Comortas an Chosta Oir - 2019

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Not Paid*
Total Potential
Aniar Academy of Irish Dance112
Ardagh School of Irish Dance101
Blakey O'Brien, Calgary022
Bracken School336
Brady Academy of Irish Dance, Calgary011
Brady Academy of Irish Dance, Edmonton101
Casey O'Loughlin Academy of Irish Dance101
Celtic Irish Dance Academy6612
Celtic Steps033
Claddagh Western U.S.03333
Clan Rince School of Irish Dancing71017
Cleary Irish Dance4610
Coleman Academy of Irish Dance011
De Barra Academy033
Dillon Magh Adhair Academy224
Doherty Petri School101
Donna Means School112
Fisher-McLeod School Of Irish Dance011
Greenway Academy, CA336
Harp Irish Dance Company011
Houston Academy of Irish Dance101
Kavanagh Porter Warren Academy101
Kelly School516
Kennelly School of Irish Dance213
Lyons Academy of Irish Dance41115
Maguire Academy of Irish Dance134
Malone Academy358
McBride School022
McKeever School of Irish Dance303
Michael Patrick Gallagher School 41014
O'Connor School of Irish Dance101
O'Shaughnessy Academy of Irish Dance101
Painter-McDermott Irish Dance101
Rose-Ritchie Academy of Irish Dance10414
Scariff Locklier School of Irish Dance134
Scoil Rince Daryl Rose235
Scoil Rince Ni Riada IDLV167
Tamora School of Irish Dance011
The Greene Academy of Irish Dance213
Thistle Academy of Irish Dance246

* Unpaid registrations will be dropped before the feis

Waitlisted competitors are not included in these counts