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Program List For The North Coast Feis - 2020, MAY BE REVISED!!!

Generated on Jan 11, 2020 07:24:37 PST If your payment was recorded after this date/time, you will not be on this report.

FeisWorx recommends ignoring this Competitor List since it is a static snapshot taken at one point in time. That time is listed in the previous paragraph at the top of this report. You will get far better information about your registration by logging in to your account and clicking the Registration Details link. The information on your My Registrations page is always up to date.

Competitors who have opted out of being included in online competitor lists are not shown here.

NumCompetitorSchoolReelLight JigSlip JigSingle JigTreble JigTrad Treble JigHornpipeSt. Patricks DaySet DanceTreble Reel SpecTraditional SetTrad Set Spcl2 Hand Reel3 Hand ReelChampionshipChampionship 2nd Chc4 Hand Jig or ReelTraditional HornpipeVocal (English)Flute8 Hand CeiliTin WhistleVocal (Gaelic)ViolinMisc InstAccordionHarpUilleann PipesShowcaseReel 2nd ChanceSlip Jig 2nd ChanceTreble Jig 2nd ChcHornpipe 2nd Chc
0Abbott, AnnabelleEgan Irish Dance School, Ohio              718OC                  
0Adkins, AinsleyThe Academy              712OC                  
0Alt, DublynO'Kennedy-Holland Irish Dance Academy511RL 511SJ 511TJ 511HP   511TS                      
0Amacher, MackenzieMacConmara Academy311RL411LJ411SJ 411TJ 411HP   411TS                      
0Amodeo, LaurenGoggin-Carroll408RL408LJ408SJ 408TJ 408HP   408TS                      
0Andrews, TessaNugent School of Irish Dance509RL 509SJ 509TJ 509HP  720TR509TS                      
0Arutyunov, MiaLeneghan Academy of Irish Dance408RL408LJ408SJ   308HP   408TS                      
0Aul, BridgetBell School of Irish Dance              719OC                  
0Ballard, BethanyO'Kennedy-Holland Irish Dance Academy              618PC                  
0Ballard, KolbeO'Kennedy-Holland Irish Dance Academy              768OC                  
0Ballard, MicahO'Kennedy-Holland Irish Dance Academy561RL   561TJ 561HP                          
0Beharry, CassidyRichens-Timm, Ohio              618PC618PC2                 
0Bell, AislynnBell School of Irish Dance              617PC617PC2                 
0Bell, HazelBell School of Irish Dance511RL 511SJ 511TJ 511HP                       511SJ2 511HP2
0Berry, MaraBurke, Ohio308RL308LJ208SJ                              
0Black, EmmaBrady-Campbell School308RL308LJ308SJ 308TJ                            
0Blumkin, GabbyRochester Academy of Irish Dance510RL 510SJ 510TJ 510HP   510TS                  510RL2510SJ2510TJ2510HP2
0Boguslawski, PalomaArdan Academy411RL411LJ511SJ 411TJ 511HP                       511SJ2 511HP2
0Boguslawski, PhilomenaArdan Academy516RL 516SJ 516TJ 516HP                      516RL2516SJ2516TJ2 
0Bohman, NoelleMillennium Academy of Irish Dance        614SD     614PC614PC2                 
0Bond, ColetteEgan Irish Dance School, Ohio210RL210LJ                               
0Booher, CallaO'Malley Irish Dance Academy414RL414LJ414SJ 414TJ 414HP   414TS                      
0Booksh, CarolineO'Kennedy-Holland Irish Dance Academy312RL312LJ312SJ 312TJ  312PD                         
0Boscoe, CalliopeBrady-Campbell School309RL309LJ309SJ 309TJ  309PD                         
0Bouganim, BrigitteGoggin-Carroll        614SD     613PC                  
0Bouganim, EvangelineGoggin-Carroll              716OC                  
0Bradley, AbigailBell School of Irish Dance              718OC                  
0Brady Campbell, CharlieBrady-Campbell School              716OC                  
0Brady Campbell, CiaraBrady-Campbell School              610PC                  
0Breedlove, CamrynRichens-Timm, Ohio512RL 512SJ 512TJ 512HP   512TS                  512RL2512SJ2512TJ2 
0Brennan, KylieBell School of Irish Dance510RL410LJ510SJ 410TJ     410TS                  510RL2510SJ2  
0Brienza, AudreyBell School of Irish Dance              718OC                  
0Brophy, RhysScoil Rince Ní Bhraonáin        612SD     612PC612PC2                 
0Buck, GageMacConmara Academy              612PC                  
0Budi, CiaraRegan Rankin Holland              719OC                  
0Burg, Holland Brady-Campbell School206RL106LJ                               
0Burke, BridgetBell School of Irish Dance              712OC                  
0Burke, BrigidMacConmara Academy514RL 514SJ 514TJ 414HP   514TS                     514HP2
0Burke, DelaneyBrady-Campbell School        612SD     612PC612PC2                 
0Burke, ErinBell School of Irish Dance        610SD     610PC                  
0Burke, IsabellaBrady-Campbell School              716OC                  
0Burke, MaeveBell School of Irish Dance207RL207LJ                               
0Burke, ReaganBrady-Campbell School509RL 509SJ 509TJ 509HP                      509RL2 509TJ2509HP2
0Burrows, LindsayLeneghan Academy of Irish Dance              718OC                  
0Bush, CharlotteScoil Rince Ni Riada IDLV310RL310LJ310SJ 310TJ  310PD 720TR                       
0Busson, GeorgiaO'Kennedy-Holland Irish Dance Academy              617PC                  
0Butauski, GinnyO'Malley Irish Dance Academy110RL110LJ110SJ                              
0Buttignol, Delainey Grace Bell School of Irish Dance              712OC                  
0Buttignol, MaggieBell School of Irish Dance              716OC                  
0Buzenski , Maya Richens-Timm, Ohio510RL 510SJ 510TJ 410HP   410TS                      
0Byhre, KaleyMayer513RL 513SJ 513TJ 513HP                      513RL2513SJ2513TJ2513HP2
0Byhre, RoryMayer              616PC616PC2                 
0Cain, EmilyThe Academy              716OC                  
0Cameron, RoryO'Malley Irish Dance Academy357RL357LJ                               
0Cameron, VioletteO'Malley Irish Dance Academy309RL309LJ                               
0Canning, DelaneyYvonne Kelly Dance Academy              710OC                  
0Carr, BrigidBrady-Campbell School207RL207LJ207SJ                              
0Carroll, NiamhTrinity Academy of Irish Dance              614PC614PC2                 
0Carroll, SarahTrinity Academy of Irish Dance           720TS  613PC613PC2                 
0Casale, FionaBell School of Irish Dance512RL 512SJ 512TJ 512HP                      512RL2512SJ2512TJ2512HP2
0Caughey, FionaBrady-Campbell School108RL108LJ                               
0Chambers, CatherineLeneghan Academy of Irish Dance              718OC                  
0Chambers, GraceBrady-Campbell School              714OC                  
0Clark, BrigidBurke-Conroy School of Irish Dance              716OC                  
0Clark, EmilieThe Academy512RL 512SJ 412TJ 412HP  720TR412TS                      
0Cmolik, MadelineBurke, Ohio           721TS  617PC617PC2                 
0Cockayne, LaurenGoggin-Carroll        614SD     614PC614PC2                 
0Colan, KateLeneghan Academy of Irish Dance513RL 413SJ 513TJ 513HP                          
0Coleman, PatrickO'Malley Irish Dance Academy359RL359LJ                               
0Corrigan, GraceO'Malley Irish Dance Academy510RL 510SJ 410TJ 410HP   410TS                  510RL2510SJ2510TJ2 
0Cosgrove, ErynArdan Academy        616SD     615PC615PC2                 
0Cosgrove, MichaelaArdan Academy              719OC                  
0Cox, KelseyMcClanahan514RL 514SJ 514TJ 514HP   514TS                  514RL2 514TJ2514HP2
0Coyne, BrigidBrady-Campbell School              714OC                  
0Coyne, MaeveBrady-Campbell School510RL 510SJ 510TJ 510HP   510TS                  510RL2510SJ2510TJ2510HP2
0Crowe, MaggieQuinn School of Irish Dance512RL412LJ512SJ 412TJ 412HP                          
0Curran, CatherineBurke, Ohio              716OC                  
0D'Amore, DillonO'Hare School of Irish Dance              764OC                  
0Dabran, ReganLeneghan Academy of Irish Dance              716OC                  
0Daley, BridgetLeneghan Academy of Irish Dance                            855SC    
0Daley, KathleenLeneghan Academy of Irish Dance511RL 511SJ 411TJ 511HP   511TS                      
0Daley, KayleeLeneghan Academy of Irish Dance414RL 414SJ 514TJ 414HP   414TS                      
0Davian, AddileenThe Academy              710OC                  
0Davis, SophiaMacConmara Academy513RL 513SJ 513TJ 513HP                         513HP2
0Degnan, SarahBell School of Irish Dance        616SD     615PC615PC2                 
0Demchuk, LaurenYvonne Kelly Dance Academy              714OC                  
0Devlin, MadeleineBurke, Ohio              612PC612PC2                 
0Diez, ClaireDillon-Gavin        612SD     611PC611PC2                 
0Diez, IanDillon-Gavin              764OC                  
0Dolbin, Eva MarieThe Academy              718OC                  
0Dollard, CeceliaLeneghan Academy of Irish Dance414RL414LJ414SJ 414TJ 414HP                          
0Donaghy, AnnaO'Hare School of Irish Dance              716OC                  
0Donnelly, AileenMcGing Irish Dancers516RL 516SJ 516TJ 516HP                         516HP2
0Donohue, IzzyTrinity Academy of Irish Dance        612SD     611PC611PC2                 
0Ducy, DesmondMillennium Academy of Irish Dance              611PC611PC2                 
0Ducy, LilianMillennium Academy of Irish Dance              615PC615PC2                 
0Duggan, KienenRince Na Tiarna              609PC                  
0Duiker, EmeliaBrady-Campbell School206RL206LJ                               
0Dunne, Nora RoseBurke, Ohio512RL 512SJ 512TJ 512HP                          
0Duns, EmmaLeneghan Academy of Irish Dance              613PC613PC2                 
0Duplisea, CoraBurke, Ohio306RL306LJ306SJ 306TJ                            
0Duplisea, RonanBurke, Ohio155RL                                
0Dwyer, AidanDwyer School of Irish Dance              766OC                  
0Dwyer, SeanDwyer School of Irish Dance              768OC                  
0Dycus, Ava MarieRichens-Timm, Indiana513RL 513SJ 513TJ 513HP   513TS                  513RL2513SJ2513TJ2513HP2
0Edwards, CarleighO'Malley Irish Dance Academy109RL109LJ                               
0Egan, KaitlinLeneghan Academy of Irish Dance513RL 513SJ 513TJ 513HP                      513RL2513SJ2513TJ2513HP2
0Einhorn, MirandaRichens-Timm, Ohio513RL 413SJ 513TJ 413HP                      513RL2 513TJ2 
0Elbin, RylanBrady-Campbell School461RL461LJ  461TJ 461HP   461TS                      
0Etheridge, OliviaThe Academy              714OC                  
0Evon, ElizabethGoggin-Carroll              714OC                  
0Fabinak, VillieLeneghan Academy of Irish Dance416RL416LJ416SJ 416TJ 416HP   416TS                      
0Federico, GiannaRegan Rankin Holland              718OC                  
0Felder, LiamBrady-Campbell School              768OC                  
0Fitzgerald, LaraIrwin Academy of Irish Dance        616SD     615PC                  
0Flanagan, IsabelleFlanagan-O'Hare School, Michigan        614SD     614PC614PC2                 
0Flynn, MeghanGoggin-Carroll514RL 514SJ 514TJ 514HP   514TS                  514RL2 514TJ2514HP2
0Force, VictoriaScoil Rince Ní Bhraonáin              719OC                  
0Ford, RhionnanO'Malley Irish Dance Academy112RL112LJ112SJ                              
0Fox, EmmaBrady-Campbell School              716OC                  
0Franz, CamrynO'Malley Irish Dance Academy310RL310LJ310SJ                              
0Freda, LaurelRegan Rankin Holland              615PC                  
0Galla, MaeveLeneghan Academy of Irish Dance              716OC                  
0Gallagher, AmyBrady-Campbell School206RL206LJ                               
0Galle, SarahGoggin-Carroll              614PC614PC2                 
0Gannon, FionaBrady-Campbell School513RL 513SJ 513TJ 513HP                      513RL2   
0Gardner, AlainaLeneghan Academy of Irish Dance              712OC                  
0Gardner, BridgetLeneghan Academy of Irish Dance510RL 510SJ 510TJ                        510RL2510SJ2510TJ2 
0Gardner, ShannonLeneghan Academy of Irish Dance              616PC616PC2                 
0Gaughan, VictoriaRegan Rankin Holland              718OC                  
0Gavagan, KellyArdan Academy515RL415LJ415SJ 415TJ                         515SJ2515TJ2 
0Geraghty, McKennaLeneghan Academy of Irish Dance513RL 513SJ 513TJ 513HP                      513RL2513SJ2513TJ2513HP2
0Gerba, BridgetBrady-Campbell School411RL411LJ411SJ 511TJ     411TS                      
0Gerstenslager, KendraMacConmara Academy514RL   514TJ 514HP                          
0Gibb, AvaO'Malley Irish Dance Academy109RL109LJ109SJ                              
0Gilbert, AddisonGoggin-Carroll              710OC                  
0Gilson, Charles Brady-Campbell School              762OC                  
0Gilson, GraceBrady-Campbell School              714OC                  
0Girondi, GabrielleBell School of Irish Dance410RL 510SJ 410TJ 410HP   410TS                      
0Girondi, IsabelleBell School of Irish Dance410RL410LJ410SJ 410TJ 410HP   410TS                      
0Gleason, CalleighMillennium Academy of Irish Dance              614PC614PC2                 
0Gnandt, DelaneyMacConmara Academy511RL 511SJ 511TJ 511HP   511TS                      
0Golden, CailynThe Academy510RL 510SJ 510TJ 510HP   510TS                  510RL2510SJ2510TJ2510HP2
0Golden, LiviaThe Academy        612SD     612PC612PC2                 
0Gollinger, GretaO'Malley Irish Dance Academy108RL108LJ108SJ                              
0Gompf, KerriBrady-Campbell School107RL107LJ                               
0Gooch, SydneyO'Malley Irish Dance Academy112RL112LJ112SJ                              
0Good, RileyBurke, Ohio              614PC614PC2                 
0Gorman, AvaBrady-Campbell School510RL 510SJ 410TJ 410HP   510TS                  510RL2510SJ2510TJ2510HP2
0Gorman, MollyBrady-Campbell School307RL307LJ307SJ    307PD                         
0Grady, BrigidBurke, Ohio509RL 509SJ 509TJ 509HP   509TS                      
0Grady, ConorBurke, Ohio357RL357LJ                               
0Granic, Ciara Goggin-Carroll410RL410LJ410SJ 410TJ     410TS                      
0Gray, EmmaIrwin Academy of Irish Dance  513SJ   513HP                          
0Green, HannahO'Hare School of Irish Dance516RL 416SJ 516TJ 516HP                          
0Greeson, CharlotteRichens-Timm, Ohio              614PC614PC2                 
0Gregory, Leila-Rose MacConmara Academy308RL308LJ308SJ 308TJ                            
0Griffin, KatherineArdan Academy         724TR    716OC                  
0Grimason, MirrenO'Kennedy-Holland Irish Dance Academy513RL 513SJ 513TJ 513HP   513TS                      
0Haas, AnneO'Hare School of Irish Dance                            855SC    
0Haddad, MaryBell School of Irish Dance        618SD     618PC618PC2                 
0Hageman, Brooke The Academy510RL 510SJ 510TJ 410HP                          
0Hageman, Claire The Academy511RL 411SJ 411TJ 511HP                          
0Hall, LaurenO'Kennedy-Holland Irish Dance Academy              718OC                  
0Hamm, AlexisThe Academy411RL411LJ411SJ 511TJ 511HP   411TS                      
0Hammett, GraceRichens-Timm, Ohio              614PC614PC2                 
0Hammett, JuliaRichens-Timm, Ohio511RL 511SJ 511TJ 511HP                      511RL2511SJ2511TJ2 
0Hamrock, Bridget Burke, Ohio207RL207LJ                               
0Harkins, SarahBell School of Irish Dance513RL 513SJ 513TJ 513HP  720TR                   513RL2513SJ2  
0Harlan, AlyssaLeneghan Academy of Irish Dance        616SD     615PC615PC2                 
0Harrison, CarolineMurphy Irish Arts Center              714OC                  
0Hecht, GabriellaRince Na Tiarna510RL 510SJ 510TJ 510HP   510TS                      
0Heinzman, HannahArdan Academy513RL 513SJ 513TJ 513HP                        513TJ2 
0Heinzman, SeanArdan Academy        616SD     615PC615PC2                 
0Henderson, CaitlinArdan Academy              718OC                  
0Hennessy, AbbyGoggin-Carroll              716OC                  
0Henry, MaggieO'Hare School of Irish Dance              719OC                  
0Herbert, BrennenLeneghan Academy of Irish Dance        614SD723TR    613PC613PC2                 
0Herbert, HannahRince Na Tiarna408RL408LJ408SJ408SN408TJ 408HP   408TS                      
0Herbert, MichaelaLeneghan Academy of Irish Dance         723TR    714OC                  
0Heynsbroek, Claire RayGoggin-Carroll              612PC612PC2                 
0Hill, KaraLeneghan Academy of Irish Dance413RL 413SJ 413TJ 513HP   413TS                     513HP2
0Hill, RebeccaBrady-Campbell School207RL207LJ207SJ                              
0HINKEL, KATHRYNO'Malley Irish Dance Academy310RL310LJ310SJ    310PD                         
0Hock, OliviaLeneghan Academy of Irish Dance310RL310LJ310SJ 310TJ 310HP310PD                         
0Hodges, DianaMacConmara Academy411RL411LJ411SJ 411TJ 411HP   411TS                      
0Hodges, HannahMacConmara Academy209RL209LJ209SJ                              
0Hogan, MegMurphy Irish Arts Center        616SD     616PC616PC2                 
0Holland, FionaBrady-Campbell School411RL411LJ411SJ 411TJ 411HP   411TS                      
0Hoover, MackenzieMillennium Academy of Irish Dance              614PC614PC2                 
0Hovan, KaraO'Malley Irish Dance Academy308RL308LJ308SJ    308PD                         
0Hovan, MyaO'Malley Irish Dance Academy412RL412LJ412SJ       412TS                      
0Howley, JulianneBell School of Irish Dance              719OC                  
0Hoy, CarlyRochester Academy of Irish Dance              718OC                  
0Hudgens, SarahCeltic Academy of Irish Dance, OH              719OC                  
0Hurley, ClareBrady-Campbell School510RL 510SJ 510TJ 410HP   410TS                  510RL2510SJ2510TJ2 
0Hyland, SarahBurke, Ohio109RL109LJ109SJ                              
0Jacobsen, SaraThe Academy512RL 512SJ 512TJ 512HP  720TR                       
0Jancha, Benjamin MacConmara Academy563RL   463TJ 463HP   463TS                      
0Jancha, LoreleiMacConmara Academy509RL 509SJ 509TJ 509HP   509TS                      
0Johnson, NoraQuinn School of Irish Dance411RL411LJ411SJ 411TJ 411HP                          
0Johnson, RowanO'Malley Irish Dance Academy310RL310LJ                               
0Jones, AbbyEgan Irish Dance School, Ohio              718OC                  
0Jones, LaurenEgan Irish Dance School, Ohio              613PC613PC2                 
0Jordan, GretchenLeneghan Academy of Irish Dance              712OC                  
0Jurca, ReaganLeneghan Academy of Irish Dance              712OC                  
0Kabat, KatherineMacConmara Academy311RL311LJ311SJ 311TJ 311HP                          
0Kelleher, LaurenO'Malley Irish Dance Academy412RL412LJ412SJ 412TJ 312HP   412TS                      
0Kelley, Mary ClareBrady-Campbell School308RL308LJ308SJ 308TJ  308PD                         
0Kennedy, CamrynLeneghan Academy of Irish Dance              716OC                  
0Kenner-Aspery, MorganIrwin Academy of Irish Dance              718OC                  
0Kensick, MaggieBrady-Campbell School410RL410LJ410SJ 410TJ 410HP310PD                         
0Kephart, EmmaRince Na Tiarna413RL413LJ413SJ 413TJ 413HP   413TS                      
0Kernan, LiamLeneghan Academy of Irish Dance              762OC                  
0Kernan, NiamhLeneghan Academy of Irish Dance              712OC                  
0Kilroy, BridieBurke, Ohio        616SD     615PC                  
0Kilroy, SarahBurke, Ohio        614SD     614PC                  
0King, MadisonDwyer School of Irish Dance              716OC                  
0Kistler, EllieBurke, Ohio408RL408LJ408SJ 408TJ                            
0Kistler, QuinnBurke, Ohio409RL409LJ409SJ 409TJ 309HP                          
0Klaas, ElsaArdan Academy512RL 512SJ 512TJ 512HP                      512RL2512SJ2512TJ2512HP2
0Klaas, FreyaArdan Academy        612SD     612PC612PC2                 
0Koczur, MollyO'Malley Irish Dance Academy    512TJ 512HP                        512TJ2512HP2
0Kolodziej, MirandaGoggin-Carroll              716OC                  
0Konold, CarliBrady-Campbell School515RL 515SJ 515TJ 515HP                          
0Koski, FindlayGoggin-Carroll306RL306LJ306SJ                              
0Krec, PaigeMacConmara Academy516RL 416SJ 516TJ 516HP   516TS                      
0Krischan, ElizabethLeneghan Academy of Irish Dance515RL 515SJ 515TJ 515HP   515TS                  515RL2515SJ2515TJ2 
0Kuczinski, MeghanShovlin Academy of Irish Dance              616PC616PC2                 
0Kummer, Brenna MaeArdan Academy              719OC                  
0LaBo, CaitlinGoggin-Carroll           721TS  719OC                  
0LaBo, ConnorGoggin-Carroll              768OC                  
0Lake, CooperThe Academy              762OC                  
0Lake, EmmaThe Academy        614SD     614PC614PC2                 
0Lake, LillianThe Academy        614SD     614PC614PC2                 
0Lang, CassandraRochester Academy of Irish Dance              714OC                  
0Lang, KathleenLeneghan Academy of Irish Dance413RL413LJ513SJ 413TJ 413HP   413TS                   513SJ2  
0Lansdale, KaelynMacConmara Academy510RL410LJ510SJ 410TJ 410HP   410TS                      
0Lardie, Connor Brady-Campbell School              762OC                  
0Lavelle, MaeveLeneghan Academy of Irish Dance         720TR                   512RL2512SJ2512TJ2512HP2
0Law, NiaMillennium Academy of Irish Dance              718OC                  
0Lay, AbbyMillennium Academy of Irish Dance              615PC615PC2                 
0Leneghan, KeiraLeneghan Academy of Irish Dance        614SD     614PC                  
0Leonardi, KatieLeneghan Academy of Irish Dance412RL412LJ412SJ 412TJ 412HP312PD                         
0Liebtag, MorganMillennium Academy of Irish Dance        614SD724TR    614PC614PC2                 
0Long, NoraRegan Rankin Holland411RL411LJ    411HP311PD                         
0Long, PaigeDwyer School of Irish Dance                            855SC    
0Lopresti, OwenBell School of Irish Dance              762OC                  
0Lopresti, PatrickBell School of Irish Dance              766OC                  
0Lorenz, AshleyIrwin Academy of Irish Dance              714OC                  
0Loughlin, CaraBrady-Campbell School855RL 855SJ  855TJ    855TS      855HP          855SC    
0Loutzenhiser , KatieLeneghan Academy of Irish Dance107RL107LJ107SJ   307HP                          
0Love, KatieLeneghan Academy of Irish Dance        618SD     618PC                  
0Lucas, AmeliaBell School of Irish Dance511RL 511SJ 511TJ 511HP                      511RL2511SJ2511TJ2511HP2
0Lupton, AlisonEgan Irish Dance School, Ohio              719OC                  
0Lutz, AvaGoggin-Carroll512RL 512SJ 412TJ 512HP   412TS                  512RL2512SJ2 512HP2
0Lynn, EmmelineO'Malley Irish Dance Academy308RL308LJ                               
0Lyon, AvaGoodwin Academy              612PC612PC2                 
0MacLennan, RachelDwyer School of Irish Dance        614SD     613PC613PC2                 
0MAHER, ClareGoggin-Carroll              714OC                  
0Manning, MollyMurphy Irish Arts Center        616SD     615PC                  
0Mark, IrisMillennium Academy of Irish Dance              615PC                  
0Martin, CadillacQuinn School of Irish Dance413RL 513SJ 513TJ                            
0Martin, Laila Quinn School of Irish Dance411RL411LJ411SJ 411TJ 411HP                          
0Marvich, MackenzieDwyer School of Irish Dance              615PC615PC2                 
0Mason, NoelleBrady-Campbell School207RL207LJ                               
0Master, Megan Murphy Irish Arts Center512RL 512SJ 512TJ 512HP                      512RL2512SJ2512TJ2512HP2
0Mattson, CassandraMillennium Academy of Irish Dance        614SD     614PC614PC2                 
0McCabe, ErinYvonne Kelly Dance Academy              718OC                  
0McCabe, OliviaBrady-Campbell School109RL109LJ                               
0McCabe, TaraYvonne Kelly Dance Academy              716OC                  
0McCandlish, MadelineRichens-Timm, Ohio        616SD     616PC616PC2                 
0McCarthy, ClaireBrady-Campbell School510RL 510SJ 410TJ 410HP   410TS                  510RL2510SJ2  
0McCarthy, DelanieBrady-Campbell School412RL 512SJ 512TJ 412HP   512TS                  512RL2512SJ2512TJ2 
0McCarthy, QuinnMillennium Academy of Irish Dance              714OC                  
0McCausland, JessicaMacConmara Academy  515SJ 515TJ                         515SJ2  
0McColville, PhoebeWilson Bryson Dennis School of Irish Dan              716OC                  
0McConnell, AutumnLeneghan Academy of Irish Dance              718OC                  
0Mccullough , EllaLeneghan Academy of Irish Dance408RL408LJ408SJ   308HP   408TS                      
0McDonough, MegRichens-Timm, Ohio      510HP                      510RL2510SJ2510TJ2510HP2
0McGrath, GabrielleMacConmara Academy              712OC                  
0McKenna, AudreyBell School of Irish Dance407RL407LJ307SJ                              
0McKenna, CeiliO'Kennedy-Holland Irish Dance Academy              613PC613PC2                 
0McKenna, CharlotteBell School of Irish Dance409RL409LJ409SJ       409TS                      
0Mckenna, MollyShovlin Academy of Irish Dance              616PC616PC2                 
0McKinney, ShannonThe Academy              719OC                  
0McLaughlin, AoifeBurke, Ohio              716OC                  
0McLaughlin, ClareGoggin-Carroll508RL 508SJ 508TJ 408HP   408TS                  508RL2508SJ2508TJ2 
0McLaughlin, NiamhBurke, Ohio              712OC      U13W           
0McManis, LilyMcGing Irish Dancers              614PC614PC2                 
0McNamara, MaggieMcCarthy School516RL 516SJ 516TJ 516HP   516TS                  516RL2516SJ2516TJ2516HP2
0McNamara, RuthLeneghan Academy of Irish Dance106RL106LJ                               
0McVittie, BrynnaGoggin-Carroll              719OC                  
0Mehle, JocelynBurke, Ohio              714OC                  
0Meholif, LilyThe Academy509RL 509SJ 509TJ 509HP   509TS                      
0Mendenhall, MargaretBrady-Campbell School511RL 511SJ 511TJ 511HP                        511TJ2 
0Middaugh, AudreyMacConmara Academy310RL310LJ410SJ 310TJ 310HP                          
0Mikhail, AvaRichens-Timm, Ohio514RL 514SJ 514TJ 514HP   514TS                  514RL2514SJ2514TJ2514HP2
0Mills, SabrinaArdan Academy         724TR 721TS  716OC                  
0Miniard, AdelaideMurphy Irish Arts Center309RL309LJ309SJ 309TJ                            
0Mitterer, AlexanderBell School of Irish Dance              764OC                  
0Mitterer, AndrewBell School of Irish Dance562RL   562TJ 562HP                      562RL2   
0Mitterer, AnnaBell School of Irish Dance              716OC                  
0Moore, MiaRince Na Tiarna308RL308LJ308SJ                              
0Moran, BridgetMurphy Irish Arts Center              616PC                  
0Morgan, JulietteClann na Cara, Buffalo, NY511RL 511SJ 511TJ 511HP                      511RL2511SJ2511TJ2511HP2
0Morgan, LoreleiClann na Cara, Buffalo, NY507RL 507SJ 507TJ 407HP                      507RL2507SJ2507TJ2 
0Morgan, MeredithThe Academy              716OC                  
0Motta, RosaliaLeneghan Academy of Irish Dance         724TR 721TS  718OC                  
0Muckerheide, LizzieLeneghan Academy of Irish Dance413RL413LJ413SJ 413TJ 413HP                          
0Munselle, CallanKeenan School of Irish Dancing         723TR    712OC                  
0Murphy Choquette, MaggieBoland School of Irish Dance           720TS  710OC                  
0Murray, FallonBurke, Ohio              718OC                  
0Neely, ElleryThe Academy512RL 512SJ 512TJ 512HP  720TR512TS                      
0Nelson, MaiaRegan Rankin Holland              615PC615PC2                 
0Nieman, GiannaThe Academy        612SD     612PC612PC2                 
0Nist, EthanBurke-Conroy School of Irish Dance566RL                            566RL2   
0Noland, DelilahMacConmara Academy509RL 509SJ 409TJ 509HP                        509TJ2 
0Noland, EvelynMacConmara Academy              612PC                  
0Norris, Mary KateBrady-Campbell School              714OC                  
0O'Brien, GabrielleLeneghan Academy of Irish Dance              616PC                  
0O'Donnell, MeghanLeneghan Academy of Irish Dance407RL407LJ407SJ   307HP307PD                         
0O'Malia, Cavan The Academy460RL460LJ  460TJ 460HP360PD                         
0O'Meara, RoisinGoggin-Carroll309RL309LJ309SJ                              
0O’Donnell, CaraLeneghan Academy of Irish Dance        610SD     610PC610PC2                 
0O’Leary, AddisonO'Malley Irish Dance Academy409RL409LJ409SJ    309PD                         
0Olsen, AbigailDennehy School of Irish Dance        616SD     615PC615PC2                 
0ONeill, LilyO'Malley Irish Dance Academy413RL413LJ413SJ 413TJ 413HP   513TS                      
0Owens, ErinO'Malley Irish Dance Academy              617PC617PC2                 
0Pace, EllaBurke, Ohio              614PC614PC2                 
0Pace, LilyBurke, Ohio              716OC                  
0Palmer, GabriellaEgan Irish Dance School, Ohio209RL209LJ                               
0Palmer, JaelynBell School of Irish Dance         724TR 721TS  718OC                  
0Pap, CharlotteBrady-Campbell School        614SD     613PC613PC2                 
0Pap, LauraBrady-Campbell School308RL308LJ308SJ 308TJ  308PD                         
0Pap, MeganBrady-Campbell School106RL106LJ106SJ                              
0Pap, StevenBrady-Campbell School561RL   561TJ 561HP                         561HP2
0Parker, BrynnButler-Fearon-O'Connor              714OC                  
0Parker, KeelyButler-Fearon-O'Connor409RL 409SJ 409TJ     409TS                      
0Patadia, EsmeThe Academy        612SD     611PC611PC2                 
0Patton, SamanthaBrady-Campbell School              716OC                  
0Perk , Lucy Brady-Campbell School409RL409LJ409SJ 409TJ     409TS                      
0Peters, NoraArdan Academy509RL 509SJ 509TJ 409HP                      509RL2509SJ2509TJ2509HP2
0Phillips, AlexandriaMillennium Academy of Irish Dance408RL408LJ408SJ 408TJ 408HP                          
0Piazza, AbigailLeneghan Academy of Irish Dance        612SD     612PC612PC2                 
0Pick, CarolineMurphy Irish Arts Center              617PC                  
0Pickrell, OisínMillennium Academy of Irish Dance                       U13V         
0Piech, KathrynEgan Irish Dance School, Ohio              718OC                  
0Pierse, AbigailBrady-Campbell School              719OC                  
0Platko, CeceliaBurke, Ohio207RL207LJ207SJ                              
0Pouliot, ClaireThe Academy              712OC                  
0Prestier, AmeliaMacConmara Academy508RL 508SJ 508TJ 508HP                       508SJ2508TJ2508HP2
0Prindle, AddisonThe Academy              718OC                  
0Prindle, MelaynaThe Academy              714OC                  
0Prowse, MadisonWilson-Bryson-Dennis        612SD     611PC                  
0Prunty, CiaraBurke-Conroy School of Irish Dance512RL 512SJ 512TJ 512HP                      512RL2512SJ2512TJ2512HP2
0Putka, MarinBrady-Campbell School510RL 510SJ 510TJ     510TS                  510RL2510SJ2510TJ2 
0Raikou, CoraHamilton School of Irish Dance         723TR 720TS  714OC                  
0Rauzi, HannahThe Academy        614SD724TR 721TS  614PC                  
0Reed, MeganMurphy Irish Arts Center408RL408LJ408SJ 308TJ 308HP308PD                         
0repenning, fionnualaThe Academy409RL409LJ409SJ 509TJ 409HP   409TS          U13W         509TJ2 
0repenning, muireannThe Academy410RL410LJ410SJ 510TJ 510HP   410TS                    510TJ2510HP2
0Ribovich, AnnaMacConmara Academy513RL 513SJ 513TJ 513HP                      513RL2513SJ2  
0Rice, SarahTaylor Academy of Irish Dance              716OC                  
0Rich, Devney MayEgan Irish Dance School, Ohio514RL 514SJ 414TJ 414HP                      514RL2514SJ2  
0Riley, LeahBrady-Campbell School511RL 511SJ 511TJ 511HP                      511RL2511SJ2511TJ2 
0Robinson, ColleenRoisin Academy              719OC                  
0Robison, AmyMacConmara Academy208RL208LJ208SJ                              
0Robison, ChristopherMacConmara Academy        614SD     614PC614PC2                 
0Roesch, AllisonNugent School of Irish Dance              714OC                  
0Rogowski, RachelMcCarthy School515RL 515SJ 515TJ 515HP                      515RL2515SJ2 515HP2
0Roldan, Mateus-MatiasBurke, Ohio258RL258LJ                               
0Romano, LaileyRince Na Tiarna410RL410LJ410SJ 410TJ 410HP   410TS                      
0Ruane, MadelineBrady-Campbell School              612PC612PC2                 
0Russell, AnyaMacConmara Academy410RL410LJ410SJ 410TJ 410HP   410TS                      
0Sanford-Godden, EmilyGoggin-Carroll309RL409LJ409SJ 409TJ     409TS                      
0Sawyer, MeghanDwyer School of Irish Dance              718OC                  
0Schmitt-Palumbo, CatherineBrady-Campbell School514RL 514SJ 514TJ 514HP                      514RL2514SJ2514TJ2514HP2
0Schomisch, MadisonMurphy Irish Arts Center              714OC                  
0Schulze, ClaraRichens-Timm, Ohio              718OC                  
0Schwitzgebel , Addison The Academy512RL 512SJ 512TJ 512HP                          
0Sekola, CarolineBurke, Ohio              719OC                  
0Semproch, AdelieArdan Academy              718OC                  
0Shaffer, AdelynLeneghan Academy of Irish Dance308RL308LJ                     U13V         
0Sharkis, AbigailThe Academy              718OC                  
0Shaw, ConnorTaylor Academy of Irish Dance258RL258LJ                               
0Shaw, Morgan Taylor Academy of Irish Dance        614SD     613PC613PC2                 
0Sheerin-Day, MeghanMcGing Irish Dancers              712OC                  
0Shipley, AmeliaLeneghan Academy of Irish Dance109RL109LJ109SJ    309PD                         
0Shultz, SydneyThe Academy              718OC                  
0Sitter, JuliaThe Academy              716OC                  
0Skrha, CarolynBrady-Campbell School410RL410LJ410SJ 410TJ 410HP   410TS                      
0Smith, MoiraBrady-Campbell School509RL 509SJ 409TJ 409HP   409TS                      
0Smith, ReillyBell School of Irish Dance        618SD     719OC                  
0Smith Woff, CianBrady-Campbell School              762OC                  
0Snyder, AveryRince Na Tiarna511RL 511SJ512SN411TJ 411HP                          
0Snyder, MadelineClann na Cara, Buffalo, NY              611PC611PC2                 
0Snyder, MeganBell School of Irish Dance410RL410LJ510SJ 410TJ 510HP   510TS                   510SJ2 510HP2
0Soeder, EmilyBrady-Campbell School307RL307LJ307SJ    307PD                         
0Spaniola, SophieArdan Academy313RL413LJ413SJ 413TJ 313HP                          
0Spellacy, NoraMurphy Irish Arts Center411RL 511SJ 511TJ 411HP   411TS                      
0Spencer, AddisynBrady-Campbell School511RL 511SJ 411TJ 411HP   411TS                      
0St-Pierre, JuliannaFinnegan School of Irish Dance              719OC                  
0Steele, SavannahLeneghan Academy of Irish Dance              714OC                  
0Stofko, MaeveLeneghan Academy of Irish Dance              714OC                  
0Stone, SkylarClann na Cara, Buffalo, NY409RL 509SJ 509TJ 509HP                       509SJ2509TJ2509HP2
0Stone, SummerClann na Cara, Buffalo, NY              610PC610PC2                 
0Strauss, BrennanLeneghan Academy of Irish Dance        612SD     612PC612PC2                 
0Struebel, Jocelyn Clann na Cara, Buffalo, NY        614SD     614PC614PC2                 
0Sturgeon, AudreyMillennium Academy of Irish Dance              718OC                  
0Taylor, AlanaBurke, Ohio516RL 516SJ 516TJ 516HP                          
0Therrien, RubyTaylor Academy of Irish Dance        614SD     613PC613PC2                 
0Thomas, CatieO'Kennedy-Holland Irish Dance Academy516RL 516SJ 516TJ 516HP   516TS                   516SJ2516TJ2 
0Thomas, SarahO'Kennedy-Holland Irish Dance Academy514RL 514SJ 514TJ 514HP   514TS                   514SJ2 514HP2
0Thompson, SarahO'Hare School of Irish Dance        612SD     612PC612PC2                 
0Timmerman, PaigeThe Academy515RL 515SJ 515TJ 515HP                          
0Tresky, Ciara Bell School of Irish Dance514RL 514SJ                           514SJ2  
0Trueman, EllaArdan Academy        610SD     610PC610PC2                 
0Trueman, EveArdan Academy513RL 513SJ 513TJ                        513RL2   
0Tschappat, AvaMcClanahan  513SJ   513HP   513TS                      
0Underhill, LilyMillennium Academy of Irish Dance        612SD     612PC612PC2                 
0Vacha, SaraBurke, Ohio513RL 513SJ 513TJ 513HP                      513RL2513SJ2513TJ2513HP2
0Valiando, CharlieO'Malley Irish Dance Academy562RL462LJ  462TJ 462HP   462TS                  562RL2   
0Van Buskirk, HannahRichens-Timm, Ohio308RL308LJ                               
0van Langevelde, CheyenneIrwin Academy of Irish Dance416RL416LJ416SJ 416TJ 416HP314PD          O13VO  O13WO13VOG          
0Vickers, AvaGoggin-Carroll              716OC                  
0Vickers, MaraGoggin-Carroll              716OC                  
0Vickery, QuinnFinnegan Academy of Irish Dance - FL308RL308LJ308SJ   308HP308PD                         
0Visscher, BeatriceO'Hare School of Irish Dance              618PC618PC2946                
0Vrabel, ColinLeneghan Academy of Irish Dance465RL465LJ  465TJ 465HP   565TS                      
0Walcheck, MeghanLeneghan Academy of Irish Dance514RL 514SJ 514TJ 514HP  721TR                   514RL2514SJ2514TJ2514HP2
0Waldman, RyanMacConmara Academy              616PC616PC2                 
0Wallenhorst, GraceBurke, Ohio516RL 516SJ 516TJ 516HP                          
0Walton, CalebNugent School of Irish Dance        612SD     611PC                  
0Waltz, BowenFlanagan-O'Hare School, Michigan              766OC                  
0Wamer, JaceyArdan Academy  416SJ 516TJ     416TS                    516TJ2 
0Warling, GenevieveIrwin Academy of Irish Dance512RL 512SJ 512TJ 512HP                      512RL2512SJ2512TJ2512HP2
0Weitz, MilaThe Academy408RL408LJ408SJ 408TJ 408HP                          
0Weller, GeorgiaMillennium Academy of Irish Dance              611PC611PC2                 
0Wells, SophiaMacConmara Academy              615PC                  
0Wendel, MollyRichens-Timm, Ohio512RL 512SJ 512TJ 512HP   512TS                  512RL2512SJ2512TJ2512HP2
0White, AudreyBrady-Campbell School              615PC615PC2                 
0Wilkinson, Theo Bell School of Irish Dance              766OC                  
0Willmer, AudreyLeneghan Academy of Irish Dance308RL308LJ308SJ   308HP308PD                         
0Wilson, KalinBurke-Conroy School of Irish Dance              716OC                  
0Wood, RubyGoggin-Carroll        610SD     609PC609PC2                 
0Wood, VictoriaGoggin-Carroll              712OC                  
0Wright, AveryThe Academy511RL 511SJ 511TJ 511HP   411TS                      
0Wright, Joanna Brady-Campbell School514RL 514SJ 514TJ 514HP                      514RL2 514TJ2514HP2
0Young, RyleiArdan Academy              714OC                  
0Zepp, HannahBrady-Campbell School              614PC614PC2                 
0Zepp, MollyBrady-Campbell School              614PC614PC2