Feile Rince Tucson - 2021

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SchoolChampion - cap is 125Other - cap is 75
Not Paid*
Total Potential
Not Paid*
Total Potential
Aniar Academy of Irish Dance101101
Bracken School12012505
Brightburn Academy of Irish Dance202202
Celtic Irish Dance Academy606000
Celtic Steps2512620-119
Claddagh Western U.S.505101
Clan Rince School of Irish Dancing707303
Comerford Alaska000101
Fisher-McLeod School Of Irish Dance303101
Grafton Street Academy000101
Greenway Academy, Camarillo, CA404000
Kennelly School of Irish Dance101707
Lyons Academy of Irish Dance000101
Maguire Academy of Irish Dance90921021
Malone Academy202000
McTeggart, Western U.S. Region606000
Michael Dillon School of Irish Dancing000101
Michael Patrick Gallagher School 26026707
MSD Irish Dance Academy101000
Onorach Mulhern Geraghty School of Iris101000
Rose Academy of Irish Dance101404
Scoil Rince Ni Riada IDLV202000
Tara Academy of Irish Dance202101
The Greene Academy of Irish Dance202000
Thistle Academy of Irish Dance101000
Whelan Academy202000
Overall Feis Summary
Confirmed Registrations204
e-Registered, Unpaid Registrations*0
Total Potential Registrations204

* Unpaid registrations will be dropped before the feis

Waitlisted competitors are not included in these counts

When a feis has a split cap, the counts in each group may be off somewhat since we base the counts on a dancer's current championship status. Dancer's who have moved up to Preliminary Championship status may actually be registered for non-champ events at this feis, but are included in the champ counts because of their current status.