NOLA Feis - 2019

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Beginner IBeginner IINovicePrizewinnerPreliminary Champion
Open ChampionshipChampionship SpecialNon-champ SpecialNo Level

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Beginner IAny
Light Jig17
Single Jig18
Reel (Preview)616
Light Jig (Preview)617
Single Jig (Preview)618
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Beginner IIAny
Light Jig58
Slip Jig60
Double Jig61
Reel (Preview)657
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Reel99  106
Light Jig 100 
Slip Jig 102 
Single Jig 101 
Double Jig103  110
Hornpipe104  111
Reel (Preview) 699 
Light Jig (Preview) 700 
Slip Jig (Preview) 702 
Single Jig (Preview) 701 
Double Jig (Preview) 703 
Hornpipe (Preview) 704 
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Reel148 155   162
Light Jig  149  
Slip Jig 158   165
Double Jig 159   166
Hornpipe 160   167
Reel (Preview) 755   762
Light Jig (Preview)  749  
Slip Jig (Preview) 758   765
Double Jig (Preview)752   759 
Hornpipe (Preview)  753  
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Preliminary ChampionU12U1414&O
Soft Shoe202S 203S, 348S 204S, 349S
Hard Shoe202H 203H, 348H 204H, 349H
Championship202 203 204
Championship 2nd Chc 348 349
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Open ChampionshipU14U16Any16&O
Soft Shoe222S 223S 449S 224S
Hard Shoe222H 223H 449H 224H
Championship222 223  224
Championship 2nd Chc  449 
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Championship SpecialAny
Trad Set Spcl521
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Non-champ SpecialU10U1212&O
Trad Set Spcl510 511 512
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No LevelU12U14Any12&O14&O
Treble Reel501 502   503
Treble Jig/HP Spcl904   905 
Reel/Slip Jig Spcl901   902 
Team Treble Reel  514