Cowtown Feis - 2023

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First FeisBeginner 1Beginner 2NovicePrizewinner
Preliminary ChampionOpen ChampionshipChampionship SpecialNon-champ SpecialAdult
Beginner 1 (Adult)Prizewinner (Adult)

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First FeisU11
Light Jig111LJ
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Beginner 1U6U7U8U1111&O
Reel206RL  208RL 211RL 212RL
Light Jig206LJ  208LJ 211LJ 212LJ
Slip Jig   211SJ 212SJ
Single Jig206SN 207SN 208SN 211SN 212SN
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Beginner 2U8U9U1111&O
Reel308RL  311RL 312RL
Light Jig 309LJ 311LJ 312LJ
Slip Jig 309SJ 311SJ 312SJ
Single Jig  311SN 312SN
Double Jig 309DJ 311DJ 312DJ
Hornpipe  311HP 312HP
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Reel 410RL 411RL 413RL 414RL
Light Jig409LJ 410LJ 411LJ 413LJ 414LJ
Slip Jig409SJ  411SJ 413SJ 414SJ
Single Jig409SN  411SN 413SN 414SN
Double Jig409DJ  411DJ 413DJ 414DJ
Hornpipe409HP  411HP 413HP 414HP
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Reel508RL 511RL 513RL  514RL 
Light Jig508LJ 511LJ  514LJ  
Slip Jig508SJ 511SJ 513SJ 514SJ  515SJ
Single Jig 511SN  514SN  515SN
Double Jig 511DJ 513DJ  514DJ 
Hornpipe 511HP 513HP  514HP 
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Preliminary ChampionU11U13U14U1616&O
Championship611PC 613PC 614PC 616PC 617PC
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Open ChampionshipU11U12U13U14U15U16U17U1818&O
Championship711OC 712OC 713OC 714OC 715OC 716OC 717OC 718OC 719OC
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Championship SpecialU11U13U1515&O
Double Reel Special811CD 813CD 815CD 816CD
Reel/Slip Jig Spcl811CS 813CS 815CS 816CS
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Non-champ SpecialU9U11U13U1515&O
Double Reel Special809ND 810ND 813ND 815ND 816ND
Reel Special809NR 810NR 813NR 815NR 816NR
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Championship (Adult)699AC
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Beginner 1 (Adult)A
Light Jig299LJ
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Prizewinner (Adult)A
Slip Jig599SJ