Wyoming State Championships - 2023

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Beginner 1Beginner 2NovicePrizewinnerPreliminary Champion
Open ChampionshipChampionship SpecialNon-champ SpecialNo LevelAdult
Beginner (Adult)

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Beginner 1U9Any9&O
Reel111M  131M
Light Jig112M  132M
Slip Jig 133M 
Single Jig 134M 
Treble Jig 135M 
Hornpipe 136M 
St. Patricks Day 137M 
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Beginner 2Any
Light Jig232M
Slip Jig233M
Single Jig234M
Treble Jig235M
St. Patricks Day237M
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Reel321M 341 351
Light Jig 342M 352
Slip Jig 343M 353
Single Jig 344M 354
Treble Jig 345M 355
Hornpipe 346M 356
Traditional Set 347M 357
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Reel441M  471M
Light Jig 472M 
Slip Jig443M  473M
Single Jig 474M 
Treble Jig445M  475M
Hornpipe446M  476M
Traditional Set 477M 
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Preliminary ChampionU12U14U15U1616&O
Soft Shoe712MS 714MS 715S 716S 717S
Hard Shoe712MH 714MH 715H 716H 717H
Championship712M 714M 715 716 717
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Open ChampionshipU12U15U17U2020&O20&O
Soft Shoe722MS 725S 727S 728AS 728BS, 728BS 
Hard Shoe722MH 725H 727H 728AH 728BH, 728BH 
Set Dance722MT 725T 727T 728AT 728BT, 728BT 
Championship722M 725 727 728A 728B, 728B 
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Championship SpecialU1313&O
Treble Jig Special909 910
Reel/Slip Jig Spcl904 905
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Non-champ SpecialU9U1313&O
Treble Jig Special 907 908
Reel/Slip Jig Spcl901 902 903
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No LevelAny
Dress Design960
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Soft Shoe699S
Hard Shoe699H
Set Dance699T
Championship (Adult)699
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Beginner (Adult)A
Light Jig602