Western Canadian Open - 2017

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Not Paid*
Total Potential
Ashden School of Irish Dance055
Blakey O'Brien, Calgary22628
Blakey School - Okanagan011
Blakey School - Saskatoon15015
Brady Academy of Irish Dance, Calgary358
Brady Academy of Irish Dance, Edmonton112
Brady Academy of Irish Dance, Ft McMurra101
Brady Academy of Irish Dance, Saskatoon112
Brady Academy of Irish Dance, Winnipeg112
Casey O'Loughlin Academy of Irish Dance411354
Celtic Academy of Irish Dance, OH011
Comerford Oregon101
Coshquin School of Irish Dance10212
Coshquin School of Irish Dance, Mexico13013
Donna Means School101
Houston Academy of Irish Dance26127
Irwin School of Irish Dancing23629
Knock School of Irish Dance16824
Knock School of Irish Dance, GP8513
Mattierin School of Irish Dancing24024
McCormack School01818
McDonnell School of Irish Dance404
MJP Academy of Irish Dance38038
Murray School202
Possak Hampshire Academy of Irish Dance441357
Prairie Gael School of Irish Dance17219
River City School of Irish Dance25025
Scoil Rince De Danaan011
Scoil Rince Mahoney12315
Steel School of Irish Dance14014
Tiernan Irish Dancers, Helena404
Tir Na Nog Dance Academy101
Ulmer School of Irish Dancing01515
Victoria School of Irish Dance314
Watt School30131

* Unpaid registrations will be dropped before the feis

Waitlisted competitors are not included in these counts