Arizona Roadrunner Feis - 2019

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Beginner IBeginner IINovicePrizewinnerPreliminary Champion
Open ChampionshipFamily FigureBeginner I & II TrophyNov/Pzw TrophyAdult Special
Prelim Champ Trophy SpecPC/C TrophyOpen Champ Trophy SpecBeginner (Adult)Novice/Prizewinner(Adult)
Charity Special

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Beginner IU99&O
Reel136 150
Light Jig137 151
Slip Jig138 152
Single Jig139 153
Treble Jig140 154
Hornpipe141 155
St. Patricks Day142 156
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Beginner IIU99&O
Reel236 250
Light Jig237 251
Slip Jig238 252
Single Jig239 253
Treble Jig240 254
Hornpipe241 255
St. Patricks Day242 256
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Reel329 343 357
Light Jig330 344 358
Slip Jig331 345 359
Single Jig332 346 360
Treble Jig333 347 361
Hornpipe334 348 362
Traditional Set335 349 363
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Reel429 443 457 471
Light Jig430 444 458 472
Slip Jig431 445 459 473
Single Jig432 446 460 474
Treble Jig433 447 461 475
Hornpipe434 448 462 476
Traditional Set435 449 463 477
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Preliminary ChampionU9U11U12U13U14U15U1717&O
Soft Shoe700S 702S 704AS 704BS 706AS 706BS 708AS 708BS
Hard Shoe700H 702H 704AH 704BH 706AH 706BH 708AH 708BH
Set Dance700T 702T 704AT 704BT 706AT 706BT 708AT 708BT
Championship700 702 704A 704B 706A 706B 708A 708B
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Open ChampionshipU9U11U13U14U15U1717&O
Soft Shoe748S 750S 753S 755AS 755BS 757S 759S
Hard Shoe748H 750H 753H 755AH 755BH 757H 759H
Set Dance748T 750T 753T 755AT 755BT 757T 759T
Championship748 750 753 755A 755B 757 759
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Family FigureAny
2/3 Hand Reel990
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Beginner I & II TrophyU9U1111&O
Light Jig Special922 926 930
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Nov/Pzw TrophyU9U11U1313&O
Light Jig Special923 927 931 935
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Adult SpecialA
Trad Set Spcl960
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Prelim Champ Trophy SpecU1313&O
Slip Jig Special947 951
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PC/C TrophyAny
Hornpipe Special955
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Open Champ Trophy SpecU1313&O
Slip Jig Special948 952
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Beginner (Adult)A
Light Jig602
Slip Jig603
Single Jig604
Treble Jig605
Traditional Set607
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Light Jig622
Slip Jig623
Single Jig624
Treble Jig625
Traditional Set627
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Charity SpecialAny
Reel Special980, 985