Celtic Junction Summer Feis - 2022

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Preliminary Champion

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First FeisAnyO8
Reel 109RL
Light Jig112LJ 
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First Feis - GirlsAny
Slip Jig112SJ
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Beginner 1 - GirlsAny
Slip Jig209SJ
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Beginner 1U6U7U8O8
Reel206RL 207RL 208RL 209RL
Light Jig  208LJ 209LJ
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Beginner 2U8AnyO8
Reel308RL  309RL
Light Jig308LJ  309LJ
Treble Jig 314TJ 
Hornpipe 314HP 
St. Patricks Day 314PD 
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Beginner 2 - GirlsU9O9
Slip Jig309SJ 310SJ
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Reel408RL 409RL  411RL   412RL
Light Jig408LJ  410LJ   411LJ 
Treble Jig 409TJ  411TJ   412TJ
Hornpipe 409HP  411HP   412HP
Traditional Set    416TS  
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Novice - GirlsU9U11O11
Slip Jig409SJ 411SJ 412SJ
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Reel508RL  510RL 511RL 512RL 513RL   514RL
Light Jig      516LJ  
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Prizewinner - GirlsU8U10U11U12O12
Slip Jig508SJ 510SJ 511SJ 512SJ 513SJ
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Treble Jig 509TJ  511TJ 512TJ 513TJ   514TJ
Hornpipe508HP  510HP 511HP 512HP 513HP   514HP
Traditional Set  510TS     511TS 
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Preliminary ChampionU12U13U14U15O15
Soft Shoe612PCS 613PCS 614PCS 615PCS 616PCS
Hard Shoe612PCH 613PCH 614PCH 615PCH 616PCH
Championship612PC 613PC 614PC 615PC 616PC