Williamsburg Colonial Feis - 2018

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SchoolChampion - cap is 180Other - cap is 370
Not Paid*
Total Potential
Not Paid*
Total Potential
An Cor Rud School of Irish Dance1501526026
Baffa Academy2402422022
Bell School of Irish Dance000101
Boyle School of Irish Dance, VA15015505
Broesler School of Irish Dance303000
Coyle School of Irish Dance, USA101000
Culkin School of Traditional Irish Dance50510010
Cumascaigh School of Irish Dance1101115015
DeNogla School000101
Doherty Petri School101000
Drake, Southern USA101101
Dwyer School of Irish Dance101101
Hagen School, NY303101
Hunt School of Irish Dancing202202
Hunt School, Maryland606303
Hurley School of Irish Dance808808
Inis Cairde School of Irish Dance404909
Inishfree School of Irish Dance, TX000101
Irwin Academy of Irish Dance101000
Kelly Gallagher Irish Dance, N. Carolina000101
Legacy Irish Dance Academy505505
Lismore Academy of Irish Dance 101202
Lynn-O'Grady Quinlan-Connick909202
Maple Academy of Irish Dance11011404
McAleer School, Delaware000101
McDade-Cara School101000
McGrath Academy2002022022
Millennium Academy of Irish Dance000101
Muggivan School of Irish Dance20210010
Mulcahy Academy of Irish Dance101101
O'Neill-James School of Irish Dancing202505
Regan Rankin Holland101000
Rhythm of Ireland90924024
Richens-Timm, Ohio101000
Rince Na Sonas, Syracuse202000
Rince Na Tiarna303000
Sabo School of Irish Dance303000
Scoil Rince Ni Dubhthaigh303404
Southern Academy303404
Teelin School of Irish Dance808808
Trionoide Academy of Irish Dance101101
Walsh Kelley School000101
Overall Feis Summary
Confirmed Registrations389
e-Registered, Unpaid Registrations*0
Total Potential Registrations389

* Unpaid registrations will be dropped before the feis

Waitlisted competitors are not included in these counts

When a feis has a split cap, the counts in each group may be off somewhat since we base the counts on a dancer's current championship status. Dancer's who have moved up to Preliminary Championship status may actually be registered for non-champ events at this feis, but are included in the champ counts because of their current status.