Texas State Championships & Feis - 2021

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Not Paid*
Total Potential
Aniar Academy of Irish Dance101
Avoca Irish Dance Academy303
Beglan Academy303
Bell School of Irish Dance303
Boyle School of Irish Dance, VA101
Bracken School303
Brady-Campbell School707
Burke Connolly Academy of Irish Dance101
Cass-Barrington Academy of Irish Dance22022
Celtic Irish Dance Academy101
Celtic Steps10010
Clan Rince School of Irish Dancing505
Clann Kelly School of Irish Dance404
Comerford Alaska101
Connick School101
Connolly Academy of Irish Dance101
Cross Keys202
Cumascaigh School of Irish Dance202
Dowds Irish Dance Academy303
Drake, Southern USA404
Dunleavy Boyle Bremer Academy of Irish 101
Flanagan-O'Hare School, Florida101
Forbes School404
Hogan Irish Dance Academy, Illinois101
Hughes-Farrelly School of Irish Dance 101
Inishfree School of Irish Dance, TX53053
Irish Dance Center606
Kelly Academy of Irish Dance, Florida909
Legacy Irish Dance Academy101
Leneghan Academy of Irish Dance202
Maguire Academy of Irish Dance10010
McCafferty Academy of Irish Dance14014
McCartney Irish Dance101
McGonagle School202
McGrath Morgan Academy101
McNulty School of Irish Dance202
McTeggart, Houston12012
McTeggart, North Texas34034
McTeggart, Oklahoma12012
McTeggart, Western U.S. Region505
Meghan Torno School of Irish Dance404
Michael Patrick Gallagher School 303
Mullane Godley Academy404
O'Donovan School of Irish Dance10010
O'Faolain Academy of Irish Dance101
O'Hara School of Irish Dance303
O'Riada-Manning Academy606
O’Riain Academy505
Onorach Mulhern Geraghty School of Iris15015
Quinn School of Irish Dance303
Rhodes Academy of Irish Dance101
Richens/Timm, Wyoming202
Rince Arkansas Academy of Irish Dance101
Rince Na Tiarna101
Ryan School of Irish Dance202
Saol Academy of Irish Dance101
Scoil Rince Luimni101
Scoil Rince Ni Riada IDLV303
Shandon-O'Regan Irish Dance Academy303
Sheila Healy Academy of Irish Dance101
Tamora School of Irish Dance101
The Goode Academy21021
Tir na Greine303
Trinity Academy of Irish Dance202
Walsh Kelley School101
Wick School101

* Unpaid registrations will be dropped before the feis

Waitlisted competitors are not included in these counts