Emerald City Feis - 2023

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First FeisBeginner 1Beginner 2NovicePrizewinner
Preliminary ChampionOpen ChampionshipFirst Feis SpecialNov/Pzw TrophyAdult Special
No LevelBeginner 1 SpecialBeginner 2 SpecialPrelim Champ Trophy SpecOpen Champ Trophy Spec
AdultBeginner (Adult)Novice/Prizewinner(Adult)Novice/PW SpclFirst Feis/Beg 1/Beg2

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First FeisU99&O
Reel005 009
Light Jig006 010
Slip Jig007
Single Jig008 012
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Beginner 1U9U1111&O
Reel107 114 121
Light Jig108 115 122
Slip Jig109 116 123
Single Jig110 117 124
Treble Jig111 118 125
Hornpipe112 119 126
St. Patricks Day113 120 127
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Beginner 2U9U11U1311&O13&O
Reel207 214  221 
Light Jig208 215 222A  222B
Slip Jig209 216 223A  223B
Single Jig210 217 224A  224B
Treble Jig211 218  225 
Hornpipe212 219  226 
St. Patricks Day213 220 227A  227B
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Reel307 314 321A 321B
Light Jig308 315 322A 322B
Slip Jig309 316 323A 323B
Single Jig310 317 324A 324B
Treble Jig311 318 325A 325B
Hornpipe312 319 326A 326B
Traditional Set313 320 327A 327B
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Reel407 414A 414B 421 428
Light Jig408 415A 415B 422 429
Slip Jig409 416A 416B 423 430
Single Jig410 417A 417B 424 431
Treble Jig411 418A 418B 425 432
Hornpipe412 419A 419B 426 433
Traditional Set413 420A 420B 427 434
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Preliminary ChampionU13U15U1717&O
Soft Shoe702S 703S 704S 706S
Hard Shoe702H 703H 704H 706H
Set Dance702T 703T 704T 706T
Championship702 703 704 706
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Open ChampionshipU13U15U17U1919&O
Soft Shoe709S 710S 711S 712S 713S
Hard Shoe709H 710H 711H 712H 713H
Set Dance709T 710T 711T 712T 713T
Championship709 710 711 712 713
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First Feis SpecialU99&O
Reel Special900 901
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Nov/Pzw TrophyU11U12U13U1414&O
Reel & Treble Jig912 913A 913B 914A 914B
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Adult SpecialA
Reel & Treble Jig915
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No LevelU1313&O
Poetry950 951
Photo Contest952 953
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Beginner 1 SpecialU9U1111&O
Reel Special903 904 905
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Beginner 2 SpecialU9U1111&O
Reel Special906 907 908
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Prelim Champ Trophy SpecU13U15Any15&O
Treble Reel Spec923 924  925
Trad Set Spcl  932 
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Open Champ Trophy SpecU15Any15&O
Treble Reel Spec928  929
Trad Set Spcl 933 
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Soft Shoe714S
Hard Shoe714H
Set Dance714T
Championship (Adult)714
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Beginner (Adult)A
Slip Jig602
Treble Jig604
St. Patricks Day606
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Light Jig608
Slip Jig609
Single Jig610
Treble Jig611
Traditional Set613
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Novice/PW SpclU11U13U1513&O15&O
Treble Reel Spec918 919 920  921
Trad Set Spcl930A 930B  931 
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First Feis/Beg 1/Beg2U8U9U1111&O
Light Jig Mask/Hat909A 909B 910 911