Las Vegas Championships - 2019

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First FeisBeginner IBeginner IINovicePrizewinner
Preliminary ChampionOpen ChampionshipAdult SpecialChampionship TrophyNon-champ Trophy
AdultBeginner (Adult)Novice/Prizewinner(Adult)

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First FeisAny
Light Jig002-14
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Beginner IU9Any9&O
Reel 101-29 
Light Jig 102-30 
Slip Jig 103-31 
Single Jig104-11  118-32
Double Jig 105-33 
Hornpipe 106-34 
St. Patricks Day 107-35 
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Beginner IIU1111&O
Reel201-15 222/229
Light Jig202-16 223/230
Slip Jig203-17 224/231
Single Jig204-18 225/232
Double Jig205-19 226/233
Hornpipe206-20 227/234
St. Patricks Day207-21 228/235
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Light Jig302-30
Slip Jig303-31
Single Jig304-32
Double Jig305-33
Traditional Set307-35
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Reel401-22 429-36
Light Jig402-23 430-37
Slip Jig403-24 431-38
Single Jig404-25 432-39
Double Jig405-26 433-40
Hornpipe406-27 434-441
Traditional Set407-28 435-42
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Preliminary ChampionU11U12U13U14U15U1615&O16&O
Soft Shoe701/702S  703S  704S  705-07S 
Hard Shoe701/702H  703H  704H  705-07H 
Championship701/702  703  704  705-07 
Supplementary Prelim 920-21  922  923  924-26
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Open ChampionshipU11U12U13U14U15U16U17U18U19U2019&O20&O
Soft Shoe711/712S  713S  714S 930S 715S  716S  717S 
Hard Shoe711/712H  713H  714H 930H 715H  716H  717H 
Championship711/712  713  714  715  716  717 
Supplementary Open 927-28  929  930  931  932  933, 933
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Adult SpecialA
Treble Reel Spec960
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Championship TrophyU1414&O
Treble Jig/HP Spcl913 914
Reel/Slip Jig Spcl915 916
Blind Man Special911 912
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Non-champ TrophyU14Any14&O
Treble Jig/HP Spcl903  904
Reel/Slip Jig Spcl905  906
Blind Man Special901  902
Mairead O'Flaherty 952 
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Championship (Adult)950
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Beginner (Adult)A
Single Jig603
Double Jig604
St. Patricks Day606
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Light Jig611