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City By The Bay Feis and Golden State Feis - registrations, changes and payments will close at noon on Tuesday, April 11. Unpaid registrations will be dropped after that time.

Web site outage during the West Coast Teachers Charity Feis - We would like to offer our sincere apologies for the lack of performance of our system during the Sunday West Coast Teachers Charity Feis.

Our web host experienced a server failure that impacted our website. Unfortunately, the outage started just as the feis was giving us the very first score sheets of the day. The outage lasted about four and a half hours.

We have experienced some short outages at times and this usually has little or no impact on people. Unfortunately, this one impacted everyone at the feis. It took us about an hour to build a work-around for tabulation so there were definitely delays in getting those first competitions awarded. Once the work-around was in place, we were able to turn results around, to the feis, relatively quickly (about 15 minutes from the time we received score sheets).

The system was back online when we received that last few competitions of the day. All previously announced competition results were entered the normal way by about 30 minutes after the feis was done, so dancers had access to their personal results shortly after the feis was over.

We will be pursuing a couple of ways of mitigating issues like this in the future. We have to assess the reliability and responsiveness of the alternatives that we consider. Historically, our web hosting service has been very reliable but this is the second major breakdown that we have experienced with them in the last six months.

Again, we extend our apologies for the breakdown to Patricia Kennelly and Michael Dillon, the Gold Coast Irish Dancers, and to all participants who were impacted by the website outage.

Printing Number Cards - When a feis allows / requires printing your own number card, those cards will not be available for printing until after all changes are closed. There may be some last minute splits or re-balancing of splits that could impact which competition you are in. If we allowed printing before things are finalized, you could have the wrong information on your card. Typically, cards become available for printing on Tuesday evening before the feis.

Feiseanna and COVID-19 Restrictions

We're excited that several organizations are making it possible for dancers to get back to feis-ing. Before paying for your registration, please be sure that you understand any special rules that the feis may be imposing. These rules are there for YOUR safety and health and the safety and health of other participants.

There may be other rules that are imposed by local or state governments. You need to research these on your own since they will be changing over time as governmental organizations assess conditions in their areas. These rules may involve things like wearing masks and quarantine after travel from out of state.

Current Mid-America Region Feiseanna:

  • O'Shea Irish Dance Feis (Apr 29, St. Paul, MN)
  • Leap Into Spring Feis (Apr 30, St. Paul, MN)
  • O'Riada Manning Championships (May 27, Kansas City, MO) - NEW FEIS!!!
  • City Of Fountains Feis (May 28, Kansas City, MO) - NEW FEIS!!!
  • Detroit International Feis (Jun 2-3, Livonia, MI)
  • Bluegrass Feis (Jun 18, Lexington, KY)

Current Southern Region Feiseanna:

  • Red Fern Feis (Apr 29, Tahlequah, OK) - NEW FEIS!!!
  • Cherokee Capital Feis (Apr 30, Tahlequah, OK) - NEW FEIS!!!
  • Bluebonnet Feis (May 6, Dallas, TX)
  • Trinity River Feis (May 7, Dallas, TX)
  • Irish Channel Feis (May 27, New Orleans, LA)
  • NOLA Feis (May 28, New Orleans, LA)

Current Western Canadian Region Feiseanna:

  • Mattierin Spring Feis In The West (Apr 29-30, Edmonton, AB)

Current Western US Region Feiseanna:

  • City By The Bay Feis (Apr 15, San Francisco, CA)
  • Golden State Feis (Apr 16, San Francisco, CA)
  • Silver State Feis (Apr 22, Las Vegas, NV)
  • Bet on Black Feis (Apr 23, Las Vegas, NV) - NEW FEIS!!!
  • Emerald City Feis (Apr 29, Seattle, WA)
  • Feis Seattle (Apr 30, Seattle, WA)
  • Feile Rince Tucson (May 5-6, Tucson, AZ)
  • Arizona Roadrunner Feis (May 7, Tucson, AZ)

More Feiseanna are coming soon. Watch for:

  • Brady Academy Spring Feis (May 19-21, Edmonton, AB)
  • Grand Canyon State Feis (Jun 3, Scottsdale, AZ)
  • Kinsella Feis (Jun 3, Milwaukee, WI)
  • Cream City Feis (Jun 4, Milwaukee, WI)
  • Scottsdale Feis (Jun 4, Scottsdale, AZ)
  • Indianapolis Feis (Jun 8-9, Indianapolis, IN)
  • Oregon State Championship Feis (Jun 10, Portland, OR)
  • Fleadh Rince na Gaelacha (Jun 11, Portland, OR)
  • Comortas an Chosta Oir (Aug 11, Rancho Mirage, CA)
  • Gold Coast Feis (Aug 12, Rancho Mirage, CA)
  • Feile na Nollaig (Dec 2, Rancho Mirage, CA)
  • Christmas Feis (Dec 3, Rancho Mirage, CA)

If you want to know when these feiseanna open for registration, please take advantage of our feis notification email. Use the checkboxes at the bottom of your User Information form (log in and click the Edit My User Info button). New feis announcements are sent on a region basis, so please opt in to receive announcements for all of the regions you are interested in.

Registration is a four step process:

Once you create your user profile and the competitor profiles, you will be able to register for any feis that uses FeisWorx.

Don't hesitate to contact us if you run into problems or have questions. Our goal is to make your registration simple and easy. Let us know if we have succeeded or we can make some improvements to better meet your needs!

Need help using the FeisWorx online registration system. Here are detailed instructions to walk you through every step (file size = 814K).

FeisWorx is your single source for Feis support. We are a family owned and operated business and we sincerely appreciate your patronage and feedback. Please contact us at info@feisworx.com with any comments. Our goal is excellent customer service. If we succeed, tell your friends, if we fail, please tell us first!

Need to contact us by mail? If you are mailing a feis payment, please be sure to address it to the feis, c/o FeisWorx.

PO Box 2046
Parker, CO 80134

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