Oklahoma State Championships & Feis - 2021

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Not Paid*
Total Potential
Aniar Academy of Irish Dance011
Avoca Irish Dance Academy011
Bailey-Murray Academy101
Cass-Barrington Academy of Irish Dance011
Celtic Steps022
Craoi na Tire Studio of Irish Dance448
Cross Keys101
De Barra Academy011
Driscoll School8513
Finnegan Academy of Irish Dance - FL011
Hogan Irish Dance Academy, Illinois101
Inishfree School of Irish Dance, TX268
Irish Dance Center011
Maguire Academy of Irish Dance022
McCafferty Academy of Irish Dance6410
McDade-Cara School011
McLane School of Irish Dance022
McNamara McCarthy School of Irish Dance011
McTeggart, Houston011
McTeggart, North Texas246
McTeggart, Oklahoma51015
Meghan Torno School of Irish Dance112
Michael Patrick Gallagher School 011
O'Donovan School of Irish Dance325
O'Faolain Academy of Irish Dance011
O'Hara School of Irish Dance011
O'Riada-Manning Academy527
O'Shea Irish Dance314
Reed School of Irish Dance011
Rince Arkansas Academy of Irish Dance5712
Ryan School of Irish Dance011
Shandon-O'Regan Irish Dance Academy011
Smith-Houlihan Academy - New England011
The Goode Academy4610
Tir na Greine011
Trinity Academy of Irish Dance022

* Unpaid registrations will be dropped before the feis

Waitlisted competitors are not included in these counts