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Thank you for taking to time to provide feedback for a feis.

Please select a feis from the list below and click on the Go To Survey button. You will be asked a few questions so that we can categorize your comments. The survey is strictly anonymous, but some feiseanna will respond to questions and comments if you provide an email address and request a response. All survey results are available to the Feis Administrator in the private Feis Admin area of our site.

Thanks in advance for providing honest and useful comments to make these feiseanna even better next year. Please note - any slanderous or inappropriate comments will be removed.

1 response - NOLA Feis, 2019

2 responses - Irish Channel Feis, 2019

1 response - Colorado Summerset Feis, 2019

3 responses - Colorado Gold Feis, 2019

6 responses - McKeever School Feis, 2019

3 responses - Feis Na Mara, 2019

5 responses - Maguire Bayou City Feis, 2019

1 response - Wisconsin Highland Games Feis, 2019

5 responses - Hidden Valley Feis, 2019

3 responses - Kansas City Feis, 2019

2 responses - Lewis & Clark Feis, 2019

13 responses - Wisconsin Scottish Feis, 2019

4 responses - Irish Rose of Texas Feis, 2019

1 response - Greater St. Louis Feis, 2019

3 responses - Missouri State Championships, 2019

Feis Organizers - the Feis Feedback area is available to any feis. You don't have to be a FeisWorx customer to take advantage of this capability. Contact us at info@feisworx.com if you would like to set up the ability to collect feedback for your feis. This service is free to any feis.