Dance For Life Feis - 2023

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First FeisBeginner 1Beginner 2NovicePrizewinner
Preliminary ChampionOpen ChampionshipFirst Feis SpecialChampionship SpecialAdult Special
No LevelBeginner SpecialAdvanced Beginner SpecialNovice SpecialPrizewinner Special
AdultBeginner 1/2 (Adult)Novice/Prizewinner(Adult)

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First FeisU9
Light Jig005
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Beginner 1U99&O
Reel108 115
Light Jig109 116
Slip Jig110 117
Single Jig111 118
Treble Jig112 119
Hornpipe113 120
St. Patricks Day114 
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Beginner 2U99&O
Reel208 215
Light Jig209 216
Slip Jig210 217
Single Jig211 218
Treble Jig212 219
Hornpipe213 220
St. Patricks Day 221
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Reel308 315
Light Jig309 316
Slip Jig310 317
Single Jig311 318
Treble Jig312 319
Hornpipe313 320
Traditional Set314 321
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Reel408 415 422
Light Jig409 416 423
Slip Jig410 417 424
Single Jig411 418 425
Treble Jig412 419 426
Hornpipe413 420 427
Traditional Set414 421 428
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Preliminary ChampionU13U1515&O
Soft Shoe703S 704S 705S
Hard Shoe703H 704H 705H
Set Dance703T 704T 705T
Championship703 704 705
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Open ChampionshipU1515&O
Soft Shoe715S 716S
Hard Shoe715H 716H
Set Dance715T 716T
Championship715 716
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First Feis SpecialU13
Reel Special914
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Championship SpecialU1313&O
Treble Reel Spec919 926
Trad Set Spcl920 927
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Adult SpecialA
Reel Special928
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No LevelU18
Soda Bread930
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Beginner SpecialU13
Reel Special915
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Advanced Beginner SpecialU1111&O
Reel Special909 916
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Novice SpecialU1111&O
Reel Special910 917
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Prizewinner SpecialU11U1313&O
Treble Reel Spec911b 918b 925b
Reel Special911a 918a 925a
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Soft Shoe929S
Hard Shoe929H
Set Dance929T
Championship (Adult)929
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Beginner 1/2 (Adult)A
Light Jig601
Slip Jig602
Single Jig603
Treble Jig604
St. Patricks Day606
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Light Jig611
Slip Jig612
Single Jig613
Treble Jig614
Traditional Set616