City by the Bay Feis - 2022

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Beginner IBeginner IINovicePrizewinnerPreliminary Champion
Open ChampionshipNov/Pzw TrophyNon-champ SpecialAdult Spec (Nov/Pzw)No Level
Beginner SpecialAdultBeginner (Adult)Novice/Prizewinner(Adult)

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Beginner IU99&O
Reel129 143
Light Jig130 144
Slip Jig131 145
Single Jig132 146
Hard Jig133 147
Hornpipe134 148
St. Patricks Day135 149
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Beginner IIU99&O
Reel229 243
Light Jig230 244
Slip Jig231 245
Single Jig232 246
Hard Jig233 247
Hornpipe234 248
St. Patricks Day235 249
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Reel343 357
Light Jig344 358
Slip Jig345 359
Single Jig346 360
Hard Jig347 361
Hornpipe348 362
Traditional Set349 363
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Reel443 457 471
Light Jig444 458 472
Slip Jig445 459 473
Single Jig446 460 474
Hard Jig447 461 475
Hornpipe448 462 476
Traditional Set449 463 477
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Preliminary ChampionU11U12U13U15U1615&O16&O
Soft Shoe701S 702AS 702BS 703S 704AS  704BS
Hard Shoe701H 702AH 702BH 703H 704AH  704BH
Set Dance701T 702AT 702BT 703T 704AT  704BT
Treble Reel Spec956  957, 957B 958  959 
Championship701 702A 702B 703 704A  704B
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Open ChampionshipU11U13U15U1717&O
Soft Shoe751S 752S 753S 754S 755S
Hard Shoe751H 752H 753H 754H 755H
Set Dance751T 752T 753T 754T 755T
Treble Reel Spec961 962 963 964 965
Championship751 752 753 754 755
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Nov/Pzw Trophy8/U10/U10&U12/U12&U13&O
Treble Reel Spec  981  982 983
Reel Special975 976  977  978
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Non-champ Special10/U12/U
Light Jig Special968 969
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Adult Spec (Nov/Pzw)A
Traditional Hornpipe985
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No LevelAny
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Beginner Special8/U10/U10&U12/U12&U13&O
Treble Reel Spec  977x  979 980
Reel Special971 972  973  974
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Soft Shoe756S
Hard Shoe756H
Set Dance756T
Treble Reel Spec967
Championship (Adult)756
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Beginner (Adult)A
Light Jig602
Slip Jig603
Single Jig604
St. Patricks Day607
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Light Jig622
Slip Jig623
Single Jig624
Hard Jig625
Traditional Set627