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Paying for your Feis Registration Online

FeisWorx is pleased to announce that we are able to accept credit card payments for select feiseanna. The decision to accept or not accept credit card payments lies solely with the feis.

Some feiseanna do not accept online payments

Users should be aware that accepting credit card payments online is not a trivial exercise for a feis. There are many companies that are involved in processing your payment and every one of them takes a "piece of the pie". This decreases the final payment received by the feis. Most feiseanna are operated by not for profit organizations and they try to maintain the lowest possible cost of attendance. For this reason, a feis may opt not to accept online payments.

Having said all of that, FeisWorx tries to keep the cost of credit card processing as low as possible for a feis. We do this by accepting a limited number of credit cards and by contracting directly for credit card processing. We do not rely on a third party processor to process your payment. You are not required to have a payment account with anyone but your own bank to use our online payment service.

Security and privacy

The internet is an insecure place. Traffic can be intercepted and monitored by many agencies and individuals. Businesses have had their firewalls breached and credit card information has been stolen from well meaning companies. For this reason, we do not store your credit card number. This results in a small inconvenience for you, since you must enter your credit card number any time you want to make an online payment at our site. It increases the security of your transaction by drastically lowering the potential of someone stealing your credit card information. We trust that you will view this small inconvenience as being in your own best interest.

At FeisWorx, you enter your credit card information on a secure page. Please ensure that your internet browser (Internet Explorer, Netscape, AOL, etc.) is displaying a lock symbol to assure you that your transaction is being encrypted whenever you enter your credit card information. We partner with VeriSign to accept secure payments online. VeriSign is one of the most trusted names in internet security. They are also in the business of certifying website credentials by providing secure socket layer certificates. Yes, it's technical, but their, and our, paranoia are necessary to insure your privacy.

If you have any questions about online payments at www.feisworx.com, please email us at payment@feisworx.com.

Brigitte & Joe Sottnik