Alter Ego Feis - 2020

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Not Paid*
Total Potential
Bell School of Irish Dance033
Burke Connolly Academy of Irish Dance033
Carpenter Academy of Irish Dance022
Champagne Academy of Irish Dance011
Clann na Cara, Buffalo, NY044
Connick School022
Coyle School of Irish Dance, USA011
Cross Keys011
Doherty Petri School011
Drake, Southern USA11213
Finnegan Academy of Irish Dance - FL347
Flanagan-O'Hare School, Florida022
Flanagan-O'Hare School, Michigan101
Gilleoghan Irish Dance4812
Glencastle Irish Dancers101
Heavey-Quinn Academy101
Hooley School of Irish Dance033
Hudson Irish Dance Academy011
Inishfree School of Irish Dance, TX011
Kelly Academy of Irish Dance, Florida156
King-O'Sullivan School of Irish Dance112
Legacy Irish Dance Academy2911
Lismore Academy of Irish Dance 011
Magennis Academy of Irish Dance101
McCarthy School101
McDade-Cara School123
McGing Irish Dancers112
McHugh School of Irish Dance033
Meghan Torno School of Irish Dance011
Millennium Academy of Irish Dance022
Niall O'Leary School022
Rhythm of Ireland033
Rince Na Sonas, Syracuse112
Rondeau School of Irish Dancing011
Short School011
Southern Academy011
Tir na Greine2810
Triggle Academy of Irish Dance055
Trinity Academy of Irish Dance033
Walsh Kelley School022
Watters, Florida4913

* Unpaid registrations will be dropped before the feis

Waitlisted competitors are not included in these counts