Irish Dance Schools (by Name)

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Acadamh RinceAcademy of Irish MusicAcosta School of Irish Music & Dance
Aherne Sheehan School of Irish DanceAisling S.R.An Daire Academy
An Daire Academy, IdahoAnam Cara Academy, IdahoAnam Cara Irish Dance School
Anam MorAnderson-Dunn AcademyAniar Academy of Irish Dance
Anne-Marie Cunningham School, MontanaAntrim AcademyAranmore Academy of Irish Dance
Ardaigh Suas AcademyArdan AcademyArdmore Academy
Armstrong Irish Dance AcademyArmstrong School of Dancing, BelfastAroon Academy of Irish Dance
Ashden School of Irish DanceAshurst Academy of Irish DanceAvoca Irish Dance Academy
Baile Glas Irish DancersBeglan AcademyBell School of Irish Dance
Bellator Academy of Irish DanceBilton Academy of Irish DancingBlack Rose Academy of Irish Dance
Blackbird Academy of Irish DanceBlakey O'Brien, CalgaryBlakey School - Invermere
Blakey School - OkanaganBlakey School - SaskatoonBlakey/Blakey O'Brien
Blanchette School of Irish DanceBlinch Irish Dance CompanyBluegrass Ceili Academy
Boland School of Irish DanceBoyle Irish Dance Academy, CABoyle School of Irish Dance, VA
Bracken SchoolBradigan Irish DanceBrady Academy of Irish Dance, Calgary
Brady Academy of Irish Dance, EdmontonBrady Academy of Irish Dance, Ft McMurraBrady Academy of Irish Dance, MA
Brady Academy of Irish Dance, Prince AlbBrady Academy of Irish Dance, ReginaBrady Academy of Irish Dance, Saskatoon
Brady Academy of Irish Dance, WinnipegBrady-Campbell SchoolBreffni Academy - South Florida
Bremer School of Irish DanceBrennan-Lucey Irish Dance AcademyBrightburn Academy of Irish Dance
Brosnan School of Irish DanceBurke Connolly Academy of Irish DanceBurke, Ohio
Burke-Conroy School of Irish DanceButler Academy of Traditional Irish DancButler School of Irish Dance
Cairdeas AcademyCaitrin Academy of Irish DanceCampbell Academy, PA
Cannon School of Irish DanceCarey Academy, BirminghamCarey Academy, USA
Carle SchoolCarney Academy, MACarpenter Academy of Irish Dance
Carroll-Henderson School of Irish DanceCasey O'Loughlin Academy of Irish DanceCashel Academy of Irish Dance
Cass-Barrington Academy of Irish DanceCassidy-Mallon Irish DancersCassin Academy of Irish Dance
Celtic Academy of Irish Dance, OHCeltic Irish Dance AcademyCeltic Steps
Celtica Dance AcademyCentral Florida Irish DanceChampagne Academy of Irish Dance
Chicago Academy of Irish DanceCiara Greene School of Irish DanceCladdagh Western U.S.
Claddagh School, EnglandClan na hEireann Irish DanceClan Rince Irish Dance
Clann Lir AcademyClann na Cara, Buffalo, NYClarkson School
Cleary Irish DanceClifden AcademyClub Ceili Naomh Padraig
Coleman Academy of Irish DanceComerford AlaskaComerford California
Comerford OlympiaComerford OregonComerford Utah
Comerford VancouverComerford WashingtonConnick School
Connolly Academy of Irish Dance  
corda mor irish dance  
Coshquin School of Irish Dance, MexicoCoyle School of Irish Dance, USACrane Irish Dance
Craoi na Tire Studio of Irish DanceCregan O'BrienCronin School of Irish Dance
Cross KeysCrossbane School of Irish DanceCru Capaill Academy of Irish Dance
Culkin School of Traditional Irish DanceCullen Academy of Irish Dance, UKCumascaigh School of Irish Dance
Cunniffe AcademyCurran School of Irish Dance 
D'Arcy School of Irish DanceDamhsa OnorachDavis Academy of Irish Dance, New Jersey
De Barra AcademyDe Menezes Academy of Irish DanceDennehy-Mayer School of Irish Dance
Desmond School of Irish DanceDiaga Irish DanceDillon-Gavin
District Irish Dance AcademyDo Cairde School of Irish DanceDoherty Academy
Doherty Petri SchoolDonna Means SchoolDonny Golden School
Dowds Irish Dance AcademyDoyle Academy of Irish DanceDoyle-Corrigan Academy of Irish Dance
Drake School - MexicoDrake, Southern USADriscoll School
DrumcliffeDudney School of Irish DanceDuffin Murphy School of Irish Dance
Dunleavy Boyle Academy of Irish Dunleavy Irish DanceDwyer School of Irish Dance
Edmonton Ceili Dancers Association Egan Irish Dance School, OhioEgan School, Baltimore
Eilis Academy of Irish DanceEimir Ni MhaoileidighEndean Academy of Irish Dance
Erickson Academy  
Farrell SchoolFarrell-Martin School of Irish DanceFarrelly School of Irish Dancing
Finnegan School of Irish DanceFisher-McLeod School Of Irish DanceFitzpatrick Academy of Irish Dance
Flanagan-O'Hare School, FloridaFlanagan-O'Hare School, MichiganFlannery
Foley Academy of Irish DanceFoy 
Gilleoghan Irish DanceGlencastle Irish DancersGoggin-Carroll
Golden Harp Irish Dance CompanyGolding Academy of Movement and DanceGoodwin Academy
Gott-Hughton Irish Dance AcademyGoulding SchoolGrafton Street Academy
Graham Academy of Irish DanceGraham School of Irish DancingGrainne Feely
Gray Gillan OwensGray School, CTGrĂ¡ na Rince Academy of Irish Dance
Greene School, Nova ScotiaGreenway Academy of Irish Dance, MAGreenway Academy, Camarillo, CA
Griffith Academy  
Haley Prendergast School of Irish DanceHalloran School Of Dance, SydneyHamilton School of Irish Dance
Hannon MurphyHansen-Keohane SchoolHaran School of Irish Dance
Harney Academy of Irish DanceHarney Pender Keady, CTHarp Irish Dance Company
Harris-Grieco Academy of Irish DanceHealy SchoolHeartland Irish Dancers
Heavey-Quinn AcademyHendricks School of Irish DanceHendry Sylvester McNamara
Heritage Irish StepdancersHester Academy of Irish DanceHibernia
Higgins SchoolHill Irish Dance SchoolHogan Irish Dance Academy, Illinois
Hogan School of Irish DanceHooley School of Irish DanceHorgan Academy of Irish Dance
Houston Academy of Irish DanceHudson Irish Dance AcademyHughes-Farrelly School of Irish Dance
Hunt School, MarylandHurley School of Irish Dance 
Inis Acla, TNInis Cairde School of Irish DanceInishfree School of Irish Dance, TX
Inishfree USAIrish Dancing de MexicoIrwin Academy of Irish Dance
Irwin School of Irish Dancing  
Jackie Flynn Academy of Irish DanceJackson Irish DancersJean Davis Academy
Johnson DanceJohnston School of Irish Dance 
Kanaley School of Irish DanceKara Zerby Irish DanceKathleen O'Keefe School of Irish Dance
Kavanagh Porter AcademyKeane O'Brien Academy of Irish DanceKeenan School of Irish Dancing
Kelly Academy of Irish Dance, FloridaKelly Gallagher Irish Dance, N. CarolinaKelly School of Irish Dance, RI
Kelly School, CAKelly School, OntarioKelly-Oster
Kenny Academy, BostonKildare Academy of Irish DanceKillarney Irish Dance Company
Killeen-McCarthy School of Irish DanceKilpatrick Irish Dance SchoolKing-O'Sullivan School of Irish Dance
Kinlough Academy of Irish DanceKinsella AcademyKnock O'Hogan Irish Dance
Knock School of Irish Dance, GPKristin Butke Irish DanceKristin Butke School, OK
Lavin Cassidy School of Irish DancingLegacy Irish Dance AcademyLenahan School of Irish Dance
Leneghan Academy of Irish DanceLismore Academy of Irish Dance Lynagh Studio of Irish Dancing, Brisbane
Lynn Academy of Irish DanceLyons Academy of Irish Dance 
MacConmara AcademyMaccrossan School of Irish DanceMactir Academy of Irish Dance
Magennis Academy of Irish DanceMaguire Academy of Irish DanceMaiden Street Irish Dance Academy
Malone AcademyMaple Academy of Irish DanceMattierin School of Irish Dancing
Maureen Onesti School of Irish Dancing -McAleer - PaulsonMcArdle School
McBride School of Irish DanceMcCafferty Academy of Irish DanceMcCarron Schhol of Irish Dance, Birmingh
McCarthy Academy of Irish DanceMcCarthy SchoolMcCartney Irish Dance
McClanahanMcCormack Fay AcademyMcCormack School
McCormick School of Irish DanceMcCoy School of Irish DanceMcDade-Cara School
McDonnell School of Irish DanceMcDonough-Grimes Irish DanceMcElhatton School of Irish Dancing
McElligott School of Irish DanceMcFadden Academy of Irish DanceMcGing Irish Dancers
McGinley Academy, Eastern Canada/So USAMcGonagle SchoolMcGough Academy
McGrath Irish Dancers, CAMcGrath Morgan AcademyMcHale School
McHugh School of Irish DanceMcKeever School of Irish DanceMcLane School of Irish Dance
McLeary School of Irish DanceMcMenamin Irish Dance AcademyMcNamara McCarthy School of Irish Dance
McNulty School of Irish DanceMcNulty School Of Irish Dance, LAMcTeggart, Houston
McTeggart, KentuckyMcTeggart, LouisianaMcTeggart, North Texas
McTeggart, OklahomaMcTeggart, Western U.S. RegionMeghan Torno School of Irish Dance
Michael Dillon School of Irish DancingMichael Farrell School of Irish DanceMichael Patrick Gallagher School
Michaela Hinds AcademyMillennium Academy of Irish DanceMillennium School of Irish Dance
Miller School of Irish Dance, OntarioMilwaukee Academy of Irish DanceMise Eire Irish Dancers
MJP Academy of Irish DanceMoriarty Lukyanova Dance AcademyMountain Eire Irish Dance School
MSD Irish Dance AcademyMuggivan School of Irish DanceMulcahy Academy of Irish Dance
Mullan AcademyMullane Godley AcademyMulligan School of Irish Step Dance
Murphy Academy, MAMurphy Irish DancersMurray Academy
Murray School  
Nashville Irish Step DancersNevin Academy of Irish DanceNiall O'Leary School
O'Brien School of Irish DanceO'Brien School of Irish Dance (Duncan)O'Brien School of Irish Dance (Ladner)
O'Brien School of Irish Dance, DuncanO'Connor School of Irish DanceO'Connor School of Irish Dance, Baltimor
O'Connor-Kennedy AcademyO'Donovan School of Irish DanceO'Faolain Academy of Irish Dance
O'Grady Quinlan AcademyO'Hara School of Irish DanceO'Hare School of Irish Dance
O'Kennedy-Holland Irish Dance AcademyO'Malley Irish Dance AcademyO'Maoileidigh
O'Neill-James School of Irish DancingO'Reilly Academy, England/Ireland O'Riada-Manning Academy
O'Riain AcademyO'Riain Academy of Irish DanceO'Rourke Academy of Irish Dancing
O'Shea Irish DanceO'Shea Irish Dance, MontanaO'Shea, Dublin
O'Sullivan Academy, BuffaloO'Sullivan School, NYO'Toole School
Oliver Academy of Irish DanceOnorach Mulhern Geraghty School of Iris 
Paloma School of Irish DancePenk-O'DonnellPeter Smith School
PetriPhoenix Irish Dance AcademyPomeroy Academy of Irish Dance
Portland Irish Dance AcademyPossak Hampshire Academy of Irish DancePower Academy of Irish Dance
Prairie Gael School of Irish DancePrince Albert Irish Dance AcademyProto-Casano School Of Irish Dance
Quinn School of Irish Dance  
Rankin HollandReed School of Irish DanceRegent Academy of Irish Dance
Rhodes Academy of Irish DanceRhythm of IrelandRichens-Timm, Indiana
Richens-Timm, OhioRince Arkansas Academy of Irish DanceRince na Gra School of Irish Dance
Rince Na Sonas, SyracuseRince Na TiarnaRise Academy
Rising Tide Irish Dance AcademyRiver City School of Irish DanceRoberts Academy, Australia
Rochez AcademyRogers School of Irish DanceRohan Murphy Irish Dance Academy
Rondeau School of Irish DancingRose Academy of Irish DanceRose Courtney Academy of Irish Dance
Rowena Ryan Irish Dance AcademyRyan Kilcoyne School of Irish DanceRyan School of Irish Dance
S.R. Ni RiadaSabo School of Irish DanceSaol Academy of Irish Dance
Sarah Clark Academy, Paris, FranceSaskatoon Academy of Irish DanceScariff Locklier Leonelli School
SchadeScoil Rince AislingScoil Rince an Chroi
Scoil Rince Daryl RoseScoil Rince De DanaanScoil Rince Luimni
Scoil Rince MahoneyScoil Rince na hEasanScoil Rince Ni Bhraonain
Scoil Rince Ni DubhthaighScoil Rince RiordanScoil Rince Sorcha Francis, Ireland
Scott-Ellis School of Irish DanceShamrock Quirke School of Irish DanceShamrock School of Irish Step Dance
Shandon-O'Regan Irish Dance AcademySharon Lynn's Celtic CrownShea-Jennings
Sheahan-Gormley School of Irish DanceSheeaun AcademySheila Tully Academy
Shelley SchoolShovlin Academy of Irish DanceSimpson Academy of Irish Dance, Australi
Siobhan Moore School of Irish DanceSionnaine Irish Dance AcademySlattery School of Irish Dance
Smith Irish DanceSmith-Houlihan Academy - New EnglandSt. Louis Irish Arts
Stanford School of Irish DanceSteel School of Irish DanceStewart School of Irish Dance
Sullivan School of Irish DanceSullivan-Stewart School of Irish DanceSunHills Irish Dance Academy
Sweeney McAvinchey, Germany  
Tamora School of Irish DanceTara Academy of Irish DanceTaylor Academy of Irish Dance
Taylor Nicole Academy of Irish DanceTeelin School of Irish DanceThe Academy
The Academy, BirminghamThe Clark Academy of Irish DanceThe Goode Academy
The Greene Academy of Irish DanceThe Lancaster School of Irish DancingThe Shamrock School of Irish Dance - CT
The Woodgate-Shamrock AcademyThistle Academy of Irish DanceThompson School
Tiernan Irish Dancers, BoiseTiernan Irish Dancers, ButteTiernan Irish Dancers, Helena
Tir na GreineTir Na Nog Dance AcademyToal School of Irish Dance
Tooromeen School of Irish DanceTriggle Academy of Irish DanceTrinity Academy of Irish Dance
Turco School of Irish Dance  
Ulmer School of Irish Dancing  
Victoria School of Irish Dance  
Walker AcademyWalsh Kelley SchoolWarnock-Seery School of Irish Dance
Watt SchoolWatters, FloridaWhelan Academy
Wick SchoolWick-Hegarty School of Irish DanceWilson Bryson Dennis School of Irish Dan
World Academy  
Yeates Academy of Irish Dance, CAYeates Academy of Irish Dance, ORYoung Academy of Irish Dance
Yvonne Kelly Dance Academy  

If your school isn't listed, and you want it to be, please drop us a note with your school name, state and website address.