Bluebonnet Feis - 2023

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Beginner IAdvanced BeginnerNovicePrizewinnerPreliminary Champion
Open ChampionshipChampionship SpecialNon-champ SpecialNo LevelPrelim Champ Trophy Spec
AdultBeginner II (Adult)Novice (Adult)Prizewinner (Adult)

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Beginner IU6U8U9U10Any9&O10&O
Reel206RL 208RL  210RL   213RL
Light Jig  209LJ   213LJ 
Slip Jig  209SJ   213SJ 
Single Jig  209SN   213SN 
Reel 2nd Chance    213RL2  
Slip Jig 2nd Chance    213SJ2  
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Advanced BeginnerU7U8U9U10U11Any9&O10&O11&O
Reel307RL  309RL    314RL  
Light Jig307LJ   310LJ    314LJ 
Slip Jig 308SJ   311SJ    314SJ
Single Jig  309SN    314SN  
Treble Jig  309TJ    314TJ  
Hornpipe  309HP    314HP  
Reel 2nd Chance     314RL2   
Slip Jig 2nd Chance     314SJ2   
Treble Jig 2nd Chc     314TJ2   
Hornpipe 2nd Chc     314HP2   
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Reel409RL  411RL    416RL 
Light Jig409LJ  411LJ    416LJ 
Slip Jig409SJ  411SJ    416SJ 
Single Jig409SN  411SN    416SN 
Treble Jig 410TJ  412TJ    416TJ
Hornpipe 410HP  412HP    416HP
Traditional Set 410TS    416TS  
Reel 2nd Chance 410RL2    416RL2  
Slip Jig 2nd Chance    416SJ2   
Treble Jig 2nd Chc 410TJ2    416TJ2  
Hornpipe 2nd Chc    416HP2   
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Reel511RL   516RL 
Light Jig  516LJ  
Slip Jig511SJ   516SJ 
Single Jig  516SN  
Treble Jig 512TJ   516TJ
Hornpipe511HP   516HP 
Traditional Set  516TS  
Reel 2nd Chance  516RL2  
Slip Jig 2nd Chance  516SJ2  
Treble Jig 2nd Chc  516TJ2  
Hornpipe 2nd Chc511HP2   516HP2 
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Preliminary ChampionU11U13U1515&O
Championship611PC 613PC 615PC 618PC
Supplementary Prelim611PC2 613PC2 615PC2 618PC2
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Open ChampionshipU12U14U16U1818&O
Championship712OC 714OC 716OC 718OC 720OC
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Championship SpecialU12U1515&O
Treble Reel Spec812TR 815TR 816TR
Trad Set Spcl812TS 815TS 816TS
Treble Jig/HP Spcl812TJHP 815TJHP 816TJHP
Reel/Slip Jig Spcl812SS 815SS 816SS
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Non-champ SpecialU9U1212&O
Treble Reel Spec809NCTR 812NCTR 813NCTR
Reel Special809RLSP 812RLSP 813RLSP
Hornpipe Special809HPSP 812HPSP 813HPSP
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No LevelAny
Irish Baking800IB
Irish Arts800IA
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Prelim Champ Trophy SpecU15
Non Trad Set Spcl815MS
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Championship (Adult)699AC
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Beginner II (Adult)A
Light Jig399LJ
Single Jig399SN
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Novice (Adult)A
Light Jig499LJ
Slip Jig499SJ
Single Jig499SN
Treble Jig499TJ
Traditional Set499TS
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Prizewinner (Adult)A
Slip Jig599SJ