HP                 
689Schneller, KatieBrady-Campbell School855RL         855TS      855HP986855SC    
691Schomisch, MadisonMurphy Irish Arts Center              612PC612PC2        
692Schulze, ClaraRichens-Timm, Ohio              718OCA         
694Schwitzgebel , Addison The Academy511RLB 511SJA 511TJA 511HPA   411TS         511RL2511SJ2511TJ2511HP2
696Sekola, CarolineBurke, Ohio              718OCB         
697Semproch, AdelieArdan Academy              716OCB         
698Setta, JuliaBrady-Campbell School508RL 509SJ 408TJ 408HP   408TS             
699Shaffer, AdelynLeneghan Academy of Irish Dance 107LJ                      
700Shaffer, HelenBell School of Irish Dance              613PC613PC2  983     
701Sharipov, BelleRichens-Timm, Ohio    512TJA 412HP                 
702Sheehan, PhoebeRochester Academy of Irish Dance513RL 513SJB 513TJB 513HPA   513TS       984 513RL2513SJ2513TJ2513HP2
703Sheerin, Patricia McGing Irish Dancers855RL 855SJ  855TJ             855SC    
704Sheerin-Day, MeghanMcGing Irish Dancers510RL 510SJ 510TJ 510HP  720TR          510RL2  510HP2
705Shupe, FelicityDwyer School of Irish Dance              618PC618PC2        
706Sitter, JuliaRegan Rankin Holland              714OC         
707Skrha, CarolynBrady-Campbell School309RL309LJ309SJA 309TJ  309PD                
708Slawik, BrianneGoggin-Carroll              718OCB         
709Slusarski, CaitlinMurphy Irish Arts Center516RL     516HP   516TS         516RL2  516HP2
710Slusarski, MeghanMurphy Irish Arts Center  515SJ 515TJ     515TS          515SJ2515TJ2 
712Smith, AbigailBrady-Campbell School              719OC         
713Smith, ErinLeneghan Academy of Irish Dance409RL 409SJ 409TJ 409HP   409TS             
716Smith, MaggieO'Kennedy-Holland Irish Dance Academy              718OCB         
717Smith, MirandaLeneghan Academy of Irish Dance              614PC614PC2        
718Smith, MoiraBrady-Campbell School308RL308LJ308SJ 308TJ  308PD                
719Smith, ReillyBell School of Irish Dance              618PC618PC2        
720Snyder, AveryRince Na Tiarna410RL410LJ410SJ410SN311TJ 311HP                 
721Soeder, EmilyBrady-Campbell School206RL206LJ206SJ                     
722Soeder, MaggieBrady-Campbell School208RL208LJ208SJ 308TJ                   
723Spencer, AddisynBrady-Campbell School410RL 510SJ 410TJ 410HP                 
725Spevak, ElleryMurphy Irish Arts Center310RL310LJ  311TJ                   
727St James, WillGoggin-Carroll              712OC         
728St-Pierre, JuliannaFinnegan School of Irish Dance              718OCB         
729Stack, AbigailBell School of Irish Dance                  982     
730Steele, SavannahLeneghan Academy of Irish Dance              714OC         
731Stephens, GracieGoggin-Carroll        612SD  720TS  611PC611PC2        
732Stephens, OliviaGoggin-Carroll511RLB 511SJA 511TJB 411HP  720TR          511RL2511SJ2511TJ2 
733Stephens, TahneeGoggin-Carroll408RL408LJ408SJ 408TJ                   
735Stofko, MaeveLeneghan Academy of Irish Dance              714OC         
736Stone, SkylarClann na Cara, Buffalo, NY408RL308LJ308SJ   308HP                 
737Stone, SummerClann na Cara, Buffalo, NY509RL409LJ509SJ 409TJ 409HP   409TS         509RL2509SJ2  
738Straka, KateRegan Rankin Holland              714OC         
739Strauss, BrennanLeneghan Academy of Irish Dance511RLA 511SJB 511TJA 511HPB             511RL2511SJ2  
740Swenk, AryannaLeneghan Academy of Irish Dance412RL412LJ412SJ 412TJ 512HPA  720TR              
741Taggart, AbigailRichens-Timm, Ohio              718OCA         
743Taylor, AlanaBurke, Ohio515RL 515SJ 515TJ                   
745Taylor , MaggieThe ML Dance Academy514RL 514SJ 514TJ 514HP                 
748Thomas, CatieO'Kennedy-Holland Irish Dance Academy516RL 516SJ 516TJ 516HP   516TS           516TJ2 
749Thomas, SarahO'Kennedy-Holland Irish Dance Academy413RL413LJ414SJ 513TJB 413HP   513TS             
750Thompson, SarahO'Hare School of Irish Dance511RLA 511SJA 511TJB 511HPB             511RL2 511TJ2511HP2
751Tigue , LizArdan Academy                   855SC    
752Tigue, MeganArdan Academy         724TR 721TS  719OC         
753Timmerman, PaigeThe Academy514RL414LJ514SJ 414TJ 414HP   414TS         514RL2514SJ2  
754Tobias, AidenDwyer School of Irish Dance561RL   561TJ               510RL2 510TJ2 
755Tolentino, GraceGoggin-Carroll309RL309LJ309SJA                     
757Toth, PresleyThe Academy310RL310LJ310SJ 311TJ 311HP                 
760Tresky, Ciara Bell School of Irish Dance513RL 513SJB 513TJA 513HPB             513RL2513SJ2513TJ2513HP2
762Trueman, EllaArdan Academy409RL409LJ409SJ 409TJ 409HP   409TS             
763Trueman, EveArdan Academy512RLB 512SJB   512HPB                 
764Uhler, Cassandra Leneghan Academy of Irish Dance         724TR 721TS  719OC         
765Uhrich, MollieMurphy Irish Arts Center309RL309LJ309SJB 309TJ                   
766Upton, AvaMillennium Academy of Irish Dance              712OC         
767Vacha, SaraBurke, Ohio512RLB 512SJA 512TJA 512HPB             512RL2A512SJ2512TJ2512HP2A
768Valiando, CharlieO'Malley Irish Dance Academy561RL411LJ  411TJ 411HP   461TS             
770Vickers, AvaGoggin-Carroll              716OCA         
771Vickers, MaraGoggin-Carroll              714OC         
772Vrabel, ColinLeneghan Academy of Irish Dance414RL414LJ  414TJ 414HP   414TS             
773Waldman, RyanMacConmara Academy             935          
774Wallenhorst, GraceBurke, Ohio415RL 415SJ 515TJ 415HP                 
775Walsh, Rowan The ML Dance Academy              716OCB         
776Walton, CalebNugent School of Irish Dance561RL   561TJ 561HP   510TS             
777Waltz, BowenFlanagan-O'Hare School, Michigan        616SD     615PC         
778Ward, HannahDwyer School of Irish Dance              719OC         
779Warling, GenevieveIrwin Academy of Irish Dance511RLB 511SJB 511TJA 511HPA             511RL2511SJ2511TJ2511HP2
780Washlock, Scarlette O'Malley Irish Dance Academy412RL412LJ412SJ 312TJ  312PD                
781Watson, MadisonRochester Academy of Irish Dance           720TS  710OC   982     
782Weis, VanessaRichens-Timm, Ohio              617PC         
783Wendel, MollyRegan Rankin Holland511RLB411LJ411SJ 411TJ 411HP   411TS             
784White, AudreyBrady-Campbell School              614PC614PC2        
785Wickenheiser, Erin Dwyer School of Irish Dance              612PC612PC2        
786Wilkinson, Kiera GraceBell School of Irish Dance516RL 516SJ 516TJ 516HP             516RL2515SJ2 516HP2
787Wilkinson, Theo Bell School of Irish Dance              764OC         
788Williams, CarolynMillennium Academy of Irish Dance              615PC615PC2        
789Williams, EleanoreScoil Rince Ní Bhraonáin         723TR 720TS  710OC         
790Williams, ZachThe Academy311RL311LJ  311TJ 311HP                 
791Willmer, AudreyLeneghan Academy of Irish Dance 107LJ                      
792Wilson, Erin Rochester Academy of Irish Dance514RL 514SJ 514TJ 514HP           984  514SJ2514TJ2514HP2
793Wilson, KieraRochester Academy of Irish Dance              716OCA   984     
794Withers, CaitlynBell School of Irish Dance512RLB 512SJB 512TJB 512HPB           983   512TJ2 
795Withers, JuliaBell School of Irish Dance407RL407LJ408SJ    308PD                
796Woff, CianBrady-Campbell School        610SD     610PC610PC2        
797Wolf, JuliaRichens-Timm, Ohio411RL 411SJ 411TJ 411HP   411TS             
798Wolf , MaiaRichens-Timm, Ohio514RL 514SJ 514TJ 514HP   514TS           514TJ2 
799Wood, RubyGoggin-Carroll508RL 509SJ 408TJ     408TS         509RL2509SJ2  
800Wood, VictoriaGoggin-Carroll           720TS  712OC         
801Worth, TatumButler-Fearon-O'Connor              712OC         
802Wright, AnnaMcCartney Irish Dance516RL 516SJ 516TJ 516HP                 
803Wright, AveryThe Academy310RL310LJ310SJ 311TJ 311HP                 
804Wright, Joanna Brady-Campbell School413RL413LJ  413TJ 413HP                 
805Young, KyanRichens-Timm, Ohio513RL 513SJB 513TJA 513HPB             513RL2513SJ2513TJ2513HP2
806Young, MakennaArdan Academy              716OCB         
807Zenker, AmyGoggin-Carroll           721TS  714OC         
808Zepp, HannahBrady-Campbell School              613PC613PC2        
809Zepp, MollyBrady-Campbell School              613PC613PC2        
810Zetzer, AbbeyRegan Rankin Holland              718OCB         
811Zofkie, Shannon ReillyDennehy School of Irish Dance              719OC