CIDA Championships - 2023

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Not Paid*
Total Potential
Aniar Academy of Irish Dance156
Brimhall Academy of Irish Dance101
Celtic Irish Dance Academy41317
Claddagh Western U.S.011
Clan Rince Irish Dance 41418
Comerford Alaska022
De Barra Academy235
Doherty Petri School347
Dowds Irish Dance Academy448
Fisher-McLeod School Of Irish Dance101
Greenway Academy, Camarillo, CA235
Haley Prendergast School of Irish Dance101
Jackie Flynn Academy of Irish Dance235
Kelly School, CA279
Kennelly School of Irish Dance033
Killarney Irish Dance Company112
Lyons Academy of Irish Dance4711
Malone Academy011
McBride School of Irish Dance011
McKeever School of Irish Dance011
McNulty School Of Irish Dance, LA123
Michael Patrick Gallagher School 099
Murphy Irish Dancers011
O'Connor School of Irish Dance123
O'Connor-Kennedy Academy3710
O'Shaughnessy Academy of Irish Dance011
Onorach Mulhern Geraghty School of Iris011
Power Academy of Irish Dance213
Rohan Murphy Irish Dance Academy112
Rose Academy of Irish Dance31316
S.R. Ni Riada145
Scoil Rince Daryl Rose112
Shelley School101
Tamora School of Irish Dance178
Tara Academy of Irish Dance347
Thistle Academy of Irish Dance011
Yeates Academy of Irish Dance, OR011

* Unpaid registrations will be dropped before the feis

Waitlisted competitors are not included in these counts