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Orlando Feis and Grade Exams - registrations, changes and payments will close at noon on Tuesday, March 24. Unpaid entries will be dropped at that time. If you are planning to attend, please review your registration and make sure that it is paid before that time.

Golden State Feis has extended their late date to March 27. Please complete your registration and pay for it by Friday to avoid late fees.

We have recently reviewed our feis announcement mailing list. In order to trim back the amount of email we send out, you have been removed from that mailing list if you have not logged in to your FeisWorx account in the last two years. To add yourself back to the mailing list, log in to your account and click the Edit My User Info button to update your mail preferences.

Current Mid-America Region Feiseanna:

  • Sunflower Feis (Apr 11, Kansas City, KS) - NEW FEIS!!!
  • Minneapolis Feis (Apr 18, Mineapolis, MN)
  • O'Shea Irish Dance Feis (Apr 19, Mineapolis, MN)
  • Wisconsin Spring Feis (May 2, Milwaukee, WI)
  • Celtic Spirit Feis (May 3, Milwaukee, WI)
  • Queen City Feis (May 9, Cincinnati, OH)
  • Cleveland Feis (May 24, Cleveland, OH)
  • Detroit International Feis (Jun 6, Detroit, MI)
  • Indianapolis Feis (Jun 13, Indianapolis, IN)
  • Louisville Feis (Jun 20, Louisville, KY)
  • MHG Feis (Jun 20, Chicago, IL)
  • Bluegrass Feis (Jun 21, Lexington, KY) - NEW DATE!!!

Current Southern Region Feiseanna:

  • Little Rock Feis (Apr 18, Little Rock, AR) - NEW DATE!!!
  • McGrath Feis (Apr 19, Washington, DC)
  • Emerald Bluebonnet Feis (Apr 25, Dallas, TX) - NEW DATE!!!
  • Peach State Feis (May 1-2, Atlanta, GA)
  • Orange State Feis (Jun 20-21, Ft. Lauderdale, FL) - formerly Ft. Lauderdale Beach Feis

Current Western Canadian Region Feiseanna:

  • EIDA Feis In The Park (Apr 11-12, Edmonton, AB)
  • Brady Academy Feis (May 16-17, Edmonton, AB)
  • West Coast Championships (May 23-24, Surrey, BC)

Current Western US Region Feiseanna:

  • Feile Denver (Apr 11-12, Loveland, CO)
  • Golden State Feis (Apr 11-12, San Francisco, CA)
  • Emerald City Feis (Apr 18-19, Seattle, WA)
  • Wyoming State Championships (May 1-2, Casper, WY) - NEW DATE!!!
  • Feile Rince Tucson (May 2, Tucson, AZ) - NEW DATE!!!
  • Oregon State Championship Feis (May 2-3, Portland, OR) - NEW VENUE!!!
  • Arizona Roadrunner Feis (May 3, Rucson, AZ) - NEW FEIS!!!
  • Grand Canyon State Feis (May 30-31, Scottsdale, AZ)

More Feiseanna are coming soon. Watch for:

  • Texas Capital Feis (Jun 13, Austin, TX)
  • Live Music Capital Feis (Jun 14, Austin, TX) - NEW FEIS!!!
  • 10,000 Lakes Feis (Jun 21, Minneapolis, MN) - NEW FEIS!!!
  • Clan na nGael Summer Feis (Jul 10-11, Columbus, OH)
  • Badger State Feis (Jul 18, Milwaukee, WI)
  • Cream City Feis (Jul 19, Milwaukee, WI)
  • Nation's Capital Feis (Jul 25-27, Washington, DC)
  • McMenamin Academy Feis (Aug 9, Milwaukee, WI)
  • American Pride Feis (Sep 12, Franklin, TN) - NEW VENUE!!!

If you want to know when these feiseanna open for registration, please take advantage of our feis notification email. Use the checkboxes at the bottom of your User Information form (log in and click the Edit My User Info button). New feis announcements are sent on a region basis, so please opt in to receive announcements for all of the regions you are interested in.

Registration is a four step process:

Once you create your user profile and the competitor profiles, you will be able to register for any feis that uses FeisWorx.

Don't hesitate to contact us if you run into problems or have questions. Our goal is to make your registration simple and easy. Let us know if we have succeeded or we can make some improvements to better meet your needs!

Need help using the FeisWorx online registration system. Here are detailed instructions to walk you through every step (file size = 814K).

FeisWorx is your single source for Feis support. We are a family owned and operated business and we sincerely appreciate your patronage and feedback. Please contact us at info@feisworx.com with any comments. Our goal is excellent customer service. If we succeed, tell your friends, if we fail, please tell us first!

Need to contact us by mail? If you are mailing a feis payment, please be sure to address it to the feis, c/o FeisWorx.

PO Box 2046
Parker, CO 80134

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