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Who are FeisWorx' customers???

We provide services for all of these groups and endeavor to delight them all with our services. If you're one of our customers - let us know if there is something we can do for you!

If you would like to receive a proposal for FeisWorx services, please drop us a note and we'll respond back quickly.

For Feiseanna and Feis Administrators

Irish dance feiseanna are fun and time consuming. FeisWorx takes some of the drudgery out of feis planning by providing these services:

We're the premier services provider for feiseanna in North America. We unload your volunteers from the drudge work associated with a feis - registration, paperwork preparation and tabulation, allowing them to focus on all of the details that your competitors will appreciate about their experience at your feis. We do this very well, since we do it far more often than the average feis committee member has the opportunity to. We provide experienced staff that help consult with your feis preparation (if you want it) and follow through with services like:

  • Do-it-only-once data entry
  • Setting up your syllabus for on-line registration
  • Registration
  • Stage Planning / Scheduling
  • Backstage reports
  • Adjudicator books
  • Awards (solo, figures and championship!)
  • Oireachtas scoring option
  • Teacher Summary report
  • Individual solo results
  • Individual championship results
  • more!!!

Feis Administrators, for active feiseanna, have access to a plethora of information about their feis registration. This includes everything from who is registered and paid to an online medal calculator and the ability to schedule stages right here. Naturally, all of this information is current up to the minute! After the feis, remember to come back and see what your feis participants have to say about your feis.

Our Feis Feedabck area is available to all feiseanna. You don't have to be a FeisWorx feis to use this. Simply drop us a note requesting the ability to create your own online feedback form.


We try to make life a little easier for the busy TCRG.

We have a special area set up for TCRG's. You have access to your school's entries in a FeisWorx feis, including:

Some feiseanna require a TCRG's signature on a dancer's entry form for registration. We help out by allowing online review of all of your school's entries. You can even waive the requirement for signing an entry if you use our online review capability.

You can access all of this information by creating a user account on this system and sending us an email requesting TCRG access to the site.

Dancers / Feis Participants / School Registrars

The vast majority of people who visit this website are the dancers and parents that attend feiseanna that we work with.

First of all, thank you for your support! We really appreciate the kind comments you've sent us. For the few that have expressed some frustrations, it is not for naught - we continue to try to improve to benefit all of our users. We continually measure our own performance in a quest to remain the best!

We try to make it easier to register for a feis by limiting the choices you have to scroll through to select your competitions. Some online systems list every competition in a feis and expect the dancer/parent to select the right ones. We limit the number of competitions that you see to the ones that you may be eligible to participate in. This is particularly important to the first time feis-goer (remember the first time you tried to decipher a feis syllabus???).

Dancers who register online have access to the status of their registration, their payment status and friendly email support to make changes to registrations, vey often up to five days before a feis.

Want to help feiseanna improve? Use our Feis Feedback area to tell a feis committee what went right and what went wrong.

Most people don't find out about us until they experience a FeisWorx feis for themselves. We've already compiled an impressive resume' of successful feiseanna (see our Feis Results page); could your feis be the next one to receive the compliments about fast results and smooth operations???

For more information, contact us at: info@feisworx.com