Feis in the Vines - 2021

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First FeisBeginner 1Beginner IINovicePrizewinner
Preliminary ChampionOpen ChampionshipChampionshipAdult SpecialBeginner Special
Prelim Champ Trophy SpecOpen Champ Trophy SpecBeginner 1/2 (Adult)Novice/Prizewinner(Adult)Novice/PW Spcl
Beginner to PW Spcl

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First FeisU99&O
Reel001 005
Light Jig002 006
Slip Jig003 007
Single Jig004 
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Beginner 1U99&O
Reel108 115
Light Jig109 116
Slip Jig110 117
Single Jig111 118
Treble Jig112 119
Hornpipe113 120
St. Patricks Day114 121
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Beginner IIU99&O
Reel208 215
Light Jig209 216
Slip Jig210 217
Single Jig211 218
Treble Jig212 219
Hornpipe213 220
St. Patricks Day214 221
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Reel322 329
Light Jig323 330
Slip Jig324 331
Single Jig325 332
Treble Jig326 333
Hornpipe327 334
Traditional Set328 335
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Reel422A 422B 436 443
Light Jig423A 423B 437 444
Slip Jig424A 424B 438 445
Single Jig425A 425B 439 446
Treble Jig426A 426B 440 447
Hornpipe427A 427B 441 448
Traditional Set428A 428B 442 449
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Preliminary ChampionU10U12U14U15U1616&O
Soft Shoe701AS, 701BS 702AS, 702BS 703AS, 703BS 704AAS, 704BAS 704ABS, 704BBS 705AS, 705BS
Hard Shoe701AH, 701BH 702AH, 702BH 703AH, 703BH 704AAH, 704BAH 704ABH, 704BBH 705AH, 705BH
Championship701A 702A 703A 704AA 704AB 705A
Championship 2nd Chc701B 702B 703B 704BA 704BB 705B
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Open ChampionshipU12U14U16U1818&O
Soft Shoe712S 713S 714S 715S 716S
Set Dance712T 713T 714T 715T 716T
Championship712 713 714 715 716
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Soft Shoe650S
Hard Shoe650H
Championship (Adult)650
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Adult SpecialA
Treble Reel Spec923
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Beginner SpecialU8U10U1212&O
Reel Special901 903 905 907
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Prelim Champ Trophy SpecU1414&O
Treble Reel Spec920 921
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Open Champ Trophy SpecAny
Treble Reel Spec922
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Beginner 1/2 (Adult)A
Light Jig602
Slip Jig603
Single Jig604
Treble Jig605
St. Patricks Day607
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Light Jig609
Slip Jig610
Single Jig611
Treble Jig612
Traditional Set614
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Novice/PW SpclU8U10U1212&O
Reel Special902 904 906 908
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Beginner to PW SpclU1010&O
Light Jig Special909 910