CO State Championships and Fall Feis - 2019

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First FeisBeginner IBeginner IINovicePrizewinner
Preliminary ChampionOpen ChampionshipChampionshipNon-champ SpecialBeginner (Adult)
Novice (Adult)Prizewinner (Adult)

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First FeisU77&O
Reel3 5
Light Jig17 19
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Beginner IU6U7U8U9U1111&O
Reel105A  105B  107 108
Light Jig 117 119A  121 122
Slip Jig 131  133 135 136
Single Jig 145  147 149 150
Double Jig 159  161 163 164
Hornpipe 173  175 177 178
St. Patricks Day 187 189A 189B 191 192
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Beginner IIU7U8U9U1111&O
Reel203  205 207 208
Light Jig217  219 221 222
Slip Jig  233 235 236
Single Jig 247  249 250
Double Jig  261 263 264
Hornpipe   277 278
St. Patricks Day  289 291 292
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Reel305 307 309
Light Jig319 321 323
Slip Jig333 335 337
Single Jig347 349 351
Double Jig361 363 365
Hornpipe375 377 379
Traditional Set389 391 393
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Reel405 407A 407B 409A 409B 411
Light Jig419 421A 421B  423 425
Slip Jig433 435A 435B 437A 437B 439
Single Jig447  449  451 453
Double Jig461 463A 463B 465A 465B 467
Hornpipe475 477A 477B 479A 479B 481
Traditional Set 491A 491B  493 495
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Preliminary ChampionU10U11U12U13U14U15U1715&O17&O
Soft Shoe706AS, 756AS 706BS, 756BS 708AS, 758AS 708BS, 758BS 710AS 710BS, 760S 712S 762S 713S
Hard Shoe706AH, 756AH 706BH, 756BH 708AH, 758AH 708BH, 758BH 710AH 710BH, 760H 712H 762H 713H
Set Dance706AT 706BT 708AT 708BT 710AT 710BT 712T  713T
Championship706A 706B 708A 708B 710A 710B 712  713
Blackout Champ756A 756B 758A 758B  760  762 
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Open ChampionshipU9U10U11U12U13U14U15U16U17U19U2119&O21&O
Soft Shoe724S 965S 726S 728AS, 967S 728BS, 969AS 730AS, 969BS 730BS, 971AS 732AS, 971BS 732BS 972AS 733AS 972BS 733BS
Hard Shoe724H 965H 726H 728AH, 967H 728BH, 969AH 730AH, 969BH 730BH, 971AH 732AH, 971BH 732BH 972AH 733AH 972BH 733BH
Set Dance724T  726T 728AT 728BT 730AT 730BT 732AT 732BT  733AT  733BT
Championship724  726 728A 728B 730A 730B 732A 732B  733A  733B
Blackout Champ 965  967 969A 969B 971A 971B  972A  972B 
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Soft Shoe699S
Hard Shoe699H
Set Dance699T
Championship (Adult)699
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Non-champ SpecialU1111&O
Pre-Oireachtas Spcl926 927
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Beginner (Adult)A
Light Jig616
Slip Jig630
Single Jig644
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Novice (Adult)A
Slip Jig631
Double Jig659
Traditional Set687
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Prizewinner (Adult)A
Light Jig618
Slip Jig632
Single Jig646
Double Jig660
Traditional Set688