Silver State Feis - 2022

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First FeisBeginner IBeginner IINovicePrizewinner
Preliminary ChampionOpen ChampionshipChampionship SpecialNon-champ SpecialAdult Special
Beginner SpecialAdultNovice/Prizewinner(Adult)Novice/PW Spcl

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First FeisU7U9Any9&O
Reel001 011  013
Light Jig002 021  023
Slip Jig  035 
Single Jig  045 
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Beginner IAny
Light Jig127
Slip Jig137
Single Jig147
Double Jig157
St. Pats Day 2nd Chc177b
Reel 2nd Chance117b
Light Jig 2nd Chance127b
Slip Jig 2nd Chance137b
Single Jig 2nd Chc147b
Double Jig 2nd Chc157b
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Beginner IIU11Any11&O
Reel213  215
Light Jig223  225
Slip Jig 237 
Single Jig 247 
Double Jig 257 
Hornpipe 267 
St. Patricks Day273  275
St. Pats Day 2nd Chc 277b 
Reel 2nd Chance 217b 
Light Jig 2nd Chance223bA  223bB
Slip Jig 2nd Chance 237b 
Single Jig 2nd Chc 247b 
Hornpipe 2nd Chc 267b 
Double Jig 2nd Chc 257b 
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Reel   317   
Light Jig   327   
Slip Jig   337   
Single Jig  345    347
Double Jig353    355  
Hornpipe363    365  
Traditional Set373    375  
Trad Set 2nd Chc 373b    375b 
Reel 2nd Chance   317b   
Light Jig 2nd Chance   327b   
Slip Jig 2nd Chance   337b   
Single Jig 2nd Chc   347b   
Hornpipe 2nd Chc 363b    365b 
Double Jig 2nd Chc 353b    355b 
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Reel 413    417       419
Light Jig 423       425    
Slip Jig 433       435    
Single Jig 443       445    
Double Jig 453    457       459
Hornpipe 463       465    
Traditional Set 473       475    
Trad Set 2nd Chc      479b      
Reel 2nd Chance413b    417b       419b 
Light Jig 2nd Chance423b       425b     
Slip Jig 2nd Chance433b   437bA       437bB  
Single Jig 2nd Chc443b       445b     
Hornpipe 2nd Chc 465bA       465bB    
Double Jig 2nd Chc  455b       457b   
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Preliminary ChampionU10U11U12U13U14U15U1615&O16&O
Soft Shoe711bS 713S 713bS 715S 715bS 717S 717bS 719S 719bS
Hard Shoe711bH 713H 713bH 715H 715bH 717H 717bH 719H 719bH
Set Dance 713T  715T  717T  719T 
Championship 713  715  717  719 
Championship 2nd Chc711b  713b  715b  717b  719b
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Open ChampionshipU13U1515&O
Soft Shoe725bS, 725S 727bS, 727S 729bS, 729S
Hard Shoe725bH, 725H 727bH, 727H 729bH, 729H
Set Dance725T 727T 729T
Championship725 727 729
Championship 2nd Chc725b 727b 729b
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Championship SpecialU11U1313&O
Reel Special 975 977
Blind Treble Reel943 945 947
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Non-champ SpecialU11U1313&O
Blind Treble Reel933 935 937
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Adult SpecialA
Blind Treble Reel980
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Beginner SpecialU9U1111&O
Reel Special951 953 955
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Soft Shoe601bS, 601S
Hard Shoe601bH, 601H
Set Dance601T
Championship (Adult)601
Champ(Adult 2nd Chc)601b
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Light Jig623
Slip Jig633
Single Jig643
Double Jig653
Traditional Set673
Trad Set 2nd Chc673b
Reel 2nd Chance613b
Light Jig 2nd Chance623b
Slip Jig 2nd Chance633b
Single Jig 2nd Chc643b
Hornpipe 2nd Chc663b
Double Jig 2nd Chc653b
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Novice/PW SpclU11U1313&O
Reel Special963 965 967