Williamsburg Colonial Feis - 2018

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BeginnerAdvanced BeginnerNovicePrizewinnerPreliminary Champion
Open ChampionshipOpen Champ Trophy SpecAdvanced Beginner (Adult)Novice (Adult)

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Reel107R 109R 111R 113-116R
Light Jig107LJ 109LJ 111LJ 
Slip Jig 109SJ 111SJ 113-116SJ
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Advanced BeginnerU8U9U109&O10&O
Reel208R  210R  211-216R
Light Jig208LJ    211-216LJ
Slip Jig208SJ  210SJ  211-216SJ
Treble Jig208TJ  210TJ  211-216TJ
Hornpipe 209H  210-216H 
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Reel307-309R 310R 311R 312R  313/314R   315/316R
Light Jig 307-310LJ 311LJ 312LJ   313-316LJ  
Slip Jig 307-310SJ 311SJ 312SJ  313/314SJ   315/316SJ
Treble Jig307-309TJ 310TJ 311TJ 312TJ  314TJ   315/316TJ
Hornpipe 307-310H 311H 312H  314H   315/316H
Reel 2nd Chance327-329R 330R 331R 332R  333/334R   335/336R
Light Jig 2nd Chance 327-330LJ  331/332LJ   333-336LJ  
Slip Jig 2nd Chance  327-331SJ  332/333SJ   334-336SJ 
Treble Jig 2nd Chc327-329TJ 330TJ 331TJ 332TJ   333-336TJ  
Hornpipe 2nd Chc  327-331H 332H   333-336H  
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Reel407-410R 411R 412R 413R 414R 415R  416RA   416RB
Slip Jig407-410SJ 411SJ 412SJ 413SJ 414SJ  416SJ   417SJ 
Treble Jig 407-411TJ 412TJ 413TJ 414TJ 415TJ  416TJA   416TJB
Hornpipe407-410H 411H 412H 413H 414H 415H   416H  
Reel 2nd Chance427-430R 431R 432R 433R 434R 435R 436RA   436RB 
Slip Jig 2nd Chance427-430SJ  431/432SJ 433SJ 434SJ  436SJA   436SJB 
Treble Jig 2nd Chc 427-431TJ 432TJ 433TJ 434TJ 435TJ 436TJA   436TJB 
Hornpipe 2nd Chc427-430H  431/432H 433H 434H  436HA   436HB 
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Preliminary ChampionU10U11U12U13U14U15U16U1717&O
Soft Shoe609/610S, 629/630S 611S, 631S 612S, 632S 613S, 633S 614S, 634S 615S, 635S 616S, 636S 617S, 637S 618/619S, 638/639S
Hard Shoe609/610H, 629/630H 611H, 631H 612H, 632H 613H, 633H 614H, 634H 615H, 635H 616H, 636H 617H, 637H 618/619H, 638/639H
Championship609/610 611 612 613 614 615 616 617 618/619
Championship 2nd Chc629/630 631 632 633 634 635 636 637 638/639
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Open ChampionshipU10U11U12U13U14U15U16U17U2020&O
Soft Shoe709/710S 711S 712S 713S 714S 715S 716S 717S 718/720S 721S, 721S
Hard Shoe709/710H 711H 712H 713H 714H 715H 716H 717H 718/720H 721H, 721H
Championship709/710 711 712 713 714 715 716 717 718/720 721, 721
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Open Champ Trophy SpecU12U1616&O
Reel or Slip Jig81 83 85
Treble Jig/HP Spcl82 84 86
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Advanced Beginner (Adult)A
Light Jig502LJ
Slip Jig502SJ
Treble Jig502TJ
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Novice (Adult)A
Light Jig503LJ
Slip Jig503SJ