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You can view results for FeisWorx feiseanna by clicking on a feis name below. You can use the drop down selection boxes to find feiseanna by region, year or name. All three search criteria are applied if you select more than one dropdown.

Feis (2021)
Arizona Roadrunner FeisTucson, AZ (IDTANA - Western US)May 2
Centennial State Re-feisLoveland, CO (IDTANA - Western US)May 2
Bluebonnet FeisFt. Worth, TX (IDTANA - Southern US)May 1 to May 2
Feile DenverLoveland, CO (IDTANA - Western US)May 1
Feile Rince TucsonTucson, AZ (IDTANA - Western US)May 1
Wisconsin Spring FeisMilwaukee, WI (IDTANA - Middle America US)Apr 30 to May 1
CIDA Stars FeisOrange, CA (IDTANA - Western US)Apr 24 to Apr 25
O'Shea Irish Dance FeisSt. Paul, MN (IDTANA - Middle America US)Apr 24 to Apr 25
Cowboy State FeisCasper, WY (IDTANA - Western US)Apr 17
Cowboy State Blackout FeisCasper, WY (IDTANA - Western US)Apr 16
Lavin-Cassidy FeisLake Geneva, WI (IDTANA - Middle America US)Apr 9 to Apr 10
Mile High Emerald ChampionshipsEnglewood, CO (IDTANA - Western US)Mar 7
Colorado WinterfeisEnglewood, CO (IDTANA - Western US)Mar 6
Cowtown FeisDallas, TX (IDTANA - Southern US)Feb 28
Texas State Championships & FeisDallas, TX (IDTANA - Southern US)Feb 27
Centennial State Feis & WUSR Jr. BeltDenver, CO (IDTANA - Western US)Feb 14
CO State Championships and Fall FeisDenver, CO (IDTANA - Western US)Feb 13
Shelley Wasatch WinterfeisHighland, UT (IDTANA - Western US)Feb 6
Rocky Mountain FeisCheyenne, WY (IDTANA - Western US)Jan 24
Heart of the Rockies FeisCheyenne, WY (IDTANA - Western US)Jan 23
Jazz FeisNew Orleans, LA (IDTANA - Southern US)Jan 17
Krewe of Eire FeisNew Orleans, LA (IDTANA - Southern US)Jan 15 to Jan 16

If you have ordered individual results from us and have not received them please contact us at results@feisworx.com.

Why don't you post results for figure competitions?...

Actually, we do post figure results when we tabulate a feis that uses team cards. When a feis uses individual number cards, we only know the name of one team member. We feel that it is unfair not to mention the names of the others on the team, so we don't publicize the results of the figures in this case. Using team cards allows us to track all team member names and we can give credit where it is due. In this case, we'll post the figure results.