Cumascaigh Celtic Holiday Feis - 2019

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BeginnerAdvanced BeginnerNovicePrizewinnerPreliminary Champion
Open ChampionshipAdult Spec (Nov/Pzw)No LevelPrelim Champ Trophy SpecOpen Figure
AdultNovice (Adult)Novice/PW Spcl

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Reel106R 108R  109R
Light Jig106LJ 108LJ  109LJ
Slip Jig  111SJ 
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Advanced BeginnerU7U8U9Any9&O
Reel207R 208R 209R  210R
Light Jig207LJ  209LJ  210LJ
Slip Jig207SJ  209SJ  210SJ
Treble Jig   209TJ 
Hornpipe   209H 
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Reel308R 309R 310R 311R  312R 
Light Jig308LJ 309LJ 310LJ 311LJ  312LJ 
Slip Jig 309SJ 310SJ 311SJ  312SJ 
Treble Jig308TJ 309TJ 310TJ 311TJ 312TJ  313TJ
Hornpipe 309H 310H 311H 312H  313H
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Reel409R 410R 411R 412R 413R 414R  415R
Slip Jig409SJ 410SJ 411SJ 412SJ 413SJ  414SJ 
Treble Jig 410TJ 411TJ  413TJ 414TJ  415TJ
Hornpipe  411H  413H 414H  415H
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Preliminary ChampionU9U10U11U12U13U14U15U16U1717&O
Soft Shoe609S, 629S 610S, 630S 611S, 631S 612S, 632S 613S, 633S 614S, 634S 615S, 635S 616S, 636S 617S, 637S 618S, 638S
Hard Shoe609H, 629H 610H, 630H 611H, 631H 612H, 632H 613H, 633H 614H, 634H 615H, 635H 616H, 636H 617H, 637H 618H, 638H
Championship609 610 611 612 613 614 615 616 617 618
Championship 2nd Chc629 630 631 632 633 634 635 636 637 638
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Open ChampionshipU9U10U11U12U13U14U15U16U17U18U2020&O
Soft Shoe709S 710S 711S 712S 713BS, 713S 714BS, 714S 715S 716BS, 716S 717S 718S 720S 721S, 721S
Hard Shoe709H 710H 711H 712H 713BH, 713H 714BH, 714H 715H 716BH, 716H 717H 718H 720H 721H, 721H
Set Dance709T 710T 711T 712T 713BT, 713T 714BT, 714T 715T 716BT, 716T 717T 718T 720T 721T, 721T
Championship709 710 711 712 713, 713B 714, 714B 715 716, 716B 717 718 720 721, 721
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Adult Spec (Nov/Pzw)A
Trad Set Spcl456
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No LevelAny
Gingerbread90Fri, 91Sat
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Prelim Champ Trophy SpecU10U12U14U1616&O
Non Traditional Set460 462 464 466 467
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Open FigureU10U12U1515&O
8 Hand, Girls80G 83G 86G 87G
8 Hand, Mixed80 83 86 87
4 Hand, Girls40G 43G 46G 47G
4 Hand, Mixed40 43 46 47
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Soft Shoe550S
Hard Shoe550H
Set Dance550T
Championship (Adult)550
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Novice (Adult)A
Light Jig503LJ
Slip Jig503SJ
Treble Jig503TJ
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Novice/PW SpclU10U12U1414&O
Trad Set Spcl450 452 454 455