Feis Delmar - 2023

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Beginner to Novice TrophyFirst FeisBeginnerAdvanced BeginnerNovice
PrizewinnerPreliminary ChampionOpen ChampionshipChampionship SpecialNo Level
Adv Beg/Nov/PW SpecialPrizewinner SpecialBeginner 1 (Adult)Novice/PW SpclPrizewinner/Prelim/Open

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Beginner to Novice TrophyU12O12
Treble Jig/HP Spcl812H 814/41H
Reel/Slip Jig Spcl812S 814/41S
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First FeisU7U9U10
Reel105-7RL 108/9RL 110RL
Light Jig105-7LJ 108/9LJ 110LJ
Slip Jig105-7SJ
Single Jig 108/9SN 110SN
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Reel205/6RL 207/8RL 209/10RL 211-13RL
Light Jig205/6LJ 207/8LJ 209/10LJ 211-13LJ
Slip Jig 207/8SJ 209/10SJ 211-13SJ
Single Jig205/6SN 207/8SN 209/10SN 211-13SN
Treble Jig 207/8TJ 209/10TJ 
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Advanced BeginnerU7U9U11O11
Reel306/7RL 308/9RL 310/11RL 312-14RL
Light Jig306/7LJ 308/9LJ 310/11LJ 312-14LJ
Slip Jig306/7SJ 308/9SJ 310/11SJ 312-14SJ
Single Jig 308/9SN 310/11SN 312-14SN
Treble Jig306/7TJ 308/9TJ 310/11TJ 312-14TJ
Hornpipe 308/9HP 310/11HP 312-14HP
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Reel407/8RL 409/10RL 411RL 412RL 413RL 414-16RL
Light Jig407/8LJ 409/10LJ 411LJ 412LJ 413LJ 
Slip Jig407/8SJ 409/10SJ 411SJ 412SJ 413SJ 414-16SJ
Single Jig407/8SN 409/10SN  412SN 413SN 
Treble Jig407/8TJ 409/10TJ 411TJ 412TJ 413TJ 414-16TJ
Hornpipe407/8HP 409/10HP 411HP 412HP 413HP 414-16HP
Traditional Set407/8TS 409/10TS 411TS 412TS 413TS 414-16TS
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Reel507-9RL 510/11RL 512RL 513RL 514RL 515/16RL
Slip Jig507-9SJ 510/11SJ 512SJ 513SJ 514SJ 515/16SJ
Treble Jig507-9TJ 510/11TJ 512TJ 513TJ 514TJ 515/16TJ
Hornpipe 510/11HP 512HP 513HP 514HP 515/16HP
Traditional Set507-9TS 510/11TS  512/13TS  514-16TS
Non Traditional Set   513NTS  514-16NTS
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Preliminary ChampionU10U11U12U13U14U15U16O15O16
Soft Shoe 609-11PCS  612/13PCS 614PCS 615PCS 616PCS  617/18PCS
Hard Shoe 609-11PCH  612/13PCH 614PCH 615PCH 616PCH  617/18PCH
Championship 609-11PC  612/13PC 614PC 615PC 616PC  617/18PC
Non Traditional Set609/10SD 611SD 612SD  613/14SD 615SD  616-18SD 
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Open ChampionshipU11U12U13U14U15U16U17U18O18
Soft Shoe709-11OCS 712OCS 713OCS 714OCS 715OCS 716OCS 717OCS 718OCS 719/20OCS
Hard Shoe709-11OCH 712OCH 713OCH 714OCH 715OCH 716OCH 717OCH 718OCH 719/20OCH
Championship709-11OC 712OC 713OC 714OC 715OC 716OC 717OC 718OC 719/20OC
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Championship SpecialU10U12U1414&O
Treble Reel Spec810TR 812TR 814TR 841TR
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No LevelU9U13U17
Visual Arts909VA 913VA 917VA
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Adv Beg/Nov/PW SpecialU10U12U14
Treble Reel Spec710TR 712TR 714TR
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Prizewinner SpecialU11O11
Non Traditional Set411NT 413-51NT
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Beginner 1 (Adult)A
Light Jig299LJ
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Novice/PW SpclU10U12U14
Future Champs Spcl910FC 912FC 914FC
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Treble Jig/HP Spcl811HC 814HC 841HC
Reel/Slip Jig Spcl811SC 814SC 841SC