Feis San Antonio - 2018

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First FeisBeginner IBeginner IINovicePrizewinner
Preliminary ChampionOpen ChampionshipChampionship SpecialNon-champ SpecialNo Level
Beginner (Adult)Novice (Adult)Prizewinner (Adult)

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First FeisU6U88&O
Reel1FF 2FF 3FF
Light Jig 6FF 7FF
Single Jig 10FF 11FF
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Beginner IU9U14
Reel9 21A
Light Jig10 22A
Slip Jig12 24A
Single Jig11 23A
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Beginner IIU9U14
Reel106 124A
Light Jig107 125A
Slip Jig109 127A
Single Jig108 126A
Double Jig110 128A
Hornpipe111 129A
Traditional Set902 905A
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Reel206  224A 224B
Light Jig207  225A 225B
Slip Jig209  227A 227B
Single Jig208  226A 226B
Double Jig210  228A 228B
Hornpipe 217A 229A 229B
Traditional Set908  911A 911B
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Reel306  312 324A 324B
Light Jig  313 325A 325B
Slip Jig309  315 327A 
Single Jig  314 326A 
Double Jig 316A  328A 328B
Hornpipe  317 329A 329B
Traditional Set  915 917A 917B
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Preliminary ChampionU11U14U1616&O
Championship702A 703 704 705
Blackout Prelim Chmp1002A 1003 1004 1005
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Open ChampionshipU10U12U14U16U1818&O
Championship721 722 723 724 725, 725B 726, 726B
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Championship SpecialU12U14U1515&O
Soft Shoe810 811A 811C 812
Hard Shoe807 808A 808C 809
Trad Set Spcl804 805A 805C 806
Double Reel Special801 802A 802C 803
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Non-champ SpecialU10U12U1414&O
Double Reel Special618  619A 619B
Treble Jig/HP Spcl604 605 606A 606B
Reel/Slip Jig Spcl601  602A 602B
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No LevelU13Any13&O
Music 900A 
Spoken Word 902A 
Vocal 901A 
Art903A  903B
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Beginner (Adult)A
Light Jig401
Slip Jig402
Single Jig403
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Novice (Adult)A
Slip Jig414
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Prizewinner (Adult)A
Traditional Set921