Mexico Maguire Feis - 2022

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BeginnerAdvanced BeginnerNovicePrizewinnerPreliminary Champion
Open ChampionshipChampionship SpecialBeg/Adv Beg SpclAdultAdvanced Beginner (Adult)
Novice (Adult)Novice/PW Spcl

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Reel130 150 155
Light Jig131 151 156
Slip Jig132 152 157
Single Jig133 153 158
Treble Jig134 154 159
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Advanced BeginnerU7U97&O9&O
Reel 234  246
Light Jig 235  247
Slip Jig224  248 
Single Jig 237  249
Treble Jig226  250 
Hornpipe 239  251
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Reel326 338   346
Light Jig358   368 
Slip Jig327 339   347
Single Jig359  369  
Treble Jig328 340   348
Hornpipe329 341   349
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Reel430 438 446
Slip Jig431 435 447
Treble Jig432 440 448
Hornpipe433 441 449
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Preliminary ChampionU13U15U16U17U1919&O
Championship612 613 614 615 616 617
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Open ChampionshipU1717&O
Championship714 715
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Championship SpecialU1616&O
Treble Reel SpecTRS3 TRS4
Slip Jig SpecialSS5 SS6
Reel SpecialRS5 RS6
Hornpipe (Slow)SH3 SH4
Treble Jig (Slow)JS3 JS4
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Beg/Adv Beg SpclU1212&O
Slip Jig SpecialSS1 SS2
Reel SpecialRS1 RS2
Treble Jig SpecialFJ1 FJ2
St Pats SpclSSP1 
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Championship (Adult)810
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Advanced Beginner (Adult)A
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Novice (Adult)A
Slip Jig523
Treble Jig524
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Novice/PW SpclU1212&O
Treble Reel SpecTRS1 TRS2
Slip Jig SpecialSS3 SS4
Reel SpecialRS3 RS4
Hornpipe (Slow)SH1 SH2
Treble Jig (Slow)JS1 JS2