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Program List For The North Coast Feis - 2023, MAY BE REVISED!!!

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NumCompetitorSchoolReelLight JigSlip JigSingle JigTreble JigHornpipeSt. Patricks DayTreble Reel SpecTraditional SetTrad Set Spcl2 Hand Reel3 Hand ReelChampionshipChampionship 2nd Chc4 Hand Jig or Reel8 Hand CeiliNon Trad Set SpclShowcaseReel 2nd ChanceSlip Jig 2nd ChanceTreble Jig 2nd ChcHornpipe 2nd Chc
0Actis, AlexyLeneghan Academy of Irish Dance            613PC613PC2        
0Actis, AmeliaLeneghan Academy of Irish Dance            711OC         
0Adams, AinsleyThe Academy            611PC         
0Adkins, JaydeMacConmara Academy108RL108LJ                    
0Alt, DublynO'Kennedy-Holland Irish Dance Academy            714OC         
0Amick, FionaO'Kennedy-Holland Irish Dance Academy512RL    512HP            512RL2  512HP2
0Amick, KaylaO'Kennedy-Holland Irish Dance Academy            717OCA         
0anders, samanthaDwyer School of Irish Dance515RL 515SJ 515TJ   513TS             
0Anderson, AvaThe Academy409RL409LJ409SJ 409TJ409HP                
0Anstine, ScarlettThe Academy            612PC         
0Arcangeli, KaitlynO'Kennedy-Holland Irish Dance Academy414RL413LJ413SJ 414TJ414HP  413TS             
0Arsenault, EmmaGoggin-Carroll            715OCB         
0Aylward, EllieBrady-Campbell School513RL 513SJ 513TJ513HP            513RL2 513TJ2 
0Aylward, LucyBrady-Campbell School            611PC   612SD     
0Bacha, BradyEgan Irish Dance School, Ohio411RL   411TJ411HP                
0Bacha, FionaEgan Irish Dance School, Ohio414RL   414TJ414HP                
0Bacha, RubyEgan Irish Dance School, Ohio410RL310LJ    310PD               
0Bachman, EliseBell School of Irish Dance            713OC         
0Baker, CeiliMacConmara Academy409RL409LJ309SJ 309TJ309HP309PD               
0Baker, KeenanMacConmara Academy107RL107LJ                    
0Baldwin, BridgetMurphy Irish Arts Center512RL   512TJ   512TS         512RL2 512TJ2 
0Banks, LyricRichens-Timm, Ohio309RL409LJ409SJ  309HP                
0Baranowski, MollyEgan Irish Dance School, Ohio308RL308LJ308SJ                   
0Barg, CassieBell School of Irish Dance512RL412LJ512SJ 512TJ512HP  512TS         512RL2 512TJ2512HP2
0Basinski, ZoeGoggin-Carroll            717OCB         
0Berger, MarlenaGoodwin Academy            718OC         
0Berry, MaraBurke, Ohio511RL 511SJ 411TJ411HP  411TS         511RL2511SJ2411TJ2411HP2
0Biesiadecki, Helen Millennium Academy of Irish Dance514RL 514SJ 514TJ514HP            514RL2514SJ2514TJ2514HP2
0Bishop, LeahGoodwin Academy            718OC         
0Bitter, KaitlynThe Academy            714OC         
0Black, EmmaBrady-Campbell School            611PC611PC2        
0Black, NoraBrady-Campbell School409RL409LJ409SJ 409TJ409HP  409TS             
0Blakeslee, ColleenEgan Irish Dance School, Ohio307RL307LJ308SJ                   
0Blonigen, BrendanMcNulty School of Irish Dance            612PC612PC2  612SD     
0Blonigen, ElliotMcNulty School of Irish Dance512RL 512SJ 512TJ   512TS         512RL2512SJ2512TJ2 
0Boguslawski, PalomaArdan Academy514RL 514SJ 514TJ514HP            514RL2514SJ2514TJ2514HP2
0Bohlen , Katherine Murphy Irish Arts Center            614PC614PC2        
0Bond, ColetteEgan Irish Dance School, Ohio            613PC613PC2        
0Booher, CallaO'Malley Irish Dance Academy            617PC   618SD     
0Booksh, CarolineSmyth School Irish Dance515RL 515SJ 515TJ515HP  513TS         515RL2515SJ2515TJ2515HP2
0Boscoe, CalliopeBrady-Campbell School512RL 512SJ 512TJ512HP  512TS         512RL2512SJ2512TJ2512HP2
0Boscoe, CeciliaBrady-Campbell School409RL409LJ409SJ 409TJ409HP  409TS         409RL2409SJ2409TJ2409HP2
0Bosler, Grace Beglan Academy511RL 511SJ 511TJ511HP  511TS         511RL2   
0Botos, AureliaMurphy Irish Arts Center412RL412LJ      412TS          412SJ2  
0Boudewyns, KeiraWilson-Bryson-Dennis            714OC         
0Boudewyns, TarynWilson-Bryson-Dennis            712OC         
0Bowman, GraceGoggin-Carroll            720OC         
0Bowman, MilaMacConmara Academy108RL108LJ208SJ                   
0Brady Campbell, CiaraBrady-Campbell School            713OC         
0Brennan, KylieBell School of Irish Dance            713OC         
0Bryowsky, AoifeClarkson School       724TR 721TS  717OCB         
0Bryowsky, NiamhClarkson School       724TR 721TS  715OCA         
0Bryowsky, SiobhanClarkson School       723TR 720TS  713OC         
0BUHL, BRIDGETMcCartney Irish Dance514RL413LJ514SJ 414TJ414HP  413TS             
0Burke, BridgetBell School of Irish Dance            715OCA         
0Burke, DelaneyBrady-Campbell School            715OCA         
0Burke, ElizabethO'Hare School of Irish Dance512RL412LJ412SJ 412TJ512HP  412TS         512RL2412SJ2412TJ2512HP2
0Burke, ErinBell School of Irish Dance            713OC         
0Burke, ReaganBrady-Campbell School            712OC         
0Burns, ReaganRankin Holland412RL 412SJ 412TJ512HP            412RL2412SJ2412TJ2512HP2
0Butauski, GinnyMurphy Irish Arts Center310RL413LJ311SJ 414TJ310HP                
0Campeau, SarahMichaela Hinds Academy            720OC         
0Cantwell, ColinBell School of Irish Dance508RL408LJ  508TJ408HP                
0Carlisle, MarianSmyth School Irish Dance 412LJ412SJ  412HP             412SJ2 412HP2
0Carpenter, EllaThe Academy            712OC         
0Carr, CoraBrady-Campbell School107RL107LJ                    
0Carr, KaraErickson Academy            718OC         
0Casale, FionaBell School of Irish Dance            615PC615PC2        
0Casey, DarbyO'Kennedy-Holland Irish Dance Academy410RL410LJ  410TJ410HP310PD           411RL2 411TJ2410HP2
0Ciavoliello, AveryWilson Bryson Dennis School of Irish Dan            714OC         
0Clark, BrigidBurke, Ohio            719OC         
0Clark, EmilieThe Academy            715OCB         
0Clark, Sheila MaryBurke, Ohio            720OC         
0Clarke, GillianWilson Bryson Dennis School of Irish Dan            716OC         
0Clegg, SamanthaWilson Bryson Dennis School of Irish Dan            717OCA         
0Clemens, CoryBurke, Ohio            613PC613PC2        
0Clemens, SethBurke, Ohio409RL409LJ  409TJ309HP309PD           409RL2 409TJ2 
0Cnudde, EvelynThe Academy            613PC613PC2  614SD     
0Colan, KateLeneghan Academy of Irish Dance            616PC616PC2        
0Coleman, KathleenO'Malley Irish Dance Academy309RL309LJ309SJ                   
0Coleman, MaggieO'Malley Irish Dance Academy107RL107LJ                    
0Coleman, PatrickO'Malley Irish Dance Academy512RL   512TJ512HP  412TS         512RL2 512TJ2512HP2
0Collins, Deirdre McGing Irish Dancers       723TR    712OC         
0Collins, MollyMichaela Hinds Academy            719OC         
0Conroy, AmeliaLeneghan Academy of Irish Dance310RL311LJ311SJ  310HP                
0Cooper, VirginiaBell School of Irish Dance511RL 511SJ 511TJ511HP            511RL2511SJ2511TJ2511HP2
0Corso, DelaneyLeneghan Academy of Irish Dance            614PC614PC2        
0Cosgrove, ErynArdan Academy            718OC         
0Cosgrove, MichaelaArdan Academy            720OC         
0Coulter, Tallulah Bell School of Irish Dance512RL 512SJ 512TJ412HP  412TS         512RL2512SJ2512TJ2412HP2
0Cowan, AinsleyThe Academy410RL 410SJ 410TJ410HP  410TS             
0Coyne, BrigidBrady-Campbell School            716OC         
0Coyne, MaeveBrady-Campbell School            613PC613PC2  614SD     
0Crislip, PiperO'Malley Irish Dance Academy513RL 513SJ 513TJ513HP  413TS         513RL2513SJ2513TJ2513HP2
0Curry, ColleenBurke, Ohio309RL309LJ309SJ                   
0D'Amore, DillonO'Hare School of Irish Dance            768OC         
0Daley, BridgetLeneghan Academy of Irish Dance                 855SC    
0Daley, KathleenLeneghan Academy of Irish Dance            614PC         
0Daley, KayleeLeneghan Academy of Irish Dance515RL 515SJ 515TJ515HP                
0Davian, AddileenThe Academy            713OC         
0Davian, Delanie GraceThe Academy509RL 509SJ 509TJ509HP            509RL2509SJ2509TJ2510HP2
0Davis, SophiaMacConmara Academy            716OC         
0Day, MollyBrady-Campbell School207RL207LJ207SJ 308TJ                 
0Decker, BrighMacConmara Academy309RL309LJ309SJ 309TJ309HP                
0Degnan, SarahBell School of Irish Dance            718OC         
0Demchuk, LaurenMichaela Hinds Academy            717OCA         
0DeYoung, KatherineShovlin Academy of Irish Dance            615PC615PC2        
0Dick, Maeve Michaela Hinds Academy            714OC         
0Donovan, AineO'Malley Irish Dance Academy308RL308LJ                    
0Dowd , MaggieBell School of Irish Dance510RL 410SJ 510TJ410HP            510RL2410SJ2510TJ2410HP2
0Drab, LindseyO'Kennedy-Holland Irish Dance Academy            618PC617PC2        
0Dreamer, KeaganBurke, Ohio509RL 509SJ 509TJ509HP  509TS             
0Duffus, BeatriceBurke, Ohio            720OC         
0Duiker, MoreaBrady-Campbell School512RL 512SJ 412TJ412HP  512TS         512RL2512SJ2412TJ2412HP2
0Dunne, Nora RoseBurke, Ohio            615PC615PC2  616SD     
0Duplisea, CoraBurke, Ohio         720TS  610PC         
0Duplisea, RonanBurke, Ohio408RL   408TJ408HP  408TS             
0Dwyer, AidanDwyer School of Irish Dance            768OC         
0Dwyer, SeanDwyer School of Irish Dance            720OC         
0Einhorn, MirandaRichens-Timm, Ohio            616PC616PC2        
0Elbin, RylanBrady-Campbell School            614PC614PC2        
0Elliott, HannahMacConmara Academy410RL 410SJ 410TJ410HP                
0Emmer, DelaneyEmerald Isle Academy of Irish Dance509RL 409SJ 509TJ509HP            509RL2409SJ2509TJ2510HP2
0Emmer, TeaganEmerald Isle Academy of Irish Dance            713OC         
0Emmerling, Grace ParkerDwyer School of Irish Dance509RL 509SJ 509TJ509HP  509TS         509RL2 509TJ2510HP2
0Engel, AdaraBell School of Irish Dance508RL 508SJ 408TJ408HP            509RL2509SJ2409TJ2409HP2
0Fall, Caroline Murphy Irish Arts Center512RL412LJ512SJ 512TJ412HP  412TS             
0Fernandez, Camille MacConmara Academy411RL411LJ411SJ 411TJ411HP                
0Fisher, VioletGoggin-Carroll410RL410LJ410SJ 410TJ  720TRA410TS             
0Fitzpatrick, AudreyThe Academy514RL 514SJ 514TJ514HP              514TJ2 
0Fitzpatrick, EdenThe Academy            718OC         
0Flannery, VivienneBrady-Campbell School308RL308LJ308SJ 308TJ                 
0Fondran, LauraSmyth School Irish Dance415RL413LJ413SJ 415TJ415HP  413TS             
0Fram, Quinn Goggin-Carroll       724TR    614PC614PC2        
0Fram, RhysGoggin-Carroll207RL207LJ                    
0Franz, CamrynO'Malley Irish Dance Academy513RL 513SJ 414TJ513HP  413TS         513RL2513SJ2413TJ2513HP2
0Franz, SydneyO'Malley Irish Dance Academy511RL411LJ511SJ 511TJ411HP            511RL2511SJ2511TJ2411HP2
0Fredrick, CalebMcNamara McCarthy School of Irish Dance            768OC         
0Fuller, Abigail The Academy411RL 411SJ 411TJ411HP  411TS             
0Galla, MaeveLeneghan Academy of Irish Dance            719OC         
0Gallagher, AmyBrady-Campbell School            710OC         
0Gallagher, MaeveBurke, Ohio409RL409LJ409SJ 309TJ409HP  409TS             
0Gallion, EmlynDwyer School of Irish Dance513RL 413SJ 310TJ                 
0Gannon, ErinThe Academy            718OC         
0Gannon, FionaBrady-Campbell School            616PC616PC2  616SD     
0Gardner, AlainaLeneghan Academy of Irish Dance            715OCA         
0Gardner, BridgetLeneghan Academy of Irish Dance            613PC613PC2        
0Gardner, ShannonLeneghan Academy of Irish Dance            719OC         
0Gareau, ClareLeneghan Academy of Irish Dance       724TR    715OCA         
0Gawronski, Linden Rochester Academy of Irish Dance            713OC         
0Gelle, KaitlynSmyth School Irish Dance412RL412LJ412SJ 412TJ412HP  412TS         412RL2412SJ2412TJ2412HP2
0Gibb, Ava O'Malley Irish Dance Academy            712OC         
0Gilbert, AudreannaMacConmara Academy310RL311LJ311SJ 310TJ 310PD       9411FD       
0Gnandt, DelaneyMacConmara Academy            714OC         
0Gollinger, GretaO'Malley Irish Dance Academy            711OC         
0Gooch, SydneyO'Malley Irish Dance Academy415RL413LJ515SJ 415TJ415HP                
0Gorman, MollyBrady-Campbell School510RL 510SJ 510TJ510HP             511SJ2  
0Gottlieb, LillyMacConmara Academy            617PC617PC2        
0Grady, BrigidBurke, Ohio            712OC         
0Grady, ConorBurke, Ohio510RL   510TJ510HP  510TS             
0Grady, TeaganBurke, Ohio508RL 508SJ 508TJ509HP  509TS             
0Graham-Rackmill, AdelaideLeneghan Academy of Irish Dance509RL 509SJ 509TJ509HP  509TS             
0Graham-Rackmill, BryceLeneghan Academy of Irish Dance106RL106LJ                    
0Grogean, EvaCeltic Academy of Irish Dance, OH512RL 512SJ 412TJ412HP                
0Gruly, ScarlettMacConmara Academy411RL411LJ411SJ 411TJ   411TS         411RL2411SJ2411TJ2 
0Grumman, CeciliaThe Academy410RL410LJ410SJ 410TJ410HP                
0Grumman, OrianaThe Academy513RL 513SJ 513TJ513HP  513TS             
0Guion, Clara Brady-Campbell School310RL310LJ310SJ 310TJ                 
0Guthrie, PeytonMurphy Irish Arts Center409RL409LJ409SJ 409TJ409HP309PD           409RL2409SJ2409TJ2409HP2
0Hagan, EvelynLeneghan Academy of Irish Dance            616PC616PC2  616SD     
0Hageman, Brooke The Academy            713OC         
0Hageman, Claire The Academy            614PC         
0Hamrock, Bridget Burke, Ohio410RL410LJ410SJ 410TJ410HP  410TS         411RL2410SJ2411TJ2410HP2
0Hansen, ElizabethRichens-Timm, Ohio            614PC   614SD     
0Hanson, MollyArdan Academy            717OCA         
0Harkins, SarahBell School of Irish Dance         721TS  616PC616PC2        
0Harlan, AlyssaLeneghan Academy of Irish Dance            718OC         
0Harris, AbigailShovlin Academy of Irish Dance310RL310LJ310SJ                   
0Harrison, CarolineMurphy Irish Arts Center            717OCB         
0Harrison, PenelopeMacConmara Academy411RL411LJ411SJ                 411TJ2411HP2
0Hartman, RowanMacConmara Academy207RL207LJ207SJ                   
0Hartnett , LeahShovlin Academy of Irish Dance515RL 515SJ 515TJ515HP            515RL2515SJ2515TJ2515HP2
0Hatfield, LaineyMacConmara Academy107RL107LJ                    
0Hawkins, FabienArdan Academy       724TR 721TS  618PC617PC2        
0Hayson, CallieThe Academy412RL412LJ412SJ 412TJ412HP  412TS             
0Heinmiller, CarolineThe Academy409RL409LJ409SJ 409TJ409HP                
0Heinzman, HannahArdan Academy            616PC616PC2        
0Heinzman, SeanArdan Academy            768OC         
0Henderson, LucyEgan Irish Dance School, Ohio307RL307LJ308SJ                   
0Herbert, HannahRince Na Tiarna            611PC         
0Heynsbroek, Claire RayGoggin-Carroll            715OCB         
0Hickey, MaeveFinnegan School of Irish Dance         721TS  717OCB         
0Hill, RebeccaBrady-Campbell School410RL410LJ410SJ 410TJ410HP  410TS             
0Hines, MichaelaDwyer School of Irish Dance409RL409LJ                    
0HINKEL, KATHRYNO'Malley Irish Dance Academy414RL413LJ513SJ 513TJ513HP  513TS         412RL2   
0Hiserodt, MariaBell School of Irish Dance            612PC612PC2        
0Hitch, VeronicaDwyer School of Irish Dance409RL409LJ409SJ 409TJ409HP  409TS             
0Hockinson, MoraKeigher Academy of Irish Dance            610PC611PC2        
0Hodges, DianaMacConmara Academy            614PC614PC2        
0Hodges, HannahMacConmara Academy412RL 412SJ 412TJ412HP            412RL2412SJ2412TJ2412HP2
0Hodges, HeidiMacConmara Academy415RL 515SJ 515TJ515HP            412RL2515SJ2  
0Hodges, LucyMacConmara Academy207RL207LJ207SJ                   
0Hogan, MegMurphy Irish Arts Center            719OC         
0Holland, FionaBrady-Campbell School514RL   514TJ514HP            514RL2 514TJ2514HP2
0Holleran , ConBurke, Ohio508RL   508TJ509HP  509TS             
0Holmstrom, KaleighRichens-Timm, Ohio            716OC         
0Howard, LochlanThe Academy            719OC         
0Howlett, OliviaWilson Bryson Dennis School of Irish Dan            720OC         
0Hunt, CaitlinThe Academy513RL 513SJ 513TJ513HP  513TS             
0Jacobsen, SaraThe Academy            715OCB         
0Jancha, Benjamin MacConmara Academy            616PC         
0Jancha, LoreleiMacConmara Academy512RL 512SJ 512TJ512HP             512SJ2 512HP2
0Jaynes, SophiaThe Academy            716OC         
0Jenkins, DeclanEgan Irish Dance School, Ohio            713OC         
0Jenkins, Saoirse Egan Irish Dance School, Ohio307RL307LJ308SJ                   
0Jodlowski, MargaretRankin Holland            720OC         
0Jones, LaurenEgan Irish Dance School, Ohio            616PC616PC2        
0Jurca, ReaganLeneghan Academy of Irish Dance            714OC         
0Kamleh , Donovan Brady-Campbell School       723TR 720TS            
0Kane Elek, Orla GraceBrady-Campbell School408RL408LJ409SJ416SN408TJ408HP  408TS             
0Kantor, AbigailBurke, Ohio106RL106LJ                    
0Kantor, EmilyBurke, Ohio408RL408LJ409SJ     408TS         409RL2409SJ2  
0Kausek, ElizabethThe Academy411RL411LJ411SJ 411TJ411HP 720TRA411TS             
0Kausek, FrancescaThe Academy309RL309LJ309SJ 309TJ309HP                
0Kean, LyannaBurke, Ohio110RL110LJ210SJ                   
0Keane, Enda SeanMichaela Hinds Academy            768OC         
0Kelley, Deklynn Cannon School of Irish Dance110RL110LJ                    
0Kelley, Mary ClareBrady-Campbell School511RL 511SJ 511TJ511HP  511TS         511RL2511SJ2 511HP2
0Keogh, OliviaBrady-Campbell School208RL208LJ208SJ 308TJ                 
0Kernan, LiamLeneghan Academy of Irish Dance            712OC         
0Kernan, NiamhLeneghan Academy of Irish Dance            715OCB         
0Kerrigan, GraceBrady-Campbell School511RL 511SJ 511TJ511HP  411TS             
0Killian, MollyBurke, Ohio            718OC         
0Kilroy, BridieBurke, Ohio            718OC         
0Kilroy, SarahBurke, Ohio            717OCB         
0King, MadisonDwyer School of Irish Dance            718OC         
0Kish, KelseySmyth School Irish Dance309RL309LJ309SJ 309TJ309HP                
0Klodzinski, CatherineRince Na Tiarna            618PC         
0Kocian, FrancesO'Malley Irish Dance Academy309RL309LJ309SJ                   
0Kraft, LucyHeritage Academy of Irish Dance515RL 515SJ 515TJ515HP 720TRB513TS         515RL2515SJ2515TJ2515HP2
0Kriesen, McKenzieBrady-Campbell School411RL411LJ411SJ 411TJ411HP  411TS             
0Kuchta, MadelynBrady-Campbell School109RL109LJ                    
0Kushner, Adele Wilson Bryson Dennis School of Irish Dan            713OC         
0Kustermans, ColleenWilson Bryson Dennis School of Irish Dan            716OC         
0LaBo, CaitlinGoggin-Carroll            720OC         
0Lake, CooperThe Academy            713OC         
0Lake, LillianThe Academy            717OCB         
0Lang, KathleenLeneghan Academy of Irish Dance515RL 515SJ 515TJ515HP              515TJ2515HP2
0Lardie, Connor Brady-Campbell School            714OC         
0Lavelle, MaeveLeneghan Academy of Irish Dance            715OCB         
0Leonardo, AntoniaO'Kennedy-Holland Irish Dance Academy            717OCA         
0Lieb, LuciaMacConmara Academy411RL411LJ411SJ 411TJ411HP            411RL2411SJ2411TJ2411HP2
0Lloyd, KeiraArdan Academy            717OCB         
0Lynn, DaphneO'Malley Irish Dance Academy106RL106LJ                    
0MacLaughlin, CateThe Academy            717OCA         
0MacLeod, Campbell Brady-Campbell School            610PC611PC2        
0Magoun, DeniseMacConmara Academy            716OC         
0Manning, KayleeYvonne Kelly Dance Academy            720OC         
0Marchal, ElizabethRichens-Timm, Ohio408RL408LJ308SJ  309HP            409RL2   
0Mason, NoelleBrady-Campbell School510RL 410SJ 510TJ410HP            510RL2410SJ2510TJ2410HP2
0Master, Megan Egan Irish Dance School, Ohio            715OCB         
0McCabe, TaraYvonne Kelly Dance Academy            718OC         
0McGlynn, GemmaGoggin-Carroll511RL 511SJ 511TJ511HP              511TJ2511HP2
0McGrath, GabrielleMacConmara Academy            715OCA         
0McGuire, MikaylaMcClanahan            615PC615PC2        
0McKenna, AudreyBell School of Irish Dance         720TS  710OC         
0McKenna, CharlotteBell School of Irish Dance            612PC612PC2  612SD     
0McKinney, ShannonThe Academy            720OC         
0McLaughlin, AoifeBurke, Ohio            719OC         
0McLaughlin, ClareGoggin-Carroll            611PC611PC2  612SD     
0McLaughlin, NiamhBurke, Ohio            714OC         
0McMahon, NoraMurphy Irish Arts Center310RL310LJ310SJ 310TJ                 
0Meholif, KathrynSmyth School Irish Dance308RL308LJ308SJ 308TJ309HP309PD               
0Meholif, LilySmyth School Irish Dance            712OC         
0Mendenhall, MargaretBrady-Campbell School            614PC614PC2  614SD     
0Metcalfe, NadeneGoggin-Carroll            716OC         
0Miklos, EliseThe Academy            717OCB         
0Miniard, AdelaideMurphy Irish Arts Center512RL412LJ512SJ 412TJ412HP  512TS          512SJ2412TJ2412HP2
0Mirth, CrystalMoriarty Lukyanova Dance Academy                 855SC    
0Mitchell, ReganRichens-Timm, Ohio512RL 412SJ 412TJ412HP            512RL2412SJ2412TJ2412HP2
0Mitterer, AndrewBell School of Irish Dance            615PC615PC2        
0Mitterer, AnnaBell School of Irish Dance            718OC         
0Montenaro , GiulianaRankin Holland309RL309LJ309SJ 309TJ 309PD               
0Moran, ColleenO'Malley Irish Dance Academy308RL308LJ308SJ   309PD               
0Moran, EmmaO'Malley Irish Dance Academy511RL411LJ511SJ 511TJ511HP  411TS         511RL2511SJ2511TJ2511HP2
0Moran, GabriellaBurke, Ohio208RL208LJ                    
0Moran, NoraBrady-Campbell School408RL408LJ409SJ 408TJ408HP  408TS             
0Motta, RosaliaLeneghan Academy of Irish Dance       724TR 721TS  720OC         
0Mountain, NoraBell School of Irish Dance512RL 512SJ 512TJ512HP             512SJ2  
0Mulder, MyaGoggin-Carroll            718OC         
0Murphy , MaggieDoherty Petri School            713OC         
0Murphy , Michaela Leneghan Academy of Irish Dance409RL409LJ409SJ  409HP309PD               
0Murphy, OliverBurke, Ohio    513TJ               513TJ2 
0Murray, RoseBrady-Campbell School510RL 410SJ 510TJ510HP310PD            410SJ2  
0Murray, RubyBurke, Ohio            715OCA615PC2        
0Neely, AveryThe Academy            712OC         
0Neely, ElleryThe Academy            715OCA         
0Nieman, GiannaThe Academy            715OCA         
0Nolan, ClaireLeneghan Academy of Irish Dance309RL309LJ309SJ  309HP309PD               
0Normandin, JenniferMcCartney Irish Dance499RL499LJ499SJ 399TJ399HP  399TS             
0O, Cavan Brady-Campbell School            613PC613PC2        
0O'Donnell, CaraLeneghan Academy of Irish Dance            613PC613PC2        
0O'Donnell, MeghanLeneghan Academy of Irish Dance510RL 510SJ 510TJ510HP            510RL2 510TJ2 
0O'Leary, McKaylaBell School of Irish Dance            712OC         
0Oliver, AinsleyO'Hare School of Irish Dance         721TS  717OCA         
0Osborne, ScarlettMilwaukee Academy of Irish Dance310RL311LJ                    
0O’Leary, AddisonO'Malley Irish Dance Academy512RL   512TJ512HP  412TS         512RL2 512TJ2512HP2
0Paliani, KylieGoggin-Carroll            720OC         
0Pap, CharlotteBrady-Campbell School            616PC616PC2        
0Pap, LauraBrady-Campbell School511RL 511SJ 511TJ511HP            511RL2511SJ2511TJ2511HP2
0Pap, MeganBrady-Campbell School509RL 509SJ 509TJ509HP  509TS         509RL2509SJ2509TJ2510HP2
0Parker, GwenDillon-Gavin511RL 511SJ 511TJ511HP               511HP2
0Parks, FionaBurke, Ohio508RL 508SJ 508TJ509HP  408TS             
0Patton, MadelineThe Academy            719OC         
0Pearman, Emmy O'Malley Irish Dance Academy410RL410LJ510SJ 510TJ510HP  410TS         411RL2511SJ2510TJ2510HP2
0Perkovic, LukaBurke, Ohio107RL107LJ                    
0Phillips, Alannah MacConmara Academy514RL    514HP               514HP2
0Phillips , MalloryMacConmara Academy 412LJ412SJ 412TJ                 
0Piazza, AbigailLeneghan Academy of Irish Dance            715OCA         
0Piovarchy, LillyannO'Kennedy-Holland Irish Dance Academy410RL410LJ410SJ 410TJ410HP  410TS         411RL2410SJ2411TJ2410HP2
0Platko, CeceliaBurke, Ohio410RL 410SJ 410TJ410HP  410TS         411RL2410SJ2411TJ2410HP2
0Policard, Caroline O'Malley Irish Dance Academy412RL 412SJ 412TJ412HP  412TS         412RL2412SJ2  
0Pouw, ClaraFarrelly School of Irish Dancing513RL 513SJ 513TJ513HP 720TRB          513RL2513SJ2513TJ2513HP2
0Pouw, IsabelFinnegan School of Irish Dance       724TR    719OC         
0Powell, ReeseEgan Irish Dance School, Ohio209RL209LJ209SJ                   
0Praetzel, MasonThe Academy            612PC         
0Prestier, AmeliaMacConmara Academy            711OC         
0Prestier, BrynnMacConmara Academy308RL308LJ308SJ 308TJ                 
0Prestwood, Ainsley corda mor irish dance412RL412LJ412SJ 412TJ412HP            412RL2412SJ2412TJ2412HP2
0Prindle, MelaynaThe Academy            717OCA         
0Prowse, MadisonWilson-Bryson-Dennis            714OC         
0Prychidny , Ava Finnegan School of Irish Dance512RL 512SJ 512TJ512HP  512TS         512RL2512SJ2512TJ2512HP2
0Pryor-Poole, RainRichens-Timm, Ohio410RL410LJ410SJ  410HP                
0Quiring, AnnaRichens-Timm, Ohio411RL411LJ411SJ 411TJ411HP                
0Randolph , Addyson Celtic Academy of Irish Dance, OH            716OC         
0Rauzi, HannahThe Academy            717OCB         
0Raymond, VictoriaIrwin Academy of Irish Dance412RL 412SJ 412TJ412HP            412RL2412SJ2412TJ2412HP2
0Reece, EmelineThe Academy            610PC         
0Reece, RoryThe Academy307RL307LJ   309HP                
0Reece, Sylvia The Academy514RL 514SJ 514TJ514HP  513TS             
0Reed, CatherineMurphy Irish Arts Center512RL412LJ512SJ 512TJ512HP  512TS         512RL2512SJ2512TJ2512HP2
0Reed, JuliaMurphy Irish Arts Center408RL408LJ508SJ 408TJ408HP309PD           409RL2509SJ2409TJ2409HP2
0Reed, MaryMurphy Irish Arts Center409RL409LJ409SJ 409TJ409HP309PD           409RL2409SJ2409TJ2409HP2
0Reed, MeganMurphy Irish Arts Center511RL 511SJ 511TJ511HP  511TS         511RL2511SJ2511TJ2511HP2
0Remy, CaitlinBrady-Campbell School111RL111LJ                    
0Reno, ReileyThe Academy409RL409LJ409SJ 409TJ409HP                
0repenning, fionnualaBrady-Campbell School512RL 512SJ 512TJ512HP            512RL2512SJ2  
0Rich, Devney MayEgan Irish Dance School, Ohio            717OCA         
0Rich, MollyEgan Irish Dance School, Ohio513RL 513SJ  513HP            513RL2513SJ2 513HP2
0Ricketts, RileyO'Hare School of Irish Dance            720OC         
0Riehle, RebeccaMichaela Hinds Academy            715OCB         
0Rietschlin, KarenThe Academy412RL412LJ412SJ 412TJ412HP 720TRB412TS             
0Riley, KinsleyO'Malley Irish Dance Academy107RL107LJ                    
0Riley, MadelynO'Malley Irish Dance Academy109RL109LJ                    
0Robertson, ElleryBell School of Irish Dance            716OC         
0Robinson, ReaganLeneghan Academy of Irish Dance414RL 513SJ 513TJ513HP  413TS         412RL2513SJ2513TJ2513HP2
0Robison, AmyMacConmara Academy411RL411LJ411SJ 411TJ411HP  411TS             
0Robison, ChristopherMacConmara Academy            768OC         
0Rook, CaseyBrady-Campbell School411RL411LJ411SJ 411TJ411HP  411TS             
0Rosati, CiellaRankin Holland412RL412LJ412SJ416SN412TJ310HP  412TS         412RL2412SJ2412TJ2 
0Ruane, MadelineBrady-Campbell School            715OCB         
0Russell, AnyaSmyth School Irish Dance513RL 513SJ 513TJ513HP              513TJ2 
0Russell, CatherineMcCartney Irish Dance  515SJ     513TS          515SJ2  
0Sanford-Godden, EmilyGoggin-Carroll412RL 412SJ 412TJ412HP  512TS         412RL2  412HP2
0Scannell, KayanaRankin Holland            717OCA         
0Schank, Phoebe O'Kennedy-Holland Irish Dance Academy            616PC616PC2        
0Schearer, ClaireLeneghan Academy of Irish Dance412RL412LJ412SJ 412TJ412HP  412TS             
0Schearer, LucyLeneghan Academy of Irish Dance409RL409LJ409SJ  409HP309PD               
0Schiller, CarenaBell School of Irish Dance513RL 513SJ 513TJ513HP              513TJ2 
0Schomisch, MadisonThe Academy            716OC         
0Schwitzgebel , Addison The Academy            615PC615PC2        
0Scott, ElinMcCartney Irish Dance411RL411LJ411SJ  411HP            411RL2411SJ2  
0Seitz, GenevieveMurphy Irish Arts Center508RL408LJ409SJ 408TJ408HP309PD           509RL2409SJ2409TJ2409HP2
0Sevigny, CassandraWilson Bryson Dennis School of Irish Dan            720OC         
0Shelby, MarinThe Academy310RL310LJ310SJ 310TJ310HP                
0Simcox, AnnieMurphy Irish Arts Center309RL309LJ309SJ                   
0Simcox, ElizabethMurphy Irish Arts Center307RL408LJ                    
0Skrha, CarolynBrady-Campbell School513RL 513SJ 513TJ513HP            513RL2513SJ2513TJ2513HP2
0Smith, Gabriella Michaela Hinds Academy            713OC         
0Smith, Julia Michaela Hinds Academy            716OC         
0Smith, Keira The Academy511RL 511SJ 511TJ511HP                
0Smith, MacyThe Academy            714OC         
0Smith, MirandaO'Kennedy-Holland Irish Dance Academy412RL 412SJ 412TJ412HP  412TS         412RL2412SJ2412TJ2 
0Smith, MoiraBrady-Campbell School            712OC         
0Snyder, MeganBell School of Irish Dance            713OC         
0Soeder, EmilyBrady-Campbell School510RL 510SJ 510TJ510HP  510TS         510RL2  510HP2
0Spahr, KatyRichens-Timm, Indiana515RL413LJ413SJ 415TJ415HP  413TS         515RL2412SJ2413TJ2412HP2
0Spellacy, NoraMurphy Irish Arts Center            714OC         
0Spencer, AddisynBrady-Campbell School            614PC         
0Spratt, LondonThe Academy            714OC         
0St-Pierre, JuliannaFinnegan School of Irish Dance         721TS  720OC         
0Steele, SavannahThe Academy            717OCB         
0Stethem, ErinMcGing Irish Dancers            716OC         
0Stevens, RomyThe Academy513RL 513SJ 513TJ513HP                
0Stock, LillianBrady-Campbell School            714OC         
0Stofko, MaeveLeneghan Academy of Irish Dance            717OCB         
0Strauss, BrennanLeneghan Academy of Irish Dance            715OCA         
0Stutzman, TeaganThe Academy511RL 511SJ 511TJ511HP 720TRA511TS             
0Sweeney, SorchaThe Academy513RL 513SJ 513TJ513HP                
0Syphard, ShelbyRichens-Timm, Ohio411RL411LJ411SJ 310TJ411HP                
0Thomas, BridgetMurphy Irish Arts Center415RL 413SJ 415TJ415HP  413TS             
0Thomas, MaeveBrady-Campbell School108RL108LJ                    
0Thomas, SarahO'Kennedy-Holland Irish Dance Academy            617PC617PC2        
0Tresky, Ciara Bell School of Irish Dance            617PC617PC2        
0Trueman, EllaArdan Academy            613PC613PC2        
0Trueman, EveArdan Academy            616PC616PC2        
0Tung, LillianFinnegan School of Irish Dance         721TS  717OCA         
0Tung, SimonFinnegan School of Irish Dance            612PC612PC2  612SD     
0Twigg, Lorelei Burke, Ohio307RL307LJ308SJ                   
0Uhrich, BrideyEgan Irish Dance School, Ohio208RL208LJ208SJ                   
0Uhrich, MollieEgan Irish Dance School, Ohio            713OC         
0Ulrich, AmeliaO'Kennedy-Holland Irish Dance Academy514RL 514SJ 414TJ514HP            514RL2514SJ2413TJ2514HP2
0Ursick, DelaneyMurphy Irish Arts Center409RL409LJ409SJ 409TJ309HP  409TS         409RL2409SJ2409TJ2 
0Vacha, SaraBurke, Ohio            616PC616PC2        
0Vickers, AvaGoggin-Carroll            719OC         
0Vilk, GabriellaMurphy Irish Arts Center514RL 413SJ 414TJ414HP  513TS         514RL2412SJ2413TJ2412HP2
0Vincent, EmmaThe Academy            611PC   612SD     
0Vit , SophiaMichaela Hinds Academy            616PC616PC2        
0Vokic, EvieBurke, Ohio106RL106LJ                    
0Wade, EmmaMurphy Irish Arts Center409RL409LJ509SJ 409TJ409HP                
0Walcheck, MeghanLeneghan Academy of Irish Dance            717OCA         
0Watkins, FionaO'Kennedy-Holland Irish Dance Academy512RL 512SJ 512TJ512HP            512RL2512SJ2 512HP2
0Weitz, MilaThe Academy            711OC         
0Wendel, MollyRichens-Timm, Ohio            615PC615PC2        
0Wenger, MeredithBrady-Campbell School109RL109LJ209SJ 309TJ                 
0Wey, Aoibheann Michaela Hinds Academy            711OC         
0Wey, Aoife Michaela Hinds Academy            715OCA         
0Wheeler, PaytonThe Academy514RL 514SJ 514TJ514HP            514RL2514SJ2514TJ2514HP2
0Wigmore, AoibhlinnMcCormack Fay Academy409RL409LJ409SJ                   
0Williams, Giuliana Finnegan School of Irish Dance511RL 511SJ 511TJ511HP 720TRA511TS         511RL2511SJ2511TJ2511HP2
0Willmer, AudreyLeneghan Academy of Irish Dance511RL 511SJ 511TJ511HP  511TS             
0Wischmeier, CoralynneBurke, Ohio308RL308LJ308SJ                   
0Wischmeier, LilyBurke, Ohio106RL                     
0Wojtkiewicz, KenleyEgan Irish Dance School, Ohio308RL308LJ308SJ                   
0Wood, Sadie Goggin-Carroll511RL 511SJ 511TJ511HP310PD               
0Worth, TatumScoil Rince Fainne Chladach            715OCB         
0Wright, AveryThe Academy            714OC         
0Young, IsabelleRichens-Timm, Ohio510RL 510SJ 510TJ510HP  510TS