SLIA Feis Grade Exams - 2018

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Participants (# Exams)
Not Paid* (# Exams)
Total Potential
Participant (# Exams)
Beglan Academy1 (1 exams)0 (0 exams)1 (1 exams)
Dowds Irish Dance Academy2 (6 exams)0 (0 exams)2 (6 exams)
Flannery1 (1 exams)0 (0 exams)1 (1 exams)
McGing Irish Dancers1 (3 exams)0 (0 exams)1 (3 exams)
McMenamin Irish Dance Academy1 (3 exams)0 (0 exams)1 (3 exams)
Mulhern School of Irish Dance1 (1 exams)0 (0 exams)1 (1 exams)
O'Faolain Academy of Irish Dance5 (10 exams)0 (0 exams)5 (10 exams)
St. Louis Irish Arts3 (5 exams)0 (0 exams)3 (5 exams)
The Clark Academy of Irish Dance10 (24 exams)0 (0 exams)10 (24 exams)
TOTAL25 (54 exams)0 (0 exams)25 (54 exams)

* Unpaid registrations will be dropped before the feis

Waitlisted competitors are not included in these counts

When a feis has a cap on grade exams the count of EXAMS (not count of participants) is used to set the cap. THIS FEIS HAS A CAP OF 50 PAID (Confirmed) EXAMS. Once the paid cap is achieved, unpaid participants will be moved to a waiting list.